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This is the big question the show that gives you too much information about super soldier puppets used by population controlling governments, and whether or not. Cyclops knows his eyes are mirrors to his soul or another dimension. Yes that’s right he’s got eyes. He’s got hungry eyes shoot out lasers and it was a problem for him in high school, and it was a problem for him in adulthood, and he never got over it and that’s what therapy that’s why you go to therapy you do the work you stop shooting lasers at the people you love anyway.

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my moon and stars My Queen my Khaleesi my everything Jessica clemens Hello Jessica Oh my gosh. I only want you to introduce me is that every every time now you can never introduce me as anything else Star We’re I’m excited for this yes here we go we’re reversing roles last time you asked the question and I did the gabin This time I’m gonna ask you the question and of course of course of course we’re talking Falcon and winter soldier in the Falcon and the winter soldier. We’re seeing how the government attempts to use the symbol of Captain America as a form of pro-america propaganda by installing U. s agent John Walker as the new cap here in the real world. The government has a history of using propaganda to build up support amongst its citizens, especially when it comes to engaging in overseas conflict.

Im Looking At You Dr Seuss

Don’t cancel I’m looking at you redfish bluefish. I’m looking at you am. One fish two fish redfish, bluefish, but most especially white fish is the MCu government using U. s agents as a form of propaganda are we all buying war bonds without knowing it. All of this leads to my question for you Jessica, how is U.

S Agent John Walker.

Similar to real propaganda, the U. s government has used in the past honestly. This hot topic of a discussion is no better of a question for both of us to be answering. Let me first start with what propaganda is propaganda is the information especially of a bias mislady nature that is used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

Sit On That And Recognize How A

lot of this is familiar that we see this all the time wait a minute. I watched a animals commercial yesterday that told me to fight for them and i. was radicalized by Nintendo. We can ruin animals but we cannot ruin The tent do not ruin Nintendo for them okay sorry. I was ratified Oh that’s fine.

I Dont Like Go Grab It.

I have i’m lactose intolerant. I can’t even eat these things but I eat them still garbage it is it’s not good okay. I’m sorry okay okay. We need to get back back on track again here we come again with our bleep back on our bleep.

We Just Talked About What The

definition of propaganda is so irritated with you. Okay. We want to look at how the United States has used characters as propaganda in the past. So we can see how it comes into play in the Falcon and Winter Soldier series. Let’s start with one of the most iconic figures that stands as a symbol for the Us government that is uncle.

Jesse Psych Im Joking Its Uncle Sam

Could you imagine if it was uncle Jessica forever forever and I’m like you’ll be a patriot forever. I’m literally standing up just like walking out the door my mom’s like Jessica get back um No uncle Sam and who I wish I figured out today is a actually a combination of two characters Yankee Doodle, a term from the British Army used for colonial soldiers and brother Jonathan, an American folklore hero who represented England” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>New England. Those two New England. They suck just kidding guys is this about football football. Someone was like someone was like Jessica you should wear a tom brady Jersey next time.

You Do Anything With Tommy Dont Do That

to me. I thought it would make you like mad funny, but if it makes you sad funny. I don’t want you no no no no it’ll it’ll make me mad funny. Oh my God then I won I don’t like them either you guys I know football. I promise so the character Uncle Sam first came to prominence during War of 1812.

New York Businessman Sam Wilson, The

same name of the Falcon. I don’t know if you knew that provided rations for soldiers on the front line the soldiers fighting in the war would see U. s stamped on the barrels of food. Even though the U. s meant that the rations were for the U.

S Government Property.

The soldiers would say the food came from Uncle Sam Wilson, which is really funny. All I imagine is if it said like it’s just like Falcon’s face on the food and they’re like yeah wait a minute. Also I just like the idea of a 1812 businessman like what. Kind of like was he like putting on his business suit and like all right Honey.

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I Gotta Slick Back My Hair

head down to Wall street, but he gets in his little horse and buggy and rides down to his office. Oh my God tell me how for some reason when I think of 1812 businessman, I think of like the stock market crash like clip art of like a man with a barrel and suspenders and he’s like honey I’m going to work. I don’t know why like that’s all I think he makes money, but for some reason he’s still living in this barrel that’s all I think about the uncle Sam character had his look fully cemented with world war one recruitment poster we all know and love created by JM Flag in 1917 the we want you that poster that has been recreated and is. on video games and on posters and everywhere you know you know the poster. The image of Uncle Sam has been used heavily for mental military recruitment in World War one in World War Ii and his personification of the American spirit is a symbol that promotes national pride and is recognized around the world.

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Its Important To Remember That Uncle Sam

is a representation of the American government. Not his people which make him a unique figure. I wonder what they’re gonna use him for for world War three. They’re like Oh dude. We already used him like twice and I don’t know if people even like him anymore.

Well Make A Cryptocurrency For Him.

Sam coin no no no no no that’s a scam. I download the robin hood app immediately to see how much money I made I don’t use robin hood you guys okay Google Google. Show me this guy’s balls please Okay, how do I make cryptocurrency Yeah, How do I make cryptocurrency I feel like name something that’s like sounds illegal, but isn’t illegal. I feel like it’s this I don’t I don’t trust it I don’t trust it you guys yes but this will be the world War three version of it or it’ll be like Tesla or something he’ll be like the face of Tesla, Oh God his cars, uncle Sam’s cars sound awful um heather no thank you beep beep belts everyone cruising on that main street you’re relaxing feeling good.

Other Countries Have Their Own Characters That Are

personifications of their government or citizens. The French Republic has Marianne. Since the French Revolution. She’s been the personification of the French Republic. She has been depicted on currency, the official government logo monuments through the country postage stamps.

Shes The Official Emblem Of The 2024 Summer

Olympics in Paris. This bleep is already prepared to be on something and it hasn’t even started. Yet she is an icon Oh there’s another one okay so John Bull is the personification of England and is usually a stout gentleman with a waistcoat and tails a top hat, a cane and a fetching a vest big winston Churchill energy over here this is the man i’m gonna draw Mary. This is the man Oh more like John Bull bang me yes yeah John just just cut just jump to John PaulNK] I hate you so much it’s not it’s a terrible joke that’s a porn star’s name what’s your name. John balls John balls very smart like is there anything about nah they’re normal I just like to name it ironically ironically huge shaft small balls, but he also comes.

Comes In With A Waistcoat And Tails

a top hat, a cane and a fetching vest. Oh my goodness hey I’m John reading this out loud I was like this is the one Tommy’s gonna fall in love with. This is the one that Tommy’s gonna be like Oh, I’m here for this guy yeah well you had me at stout gentlemen I’ll tell you that so the British also have and i excuse me if I’m pronouncing this wrong Britannia Britain Britannia Britannia the female personification of Britain that’s what Britain Britain, Britannia Yeah Okay the female personification of Britain. She is traditionally a female warrior with a trident and a dang shield. The first uses of Britannia date back to Greek in Roman times, where she appeared in art historical documents and on coins.

She Would Kick My Ass Brianna

Tarth who because Britannia I just need to say I need to set a quick reminder all right calendar bring me back to this webpage around nine O’clock Today Tommy Thomas Thomas I swear to God John we we’re stopping here. I’m gonna give you guys the rest because Tommy’s gonna try having sex with every every iconic character. Mary kill uncle Sam, John Balls and Britannia and let me tell you what the anime. The answer is Britannia Yeah Britannia for all three I was I will marry John Balls because then my name will be Jessica Uncle Sam Yeah kill uncles well not even past the first one Okay Russia okay so and the Russians have mother Russia derived from the Slavic Goddess and i’m so sorry you guys I’m going to butcher this and I’m going to try mokash Makash Makish. I’ll say Mok, Oh my god, I’m just going to say Mokash I’m so sorry um mother Russia is another female warrior that was a symbol for the Russian people during many revolutions in civil wars.

She Was Also Depicted Heavily Imprinted

in printed media with Marianne and Brittany Britton Britannia Oh my gosh a mouthful during the world War one as three countries were allies during the war Ooh Don’t look at the image Don’t look at the image. Don’t look at the images Don’t throw those arms stop it. Don’t like it hashtag arm goals. You guys are looking into something we shouldn’t even be watching Tommy B wow honey look at those toes no the big question was this could be me getting turned down by statues today but here we are I can’t take Tommy to a museum you guys that’s why you can’t take Thomas. Museum study abroad, you can’t he can’t go He can’t do it.

They Are Cool As Hell, Though

never they’re like are you okay you’re sweating looking at a bust. Oh my no kidding, I need a cigarette after this take him away from this computer. I can’t even finish this and falcon winners soldier. The Us government could see the symbol of Captain America as more important than actual person who wears a suit and that’s probably why they don’t care that it’s a nobody named.


Cyclops knows his eyes are mirrors to his soul or another dimension . The government has a history of using propaganda to build up support amongst its citizens . We’re seeing how the government attempts to use the symbol of Captain America as a form of pro-america propaganda by installing U.&s agent John Walker as the new cap here in the real world . Jessica clemens and Tommy UK will answer a question about whether or not the MCu government is using U.S. agents as a propaganda . Tommy UK: Are we all buying war bonds without knowing it? Tommy UK asks Jessica Clemens: Is the government trying to use U. &s agents to build support for its citizens in overseas conflict? We’re I’m looking at you Dr Seuss. Don’t cancel I’m glad you’re here with my moon and stars. You can never introduce me as anything else Star. I’m excited for this yes here we go we’re excited to this yes yes yes here they go…. Click here to read more and watch the full video