Fox News Ratings IMPLODE as Viewers REVOLT Against Media Coup Against Trump


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The Ratings For Fox News Have Imploded As Viewers

revolt against the attempted media coup against Trump. In this video we’re going to take a look at the utter disaster The weekend ratings were for Fox News after they botched the election coverage how viewers are rejecting them after they helped lead an attempted media coup against President Trump and what the prospects are for conservative news For the days ahead you’re not going to want to miss this we’re going to jump right into things here. I would first appreciate you smacking that Bell and subscribe Button be a regular part of this channel and let’s give you a shout out to the sponsor. This video and that’s our good friends over at biotrust you know with our rapid advances in science Over the years, there are much more powerful ways effective ways to boost your immune system than. Just taking mega doses of vitamin C in fact, our sponsors over at bio trust have combined four of the world’s best immune supporting powerhouses along with that mega dose of vitamin C into their number one immunity support product Ageless body simply put agel’s body provides you five of the most powerful immune support ingredients available.

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I love it now if you click on that link below today you can now get ageless body at their lowest price ever you’re ready up to 51 off with free us shipping to boots so don’t wait It’s a limited time offer click on the link below or go to age with and give your immune system an awesome boost today all right gang so let’s dive right in here. Fox News has just experienced one of its worst rated weekends ever astonishingly the Fox. News channel came in a distant third place to CnN and MsNBc. CnN got first place for Saturday ratings followed by MsNBc just to give you a sense of how colossal collapses was in the days leading up to Tuesday’s election Fox News averaged more than double the viewership of CnN and MsNBc Usa today reported that CnN topped the list of cable news outlets this Saturday after they were the first to project that biden had won the presidency.

They Came In With A Whopping 4.

2 million viewers. They were followed by MsNBc, with 3 million viewers and trailing far behind was Fox News with a measly 1. 7 million now obviously viewers have been in a revolt against Fox in their radically responsible behavior during election night at the heart of which was their utterly impulsive call for Arizona going to biden literally minutes after their polls closed now. Remember in Texas binding got fewer counties than any other Democrat presidential candidate in history, so much for turning Texas Blue Trump won Texas by eight points.

He Won Florida By Nearly Four

points. He won Ohio by eight points and yet Fox News sat on these three states for hours before they made a call and yet a call was made in Arizona, which in many ways justified the swing states from stopping their votes that Trump was leading only to pick up once again with a massive dump of ballots all for biden and then a couple of days later. As if Fox didn’t couldn’t possibly insult their viewers more the utterly odious Chris Wallace compared Ted Cruz’s support of President Trump to a Japanese soldier still fighting World War Ii. I mean if you haven’t canceled your cable subscription to Fox yet what on earth are you? Waiting for you can effectively fire Chris Wallace by cutting cable and so needless to say the backlash against the Fox News network has been swift and it has been explosive now officially delivering Fox news with some of its worst ratings. It’s ever had so Fox is clearly beginning to feel the retribution of the 71 million voters for Trump who have every reason every justification believe that Fox news led a mainstream media coup against their president, and this is a coup that’s been going on for quite some time.

Back In October 2016 During The

presidential campaign, then Newt gingrich cited the journalist Barry Castleman, who made the argument that the mainstream media had so combined their forces against Donald Trump and in favor of Hillary Clinton that he believed we were witnessing nothing less than what he called a media coup d’etat that sought to determine. The outcome for the next President of the United States before voting had even taken place he saw and i think he was quite right here. He saw nothing short of a mob mentality among the newspapers, magazines, major and cable, Tv and radio networks that were ganging up against trump to deliberately influence the outcome of the 2016 election. Now of course, to be fair the right-wing media and alternative media of which we’re apart we were doing something comparable. We were all clearly cheerleaders for Donald Trump and remained so but Castleman was quick to point out that though that’s true, there is a fundamental difference here between the two kinds of media, whereas right-wing media makes it very clear our political value system that we stand solidly on the right and for a conservative vision of life.

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The So-Called Mainstream Media Tends To Actually Cloak

their. and values under the notion that they are objective and impartial that they are merely factual. You know we are fact based you know the good old reporter right just the facts ma’am All i need is the facts right well a mainstream media as we all now know hides behind the veneer of objectivity and impartiality when, in point of fact they push a thoroughly left-wing pro-globalist corporatist political agenda in and through their so-called reporting and we’ve never seen a media now with the aid of big tech Facebook Twitter Google massaging the search results. We’ve simply never seen a media so united in trying to take down a president as we are seeing here in 2020 now I need not tell you that we right now are in the midst of a massive information warfare campaign where there really are two clashing narratives taking place right now. competing narratives that are dominating our nation as we speak.

The First Is The Mainstream Media Narrative,

which is really very simple. Trump lost the 2020 election and in his characteristic conceit. He refuses to concede everyone who’s anyone who has any semblance of decency and self–respect. Like Mitt Romney is telling him he needs to admit that he lost right Romney Chris Christie and of course now the hypocrite without equal George W Bush yeah Mr. Florida Hanging Chad himself is actually coming out and saying well Trump needs to concede the the results were obvious and so it’s obvious that biden won and that there’s absolutely nothing that Trump can do about it and it’s also obvious that you know we in the media are just going to be mocking and ridiculing any and all efforts from the Republicans at trying to salvage this now defeated campaign so.

First Narrative, It Was Placid On All The

Sunday morning talk shows it’s being pushed by every major media outlet, including Fox News. Biden is the 46th president-elect of the United States and Trump remains a bitter old orange ogre who refuses to concede all right so that’s the first one. But there is another narrative and make sure that you realize that this narrative is just as popular if not more popular than the media’s narrative and I think it was most eloquently expressed by attorney Lynn Wood, who’s just joined Trump’s superstar legal team and that narrative is very simply. This nation is under attack. The very democratic integrity of our nation is under attack by a group of people who would rather see our nation tear itself apart than suffer through another four years of Donald Trump and we all saw it unfold before our eyes there.

Were Watching What Was Promising To Be An

epic landslide victory for Trump. He won Florida to blow out. He won Ohio in a blowout The candidate wins both Ohio and Florida has won the general election 26 of 27 times, the one exception being 1960 when John Kennedy stole the election from Richard Nixon. In fact, you want another really interesting fun fact here check this one out of the top 10 most historically accurate bellwether counties in the nation all right so you have 10 counties that most accurately and consistently predict the winner of the general election of the 10 counties that have historically best predicted the winner of the general election. Trump won nine of them including the top five and he won nine of them by an average of 20 points.

So There We Were Watching This Epic

landslide unfold before our very eyes and all of a sudden. The mainstream media, particularly Fox and its impulsive call for Arizona began to basically lie. They call Arizona for biden. Even though that state is still counting and will most likely come down to just a few thousand votes or even a few hundred votes all the while they sit on Texas and Florida, where Trump won in a blowout then Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia mysteriously stopped their counting and then around four a. m.

There Was These Massive Ballot Dumps All

voting virtually a hundred percent for biden and then all of a sudden. They start their counting again and we’re being told by the media that Biden was winning overwhelmingly and of course they eventually coronated him so. Within this narrative, it’s time for Trump to fight and fight hard. to get back the election that he rightfully won when counting all the legal and verified votes now, Which narrative is going to win the Swamp narrative or the stop the steel narrative. But first make sure you download our free gift for you by clicking on the link below.

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It is a compilation about 20 sites that I go to for my news each and every day. They’re all conservative all celebrating Trump and Nashville‘s populism look we need these resources now more than ever and you can download your own copy of our fake news Antidote completely free at the link down below. In the pin comment section and you’ll have a ready list of your go-to sites that you’ll definitely enjoy and will inspire you throughout this entire process and it’s yours absolutely free by clicking on that link below it. my gift to you so who is going to win here well of course at one level.

This All Comes Down To President

Trump if he and his legal team keep fighting this like we talked about in our last video. Then we have a supreme court decision pending in other lower courts decisions pendings that may indeed change the entire outcome of this election. Thus far but at another level like what we’re seeing here on Fox News the mainstream media is only further imploding any remaining semblance of trustworthiness that they had keep in mind. We Trump voters combined are nearly four times the size of the mainstream media the mainstream media when all is said and done when you combine the total of AbC, NBc, CBs, CnN, MsNBc Fox Yes Fox is the King of Fake News.

Now Its Officially Coordinated Itself As

a monarch in the. Mainstream Marxist media you take the combined audience, New York Times Washington Post, you’re getting around 20 million okay, especially when you take into account that there’s plenty of overlap there where CnN watchers are also reading the times or the Washington post and so forth. You take the sum total of.

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The ratings for Fox News have imploded as viewers revolt against the attempted media coup against President Trump . Fox News has just experienced one of its worst rated weekends ever astonishingly the Fox.& News channel came in a distant third place to CnN and Ms.NBc. Fox News averaged more than double the viewership of Cn. and MsNBc Usa today reported that Fox News topped the ratings . The prospects are now uncertain for conservative news in the coming days as the ratings for the conservative news channel implode . Steveturly.& We’re going to take a look at the utter disaster The weekend ratings were for Fox . News after they botched the election coverage how viewers are rejecting them after they helped lead an attempted media . coup against . President Trump and what the prospects are for conservative . News. are uncertain for the future of conservative news around the U.S. It’s a very good time to get ageless body at their lowest price ever you’re ready up to 51…. Click here to read more and watch the full video