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Welcome Back To New Rock Stars Im Eric

Voss here with Mt. We are talking about the falcon in the Winter Soldier finale. We have so many questions coming out of this episode. We’re gonna take them live from our listeners on stereo and do our best to try to clear up any confusion. We might have or frame This episode on how we should look ahead to future Mcu chapters any kind of lingering questions you have well first Mt.

How You Feeling Im Feeling Really

good. I’m so glad that we finally got this final episode of talking to the Winter soldier and we finally got to see Sam Wilson as Captain America, and it was just as beautiful as I thought it would be and even more because he’s a majestic majestic bird flying in the night sky. This is beautiful. It’s beautiful. It was a beautiful.

Thing Lets Take Some Questions From Our

listeners here we go well. Walmart cap finally got his comeuppance, What do you think he’s going from here? Where do you think he goes Walmart that’s such a funny way to describe him he is now Us agent John Walker. This is kind of where we thought he would end up. You know he has this like darker shade of a suit in the comics that’s what John Walker’s future is see after going through a bout of becoming Captain America and then going too far with it and being stripped of that title. He ends up getting this new title of U.

S Agent And He Kind Of Becomes An Assassin

um I just figure who is almost not a kill for hire because he’s usually working with different groups whether it’s the dark Avengers, but now it seems like he is. Now gonna be tied in with whatever vowels Organization is I still think it’s gonna be some kind of Thunderbolts or dark Avengers Initiative Yeah that’s gonna be tied in with Thunderbolt Ross with Zemo on the raft and that gradually we’re gonna see a new team of assassins that’s put together to kill on behalf of whatever shadowy government organization that Val is heading up what do you think in t um I think we could be seeing this like you know like yeah the beginnings of a Thunderbolt situation but like sort of like in a reverse avengers sort of way because like the Avengers had Steve Rogers as their captain America, so maybe John Walker is this new Thunderbolts um Captain America as figure that Val is trying to set up. They’re probably gonna have us agent run a couple of missions and then just be like. All right he can’t do this on his own. He needs a team let’s just um.

You Know Make This As The

new face of . I Don’t know avengering the Thunderbolts to do like those hard missions that no one really wants to do in in our own way. Walmart cap has a vast array of possibilities in front of him. So you know we’ll we’ll see what val’s going to do with him, but I’m sure it’s going to be something real shady and involves some killing yeah because he’s real good at that yes yes he is let’s take another question here. Do you think that the final scenes in this episode of Captain America and the Winter Soldier will be setting up a season two or more movies in the future .

I Think Right Now Theyve Left The Door

open to either option. I. Think directly? These final scenes were setting up different futures for these characters separately or on different adventures in a show that won’t be called Captain America in the Winter Soldier. I think this was kind of getting us as we saw with one division from from a to B loki. It sounds like was renewed for a second season, which is interesting, but both these first two shows.

I Think Were Conceived To Be Mini-Series That

get characters from one step in their character journey to the next, as opposed to like introducing a world that we’re gonna live in in a second season and develop that world, but that said I could totally see this world continuing to grow just as the way it is like seeing what’s next for Sharon Carter as a power broker or val with this you know seems like Thunderbolts Initiative and John Walker um I I’d be interested in seeing a second season of this show. In particular, I I like Sam and Bucky’s friendship. I I don’t want them to separate to be honest yeah. I think we’re gonna get a season two of like eventually down the line because this show lends itself well to having multiple seasons versus you know one division that is more just like. A one and done type story but yeah, I definitely don’t think that the post-credits are setting up a season two but like Eric said it’s just like all right.

This Is Just Our.

This is just this point in the MCu and then these characters that we’ve introduced will be will play different roles in upcoming films or MCu Tv projects but then as the MCu phase continues along if there is a need for a season two of blumin the linear soldier that helps move along the phase then they will announce it, but as of right now like it’s not like obviously there’s no announcement, but it’s like but like it’s not really an imperative for a season two to happen like you gotta think of these seasons like sort of like sequels to like like a movie like Captain America. America and like well, Captain America in the Winter Soldier or Falcon Winter Soldier Season two is more like Captain America in the Winter Soldier two. It’s like this is the sequel Yeah So like you got to stop like you start thinking it would be seasons like movies um in in a way because they are just longer movies told in episodic form but that’s just exactly hey you know I might be good at finding Easter eggs, but I’m no wizard at actually cooking eggs. I mean look I can warm eggs up it’s just like to do an egg correctly.

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Theyre Really Helpful, Especially The Breakdowns Um

so my question is pretty much what what does the young credits mean like what who did Sharon Carter call and what does she mean Yeah, I’d really like to know. I think it’s open to suggestions Yeah, I agree I think it is meant to be a bit mysterious . It seems like Sharon Carter is truly intended by the show to be the power broker. I don’t believe any of these things to where it’s like no that’s a lie because ultimately think of it this way if she is lying about being the power broker or if you take her lack of verbally saying that she is as evidence that she is not um do you really think the Mcu is going to. drag out that mystery over the next couple years until we see her again Maybe in armor wars or secret invasion No by the you know next we have black widow.

We Have Shang Xi, We Have The Eternals.

We have doctor strange and multiverse and madness. We have Spiderman No way home. We have thor love and thunder. We have all these other big things that we’re gonna be excited about talking about they’re not gonna be like also remember how we never got exact clarity on whether Sharon was the power broker or not no she’s just gonna be the power broker next time we see her yeah right we don’t have to make mountains out of molehills.

Now We Now Got The Answers That

the show is going to give us yeah. They they’re pretty clear it’s like this is the power broker. This is the last. Thing if this is the last thing that we see of the show of Sharon being like you know implied as a power broker. She’s 100 the power broker like I don’t think Kevin Feige really would just be like Ah just kidding because like like again like they already sort of did the same thing with the mandarin like you can’t like you can only get one of those you only get one like oh just kidding it’s actually this so like I feel like they’re yeah.

Shes Shes Definitely The Power Broker Yes

and even when you do one of those people get pissed. When you do yeah you know like that’s. I think they learn their lesson there like you can’t keep misdirecting people that way, but with who is she calling I think she was talking to one of her lieutenants or one of her criminal. contacts she has that relationship with the driver who picked her up in episode three or someone else in her network because she has all those armed guards Whoever her like right hand man is she could have a connection with the ten rings with Justin Hammer’s organization the I don’t think she was calling Zola though, but I never really expected to get a Zolo thing that was always my reach you know what I think we need to do mt now going forward. We should do our best to clarify to people when our theories are our reach theories and then our theories of what we think will actually happen and even falling short of that are our lowest expectation of what the show will give us so like a three-tiered theory of framework look I never thought it was going to get into Princeton right.

Was My Reach Theory Because Eric Will Go

to Princeton and then I had my safety school and then I had well there’s always the local college that’s down the street for me and so far The MCu has given us community college no I. At the beginning of the series like before the show even started I was convinced that Zola was involved. I was convinced that’s only was involved in one division personally but we didn’t see Zola here. I definitely do think that Zola is coming back personally to some degree though it could be america‘s solo film solo film or something but one of these days a solo that’s a star wars story. He’s in there um let’s take another question here also what do you think when Val said it’s gonna get weird I’m thinking secret invasion set up Chris I’m thinking you have.

A Hell Of A Voice My Friend You

should be a radio announcer or a podcaster. You have such a good voice um yeah the I think you’re right. I think she’s just kind of saying things are gonna get weird whether it’s secret invasion whether there are mutants involved Whether I think she means weird in that it’s not going to be as simple as these are the avengers and this is our clear hero lineup. I think she’s saying there’s gonna be a lot of new heroes who join the scene who are filling that power void and now she’s saying in that world where the battle lines are not clearly drawn between good and evil. We’re gonna need someone like us agent who doesn’t necessarily hold up the stars and stripes, but can still get the job done so.

I Think Thats The Idea Of It

um. I don’t necessarily know why in a world where there are scrolls We need U. s agent like I feel like in a world where there are scrolls in that kind of world. You need clarity and trustworthiness more than anything because that’s the hard work part about secret invasions you don’t know who you can trust so maybe she was taking a cynical interpretation of that in a world where you don’t know who you can trust that your next-door neighbor your best friend might be an alien shape-shifter that’s where someone like John Walker us agent can succeed and excel because no one trusts him anyway, but the job still needs to get done Yeah what do you think mt. I think that I really do like those points um I I I tend to more see like.

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I Definitely Think That Theres Going To Be

a thunderbolt situation. with John Walker um for sure with with Val but like I do think that val could want John Walker because she knows that he’s crazy and she knows that like you know his his current path. So like I think that she is like all right. This guy’s a human so like I’ve seen some secret invasion blumin that I don’t really like I’ve seen some scrolls and like I want to get rid of them. So maybe maybe one of the functions of the Thunderbolts is to weed out scrolls and you know just get rid of them and then kill them because like we don’t really want aliens in our in our country.

You Know Quote Unquote , But

like I you know I this does seem like that weird Comment really got me thinking about secret invasion because you know you never know. know who to trust like you just said like you don’t really know um so it’s like all right John Walker. He’s this guy who fiercely loves his country. He fiercely loves you know be he loved being Captain America for a time and so it’s just like all right. I can trust this guy because he’s crazy and like I can control this crazy he’s crazy and he’s powerful.

So I Do Think That There Could Be

setting up a secreted major type scenario, but who knows really it could be anything yeah. It’s secret innovation and all the above of like multiversion collisions right because she seems to know that that Shield doesn’t belong to the Us government and I’ve speculated that could be because she knows it comes from old cat from an alternate timeline, so if val knows about alternate timelines Yeah she knows. How weird things are about to get Yeah let’s take you think Steve is on the moon. They referenced the moon again. Yeah I love that that conspiracy theory came back Hey.

They Brought It Up Twice.

Multiple people think this. I think the show intended that to be a joke like that people believe that and it’s a joke. I actually it was one of my more favorite dismissal jokes like he’s just on the moon people think he’s on the moon um for now I’m going to say yes. I believe he is on the moon.

I Believe Theres Some Space Base On

the moon either through what Nick Fury is doing with the scrolls on that space station. I don’t think it will be the inhumans though but yeah I think we’re looking at a at a moon based kind of thing. I think that. It would be fun for cap to be on the moon, and as of this point it’s our most highly likely plaza like I don’t know it just seems likely because they brought it up again um that he could be on the moon, but he could be anywhere like he could be undercover. He could be um on the space station with Nick fury um.

You Know Its Just Gosh I But

I you know what I’ma say he’s on the moon too because why not it’s just fun it’s a nice little retirement place why not right like I’ve been to a different you know timeline I’ve been to this this timeline. I’m just gonna go on the moon. It’s a different change of scenery Why not it’s fun yep, yep, yep! Let’s take another question hi just wanted to ask what you guys would change about the Falcon or I should say Captain America costume if you could if anything I would um. I wouldn’t change really anything about it.

I Mean I I Kind Of

liked it. I thought it looked good. I’ll say it’s a little bright oh yeah. It’s definitely no stealth suit.

Its Definitely Very Bright Um, But I I

think it looks super dope it’s. It’s so comics accurate that I it’s it’s crazy, which is very different for for Sam Wilson because his Falcon costume looks completely different from the comics which which is for the better. Let’s let’s get that out there because it looks kind of ridiculous in the comics let’s be real because of the time it was. made um but yeah! This is very comics accurate.

I Dont Think I Would Change Anything Really

maybe the goggles but the goggles are 100 fine for me, but that is it for this Falcon winner soldier finale Q in a we want to thank all of our listeners on stereo for giving us these great questions we’re going to be back this coming friday to answer more questions other loose ends other kind of remaining questions you might have had about this series and the way it’s going to set up the MCu going forward because Yeah there’s a there’s a lot of confusion, and we want to try to clear it up as much as we can, But we just want to give ourselves some time to digest all of it as always thanks to Mt for joining me on this follow him Mastertainment on instagram and twitter. Follow me at Ea Boss on Instagram and Twitter be sure to subscribe to new rockstars here on Youtube for breakdowns of everything Marvel and as always support us by checking out one of our many great merch options at Newarkstarsmerch. com whether it be this anarchy assembled shirt or our amazing Zemo inspired design, both of which are running low on supply so you gotta move fast thanks everybody and we’ll see you next time you.


The Winter Soldier finale was the final episode of talking to the Winter soldier and we finally got to see Sam Wilson as Captain America, and it was just as beautiful as I thought it would be and even more because he’s a majestic majestic bird flying in the night sky . We have so many questions coming out of this episode. We’re gonna take them live from our listeners on stereo and do our best to try to clear up any confusion. We might have or frame This episode on how we should look ahead to future Mcu chapters any kind of lingering questions you have well first Mt.& How you are feeling I’m feeling really good.& I’m so glad that we . finally got this final episode, and we’re gonna see a new team of assassins that’s put together to kill on behalf of whatever shadowy government organization that Val is heading up. I think we . are heading up what do you think in t um I think it’s gonna be some kind of the dark Avengers Initiative…. Click here to read more and watch the full video