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So Mr.

Peterson welcome to Iceland thank you for being with us um how do you like the place? It’s great that’s why I came back. I was here four years ago and I had a really good time. I brought my mother and my aunt elderly women We along with my wife we traveled all through Iceland. We went up to see the origins of the parliament that was very interesting that geology’s interesting it.

The Whole Place Has A Good Feeling A

feeling of I would say stability and kind of hominess and also an entrepreneurial twist that’s very positive and so it’s a small country, but it seems to punch above its weight culturally and has a reputation. I think internationally for being like a cool destination and an admirable place so that’s all great as far as I’m concerned you’re speaking to a audience of maybe. thousand tonight it’s sold out people won’t see you here, What are you going to tell them Tonight. I don’t know I’ve been doing Q a format presentations and so we use a good technology called Slido Sli. do that enables the audience to submit questions and then to vote them up very rapidly with no technological delay and so we I usually pick.

I Say We Because My Wife Asks

me the questions. We usually pick one deep question and I spend 40 minutes or so answering that depending on how long it takes and then a series of more practical questions and so it’s a very good technique. Let’s say or strategy to try to go into the depths and and also to connect that to the practicalities on the ground practicalities and so I usually touch on religious issues and then cultural issues pertaining mostly now to the culture war that we seem to be engulfed in I would say not only in the West but in the rest of the world and which is actually broken out into a real war Because I believe that the war between Russia and Ukraine or really between Russia and the West rest of the west is a civil war not just what would you call it post-soviet territorial expansion on the part of the Russians, um what values do you think there are stake there like Russia against the west. What do you think it’s fighting it’s just is it liberal values against conservative or is it something more. Complicated it’s more complicated than liberal against conservative well.

I Think The Russians Are Or

yes. I think putin has weaponized a certain degree of anti–woke sentiment among Russians and some of that anti–woke doctrine. Let’s say, which is more conservative. He may also believe but minimally he’s managed to use it very effectively on the propaganda front and that’s certainly one of the factors that’s driving the war and sustaining it and causing it and so but in in terms of Russia and the war, people worry about the expansion of Russia and that’s why America is helping Ukraine well. There are that’s not very like.

There Are Many Explanations To It, But Like

what do you think is the bigger threat. China or Russia like should we worry as much about Russia as we do. I mean they’re Christian and they are more like us in China well. about them at the moment that’s for sure and they do have nuclear bombs lots of them which they’re rattling quite vociferously at the moment and China. I have two minds about China.

I Think The Chinese Government Is

to call it reprehensible barely scratches the surface in China translated my maps of meaning I shouldn’t have allowed it but the book first book I wrote is a very thick book. It’s about 400 pages of dense text in English and I think the Chinese translation was that thick 3-8-inch and pretty big type. I have no idea what it says but the probability that it says anything like what I wrote is pretty damn low and China’s social credit system which we are rushing to imitate. Just like. We imitated the totalitarian response to Kovid that’s a major threat to to long-term freedom in every sense of.

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Word Thats A Dreadful Fascist Intervention

and I say fascist because it it involves the union of the state and media and the technocratic apparatus and that’s definitely a huge threat to Us China is has devolved in many ways on the political front. Over the last five or six years we were hoping that integrating China into the western economy would produce a certain liberalization on their part and to some degree that’s happened and certainly that’s addressed the problem of poverty in China, which was a very good thing but the Chinese are not our allies and we’re very foolish in the west to allow ourselves to become fractured. I think it’s a catastrophe that we didn’t integrate Russia into Nato when we had the opportunity because we had the opportunity and we squandered it and that was a big mistake and God only knows what we’re going. to pay for that I’m very nervous about the fall because the food front looks dismal and the best projections. I’ve encountered suggest that 150 million people will be hungry by the fall and that’ll mean mass migration into Europe minimum apart from the deaths which fall particularly heavily on children in all likelihood so yeah we’ve got a mess on our hands and then you know everyone seems to be fiddling while Rome burns the the biden Democrats are occupied with the most preposterous idiocies that can possibly be imagined at the moment when there’s this terrible occurrence on the international front that could pull us all in that we’re and we’re do we seem to be doing everything we can to be pulled in like speaking on the Python administration since we’re while we’re talking about politics um there there has been like we were here four years.

Ago, There Have Been Great Shifts In

politics, Oh just a couple of years three years. Maybe two years a lot of Democrats when they saw Burnley being removed by the establishment and biden put in they become. They became so disappointed with the Democratic Party that they moved maybe further to the right and or to being more conservative. Like now we have Russell Brandt endorsing Tucker Carlson. They have like a space where they are being conservative together same thing with Bill Maher Yeah and yeah well.

Whats Happening Is That The I Think Because

of the disproportionate effect of a tiny minority of people probably amplified by social media. The political acceptable political landscape. I guess they call that the overton window has shifted tremendously to the left so for example, in Canada, This is also a policy issue the liberals are farther left than the socialists. were 10 years ago in terms of their policies and their pronouncements and so that’s left a lot of people who would have been on the center now uncomfortably straddling the divide between liberal and conservative and you definitely see that reflected in people like Russell Brand and Bill Maher Brand has got a pretty vicious libertarian streak and that mitigates against some of his more leftist ideas and mar just seems to be waking up. Finally um you’re doing a lecture here tonight and in the wake of you coming here we had which was maybe foreseeable on twitter people are saying like old comments of yours surface.

What The One About The Lipstick And

the word that’s a good comment Lipstick what the hell do people think what the hell do people think Lipstick is for you know that that’s such a that’s such a dismal and idiotic. criticism the idea that lipstick and makeup has nothing to do with sexual attractiveness if you believe that you’re an idiot and so I don’t mind restating that quite vociferously and is there a place for that in the workplace that’s a good question and it’s not a question that we’ve been able to debate intelligently you weren’t saying it wasn’t possible you were just asking it like it was a question right. It’s a question about appropriate behavior in the workplace and I’m also not saying that women shouldn’t wear makeup in the workplace. I said it’s a question yeah so yeah and these you know this this twitter people who it looks if you look at social media. It looks like I’m faced by an overwhelming opposition but simply not true it’s just not true.

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I Just Wrote An Article For The Telegraph,

which was the most devastating. article I could write I thought I was done for by writing It I basically called for the jailing of the butchering surgeons who are doing gender reassignment surgery so-called on minors and I called the American Psychological Association a pack of spineless, cowardly liars and that’s pretty cut and dried. I would say and all of the comments are positive all of them and so there’s a tiny minority of people who take issue with what I say from time to time, and they’re very noisy and many of them are journalists, especially female British journalists as it turns out but what that seems to manifest itself in in the public domain is nothing. I’ve had no protests to speak of on this tour we’ve gone to 60 cities. I think in three months a handful of protesters.

A Couple Of Newspaper Articles Dragging Up

mostly old lies and. The rest of it is thousands and thousands tens of thousands of people who are trying to put their life together and who are very civil and positive and not particularly interested in polarizing political discussion and that’s the reality on the ground on the trans issue because you have been vocal about it written articles and tweeted. is there is is another part of you that maybe is afraid that in 30 or 40 years it will be like having been against gay marriage or gay or or yeah absolutely 100 percent not most do you think that this time is different or or it’s definitely different most of the kids who are being surgically mutilated would have grown up to be gay and the gay community is starting to wake up to that and so now if you’re a 10-year-old boy and you’re ambivalent let’s. Say or 12-year-old boy or girl and you’re ambivalent about your identity and perhaps about your sexuality? We know the data suggested that a large proportion of kids with that gender body, Dysmorphia and gender dysmorphia were would it would grow up gay and but most of them would settle into their body like 85 percent of them or so who have gender dysphoria at the clinical level would settle into their body.

By The Time Theyre 18.

and now well a good number of them are slated for hormonal and surgical mutilation. I do not think that we as a country should tolerate the changes or do you think no. I think we should ban the conversion of minors to to to to people of the opposite sex so to speak if they’re under 18 and I think we should restore their ability to sue medical professionals.

Who Dare To Intervene But Others Do

you think they should adults that’s a whole different story. You know most people if people want to go to hell in a hand basket in their own particular way. They have the right to do that that’s a different issue but minors, especially minors period no no and the fact that we are.


Mr. Peterson has been doing Q a format presentations and so we use a good technology called Slido Sli.&do that enables the audience to submit questions and then to vote them up very rapidly with no technological delay . He usually touch on religious issues and then cultural issues pertaining mostly to the culture war that we seem to be engulfed in I would say not only in the West but in the rest of the world and which is actually broken out into a real war. I believe that the war between Russia and Ukraine or really between the West and the west is a civil war not just what would you call it post-soviet territorial expansion on the part of the Russians, Russia, the West . He believes that Russia and the West are engaged in a culture war. He believes the West is engaged in an economic and political conflict. He says that the West should not be engaged in its own interests in the interests of its interests in its interests of the West. It’s a war….. Click here to read more and watch the full video