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Guys Welcome To Better Bachelor This Is Joker

with a face for radio and a voice for UK Tonight. I’m gonna talk a little bit about financing if you went back and looked at my video where I was talking about traveling the world and and that was my passion is traveling. Some of you guys said well. You know that’s all fine and well. But I don’t have the finances to do that and I don’t have the work and I can barely pay my bills and and and I get that and I understand that not everybody has the same opportunities everywhere.

But I Wanted To Take A Minute

tonight and and talk about that because part of being a happy guy that’s doing his own thing and being a bachelor is is having financial independence and and being happy one of the things that I think I wanted to remind some of you is that I’m 47 years old now and when I was in my 20s. I did not have much money matter of fact. I was in the military from 18 to 22 and they didn’t pay me very well and when I finished with that I got a job for minimum wage because I had a car payment and car insurance to pay for and they ended up moving back home for about a year. While I kind of got on my feet after the military and I made minimum wage. I was a dishwasher and it wasn’t.

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What I Wanted To Do But

when you have bills to pay Sometimes you got to do what you got to do and when I did that. I also got a part-time job and I was cleaning the office of a financial service and they did. They did small loans things like that and as I was doing that they had a position open up for a job and I interviewed and I got the job and I think I got a raise to maybe seven or 750 an hour. This is when minimum wage was 525 and I worked at that job and I worked diligently for about three years and I got a raise to a loan officer and a debt collector and then I did that for another year and I got a promotion to assistant manager and then I got a promotion to manager about two. After that and once I did that for about a year, I got enough title and knowledge under my belt that I could interview for other positions and by the time all is said and done.

I Was Probably I Want To Say 28

29 Maybe 30 somewhere in there. I don’t remember exactly when I moved down to my next career and at that time. Maybe I was scratching $30,000 a year and and I but I lived in a pretty big city and big cities pay better than rural rural cities. But since that time you know I always put away money and as a matter of fact. I almost always had a part-time job and because I did date, but at the time I only casually dated.

I Wasnt Interested In A Serious Relationship

and because I liked being alone and I wanted to save money. I. kind of plans for it Now Later on, I did get married and divorced, but we both kept what we brought to the relationship, so I didn’t really lose any money believe me. I feel very lucky about that today, but the point of it all is is that I don’t know everyone’s circumstance and everybody’s circumstance is going to be different, but if you can look for opportunities to better yourself through getting good promotions interviewing with jobs and positions that you think are a little bit out of your reach because if you can interview well you may have a shot at it and most of the time. They give you on-the-job training and they give you a few months of Leeway.

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So If Youre Sharp And You Can Pick

things up at a pretty good rate. You’ll have a pretty good chance at that by having a part-time job, it’ll fill a lot of your free time, so you’re not worried about how to spend your money. You’re you’re pretty busy making money at that point and then investing as best you can and I’m not going to give any investing advice because that’s not my forte. I know how to take care of myself in the investing world, But I I don’t have any credentials to give you guys that advice. The other thing I can say is is saving money at every opportunity available now.

Ill Go To The Extremes.

This doesn’t mean you have to go to the extremes, But I’ll tell you some of the extremes for breakfast eating a couple of fried or boiled eggs. Little Butter eggs are cheap comparatively at least you know when I in the Philippines and when I was in Southeast Asia. They were cheap when I was in Europe. They were still pretty cheap here in America, they were cheap.

I Dont Know What Its Like In In

northern European countries, but I could have I could have fried eggs or something like that pretty cheap price is cheap boiling your own beans. Don’t get them in a can but getting dried. Beans is pretty cheap and if you sacrifice and pinch down your meals are gonna be super boring but you can save money. You can eat literally for a dollar or two a day now that’s the extreme and obviously we’re not going to do that but if you want to save bad enough to better your situation. You can I had an old the old Nokia phones.

Youll See Memes Made Of Them, But

they were had a black and white screen that was about that big and they were darn near crushproof in the battery would last a week. Even when the UK came out and the UK 2 in the UK 3. I think it was around the UK four or five. When I started getting dating again where I needed to text people and instead of pushing the number pads a zillion times. You could swipe and text and people wanted me to send me photos mostly girls and there’s certain photos that you definitely want to get when you’re getting back in the dating scene from girls so I said okay.

Ill Step Up To A Phone And I

bought a used used UK two or three. When the four and five was out. I bought a few miles back. I’ve done the same thing with vehicles right now. I’m driving a 2005 Toyota 4runner I picked it up on a great deal and I’ve had this thing forever, but it’s inexpensive.

Its Paid For And The Only Thing

I pay for is insurance and fuel on it, but having a no payment for 10 years on a vehicle means I can tuck money away. I’ve rented in some pretty bad places to save money for a long period of time. I didn’t have internet. I would actually go down to one of the local coffee shops. I would download and and Torrent and use a UK if you do that.

I Download And Torrent A Bunch

of movies I ate my video games if I needed to on an old crummy laptop that I had had for I don’t know since some of the first laptops came out but. I’d take it back and I’d load it up over onto a external hard drive. As a matter of fact I still even have that hard. This thing has lasted me forever and I transfer everything over to a little bit better computer that I could play games on and had a little bit bigger screen so I could watch my movies. I didn’t pay for Internet.

I Didnt Pay For A Home Phone.

I didn’t pay for cable the only bills. I really had was electricity and even then I usually didn’t run the air conditioner in the summer and in the winter time I would set my heat to turn on at about 60 to 65 degrees. So. I was always walking around sweat pants big thick wool socks, slippers.

You Know Sweat, Sweatshirt And I Have

a little toboggan or a beanie. I don’t know what you. want to call it and I put that on my bald head So I didn’t freeze to death, but by doing that you can really really cut down on how much you spend and this isn’t to tell you guys how to live your life that’s not what I’m doing, but what I am trying to say is there are ways that if you really look into it you there’s a guy named Dave Ramsey. You can look research and there’s another one I’ll see if I can remember his name. It’s not coming to me off the top of my head.

But Theres Theres Websites That You Can

go to look up how to save money Another thing. Don’t get in debt. Don’t pay or buy anything that you can’t pay for upfront interest may not be much but on a credit card where there’s ten fifteen thirty percent. Interest that’ll cost you a heck of a lot of money in the long time video games If you’re still into that wait until they’re two or three years old.

The Games Gonna Be Just As Good,

even though it’s not cutting-edge, but if you’re like me and you go on Steam I’m buying games that I wanted five and six years ago for five dollars a pop instead of spending sixty bucks new so I guess what I’m saying to you guys is that there are opportunities out there, especially when you’re younger and money’s tight but somewhere I was reading and please double check me on the web with this but but I believe I read that if it 18 if you tuck away the equivalent of $100 u.s. so what that would be in EUros. I’m not sure into an investment something that would give you in.

And Whether Its Stock Market Or Something Along

those lines that by the time you got to 65 you’d have a million dollars just by doing a hundred dollars a month now over time. Obviously as you increase that that you’d get a lot a lot larger return, but the trick for the best returns is to put it in as young as possible and let it get in there and let it accrue and again. I can’t advise you guys on finances, but I can tell you that there are ways that you can better your situation and lastly. I think I’ll say this that you know I had a good job and it did pay me good money and it took me a long time to get I didn’t get my quote unquote great paying dream job till I was 40 and even after I had it for.

About Five Years I Quit Because

I was able to save a good amount of money and I realized that money wasn’t make wasn’t what made me happy now Some of you guys on there. I read some of the comments or try to read all the comments and some of you guys have said. You know my dream is to have a fancy car and live in a nice condo and have money to spend and so on and so forth that’s awesome if that’s your dream.


Joker: “I’m 47 years old now and when I was in my 20s. I did not have much money matter of fact.& I was a dishwasher and it wasn’t.& What I wanted to do but when you have bills to pay Sometimes you got to do what you got . Joker with a face for radio and a voice for UK Tonight, Joker is a bachelor with a passion for traveling the world and that was my passion is traveling. But I don’t have the finances to do that and I can barely pay my bills and and and I understand that not everybody has the same opportunities everywhere.& Joker: ‘I wanted to take a minute tonight and and talk about that because part of being a happy guy that’s doing his own thing and being a bachelor is is is having financial independence. I want to remind some of you is being happy. Guys welcome to better bachelor’ He says he wants to remind you of his journey to be a better bachelor. You know that…. Click here to read more and watch the full video