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Welcome To The News And Why It Matters

I am Sara Gonzales Glen what was a top story for you today. I wait I’m gonna guess that it might be what you’ve been leading up through this entire week. It’s it’s a little selfish of me because it’s Oz it’s not the biggest story in the country today, but it is a story that I think we should talk about yeah. It’s not the biggest Tory in the country today, but it should be yeah it should be and hopefully it will be soon yeah. This is a big one too.

I Think Bernie Sanders Has A New Medicare,-For-All

package and I know we were all looking forward to it. I mean I really was looking forward to the details we have them and they are bizarre it’s I can’t believe this is the United States of America right Jason. Patrol Julian Assange was arrested after seven years dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy today in London, depending on what side you’re on on this people have some very hardcore opinions. I’m gonna try and skirt around those and explain what actually is going on and what that means good all right First we want to thank our sponsor American financing American Financing is a place that you can go to get refinancing. If you have a an adjustable mortgage now you really need to refi and make sure you’re out of an ingestible mortgage.

The Fed Looks Like Its Going To Lower

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American Financing Dotnet They Work For

you. They don’t work for the bank’s call eight hundred nine zero six twenty-four forty. It’s American financing dotnet all right Glenn you just did a a really big chalk board biggest chocolate We’ve done I literally that’s the hardest story I think we’ve ever had to tell ya I don’t know if there’s ever been more magnets of yeah, Maybe maybe once or twice Yeah Yeah not much. This is a story that two journalists have been working on for how many years three years four years. Joe Biden is the most corrupt vice president we’ve ever had and that’s saying something we’ve had some pretty bad people in office and he.

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He Appears To Be Making A

lot of money for his family and you know There’s a myriad of scandals, but we we concentrate on two. The first one we hit today next week. Next Monday we’re gonna hit on China, which is much worse than this scandal, but it it is obscene because it seems as though the vice president is using his connection. His muscle to broker deals for his son who has zero experience in these things when you see what he did in China. He has no experience in that field and he got a deal that even Morgan, Stanley and and and Goldman Sachs Don’t have and he is raking the money in and Joe.

Biden Is Using The Money Of The

United States, our tax dollars and our credibility. The Full Faith and Credit of the United States to enrich himself and his son. And it is obscene. I just want to point out that there are laws to where let’s say If you’re a congressman or and it you know anyway? I think it’s any elected official. You have to report the cash that your family makes meaning.

If Youre Married You Youre The

extra money that you make and the money that your wife makes but kids are excluded from that best friends. All of that that’s all excluded extended family all of that you don’t have to report so you could want to thank you you would think after watching that show that you just did why has no one talked about this why haven’t there even his political opponents talked about this because I think that they’ve been all doing this for a long time. It’s like this gentleman’s agreement. He don’t talk about this because we’re all you know. We all got to do something after we get out of office.

I Think That Is A Think Thats True

I think if if Joe Biden there’s no doubt in my mind that this is this happened. We have we have the paperwork. We have the bank records we have audio we I mean we have everything and there’s no doubt in my mind that this happened. I doubt this anything will come from it because both the Republicans and the Democrats. I think are doing things like this.

I Think The Clintons Really Were

were game changers and masterminds on how to get rich off of this system and it’s obscene and my my opinion is anybody who’s involved in anything like this should go to jail it’s crazy as in China they actually have a word for people like Hunter Biden. They call them. I think that the Princes of China are the Chinese Princes Peter Schweitzer talks about this in his book was it hidden Empire secret of theirs, but over there they all just kind of talk about it. They’re like Oh Yeah that’s you know the premier of whatever in the comics party somewhere on the pole borders son. He runs around a huge Bentley you know and his living life and he gets all these government contracts, but it’s just it’s corruption.

Theyre They Know The Governments Corrupt And They

know what they know what’s happening whatever over here basically as what you just laid out is the same thing as Communist China. This is why socialism always goes awry because it goes to the family and the and the friends of the corrupt officials. I mean as you’re saying in China they know it the people can’t do anything. about it because it’s a it’s a government that is is closed off to the people. So if you have connections you get rich if you don’t have connections you don’t get rich tell me what Hunter Biden what his skill was to be put on a Ukrainian gas company’s board what what does he because what they needed to do was send experts over to the Ukraine to be able to help them pull gas out of the ground in a more efficient manner and get it to market in a more efficient manner.

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Im Sorry I Dont See Hunter Or His

college roommate had any experience in any of those things? Why is he on the board Other than I can I can help funnel money your it reminds me maybe it shouldn’t but it reminds me of the college scandal You know a couple weeks ago or. You know the university? You know people get their stars manipulating all that to get their kids into college? Do we really think that the rest of the country’s kids are just not as smart as random movie star in Hollywood. Like all of this, all of their kids go to these universities. All the kids of these really like you know crazy high end executives. They all go to these universities.

Do You Really Think They Just For Some

reason are better at the UK and the rest of our kids know we know something’s going on Do you really think like the people like a Hunter Biden or any any of the other like friends of the Obamas. They’re just gifted more gifted in the rest of the world. They can just have no experience and go out and get all these contracts No there’s stuff going on. It’s just no one’s talking about I don’t have a problem with like Chelsea Clinton getting a job at a hedge fund. I know everybody knows why she’s got that job.

She Has Connections At A Hedge Fund

okay private industry private money Blah Blah Blah, Blah Blah as long as there’s no politics involved Hunter Biden was was in and around his father giving this country 1.8 billion dollars that 1. 8 billion dollars went to a corrupt oligarch and his corrupt bank, which happened to be the sister company of the corrupt Oligarch that he was on the board of directors with he knew where money was going. He should have known where money’s on the board of directors. He’s in with these very the some of the most violent and corrupt people of Ukraine.

Hes On The Board Theyre Doing An Investigation

the head. You know that like their Attorney General is doing an investigation on that company not the bank the company that Hunter Biden and his friends are now on the board of directors. Joe Biden flies in and says by the way I’ve got a billion dollar check, but unless you fire this prosecutor I’m not going to give it to you well. They didn’t have any choice at that time so they fired him. What was that prosecutor working on investigating that natural gas company and the corruption inside of it and the United States Embassy said there is no way that Joe Biden didn’t know that’s what he was working on because the reports kept coming back and his son was on the board.

Still Middle Middle Class.

Joe it turns out is an elitist who would know it’s. Crazy I mean you know I think you’re right like part of this can Some of these things can be explained right at times there are it’s not illegal well really yeah right I mean I think no here’s here’s what Here I am I am more disgusted with with Joe than I am with Hunter now. Hunter was there but here’s where the disgusting part comes and we should all be outraged. The Full Faith and Credit of the United States of America.

Why Do Countries Hate Us Because Were

duplicitous we’re duplicitous I was with some of the biggest banking officials right after 2008. I was with heads of banks and they were so embarrassed because their banks had just been over in China six months before lecturing them on how they needed to clean their banks up because it was a mess and they needed American standards. And we collapsed and they were horrified at how embarrassed because the Chinese. They said at the time we’re laughing at them and they didn’t they didn’t realize I don’t know if I believe this, but they didn’t realize what they were laughing at they were laughing because they knew the banks in America were corrupt. How can we send a vice president to a country an ally of ours somebody that we want to help write a 1.

8 Billion Dollar Check To Keep The Country

afloat. They had to have that money to stay afloat and what do we do we have our vice president’s son funnel that into corrupt banks corrupt organizations with Oleg arts take some of that money himself and get enriched himself off of that and meanwhile, when they start to investigate our vice president flies back into town and says you stop this investigator. Right now or you don’t get another dime? Oh my gosh, how they must hate us in Ukraine. I think too that that’s the real separation from your normal garden and you know variety corruption right like I mean part of this starts with the company right so the reason why you know a Biden’s son gets a job on a board of a company that.


Julian Assange was arrested after seven years dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy today in London . American Financing is a place that you can go to get refinancing. The Fed looks like it’s going to lower rates, but the Fed could turn on a dime and these are low rates right now and you don’t want those interest rates going up.& You’ll not be able to pay your your house loan now.& American financing dotnet they work for you. They don’t work for the bank’s call eight hundred nine zero six twenty-four forty.& I mean I really was looking forward to the details we have them and they are bizarre it’s I can’t believe this is the United States of America right Jason. We’ve done a really big chalk board biggest chocolate We have done I literally that’s the hardest story we’ve done I thi. It’s American Financier dotnet all right Glenn you just did a really large chalk board and it’s AmericanFinancing…. Click here to read more and watch the full video