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Foreign Today Archery, But What Sort Of

archery we’re in a wood? What’s a debauchery would someone do in the wood well not Olympic archery that’s for certain now you’ve probably seen Olympic archery and you might have known something notice something about it, which is that it’s dull isn’t it. You get these athletes standing on a perfectly flat plane shooting again and again over exactly the same distance at the target of a known size and and it never moves at all it’s just the art of repetition. If you can do exactly the same thing over and over again well, you could be a very good Olympic Archer because if you can do that and you’ve got your sights set properly on your bow on your modern bow well you’ll hit the bullseye every single time won’t you boring but what about field archery what about some. way of simulating hunting a moving Target in difficult terrain like say a wood well that’s what I’m going to do today with my trusty Ash Longbow which as you see I’ve got it in the bag here A seller at a a reenactment Fair told me that if I had this bag it would be be in some way good right and joining me is um this chapter Ah there. He is that’s that’s Jason Kingsley hello now I haven’t shot this bow for several years.

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Im Extremely Rusty Um Have You

in fact shot that boat Outdoors at all I have not shot this Outdoors at all this is my first time so I’m expecting to get through a lot of arrows right so watching incompetent people fail at things is so much more interesting than watching people who know exactly what they’re doing just succeed every single. time Jason happens to own a forest which is pretty handy all said and we went out of it on his moon buggy In his massive Woodworking Shop four targets had quickly been put together if I were playing golf. I would now be at the First Tee and the hole would be that Target over there. Norman but instead of one tea in field archery With this particular rule set. There are several rule sets back in the day.

People Just Made It Up But Anyway

with the particular rule set we’re using. There are three teas. They’re called pegs because they are pegs in the ground and they are colored red, white and blue and as you can see this one is red can you see how red it is yes it’s red and the rule says that I must touch that with my lead foot so with. My lead foot touching that I have to take a shot at Norman and I have not done any practicing today at all. This is genuinely my first shot of the day No warm-up because that would be cheating I missed but I was expecting to so now what do I do do I shoot again from this Peg.

No You Only Ever Get One Shot

from each PEg so I must move to the second position foreign someone has been they’ve put the peg immediately behind a tree. So I don’t have a good position from which to shoot what do I do well. I put my foot against the first Peg and I shoot from here as best I can so I can’t use my classic Archer’s pose I have to instead lean out behind the tree awkwardly and that is another Miss. So I go to the third Peg, which is blue red then white then blue now You really would hope I could hit Norman from here frankly it’d be embarrassing if I miss and I can see that the arrow I’ve Got Loaded in my bow is not straight en okay so what did I score well. The target has an inner area and the whole of Norman.

This Is A Miss Yes.

It hit the the boss, but it hasn’t hit the image of Norman so that’s counted as a Miss. But there’s the inner area, which counts slightly better. The first shot missed so obviously nothing for that the. second shot a Miss but the earlier the shot the more points You get so if I’d hit him anywhere with that first shot.

I Would Have Got 20 Points But

I didn’t and if I’d hit him anywhere with that second shot I would have got I think it’s 14 points. I’ll look it up but as it is. My third shot is in the Kill Zone the inner area and for that I get this many points now it’s my go now obviously if that Norman was a knight and I was on a horse and I Lance by the time I’ve said all of this I’d have hit him with a lance. I have to dodge between the trees a little bit but we’re in a scenario where horses are not so good and lances are poor in the trees. So I’m gonna have a go at.

A Sports Which I Am A Novice At

and that’s always wonderful because so it’s good to do something that challenges your own ego a little bit sometimes which this will do so. Let’s have a go so foot on the foot on the peg dunk mist next one quick quick Oh I I presume it’s here. I’ll I’ll pretend the peg actually yes it’s definitely there I’ll pretend the peg I noticed you’re using a right side of bow well. It’s a H it’s gonna be really awkward actually it’s meant to be I might I might go you have the option to go through if you want don’t damage your bow though when it’s wet. Oh that was rubbish.

This Is Rather Good Fun.

Actually see if I can hit anything Oh Oh nah you see I missed my miles I missed my miles. I don’t think that counts to you well. It is part of normally the depiction of the thing that you’re aiming at counts so so but of course, we can always come up with our own rules. What what do you think viewers is hitting clearly in the shield should it count he gets some points well.

Hell Get This Number Of Points Excellent

if you had missed with your third Arrow it would be assumed that Norman had scarpered they do that you know really enjoyed it um it’s it’s somehow more visceral than shooting Olympic style or with it with a They think well you obviously notice it. Oh. I think this is way more fun. It’s so much fun yeah and you could do it at speed. I suppose as well that’s one of yours thank you it’s one of yours so one of yours went really.

Quite Low, Oh And One Went

very high Yes so um Yes This is another aspect of the sport is finding the arrow again. Ah I see it. I see it you got it yeah it’s here excellent. I was thoroughly expecting to to end up with zero Oh he’s gone into wood nope you’re fine oh wonderful Oh you’ve got vicious point on your arrows is that yeah, whatever that creature is I think it’s a heraldic beast that’s a combination of gooses well. I think there’s definitely oh Oh no what did that instant there okay did it hit some I’ll try pushing and see if it comes out the other end.

Yep I Think Thats It Isnt

it Yeah first Arrow casualty of the day it’s bound to happen King Alfred’s Cakes fungi when they’re dry they make excellent Tinder I’ve been volunteered to go first. This next time, I can’t actually see what it is I’m supposed to be shooting at, but I’m sure it’s the goose of Cranakthune. It’s got good grab your head off as soon as look at you you better get it you better get it right right. I would do my best Oh no quick quick mom quick there’s a tree in the way you’ll have to stoop Oh it all rides on this one I’m gonna be done by the goose aren’t they ah Oh Yeah Kid bomb pop with doomed Now go you have a go that one’s really difficult for me. Yes you’re using an arrow on the right side of your bow, but you’re right-handed made that very awkward okay yeah you’ll notice I have no handle on my bow handles were introduced by the Victorians a proper English Longbow has no handle handles are.

Sissies And Im Looking Down My Arrow,

and I see that this Arrow, which has been stored for some years in its case is also not straight Oh that misfied like that now I ran over here as though we’re against the clock. We’re not on the clock, but I suppose you could add that as well time constraint to make things even more. Oh, Holy cat that’s difficult that took a deflection that was in line and it deflected the tree on the way yeah foreign UK hey so that’s the inner Kill Zone Sorry no Kill Zone not in the code and so I get this many points let’s go find my arrows but what do you mean let’s go and find your arrows that was really that heck of a smack wasn’t it it makes a very satisfying noise that Target oh. I’ll say that actually about. Longbows I went to a an archery competition where people were using all sorts of modern bows and mine were twang thunk yeah that’s more like it that’s proper there’s another one and although of course I didn’t do very well because um other people had incredibly high-tech bows with if they’re essentially sniper rifles yeah in comparison to my pistol and I said Oh Yeah, but at least I’m doing more damage to the Target Oh no no our arrows are going faster, so they have more energy and I said look there’s a very very simple way to find this out.

How Difficult Is It To Pull The

arrow out of the target Yes because it went in with exactly that amount of force okay I found mine now fantastic. I’ll just keep searching for mine. I can see it it’s here Ah yeah got it got it. Here it is there’s the rump There’s the snarling face of the crashing bore of Thebes first Peg. There’s the target there off in the distance between all those trees lots of Twigs, but maybe we can cope but what if we miss well.

If We Go To The Left And We

find this Stone here and with a foot on that Stern we have to oh no would you believe it we have to lean out this way and oh and get over this There’s the Target right okay, but maybe we missed so we have to go around this and find the blue pack the blue peg in amongst all these Twigs here but it’s pretty close we shouldn’t Miss from here I found my bit of paper with the scores on it now if the target has an inner Bullseye which not all of them have and. You hit that with your very first Arrow you get 24 points well done you after that the inner Bullseye is nothing special if you get in the inner Kill Zone in with your first shot that’s 20 points if you wound it that’s you hit the target but not in the inner Zone that’s 16 points. If you have to shoot a second Arrow the best you can do is 14 points with the Kill Zone and outside that in the wound Zone 10 points then your.

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Jason Kingsley takes a look at the art of field archery in a wood . He uses his trusty Ash Longbow as a way of simulating hunting a moving target in difficult terrain like a wood in the wood . The chapter ends with a trip to a forest owned by Kingsley’s friend, who owns a massive Woodworking Shop where he shoots targets in his massive woodworking shop . In the wood we go on a moon buggy to explore the forest and play some of the targets in the woods . We go on the moon buggy and play a game of golf in the forest for the first time in a row . The book ends with an excerpt from the first chapter of this week’s episode of this year’s edition of this book, The World’s ‘Archery’. We are back at the start of the first episode of the series of episodes of this series of archery. We’re back in the gallery at the bottom of the book….. Click here to read more and watch the full video