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Welcome Back To New Rock Stars.

This is the big question the show that gives you too much information about the slow march of eminent decay of our mortal forms and who’s the real Daddy Warbucks of the comic world. I just realized his last name is Warbucks, like does Daddy Warbucks make all of his money from war is he a woman. I’m gonna assume so I would assume war is a very profitable thing. I hear that’s really dark for little orphan Annie I’m getting ahead of myself.

Im Off Screen Producer Brandon And Im

here with mt say hello to the people greetings people. I hope you all are doing well. I missed you. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you even though it’s only been a couple of days but hello the people missed you too empty. Don’t worry about it don’t worry about it.

All Right Lets Hop Into The Big Question

This week, The Falcon and Winter Soldier has introduced some new super soldiers onto the MCu chess board. We got the mysterious organization The Flag Smashers. We’ve finally been introduced to Isaiah Bradley, an American super soldier. Bucky fought as the Winter Soldier back in 1951 and who was then imprisoned and kept secret from the public terrible stuff. But all of these super soldiers really bring up one of our favorite ontological questions, How does aging work differently for super soldiers that is a fantastic question Brandon I’m glad you asked it um well before we talk about that we got to talk about us because there’s more humans on the world than super soldiers.

I Dont Know What People Have Told

you, but that is the case aging in humans is natural and has many effects on the body and. We do it every day it’s against our will. It’s literally the worst Don’t do it if you can just aging. I hate aging my bones hurt every day um ever since I turned 25 just don’t do it at a microscopic level. Our cells die off and new cells replace them as we age, but at some point the new cells stop coming because our genes are programmed to limit the number of times a cell can divide and make new cells As a result of this most bodily functions peak before age 30 and then the slow decline begins.

Im 29 So Im Feeling That Slow Decline

right now. I wish I was 29 mt. I wish I was still 29 that would be great 29 is it’s pretty good but I’m starting to feel it brandon start to feel stay there apparently 30 is when it all. starts to go downhill stay at 29 for as long as you can stay as long as you can for the love of God cherish it. The eyes and ears are usually the first things to change, but a lot of other effects of aging can be seen throughout the body.

I Mean Bones Become Less Dense

joints begin to break down as the cartilage weakens muscles become less strong. Our skin becomes thinner and less elastic. The nerve cells in our brain decrease and even our sense of smell and taste gets weaker which I’m not looking forward to. I mean at that point it’s just like how do I just how do I survive without the sense of smell and taste Brandon how do I tell if the cheese has gone bad If I can’t smell it exactly you’re just gonna have to just just pray just eat. The cheese anyway just pray, Oh cheese gods please give me unmoldy cheese This day cheese gods please Don’t Don’t hurt me cheese guts delicious cheese gods.

Oh The Lactose Gods Have Forsaken Me.

Oh me too I am very lactose intolerant brandon. Oh no I’ve been tossed out of the kingdom of lactose, Oh man the lactose gang I envy you I envy all of you guys that can eat lactose I am not part of lactose gang. There are a lot more awful terrifying depressing things that can happen to our frail human bodies as we age but I just wanted to hit the highlights and give you a concise idea about the process of aging. I appreciate you keeping it peppy No problem it’s what I do it’s just you know just gotta keep it positive light we’re all dying every day you know Bro it’s the little things Brandon just creeping towards the grave my friend just creeping towards the grave.

But Our Super Soldier Friends Do

not have to worry about this problem which is great Steve I’m glad you can you don’t have to worry about that think about that aging for them is completely different. There are different versions of the super soldier Serum out there, but it seems like every version has the effect of enhancing the metabolic cellular and chemical processes of the body, and this increases strength stamina and healing abilities while building up greater resistances to fatigue and exhaustion. More importantly, they appear to age much slower than you and me looking fresh in their old age. And even even I see a bradley he’s been looking He’s still looking pretty good for his ears and you know what they say Brandon Black Don’t crack so is that what they say it’s what they say every day. It is what they say it’s all it’s about the first words My mother told me he’s like listen young baby black Don’t Crack you’ll be looking like this for your 85.

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The First Words My Mother Told Me

were stay out of the moldy cheese Don’t eat the moldy cheese Brandon trust your sense of smell and taste now it’s important to keep in mind that Steve Rogers is the only super soldier that we know of that has received the original Dr erc sign formula with the ever important Vita rays. Every other super soldier has been the result of an attempt to recreate that formula with varying. Degrees of success, Yeah, Steve got that uncut irks kind of like this is the real juice. This is the real Mama Jama He’s like Don’t worry Steve I’m going to make so much of this stuff we’re going to have home armies full of erskine’s formula it’s going to be great man like it’s that original original recipe KFc that Steve gots in his veins man Oh that’s the good stuff finger looking good delicious now. We’ll go through the super soldiers that we do know of and see if we can determine their aging process starting with Captain America.

Born On July 4Th 1918.

what a coincidence right what a coincidence for old Captain America. Right I feel like their parents had to play that’s like I think it’s like retconning by the Us government like they probably went in and changed his like birthday to make it. July 4th I wouldn’t be surprised like you got to look more patriotic and there’s nothing patriotic about August 2nd. Sorry all you August 2nd.

Im So Sorry Id Be True

patriotic anyway so he was born on July 4th 1918 and he gets the serum in 1943 and in 1945. He crashes into the Arctic ice and is frozen at age 27, which is you know he’s done a lot more at 27 than I’ve ever done so that’s still pretty good and and then he’s thought out in 2011 66 years later, but he’s actually 27. Since he was frozen that entire time Yeah because this is like going to be important because right because when you’re frozen in the ice, you’re not aging I guess because his metabolism is so slow. He’s like barely moving yeah, So like your biological age is still 27 even though like on paper. He’s 66, but he’s 27.

Yeah He Looks Great When He Comes

out. Oh Yeah He looks fantastic um I haven’t been frozen. I I look like I’m 56. I’ve been very cold before never frozen. I mean I live in New England so we’re just perpetually frozen.

I Guess Youre Like 106 Right You Look

great and then by the end of the final battle with thanos an endgame in 2023. He should be around like 39 years old, and then he goes through the Quantum Tunnel to replace the infinity Stones, but decides to live out in a branch reality with Peggy Carter. The love of his life. I mean she’s. She’s a very strong powerful, but also coincidentally very beautiful British woman.

Yeah And I Would Totally Leave

all. My friends and family for Peggy Carter honestly yeah, I mean I would risk the time space continuum to live out of life with Peggy Carter, Don’t tell my wife right Scott I wouldn’t even I wouldn’t even text my mom I’d just be like hey I’m just gone. I’m sleeping new phone who dis sorry. I’m in a new reality dog leave me alone mom everybody knows that my mom is the only number I have in my phone so that’s that’s really that’s like a you live life like an assassin just one number on the phone. Yes I have a separate from just for my mom um I don’t know what I’m saying anyway.

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We Can Assume That He Went Back

to 1945 around the time he disappeared into the ice so when we see him again in end game as old cap he should be around. 170 and he definitely looks and sounds older, but he’s still pretty spry for 117 years old. I gotta say most people would be Mega dead at 117. . I I know that I’m probably not gonna get past 65 because no you can’t say that mt like I’m I’m babe ruth of my age.

I Keep Calling It At 120.

like I’m living to one shoot 120. well. I don’t spend my life like I’m gonna make it to 120, but I just keep calling my shot. You know what I mean you can’t put out there that you’re gonna only go to 65.

Bro Youre Gonna Make It To 170

bro. I can see it right now one seven zero. What am I gonna do with 170. I’ll be like at 170 are all gonna look like that shriveled fish from the spongebob. The old ladyfish from the chocolates.

Episode I Remember When They First Invented Chocolate

sweet sweet chocolate. I always hated it get off my virtual lawn so he comes back. He lives out the whole reality with Peggy Carter so now. He’s 117 when he gives Sam the shield right Yes he’s doing it.

He Gives Sam The Shield At

117, but really he’s about 183 because he did spend 66 of those years on ice, but with a very slow metabolism Yeah his his thought out age is 117. he’s 183 on paper 117 thought out okay yes it’s 117 is what he puts on his tinder profile so but that’s Steve Rogers but next up is cap’s best friend forever. Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier now. Bucky was born on March 10 1917 and enlisted in the army in 1943 but was captured and given super soldier Serum in that same year.


Believe and in 1945, but he goes missing during the train mission and is reclaimed by Hydra and this is where the on and off again freezing starts so you’re saying he he lists in the military right yeah and then he gets he gets captured in that first year that’s a real bummer he’s a people Zola. Zola is like doing all these things to all these prisoners and that he gives he winds up giving some knockoff of the erskine formula to.


This week, The Falcon and Winter Soldier have introduced some new super soldiers onto the MCu chess board . We’ve finally been introduced to Isaiah Bradley, an American super soldier . We got the mysterious organization The Flag Smashers. We’ve also been introduced . We do it every day it’s against our will. It’s literally the worst Don’t do it if you can just aging.& I hate aging my bones hurt every day. I’m glad you asked it. There’s more humans on the world than super soldiers. We got to talk about us because there’s more human beings than super soldier. There is a lot of aging in humans. It is natural and has many effects on the body and. Our genes are programmed to limit the number of new cells that come in from our genes. We do not do it at a microscopic level. We don’t know what people have told you, but that is the case aging is natural. We have no idea what it is….. Click here to read more and watch the full video