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Hi Im, Erik Bosse And Fantastic Beats The

Crimes of Granite Wald released its final trailer and of course it’s one of those insane super Cudi trailers that bombards us with blink-length frames and things we Don’t understand makes my job so fun let’s go through this frame by frame to try to explain all the stuff that you missed in spoiler warning in case you don’t want to know so as always. This is just a highlighter, but whatever that Leo Ho dress I’m saying a safe house in Paris, why would I need a safe house in Paris should things at some point go terribly wrong it’s good to have a place to go. You know for a cup of tea Okay. This trailer opens with a magic of a different kind practical sleight of hand. So clever we so newt holding the same card from Dumbledore.

In The Last Trailer And Now

we know it’s an address for a safe house in Paris I’m assuming it’s the home address of Nicolas Flamel notice the glowing symbol on this card The last trailer. Dumbledore tapped that Card I assume that that symbol disappeared when he did that kind of like that obscure Oh spell that was used on the Marauders map. This symbols color is in gold. The same substance Full-mouth Philosopher’s stone can turn any metal into and it has a circular shape at the bottom kind of assembled the resurrection stone. One of the Deathly Hallows, which like the Philosopher’s Stone is one of those nifty things that helps you overcome death.

I Also Like That Dumbledore Suggests This Would

be a place for a cup of tea Clematis. Philosopher’s Stone would be used to brew the elixir of life, which is the substance you. to become immortal, so I would definitely take up this guy on that cup of tea Newt let’s move on my brothers, my sisters, the clock is ticking fast my dream we who live in this clip We’ll hear Gellert Grindelwald speech which is actually the same speech. Johnny Depp delivered to that audience at comic-con. It’s interesting that he tells his followers that they are the ones who live for truth in love.

Hes Referring To The Idea That

wizards shouldn’t live in the shadows. They should be truthful and honest about their actual superiority over the Muggle race and I’m sure part of his argument will be based on the recent Muggle great war that just tore Europe apart he could point to that and say Muggles are all about hate, but this kind of double speak actually evokes author George Orwell, who at 1984 and that book. Ministry of Truth and Ministry of Love were actually ministry. It’s responsible for the opposite of those values. Mystery of truth spread lies and propaganda and fake news history and Ministry of love tortured people so if you look at it that way Yeah Gellert, Grindelwald and his people might be all about truth.

We Also See The Beginnings Of Grindelwald Escape

from Acusa and New York from that nighttime carriage thestral flight and if he waits in a cell, you can see a fly buzzing toward him triggering these enchantments that surround him to keep him from escaping and before we move on we get another shot of Tina Goldstein and that enchanted statue in Paris now I’ve said that this could lead to the French Ministry of Magic, but I could also see that being the secret entrance to the Parisian Diagon Alley let me know you think. Well let’s move on the moment has come to take Okay. Here is the biggest reveal of this trailer confirmation of the theory that’s been floating around online. For months that Claudia Kim’s character afflicted with a maledictis curse transforming her gradually into a snake is actually Nagini the snake who later becomes one of Bull der Mort’s Horcruxes when asked about this on TwitterNK] Rowling claims she know about this backstory for 20 years and before interviews for overthinking this in a wondering wait does this mean Neville Longbottom murdered a woman did Roly just rewrite everything hold sacred relax a maledictis. Curse is not the same thing as an animagus, which is a wizard that can shape-shift into an animal at will remember like Sirius Black I think we can assume that by the time the human Nagini turns into snake.

Nagini Nagini She Stays That Way

she becomes an animal and she has a whole other animal life beyond this and considering the modern-day. Harry Potter is more than a couple generations in the future. I’m assuming some kind of magic makes her more than just normal snake too so really there’s no reason to doubt that she’s later somehow ends up in Albania where, according to the current backstory Voldemort finds her later turning the animal into a Horcrux hopefully that cleared some stuff up on to the next clip Oh die okay here we get more shots of Grindelwald Dairy and escaped from custody, and we actually get some clues of how he pulls it off. Now check out this dude evening bitten it’s hard to tell but judging from that dark hair. I’m thinking this could be Abernathy the Mikasa or from the first fantastic pieces he could.

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A Covert Disciple Of Grindelwald Or Maybe

he’s just under the Imperius curse He would have access to Grindelwald Swan, which would have gotten confiscated and perhaps he’s using it here to free this captive or maybe return it to Grindelwald so great a wall can wiped out all these or escorts Wow let’s move on The Wizarding of non-Wizarding Whales have been a peaceful over a century Windell Wald wants to see that piece destroyed you want me to hunt him down okay. This section brings us back to Hogwarts with a shot of Leda Lestrange rim in the scene in the Great Hall of the school now notice the floating candles that’s probably a throwback to the candles on the very first Harry Potter movie back in those days the candles were actually real practical effect. These are UK, but whatever it makes you feel something about. The past so it’s good? We get another shot of Grindelwald surrounded by the blue flame and his Colosseum, flanked by Vin de Rozier. She’s holding that skull I pointed out before I actually think that could be the skull of Salazar.

Slytherin Himself Remember That Was The

same head that provided Tom Riddle with the inspiration for the Death Eaters symbol We see a mountainside exploding that could be set in the Pyrenees. I just think that because that’s the mountain range on the border of France and Spain where the French Wizarding school Beauxbatons is located or it could be a mountain range in Bavaria, near where Grindelwald fortress UK guard is supposed to be located. Also interesting details of the voiceover. We’re hearing here saying that the Wizarding non-Wizarding worlds have been at peace for over a century that means wizards and muggles were at war. A hundred years before this that would places sometime early in the 19th century.

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There Was A Few Important Things Going On

in European history. At that time there was apollyon ik wars, but also there was the Industrial Revolution, where new technology was replacing agrarian economies with machines and factories. Just a theory here maybe a consequence of this muggle wizard war in the past was Wizards granting muggles forms of technology that will have their society to take great strides forward and then eventually engineer bombs and weapons to destroy themselves in the First World War All connected we also see this shot of Tina dealing with this fantastic beast escaped from the circus Our canis. According to Rowling, this is something called a zoo whoo a beast from Chinese mythology that’s an elephant sized cat with five colors. We see this thing show up again later in.

The Trailer We Also Again See These

black cloths blanketing Paris past I speculated that these could be left folders or people consuming beasts that have to be warded off with a Patronus charm. I’m thinking they actually might be something else more on that theory Later before we move on we see Newt here being tasked with hunting down Grindelwald now based on the wall tiles behind him that is definitely the British Ministry of Magic I assume he’s arguing with his brother Theseus here moving on to kill him Dunwood are why can’t you go? I got another guy’s crinkles it has to be here. In this section. We see Newton Tina happening upon this underground lair where someone perhaps people speculated. Youssef, has been piecing together the wizard family tree that we saw in past footage and again if you look at that family tree closely.

Closely It Appears That Lidl Estranged

and Creedence bare bones are related. Then there’s this interesting shot of Queenie reaching out to this bird imprint. I’m not sure what this means, but I have a feeling it is connected to Lidl estranged only because there were some posters that were just released for all the characters and Litas had a similar bird symbol in the corner of it. This bird actually comes the Bleeder in the trailer hold on your beds and there’s a quick shot of Nicholas Flamel, apparently present at the same big showdown setting with blue flames and we’ve seen other characters in and then another shot of Dumbledore’s seeing Grindelwald in the mirror of Erised said which I also went into the last breakdown but check this out. We briefly see the younger versions of the men and Albus and Gellert are played by these same.

Actors That Play The Young Men In

Deathly Hallows so I’m thinking if these actors are involved. I could see this movie revealing the flashback of what exactly went down with Dumbledore sister Ariana, We will see moving on you Don’t have a motion sickness to see I don’t do well on boats Ginuwine I admire you Nick you do not seek power you simply ask is the thing right here it appears as though Newton Jacob are using this bucket maybe as a port key notice how that cliffside is white colored. This could be taking place at Dover, which is right across the English Channel from France you can actually see it from Dover. So maybe this exact point it’s kind of a point of entry for wizards between the two countries next. We see Newt using some kind of powder to conjure this image of another beast.

And To Me This Looks Like

a cap up which is a Japanese water demon that actually came up in the earlier films and it’s one of the attractions at the Circus Arcane is a capa feeds off human blood, but you can appease it by tossing it a cucumber inscribed with your name or you can trick it into bowing and spilling the water in its head that’ll apparently weaken it wizard things. Then there’s that dude in the Hat, whom we’ve seen chasing credence past trailers. Perhaps this is the Spielman character over is it screaming himself into a wall Jesu is what it looks like When kids tried to force their way into that column between platforms 9 and 10 at Kings. Cross want to believe and speaking of creepy walls.

Nagini Touches A Wall And Has Another

hand stranger things through and grab her look at. That wallpaper it’s a flower, but the stem forms a v-shape. I mean if this is the crest for Vinda Rossier with a V and a rose. I


Fantastic Beats the Crimes of Granite Wald released its final trailer on Friday . It’s one of those insane super Cudi trailers that bombards us with blink-length frames and things we Don’t understand makes my job so fun let’s go through this frame by frame to try to explain all the stuff that you missed in spoiler warning in case you don’t want to know so as always . We’ll hear Gellert Grindelwald speech which is actually the same speech that Johnny Depp delivered to that audience at comic-con . The same substance Full-mouth Philosopher’s stone can turn any metal into and it has a circular shape at the bottom kind of assembled the resurrection stone. It’s the Deathly Hallows, which is one of the nifty things that helps you overcome death.& I also like that Dumbledore suggests this would be a place for a cup of tea Clematis. I would definitely take up this guy on that cup of … the elixir of life,…. Click here to read more and watch the full video