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Oh Shoot Oh! Sam Just Got It To

the face Oh! And now Walker can’t move a you can’t mess with the door Melange Not like this She knew the password to his arm. It wasn’t him Don’t do it Oh my God on Disneyplus. com Oh my God bro that is not minute made that is human blood my god well you don’t do steroids kids welcome back to new rock stars the Falcon in the Winter Soldier episode 4 titled The Whole World Is Watching and with the whole world watching John Walker make it to world Star seriously now more than ever Mt. What the Falcon is going on like Oh Jesus Lord that man murked a man live in front of everyone. This is inside Marvel.

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Falcon, the Winter Soldier I’m Eric Voss here with mt empty how are you? Feeling after this um I’m feeling like John Walker’s in a bit of trouble, Eric with a capital t that rhymes with the s that stands for Shield no rhyme with us. If I were Tommy back told I kind of made that work it’s okay I still believe in you hey six years from now. I’ll be cringing as I try to fall asleep thinking well let’s do a quick recap. Episode 4 opens in a flashback to Wakanda finally break free from his winter soldier soldier brainwashed Sebastian Stan crushed it in the scene. It was so beautiful so powerful.

I Was Like This Man Is Gunning

for that emmy and they should give it to him because I can’t cry like that I cannot neither can I unless it’s genuine, but if you ask me to do it, while I’m pretending to be someone else. I don’t. know if I could well then essentially this episode fight me on this but we get basically a half hour of nap time with the flag smashers look I have a whole theory. I mean last breakdown. I talked about how they did have to do a lot of reshooting and recutting to make the flagsmaster storyline different than I think what was going to be a virus storyline and I think that’s what we’re seeing now is this just kind of weird back and forth exposition and it’s amazing that they were able to get this much out of it.

But It Culminates In This Kind

of scramble where um the serum vials spill everywhere Zemo muscle tops them but there’s one last one that gets away walker snatches it and then he gets his masculinity triggered by the well They dora his ass they’re so great in this. scene but now that he is feeling this way. I guess that Juice is loose. He he juices up off screen and then um in another fight. Lamar Hoskins sadly dies when Carly punches him into a column and then walker.

He Loses It.

He takes it out on flag smasher Nico as onlookers record this shield smeared in blood the blood of terrorism. Oh that’s right yeah dude. I feel like the internet has gotten crazy over the past couple of days. Because we have that winter soldier fight and badger poor all over the news with you know sam in the background and then now we have a murder um by the new Captain America and I’m sure the government is not too jazzed about it a murder that you could argue was um at least emotionally justified, but dude took it way too far that was savage.

He Didnt Need To Kill The Guy The

way he did and I was honestly thinking he was going to decapitate him right. I was yeah, whoa he’s bringing down that thing right on his neck, But no. This is Disney plus so we kind of just cut to off screen and then the shield can be covered in blood. This isn’t the boys heads would be rolling. I was so shocked that like Yeah.

I Did Thought That They Were Going To

decapitate them, but I was like yeah. This is Disney plus I didn’t think that I was like they the fact that they even took it that far that we even got the blood and that the brutal bludgeoning was kind of it’s pretty impressive pretty intense Yeah so we’re going to talk in this episode about the dark history that led Walker to this moment Why. I mean we kind of know why he snapped this moment? But what were what was the thousand cuts that led to him making that decision and really what this means for the legacy of Captain America and the Mcu going forward. We’re also going to talk about things like what to expect from Sharon Carter or Zemo going forward because you know there’s a lot to talk about here, but before we continue real quick. I am wearing our latest obsession shirt.

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You can get this at Newrockstarsmerch. com if you do you’ll unlock an additional option to write in custom shoutouts that will appear at the bottom of the screen in these inside Marvel after shows. For example, we got Raymond who says do you guys think that cap never came back and old. Mancap is a skrull no that’s an interesting theory, but I don’t.

Old Mancap Has An Interesting Story To

tell I don’t think they’re gonna make him a scroll line Yeah that would sort of cheapen his return in his whole story. So Yeah, I Don’t think that that’s Kevin Feige’s point but I do think we’ll have some interesting reveals of people who have been squirrels the whole time. I but they’re gonna pick and choose their battles with that in the mcu I don’t think old cap is that and then Pat though stock says all aboard the zola train okay hey I i’m here with you buddy up in the dining car just picking out before they kick me out to make me go back to my seat. The problem is um we’re running out of episodes and we have seen zero signs of it could easily be on episode five episode six then you never know where you. Never know you gotta keep faith on the Zola train that’s right that’s right next episode’s supposed to be a big one and then Denise Carter says Ah, Super fan of you guys Boston Mt.

Im Doing Zemo Dance Right Now Oh

thanks so are we hey we got this emoji We got a full hour of that. It didn’t take several years to release it either so that was great all right Mt. What is our first what the falcon well. I’m glad you asked Eric because I first what the falcon of the day is what the falcon happened to John Walker to make him so violent. Yeah.

We Have Some Listeners On Stereo

who are asking the same thing this came from where it’s going to happen now John Walker has killed a potentially innocent man um a freedom fighter um in the name of America Yeah. Another interesting way to frame that question like what’s gonna happen to him now how did he get here and where does he go from here? well? Let’s remind ourselves that exactly what happened. John ends this episode, having juiced up on the super soldier Serum. He was unable to save his partner Lamar Hoskins. Lamar had stopped carly from stabbing John Carly punched Lamar into a pillar killing him.

She Was Even Kind Of Shocked

by how strong she was, but it happened and then John loses it and he takes it out on a flag smasher Nico remember Nico this poor dude. He was the one who grew up as a fan of Captain America. He talked about how his grandfather fought alongside the Allied forces in World War Ii, of which cap was a part of and now this dude’s blood is smeared all over the stars and strikes what I I mean if if there’s any way for you to go. I would and I was a cat fan. I would not be terribly upset about being killed by a Captain America.

I Mean Getting Killed Is Not

ideal but you know but it’s like if someone’s gonna take me out might as well exactly I grew up admiring yeah if it was Chris Evans Captain America about to take my life and be like wow. I must have deserved it. I must have I must have done something wrong. I feel the same way Mt. I grew up having a Bobby’s world poster where he was picking his nose and it.

Said Im Not Picking My Nose According To

my brain and my whole life. I’ve wanted if anything were to take me out of this world. I want it to be Howie Mandel’s animated proudhood self-just strangling me slowing slowly and putting his finger up my nose and saying I’m pointing out I’m gonna poke your brain boss I’m gonna poke your brain through your nose that’s what I roll around thinking of all night like Oh God that’s where is he gonna come where is he gonna come it’s how he’s he’s coming he’s already in me that’s the truth yeah, Oh boy that’s not gonna get taken out of context at all. Oh you just made it weird. I was talking about astral projection and ah damn it well we gotta cut that now let’s do that that’s a a stereo exclusive is what that means okay.

Lets Talk About How This Happened So Lamar

reminded us that Erskine told Steve Rogers in the first cap film that the Serum just kind of amplifies what you already are inside and so what’s inside John Walker, What seems like a boy scout right like Lamar praised his medals of honor. But Walker made this interesting reference to what he and Lamar had to do in Afghanistan and he said you and I both remember what we had to do to get those medals. It just kind of sounds like they had to make um some in the moment of action. Like choices horrible choices as all soldiers do sometimes they might have had to you know unfortunately, let some of their own men die, even though that’s not necessarily their fault, but they just feel that guilt with them and then it doesn’t feel like a medal of. Honor it feels like a medal of a survivor’s guilt Yeah like a medal of like shame almost and like Yeah like they definitely had to do some things to that led to the the depths of their um fellow soldier buddies but I’m sure that they did horrible things to like the people in Afghanistan that too um you know like women children like war is a very ugly thing and like we don’t see a lot of the very horrific sides of war and they are just alluding to that it’s like you know everyone thinks that we’re heroes, but we don’t.

I Dont Really Feel Like A Hero With

all that stuff that we did right and and like we know that this that John has not been okay. This entire series John has not been okay like when we started with him in that locker room. You could tell that he was not comfortable with this position. He kind of longed for the days of just being a simple football star where he could you know hang out with his like football buddies with his with his girlfriend at the time, who’s now his wife and then ever since then we’ve seen him looking and this is just so great by White Russell that he’s been able to show this non-verbally because he’s been looking frustrated and impatient. He rubs his head as if he’s suffering from migraines um something has been nagging at him and in this episode do you see him and I know this isn’t that big a deal, but he stops shaving it looks like his hair was like growing long over the course of that day because like it looked like he just had a bit of Scruff and by the end of the episode he had like a full Eric boss Faux Scruff like just a little fuzz to keep his non–existent chin from distracting yeah He’s trying to steal your whole flow.

He Was Like Thats Eric Boss Hes A

he’s a suave man. I gotta see him but it’s like for him. It’s a big deal because he’s such a polished soldier and now he’s just like letting himself go he’s like yeah he doesn’t he doesn’t give a anymore Yeah. Scary to see I honestly it’s it’s literally the weight of the shield and the in him trying to fill Steve Rogers shoes that has been driving him crazy like the fact that he was even in that country looking for Sam and Bucky, He wasn’t supposed to be there because at the end of the last episode he was like we’re gonna do things a little bit off the book and like they’re not gonna care like how we do it as long as we get it done and so you know he’s just i’m willing to do whatever it takes to prove myself into the in the eyes of the public that i’m fitting and um so he stops shaving and he starts to do some crazy stuff and now a man is dead now if you’ve been following along with what the history of John. Walker is in the comics you could kind of see this snap as an inevitable thing um as many snaps are inevitable because in the comics John Walker always kind of had a big ego.

He Was A Very Different Character.

He’s like aggressively lobbying for the cap title He stages these rallies he stages fake attacks on himself to make him look like more of a captain America style hero. He kind of goes from being this character named super patriot to actually replacing Steve Rogers as cap when Steve walks away from the shield and then this gang called the watch dogs kill his parents and that’s the moment he snaps he descends into the murderous rage We see so in this show Lamar Hoskins has kind of filled that role his death has kind of made him lose it all right Daddy Hoskins yeah, but i again. I gotta hand it to to Wyatt Russell because like the way he has played this character has made him so more sympathetic and you you don’t want to see him. It feels heartbreaking when he picks up that shield and brings it down in rage because you know the human that was there before that monster took over yeah and like it’s it’s it’s so sad seeing him trying his best to be a really good captain America because he you know his heart’s in the right place his mind just isn’t in the right place.

Unfortunately, Because He Is You Know

he does have all this probably Ptsd from what he’s been doing in Afghanistan and like the weight of being a soldier and like him wanting to do the right thing, um it’s just in like with Lamar’s death it just threw him right over the edge. And you know with Wha? Did Zemo say that with about power and making um revealing who you really are or something like that Yeah? I think they were all kind of talking about this episode. Lamar Hawkins brought it up with him and then like Yeah, but Zemo was saying I think this whole lesson was a lesson on the dangers of superheroes. They they linked the term superhero with supremacist, which I find interesting because we associate supremacists with like white supremacists with like with bigotry and extremism, but really they come from the same kind of notion. Because Johann Schmidt and Arnhem Zola were trying to create the super man and the idea the history of superhumans in in superheroes and American comics in the 20th century was out of that whole idea that like Jerry Siegel making and Joe Schuster making superman in the 30s we’re.

Trying To Recapture And Americanize The

version of that because up until that point it was the Nazis trying to experiment on the idea of how do we create the perfect Aryan human being and the boys has explored this history really well on amazon with like Homelander and Stormfront and that whole history of like what it means to manufacture a superhero and how that’s a little problematic Captain America over at marvel was kind of the same thing it was those Guys Joe Simon trying to create like no we on our first cover. We’re gonna show this American version of the Superman Punching Hitler in the face and rejecting that creepy version of it and saying that we can have an ideal to strive towards but like looking back on the history of it it’s just another side of the same coin of like this idea of. We need to create a peak perfect human being. There’s no such thing as that and when you do try to do that you’re gonna break someone’s mind and that whole idea of supremacy and super soldier. It’s not that far off from each other.

Its Not Too Crazy To Say Those

two are linked. So are you saying right now Eric that nobody’s perfect and that we gotta work it every day till we get it right is that what you’re saying you put it in such better terms, but no yeah you’re 100 right because like I do like the link between you know the supremacy and superpowers because that like you said that’s literally what is going on like yeah like a weird like evolutionary supremacy in a way it’s like let’s make the I believe the Germans at least in the comics anyway the ubermensch is that that was either Kierkegaard or Nietzsche’s term. I think his Kierkegaard came up with that idea the Ubermensch yes this the superman um and so you know with with these new super powered people more popping up in marvel as as time goes on you know there is this weird like us. Versus them sort of thing probably going on within the minds of the regular people It’s like Oh No like it with mutants coming like perfect example, it’s like Oh No. These mutants are probably gonna.

When The Mutants Come Theyre Being

like Oh, my God like we feel threatened and that’s where that that Mutant hate comes from so like Yeah. This i this is that those are those seeds of like supremacy that they’re starting to just to sew in so that we so that the viewers can sort of get um adjusted to thinking um and getting ready to think the way that the Mcu populace could be thinking or get an idea of how they could be thinking in the future agreed. Yeah and I think but now we have to think about what does this mean for Captain America going forward the whole world. Now sees the Captain America figure they’ve known have a shield with blood all over it after he’s savagely butchered someone in the street in the public, so is this where we’re headed is is the Captain America legacy Are they gonna have to destroy the shield by the end of this is that the only way forward or does it just end up in a museum or does it have to get you know re-appropriated to someone who’s none of these people well first of all Eric it’s gotta be washed first because that blood is it can’t stay there leave it like invincible leave it as a reminder like exactly oh that would be a badass little thing it’s like just like painted blood on there but no um it would be I think that that a that’s a really good question and b like I said before. John Walker and Lamar Hoskins were not supposed to be there and so having in like with countries They are like countries around the world, sort of hate the United States in a way because of their the history of us like sort of just going into countries and just doing whatever we want and like not asking permission and so a murder happening on foreign soil by an American agent on like international news everywhere is not going to go well and so I mean yeah even if that guy who killed was labeled an international terrorist like Harley Morgenthau.

All The Flag Smashers Were Considered

terrorists. It still looks really really unsettling and terrifying Yeah to have the stars and stripes of the shield and it’s covered in blood of someone you killed in the street it’s just not gonna go. It’s not a good image. I just. Think it’s going to um it’s gonna sour people on the idea of Captain America, but I honestly feel like it’s going to draw battle lines.

I Think Some People Are Going To

be like yes. Finally, this is a Captain America. We wanted you know that’s how it works in society is it something we’re like yup the guy deserved it and I’ve wanted to see some blood proudly smeared because that’s what this is all about is the you know we’re not afraid to kill our enemies when they attack us like I think that’s going to be the creepy side effect of this. It’s going to politicize Captain America, someone who should never be politicized. It should be someone who just represents the goodness in America and the good virtues and values but do those exist anymore in in 2021 or in this case in 2024.

In A Post–Flip Society And In Our

world you know opposed to a lot of other things society would say those virtues Don’t exist Some would say those virtues never existed. It’s all about like Zemo was saying it’s like making icons into into things that can’t really exist like making Captain America. This like God figure and like there’s a danger in that and so yeah I don’t really know what happens with the with the Captain America legacy after this but like it makes a pretty good case for Sam that’s all I know oh, for sure I’m sure John Walker is clearly not my cap and not mt’s Kat von d Oh no no but I. Has this has to end? I think John walker’s done I I don’t he’s either gonna have to retire or he’s gonna have to be destroyed and it’s just gonna be so hard to watch well if you think about it. He’s now juiced up and the government doesn’t really know that yet so like knowing the United States government they’re probably going to be like hold on let’s Let’s think about this because now we have a wi-fi strong man and this makes us even better.

So Like We Can Just Brush Us Under

the rug and now we’re happy that we have a strong Captain America again yeah, but I I still think no matter who is excited about him. We know people hate super soldiers in this world. You know. I think there’s a good chance that either Carly or Zemo or Sam or Bucky are going. be the one to kill John Walker or I don’t necessarily want to see this but I could see a dark path ahead where he might have to destroy himself.

Ooh That Would Just Do It By Accident

or something that would be some dark so destructive that destruction could be turned inward. I think I mean that’s a really interesting idea. I never really thought about I’m gonna think about that tonight. I don’t like to think about it either to be honest, but it’s just like what more could be done. This guy is in the same way that like on the boys like what could be a line ahead for homeland or well.

Homeland Is Essentially A God Walking

on earth, but it’s like there’s no way. There’s no future for characters like that they’re beyond redemption. I think at this point you know so either either. They’re gonna take a redemption arc and then he just steps away from the shield, but he can’t keep going on. This is a short fuse that he is on.

I Think Yeah And Like Hes

he’s only getting more and more unhinged and so it’s it’s only a matter of time before so something’s got to give in some type of way like hopefully it’s not dark but like good God. Like this man can’t handle the pressure. He just wasn’t right for the job. Yeah. I mean looking at how alliances are.

I Think Basically John Walkers Gonna

be an army of one like he’s he’s gonna be on his own path. I don’t even think he’s going to fight on behalf of his country anymore. He’s just gonna go Rogue and I think Sam and bucky are gonna have to join up with the flag smashers We. Already heard Sam this episode basically echoing their talking points, he’s essentially a flag smasher. He’s just not paying his dues yet you know so I think those that’s where things are gonna be aligned.

I Think Sharon Carter Is Gonna Be

helping out with her weird satellite Tech in Madrid and then Zemo is gonna be a rogue agent of his own so you gotta imagine the two rogue agents that are out there and everyone else is just trying to get them from, causing more collateral damage. I think I think there’s more of a future for Zemo in this universe than there is for John Walker yeah for sure I’m just saying if one has to kill the other. I think Zemo still might kill John Walker um if if anyone’s gonna survive this whole series. It’s gonna be Zemo because they’re obviously setting Zemo up for. Bigger things in the Mcu as they should because he’s a very big force um, but with John Walker it’s like he could easily.

We Could Easily See The Beginnings

and ends of John Walker in this series. Absolutely I could imagine this being a tragic cautionary tale of what happens when the wrong people get that super soldier serum and it like exactly and like with a cautionary tale like this it just serves to make Steve Rogers look even better because you know he had all this power and he didn’t. He was a very selfless person to the degree that he could lift Mjolnir, which is insane well before we get to because we have a lot more other questions. We want to talk about first. We want to thank some people who helped us make this episode our friends at Blue Chew.

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try to get them up. There’s also a bunch of bloopers on there um because there’s a lot a lot that Aren’t cannot even fit into the episode that we want. to release there so that’s a great place to go check that out if you’re interested in fitness origins on the channel all right. So we have another question um that we want to take from stereo. Do you think that Sharon has been pardoned because the Cia wants somebody on the inside of the power brokers in a circle.

The Question There Basically Is What The Falcon

is Sharon Carter’s connection to the power broker. What do you think mt. I mean I definitely think that she is working for the power broker in some degree whether or not that is you know undercover as a CiA agent we’ve yet to see I I do also suspect that she’s doing some type of undercover work with the Ciao or something that she cannot tell anybody about even Bucky and Sam , but she is working for the power. Broker and has seemingly gained the power brokers trust in some degree well. There’s been a lot of theories theorizing about Sharon Carter.

You Know Like Is She A

power broker herself is she deep cover is she deep deep cover Is she a triple agent and it’s like folks Two episodes left two episodes left and we have a lot of other story lines that they seem to care way more about than what is Sharon Carter’s deep cover now look Tv shows do this all the time right like if you watch 24 or if you watch alias that kind of it’s like whoa you’re actually serving this you know so I I wouldn’t put it past the show. I wouldn’t put it past the show to make Sharon Carter a scroll. I think that’s doable as well. I’m just saying if she is working on behalf of. The CiA would the CiA want to fund an asset in Madrid to live as in an expensive ass penthouse in high town trading expensive stolen art.

I Dont Think The Cia That Would

just be too many steps for the CiA she could just live. You know simply meagerly and kind of work in his organization and live low profile rather than live. This lavish lifestyle where she’s running around killing people that’s not how the CiA that’s not how any government-funded person operates that’s what they were already that’s a good cover right right and that’s what’s hard to argue with people about this it’s like that’s exactly what they want you to think it’s like I’m sure sure but do I think they’re gonna give us eight minutes of a scene to explain this when we have two episodes left. I don’t think that’s the show’s priority. know but this is just an example of it’s you bring up a lot of questions when you write a character so bizarrely as they have written Sharon Carter on this show she is over the top she’s weird she’s not who she was and I don’t understand her character.

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I I Dont Know I Feel

like the writers didn’t understand her character but Kevin feige’s like no you got to bring her back in this they’re like okay fine we’re just gonna make her freaking crazy it’d be one thing again. It’d be one thing if she was alive during the blip because then we’re talking years and years and years like seven years two years on the run five years of the blip that would change her no. This woman was on the run for two years. She dusted her face appeared on the dust screens at the. Beginning of end game gone for five years, re-materializes five years later, who knows where and then six months later, she’s able to like get to this point where she’s a crazy arts dealer would the ci even care about her at that point as to use her as an asset to get to the powerboard.

No I Just Think She Works For The

power broker and that explains why she’s she has access to all the stolen art. He just thinks she’s really good at this and she’s kind of serving him and making him money and that kind of thing Hmm well like in regards to the whole like Sharon Carter showing up on the on in end game in the as list of the vanished. I think that they just didn’t know where she was. I think that she was probably you think that she was. Dusted Oh, No I think she was dusted.

I Think That Was That Was The

screenwriter implication of that Now Scott Lang was not dusted. He was just gone but like disappeared in the quantum realm. It’s not the same thing as just like not picking up your phone like cap would have checked in with her. She would not have refused to answer Cap’s call you know like she showed up on that board and that was the idea that these are people who have actually dusted with the exception of Scott Lang because that was setting up when Scott Lang reappears and they’re like Oh, we thought you dusted if she was just hiding in madrapore. There’s no way.

She Would Not Have Picked Up

the phone. If cap called she was desperate for attention from the Avengers during that time. It’s true so I I just don’t. buy that I think I just think she’s a weird character on the show and that weird character forces us to like look at a bunch of crazy tweets from people and I’m like we’re getting at the point now in the show Folks where we want it to be something that it is not yeah because this is just this is a show that they had to like re-edit and they had to change a lot of story lines around because there was a whole coveted storyline and we’re lucky. It is as good as it is.

Im Loving What Theyre Doing With

the character of John Walker. I love the history of Bucky and showing how the Wakandans helped him clear his memory. I’m liking the story with Sam Wilson and how he’s having to deal with the economic realities of being the guy he is like that’s. to me but the flag smashers, but Sharon Carter All this stuff is is weird and it’s because they had to recut it. It’s not because they have some deeper conspiracy at work.

I Say We Release The Pre-Covered

cut I’m just kidding. I’m gonna do a whole video on that that’s gonna come out on the channel on Monday because that I think the world needs to like step back and look at whoa. There’s a whole other storyline here and that’s why things are as weird as they are that’s why characters leave these loose ends um because otherwise it doesn’t make sense to write characters the way they’re writing them if you are setting it up to be twist reveal like that would yeah if they did reveal her to be the power broker herself or you know working these other angles like if she does become. Scroll I’m gonna be a little disappointed. I’m gonna be like Yeah Jesus Christ Another one like Yeah, I was sort of like It’s the same way with a Spider–man far from home with Nick Fury and Maria Hill.

They Had A Really Dope Moment With

the rocket launcher and I was like Oh man. This is one of my favorite Nick fury moments. It’s like Oh it wasn’t Nick fury It’s just another scroll all right cool Yeah I’ll say that I was okay with fury and Maria Hill being a squirrel just because that felt fun and you can get you can do one of those but if you like everyone’s and every property they did it in one division they have a squirrel showing up in loki. It’s like it’s okay if it’s just like a fun background goofball thing like I liked how in one division. Someone who we didn’t know and didn’t already you know we didn’t really care about so I’m okay with that but like you gotta it’s not gonna hit as hard and secret invasion.

If You Make It Characters We

know before secret invasion. You know that’s that’s the whole cool thing and the secretivation of who can you trust? Because that comic series opens with like a ton of people between like you know, a spider woman and Hank Pym and a bunch of people was like Whoa, Whoa whoa Whoa How long have you been a squirrel. You know so you need to say that you got to save that anyway I’ve been ranting too much let’s take let’s take another question Oh actually I think this is one hey love The show guys it’s amazing thank you what did you guys think about They kept lingering when Lamar was tied up to that dripping water and then they did flash back to him during the chase down scene. At the end, I know like his spine got shattered but any possibility he could be alive or come back or. Just anything he’s a great character Yeah um I think I think Lamar is dead, he felt his pulse I don’t think Lamar juiced up on anything um.

I Think The Idea Of That Scene.

The emotional context of that scene is that Lamarck died and I think not having him not be dead would be too much of a wait what you kind of lose your audience. Yeah that much yeah no Lamar is 100 dead and like like you said it’s it was Lamar was John Walker’s Jiminy cricket. He sort of he was like you know in a weird way being like his like reason. It’s like hey man why don’t you calm down you’re kind of being a little bit crazy but like he did support John and he was like.

Im With You Through The End Of

the line in their own way, but like. You know it’s when he with his death that was supposed to symbolize there’s no real turning back for John Walker. This is just who I am now. I’m going to be 100 ego driven there’s no one stopping me my link to my childhood that you know well my childhood best friend is gone you know and the only one that could really maybe help him turn around is maybe his wife, but his wife doesn’t come with him to work so I don’t think so right so yeah Lamar is dead, but I’m glad you asked about this dripping water because that was really weird. They kept like when Lamar was trying to get out of the the restraints with his knife.

They Kept Framing Him Behind Like And

if you look in the wide shot of that room. There are showers on the side There are kind. of like these open shower stalls um that because I think this facility was used as a hospital, so I think they kind of had that set up for if they need to have showers. They’re just going to open there yeah, but I guess one of the showers is still dripping because some people don’t turn the knob all the way back and they’re working it’s not environmentally friendly make sure it’s all the way off yes yeah so but I think what this was honestly was just we know. Director Carl Skoglin likes to do these stylistic flourishes like how she put the camera up and bucky in the therapist’s face.

In That Opening Episode Its Just Like

why are we doing this. It’s kind of just more of a an artistic choice and I think the idea was like it’s the feeling that time is running. out even though kind of this artificial ticking clock in a scene, but just like a dripping water something that kind of gives you anxiety and I think that moment Lamar is like I’m missing out on the fight. I’m feeling anxiety and I need to get out, but like it was almost framed in a way of like Oh, Oh, Obama’s about to go off or oh lighter fluid or gasoline and he’s gonna get on fire like it’s just one of these weird things where I was like what was the intent behind that is he drowning is he like the colonel from that Zemo drowned upside down it’s like careful This drip drip drip is gonna fill this room and you’re right. I had the same questions like why did they time up why don’t they just kill them you know if they’re trying to kill these.

Guys Who Are Threats To Them Its

just it drives me nuts in movies and shows where it’s like tie them up it’s like no like the James bond like yes tie him up and then I’m going to tell him my plan and then have this really elaborate way of killing him he’s going to escape yeah. I mean these flag smashers weren’t Carly who I believe is the most extreme of them so I can understand why they might react to carly bombing that that building the last episode and being like well. We’ll just tie this one up um but like it’s just like well. You know what’s gonna happen if you tie him up. He’s just gonna come back and he’s gonna punch you and then he he died because yeah and then created all these other problems anyway, so that’s what it was I think.

It Was Carly Skoglyn, The Director Stylistic

choice for what that dripping water was and again one of these loosened choices where it’s like everyone on the show behind the scenes just seems to be making choices that are good in their own tunnel, but it does not seem to be a big union with each other and I think it’s because they had to butcher this thing back together in post-production and like all the cool stuff that carries Oakland probably intended had to be scrapped um in order to make a sensible narrative and ultimately and i don’t have any shame pointed towards that because that’s how all movies and Tv are you taking the best you got on your date. You stitch it together in post–production and you do your best to salvage what you have and produce a narrative with the with audio mixing with the with editing with VFX that’s what all of it is and we’ve learned that lesson very much with the Snyder cut like John Zack Snyder could completely assemble a fully new narrative just really with post production using other footage that he had so and completely changed the meaning of a work, and I think that’s what they had to do here that’s all rationality and logic. Eric I think the real reason behind the dripping water is that they wanted to make Lamar feel like he had to pee so Labar that’s why Lamar had to he was cutting himself out he’s like I gotta go. I gotta get out of these restraints and that’s what gave him the motivation yeah they also had. Like just sitting in a warm glass of water and now you’re gonna hear yourself battle.

This Battle Sounds Like A Freak Head Bond

thing battle star um okay let’s ask another what the Falcon here. The next one the falcon of the day is what the Falcon was the meeting behind Sam and Bucky’s reaction to Zemo saying there has never been another Steve Rogers right yeah during that supremacist conversation. I might be reading too much into that but I feel like they just kind of they didn’t answer and i think the obvious implication that scene was no one can have the the unique moral character that Steve Rogers had but that was that was a one-and-done kind of thing um but they could also be referring to Isaiah Bradley in that moment. They’re like well. We did have another Steve Rogers figure who just like because.

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Didnt Take Care Of Him And Accused Him

that like he was unfortunately just stuck where he is now but like I can’t help but wonder. In the first episode there are these conspiracy theories that old cap is on the moon like is that same in that moment being like well. There was another Steve Rogers. We had one who went back to time. Another old one came back from somewhere and he’s on the moon now I don’t know if he’s on the moon he’s somewhere.

I Think Is The Implication Hes

so I kind of just like their hush hush moment There did you see anything there mt. I mean I I do tend to think lean more towards the you know the obvious implication of like all right there hasn’t really been another Steve Rogers. He’s like this really you know great guy who was like. This was sort of his fluke in the system and like become this hero um, but I mean there could be something to that line. I mean they did share a really weird reaction to Demo, saying that so like Hey maybe I mean just to like you know stoke the conspiracy fire maybe they know of a steve Rogers scroll and like they’re not like there’s two Steve Rogers and there technically has been another steve Rogers in our past, but like I mean I I obviously don’t really think that but like hey there that you’re totally right.

Though There Was A Weird Reaction

there and there could be something that we learn. At the end of the series that we look back and be like Oh so that’s what that reacts with that Oh okay Yeah um but yeah that was a really strange reaction let’s take. Another question from our listeners on stereo here let’s do it what would have happened had the Dora Melange actually taken the shield instead of leaving it behind Oh That is a good what the Falcon, Why did they allow John Walker to keep the shield assuming it was made of vibranium um. This is a question. I’ve wondered about my only thought is that either Wakanda is just okay with the Captain America Shield just being what it is and it’s they no longer identify it as their property.

Even Though It Is Made Of Vibranium.

I would assume they would know that it’s made of vibranium because they have a very good history of keeping track of where all their vibranium goes in the world and my thinking is that this shield is not made of vibranium and that’s why she’s okay because my long theory is that. Because Old Cap came from an alternate timeline that that shield could have been made out of proto-adamantium just like an alloy that involves vibranium, but it’s not the pure vibranium that I think the Wakanda” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Wakandans would consider their property and that’s why they were okay with doing it but what do you think would happen if they took it like what would that mean I mean John Walker could still juice up with Super Soldier Serum at that point. I don’t know if he needs the shield the reason why they didn’t take it because it was caused like a really huge international incident because the field is such a huge American symbol like with the end of black Panther, with them trying to establish themselves as a more open country and like develop you know relationships with different countries and all that stuff they were just like it’s. Worth it? You know let’s just let them have it.

We Have All The Vibranium In The

world anyway so like you know we don’t really need it um but yeah it really I think just boils down to international politics um and them not really wanting to make a scene because like they’re they’re there to just take Zemo they’re supposed to be in and out like no one like they’re sort of like act like ninjas in a way so like they don’t really want to make a scene so they’re just like I just have it whatever um well if if we really wanted it, we could take it any time anyway so exactly exactly Yeah. I think I think that’s a good answer mt for sure but let’s look ahead to episode five of next week because it is rumored to be a big one serious. Creator Malcolm Spellman teased that some cameo is coming whom he would like to partner with Thor so looking ahead to what we know is left from promo footage right. We know that like Sam and Bucky are probably gonna return to Sam’s Wilson family home. They’re gonna somehow get the shield and throw the shield around trees um unless that whole story line was cut and was only in trailers, but if so it’d be weird for them to keep showing in trailers.

We Know Zemos Going To Return To

Sokovia because he’s going to go to that Sokovian memorial, but who do we think this surprise Cameo is going to be Are we going to meet the power broker do you think I I mean I hope we meet the power broker eventually at some point during the series, but I I honestly think and this this came. to my like brain like a couple of days after we recorded the rogue theory that we did on this I think it’s gonna be D man Demolition man that they’re going to introduce because Demolition man also got his powers from the Power broker and as we see with John Walker Juicing himself up with the Power broker Jews. I think that we’re they’re going to Sam and Bucky are going to want to learn more about who’s been juiced up by the Power Broker potentially and then that’s when we are introduced to D man who is a very great character and I really really sincerely hope that he’s in this series, But what do you think the surprise gave me that’s a big swing for sure no I I have a feeling that I mean I’ve been on this mandarin train for. a bit um just because I think the power broker is going to be connected to the mandarin in some ways. Maybe not but I think whoever the power broker is is going to be the one that he wants to partner with Thor just because there’s like a sense of royalty.

I Think The Power Brokers And

he’s going to have this weird like alternate world in in Madrid that he lives and I think Thor does well with those kind of weird trippy like you know rules of of respect that one has to show royalty yeah how Thor grew up so maybe that’s what Malcolm Spellman was talking about but um someone was also saying This is someone who’s gonna be a very very grounded character. There’s been a lot of theorizing that it could be the mutant Omega red might jump at the show again that. Doesn’t sound like a very grounded character. Maybe there’s nothing more grounded than mutants. Eric I see mutants on the streets every day Yeah, Yeah Yeah, so yeah, I think that this big cameo.

I Mean I Dont Know What Other

questions they have. We set up someone in Wakanda right or we set up the Wakandans the door Milani to show up what are the people in this world based with two more episodes left are they gonna reveal a completely new character who hasn’t even been referenced yet probably not right so I don’t know I would assume it’d be the power broker. I’m just trying to think from a screenwriter’s perspective Yeah, I don’t think they would bring in a character who they did no foreshadowing of or no references to or makes would currently as we know the series make no sense in the plot it’s. going to be a story driven reason why this character joins rather than just like hey fans want to see Omega red in this you know we’ll see I mean I hope it’s D-man it would be cool if it was the power broker um so we could learn more about them and you know what just popped into my mind. Just now would it not be crazy.

This Is A Crazy Idea What If

the valkyrie was the power broken that’d be nuts because she’s like you know ruling like she’s on earth and she’s part of asgard and like what if she’s just doing her own thing and just being a bad person. I don’t know but like obviously I don’t think that but like it’s something that popped into my mind. Yeah she’d be fun and we know what it’s like when she’s teamed up with Thor. That is very fun to watch um Yeah, I mean it’s it’s hard to know basically. I’m at the point now with the show where it’s like Loki can’t come soon enoughNK] yeah, I’m sort of getting really itchy for Loki because I’m just like Yo there’s some really interesting stuff and I’ve been reading about the Tva and like Oh man well thank you for joining us for this episode of our falcon Winter Soldier after show empty and are gonna be back next Friday for our reaction.

Episode Five.

We have a lot we gotta get through I there’s gonna be some fun stuff to break down in this episode for sure so I’m gonna jump on that right now but you can follow Mt at mastertainment follow me at Ea boss follow new rockstar subscribe to these inside Marvel podcast feeds wherever you get your podcast. Podcast Thank you for watching subscribe to us on Youtube and we’ll close out with their favorite moment of the episode Looking strong John you.


The Winter Soldier episode 4 titled The Whole World Is Watching . The episode 4 opens in a flashback to Wakanda finally break free from his winter soldier soldier soldier brainwashed Sebastian Stan crushed it in the scene . Eric Voss: “I was like this man is gunning for that emmy and they should give it to him because I can’t cry like that I cannot neither can I unless it’s genuine, but if you ask me to do it, while I’m pretending to be someone else.& I don’t know if I could well then essentially this episode fight me on this but we get basically a half hour of nap time with the flag smashers look I have a whole theory. I mean last breakdown. I talked about how they did have to do a lot of reshooting and recutting to make the flagsmaster storyline different than I think what was going to be a virus storyline . I think that’s what we’re seeing now is this just kind of weird back…. Click here to read more and watch the full video