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Today Joe Bidens Love Affair With Executive Orders

and you should Triple mask now okay. I know you maybe you were masking and then double masking. You should Triple mask now unless you want to kill Grandma We’ve got a lot coming up and it starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters. I’m Sarah Gonzalez today joined by Steve days host of The Steve Day show here on Blaze UK in from Iowa where it was there was a blizzard, so I’m sure this is really weird for you. It’s Hawaii it’s really weird for you to see the sun today in Dallas also joined by Lieutenant Colonel Alan West thank you for being here as well pleasure we’ve got a lot coming up let me get to this first all right.

Joe Biden Its Been What Six Days Seven

Days President Joe Biden has issued. A whopping 28 executive orders so far? Obviously this is dwarfing the number of executive orders any of his predecessors have made after taking office just in the the first days. Now it’s interesting you guys um because Joe Biden said something very very different. Only several months ago. It was October of 2020 and he was on UK for a town hall and he actually said now he was talking about tax plans but he said well.

You Know What Im Not Going To

summarize it for you. I’m just going to let you hear Joe Biden in his own words back in October watch so there’s not going to be any delay on the tax increases not well I got to get the votes. I got to get the votes that’s why you know the one thing that I I have this strange notion. We are a democracy. Some of my Republican friends and some of my Democratic friends even occasionally say well if you can’t get the votes by executive order.

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Youre Going To Do Something Things You Cant

do by executive order. Unless you’re a dictator we’re a democracy. We need consensus that’s weird because I was told that Trump was the dictator and yet here. We have President Biden issuing a a record number of executive orders in the first days of office. Steve.

If You Look At What Hes Effectively Done

with the exception of some judicial appointments that Trump left behind a lot of the Trump presidency has been virtually erased in a week and ultimately you know I I always say on my show Sarah let’s just be honest. We’re not a nation of laws and we never have been We’re a nation of political will and we always will be that’s. What government by the consent of the government means you can put all the laws on the books you want If no one will obey or enforce, Then it’s a blog or you cannot have things that are on the books whatsoever, but because someone said it once in a court opinion like Roe v Wade, it is treated as law for the next five decades right and that’s effectively what’s happening here there’s there’s treason never prospers what’s the reason because whenever treason prospers. None dare call it treason, Who will who will stand against this there there is really no institution left to do so, and and that’s really what we’re left to and and I think we’re going to see more of this from both parties going forward because we’re in effectively a cold. Civil War now wow I agree we are in an ideological Civil War.

Theres No Doubt About It And

the sad thing is that you know people like myself. We took a note to the Constitution United States of America, but the rule of law means a little to any anything anymore and we’re not a democracy. We’re a constitutional Republican we’re supposed to follow the rule of law. But you just heard the president of the United States of America Say something completely different my concern is that we are being ruled by executive orders and mandates and edicts and decrees and things of this nature and so many people think that’s absolutely fine because we’re not teaching history. We’re not teaching Civics so people don’t understand these things so when you look at the fact that he has already doubled President Trump and in executive orders.

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Early On It Comes Down To The States

and that’s why I look at a state like Texas and all of these other you know strong red states and their state legislatures and the attorney generals. We just saw Ken Paxton get a federal judge to say you know this moratorium on deportations it it is it’s not right and we’re going to put a stay on it so we need to have States right now, which is really the the foundation of this country. When you look at the 10th Amendment to stand up and push back against this type of onerous intrusion by executive order. Yeah you know it’s frustrating because you look at all of the executive orders and. You say that’s giving Congress a free pass because they don’t have to do anything all they can do is sit there and either applaud it or criticize it.

So I Guess How Much Of It

do you blame Congress for not pushing back not doing anything and how much of it is just the presidents who just want to keep taking that power from Congress yes I think those things are a symbiotic relationship. I think that you know what I have seen being involved actively for over a decade. I mean I and I’ve seen this at a Republican party establishment level where they will literally sit in state legislatures in Cloak rooms and game plan who’s going to take the bad vote This time and then the next time the next guy does it and they’ve got it They’ve got the whole thing to avoid accountability The same thing goes on here with the administrative States why we’re governed by Ngos and ngas we don’t vote for any of those people you call your Congressman hey I I didn’t make the decision to you know to to make rat poison available to kids with pot that was made by the State. Board of Health call them call the State Board of Health and they tell you we don’t make the laws you know what I’m saying so it’s nailing Jello to a wall no one’s ever held accountable. It’s the beauty of living by judicial Fiat blame it on unelected judges and so I then have an excuse to just keep getting reelected.

So I Shake Down My Donors

on my side of a K Street. You shake down your donors on your side of K Street and there’s a K Street in every Main Street in America, where your state capital is too and and it’s an industry that just perpetuates itself and essentially it’s a thugocracy. It’s gangster government really yeah they just wash their hands of it and it was amazing. I remember when Barack Obama stood up doing one of his State_of_the_Union” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>State of Union addresses and he said You know I’ve got a pen. I got a phone and I’m going to take Ash and do what I want and you actually had members of Congress.

You Know And The House And Senate

stand. up and applaud so then why do we need you okay if this is now a constitutional monarchy, which means that he can so let it be written so let it be done. But even here in the state of Texas we’ve seen that with executive overreach with this covet issue and we’ve seen 22 different executive actions without calling the state legislature back in the session and the state legislature has not said anything about it because they don’t want to have to get their hands dirty Yeah we’re all Pontius Pilate now we just vote for people who go there to stick their hands in the base and wash their hands of it and say I I have nothing to do with this I’m in I’m an innocent bystander. I mean that’s just the system I Would by golly. I wish there was something I can do but.

Well Get Them Next Time And

you know it’s amazing because that’s the Crux of what you saw happen in the 2020 election cycle Forget machine voting machines and everything it were state legislatures that saw courts, secretaries of state and governors take away their power and change election law and they did nothing and so that really is what happened if we have ineffective State legislatures. Then the the future for America does not look very bright Oh well Colonel West with the optimism here I had the window down the sun was out earlier today yeah no I mean you do that that is a really great point and I’m before we we move on. I do want to talk about Joe Biden continuing the his fossil fuel Crackdown, but I do feel like predominantly it is the UK who you see that’s just constantly saying oh. well okay? I mean we’re watching this all these things happen and we’re not going to stand up and do anything like what is it going to take? Do you think for them to finally get a backbone and stand up for all of that it’s going to take people to force them to have a backbone. When you look at what the Wyoming UK did with Liz Cheney.

They Said Look No The Youre Not Representing

us and the exact same thing. I think you’re going to see coming out of New Mexico when you come down and say you cannot have any drilling on your federal lands well. I think New Mexico is like 60 to 70. absolutely and you’re going to you know destroy and decimate their economy. So the people are standing up and saying things so that’s where it has to happen We have to.

Start Electing The People That Dont Want

to be Pontius Pilate and wash their hands. I think what’s gone on is is our people own businesses go to churches have families. This is not a pseudo-religion to them. They’re not statists. This is something that they feel compelled they have to do in many cases, but really don’t want to spend a lot of their lives doing it and so there’s kind of been this Pleasant Valley Sunday notion of I just get up and vote Republican every two four or six years depending on what the office is and then I just go back home and I have my life and then we check in again for the next election and then I’m frustrated when things Don’t Don’t get done.

I Think That The Folks Like

those of you that are watching this here today we’re going to have. go through a period of very intensive self–governing for the next few years where we are a little bit like when your children you find out hey they weren’t doing their homework for months and the the notices come home. The academic probation from the University comes home and you’re like you know I’m gonna have to kind of watch you like a hawk for a while and I think we’re going to have to do that because the system isn’t going to just get up on its own one day and say Oh gosh Darn it I’m going to do my job Now no you’re going to have have to force that on them and it won’t come just by passive aggressively voting Republican and then just expecting good things to happen or or by proxy you do my.


President Joe Biden has issued 28 executive orders in the first days of office . This is dwarfing the number of executive orders any of his predecessors have made after taking office . Joe Biden said something very very different several months ago. He actually said now he was talking about tax plans but he said well. I got to get the votes that’s why you know the one thing that I I have this strange notion.& We are a democracy. Unless you’re a dictator we’re a democracy, we need consensus that’s weird because I was told that Trump was the dictator and yet here here.& It’s Hawaii it’s really weird for you to see the sun today in Dallas also joined by Lieutenant Colonel Alan West. We’ve got a lot coming up with the latest from Iowa where it was there was a blizzard, so I’m sure this is really weird to you to hear the sun. It’s Hawaii it’ll be Hawaii. We’ve got a…. Click here to read more and watch the full video