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The Multi-Millionaire Elon Musk Recently Reacted To

the most circulated news of the month the Dep versus her trial. There’s a lot of speculation that heard has lost the trial already and Elon had a mouthful to say about it, so how did Elon Musk react to the news why is he relevant to the case watch the video to find out computer scientist and Internet personality Lex Fridman took to twitter to discuss his major takeaways from the televised trial Amber heard’s ex Elon Musk finally broke his silence by replying to the tweet. Friedman. ‘s original tweet spoke about how addictive fame can be and how messy love could be. Elon replied to the tweet, saying that he hopes that they can make peace and move on.

He Further Added That Both Herd And Deb

are incredible in their own ways, so what does it mean is Musk accepting. Fact that he was dating Amber when she was still with Depp well. The truth is only known by them. The court will soon find out the real victim of this trial. You might wonder why the world’s richest man would take his time to speak about two round of celebrities feuding at court well did you know that Amber was in a relationship with Musk.

Just After Her Separation From Depp.

Depp stated that she had an extramarital relationship with Musk. Johnny Depp has alleged that Elon Musk visited his mansion when he was not in the home. There were even images of Amber heard with Elon Musk that were viral on different social media apps, but she had rejected all the accusations and rather named her ex-husband illogically jealous During the trials. It was shown that Musk and Amber had midnight meetings when she was still with Depp.

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Shocking News Revealed By Black Mass Actor

is that model Cara, Delevingne and Musk and Amber had a threesome without his presence in his la home. The Tesla founder and Amber heard met on the set of her movie Machete Kills. Their romance began when their respective marriages were called off In the same year, although Depp claimed they started seeing each other when she was still with him. They even posted on their instagram handle to make it official, but soon after a brief period of dating they parted their ways. In the year 2017 they broke up they stated they both were super busy in their respective fields, so the timing doesn’t support them.

Moreover, Elon Musk Called It Off

saying that although they have broken up they are still friends and rooting for each other. The Tesla founder and Johnny Depp also claimed that she also had an affair with James Franco while she was dating Depp. This time also Amber heard denied this fact. Although CcTV footage justified Depp’s claims according to Depp, she had started dating Elon Musk just four months after their marriage. Amber denied it and stated that he tortured her like hell to justify this.

She Even Said That He Trashed His Phone

once and even tortured her on her birthdays. Not only did Elon Musk react to this defamation case, but even Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend Vanessa parody reacted. She told that in her 25 years of knowing each other there was not a single day where she felt that Depp was mishandling her. She further stated that Dev has been kind to her and stated that not every healthy marriage will last forever. So this became a complete blowout.

The Defamation Case And Especially To Amber

hurd. Moreover, you might be surprised to know that Amber heard had two personality disorders as found out by the psychologist. This includes borderline personality disorder and histronic personality disorder. Heard has been reactive and used overly dramatic presentations and she used to flip between victim and princess. The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber heard has finally terminated the testimonial phase.

The Six Week Long Trials Have Been

a hot topic for all the fans around the world. Do you know that lovers have quit their marriage once upon a time because heard stated that Depp physically assaulted her. It’s not known whether she was telling the truth, but one phone recording was released, where heard admitted that she had hit depth. The megastar trial case has revealed many facts about the relationship and the way heard treated Depp now depp. is suing herd for defamation in Fairfax County circuit court.

It Was Because Herded Described Herself In An

article as a public figure representing domestic violence. Although she hasn’t mentioned Deb. He is striving for 50 million dollars u. s in destruction from Amber alleging her testimonies cost him his profession In the film World You’ll be surprised to know that Johnny Depp was cast in the Fantastic Beasts 3, but after heard wrote the article Depp was removed from the casting. The famous actor, especially for the Pirates of the Caribbean is a world famous actor who doesn’t stop radiating his charms.

Even After Many Years, Many Fans Around

the world voted that the new film of the Aquaman series should remove Amber for defaming the megastar. Although there has been no confirmation regarding it. Thousands of people have observed the trial of these two megastars and their interests are. Increasing as more and more facts about their ugly relationships are revealed Depp’s fans are very supportive of him while continuously showing their anger with her. They have been rounding up every night just to get the perfect spot in the courthouse and show their love and support to him.

Contrary To This Heard Has Been Ignored By

observers on the road as she arrives and departs the courthouse as the statement surmised with herd emerging as the last bystander the Aquaman star hoped that the case would enable her to get back her motivation and voice. She even said that she was going to circulate an article based on her occasions with Depp and how he outraged her. Johnny Depp and Amber heard were married for only 15 months before the Aquaman supergirl filed for divorce. In the year 2016. The couple attained a 7 million divorce concession, but stuff whirled awful again in the year 2019.

After She Wrote The Article About Physical Violence,

indicating that Depp assaulted her. Johnny Depp started the trial from April 11th of this year. Both the Megastars started making allegations against each other for emotional as well as physical violence do you know what heard told the court well. She stated that Johnny Depp physically tackled her when he was on drugs or when he drank alcohol. She further said that Johnny Depp has a history of drug violence and has a short fuse.

She Told The Court That It Is Very

scary to be with him as he frequently violences her let’s give Johnny Depp and Amber heard’s love affair. A brief timeline Deb had formerly been in relationships with Winona, Ryder, Kate Moss and Vanessa parody, but he was bound up. In a marriage with heard after they met on the rum diary set on the contrary heard was in a relationship with painter and photographer Tasia Van Reeve for almost four years. In the year 2014 her award engagement ring, revealing that she and deb were engaged and going to be married. Soon.

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Depp Himself Appeared To Verify The

arrangement in a video meeting with the Daily Mail when they were communicating about marriage planning and bringing up the fact that he was wearing a ring. After many years of dating Depp and heard wedded in a very personal tradition in their residence in La, which became quite a buzz at the time as the fans uploaded many photos, but soon all these came to an end when in the year 2016 heard filed for divorce and alleged that the famous Hollywood actor had attacked her Depp rejected these charges. and through his diplomats said Hurd was attempting to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging violence after six weeks of intense trial. The testimonial ground has come to an end, and it all depends on the court’s judgment of what will happen next you’ll find that Johnny Depp was very polite in the trial fighting for the defamation case, whereas Amber heard overly reacted this may be because of her personality disorders.

Its Quite Disappointing That Both Megastars

known for their best acting and skills have publicly upheld the relationship by criticizing each other to an extreme level harassment in any form is no doubt not acceptable in marriage and faking these harassments and giving fake allegations is equally not acceptable. The loving couple. Johnny Depp and Amber heard had made so many mistakes in their relations, but who do you think is faking what do you think of? Elon reacting to the trial, Do you think he should have maintained silence? What do you think the verdict will be? Let us know all your thoughts in the comment section down below and as always stay subscribed to keep in touch with all things pop culture.


The multi-millionaire Elon Musk recently reacted to the most circulated news of the month the Dep versus her trial . Elon replied to the tweet, saying that he hopes that they can make peace and move on . Johnny Depp has alleged that Elon Musk visited his mansion when he was not in the home . Depp claimed that she had an extramarital relationship with Musk just after her separation from Depp . The court will soon find out the real victim of this trial, but she had rejected all the accusations and rather named her ex-husband illogically jealous During the trials, Amber heard had a threesome with Cara, Delevingne and Musk and Amber had a sexual encounter without his presence in his la home . Watch the video to find out how Elon Musk reacts to the trial to read the full transcript of the interview with Lex Fridman below . Read the transcript of this interview by Mail Online here:…. Click here to read more and watch the full video