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Whether You Like The Movie Or Not

There can be no denying, But Rian Johnson‘s the last JEdi that immense damage to Star Wars. Regardless of whether or not the rise of Skywalker succeeds in mitigating that damage it will be followed by a hiatus from the big screen. While the Star Wars brand is reduced to a means to push the digital streaming service. Disney Plus. Star Wars will eventually return to the big screen though and we know of two projects this near considering to that end oneness a new trilogy by Rian Johnson.

The One Filmmaker Very Few Wants To

see involved with Star Wars ever again. The other is a new trilogy by David Benioff andNK] Weiss Be sure runners of Game of Thrones Now that is something that has fans much more excited because Game of Thrones, who rules at least it used to up until a few seasons ago, but now following episodes three and four of the eighth and final season. The most recent episodes at the time of making this video. Many are increasingly of the opinion that Game of Thrones has ceased to rule all together as showrunner spanning up in Vice essentially pulled a last JEdi on the series. In this video, which will not feature any Game of Thrones spoilers to speak up.

I Will Nonetheless Address Its General

shortcomings of the last couple of seasons and be particular technical and creative shortcomings in the last few episodes and what this might mean for the future of Star. Star Wars should be Benioff and Weiss trilogy be given the green light for those who might not have seen it. Game of Thrones is based on a Song of Ice and Fire, the series of epic fantasy novels by the American writer GeorgeNK] Martin. So far 5 of a total of seven planned novels have been written and released after a rough start in which the pilot effectively had to be filmed twice. The UK series adaptation Game of Thrones, named after the first book in the series has gone from strength to strength captivating audiences across the world.

Single-Handedly Making Uk Were Forced To Be Reckoned

with in the streaming worse showrunner spending up in Weiss basked in the glory as several of their directors were offered big-budget feature films. They themselves referred a possible Star Wars Trilogy and no less than five separate spin-off series were. of which are still in some level of development, but all of this success was based on Martin Song of Ice and Fire books, meaning the blueprint for the success was already there. All Benioff and Weiss had to do was make the right decisions in what to adapt and how to adapt it Now I have never read any of the books myself and I am at best a cash-flow fan of the series, but from what I gather by those more into it than myself. Benioff and Weiss despite some blunders here and there overall did a fair job while they still had books to adapt.

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But Starting From Season 5 Onwards, They

started running out of published source material from there on out. They increasingly had to rely on the outlines they had been provided of where the story would go in the two novels that had yet to be completed let alone published in season seven and eight. Those outlines for all they had now that’s a new situation for the showrunners because rather than having to subtract material from the published novels they now had to invent it rather than having the core staked out for them. They now had to plot it out at least to a larger extent than before as such. Season seven and eight is where the training wheels came off and were Benioff and Weiss could demonstrate to the audience how far they have come as show runners and to Hollywood what they can do as filmmakers Before we move on to Benioff and Weiss take on Game of Thrones and how that might inform their take on Star Wars allow me to digress for a moment and talk about Dexter bear with me.

It Is Relevant To The Topic At Hand

I promise. Unlike Game of Thrones. I actually was heavily emotionally invested in Dexter. The Showtime crime thriller based on the books by Jeff Lindsay. The series ran for a total of eight seasons and the first half or so of them were by and large great at this time I did not follow any behind the scenes.

Machinations I Was Just A Fan,

but even assuming. Our viewer I still noticed that something was amiss from the very first episode of season six. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it right away, but it got worse and worse for not just the rest of the season, but for the rest of the series as it wanted everything great that had come before undercut storylines years in the making didn’t address important questions that needed answering before Kalima Nating with what is widely regarded as the worst series finale of all time it was so bad that I couldn’t believe what I was watching it seriously came off as a low great fan fiction trying to come off as monumental, but which failed spectacularly. It still gets me riled up just thinking about it. So I evidently still haven’t gotten over it after witnessing that shockingly bad finale I researched what could have gone so wrong.

With The Series That Was So Good

just a few seasons prior naturally, it was a change behind the scenes. Scott Buck had joined the series as a writer already and the great season 2, but from season 6 onwards he was promoted to showrunner. He had the outline of where the initial showrunners. The ones who made the series great to begin with wanted the series to not just though, but ultimately how to end but Scott Buck deviated more and more from this outline as time went along. I don’t know if he just thought his ideas were better or if he deliberately wanted to subvert expectations, but the end result was nonetheless that he turned one of the best series on UK into one of the very worst he landed on his feet though as after Dexter he got the sweet gig with a certain dissonant company.

I Can Only Imagine That Marvels

Jeph Loeb must have been impressed with him writing for and even serving as showrunner for the great Dexter and yes he was there well. Dexter was great, but when left to his own devices when actually put in charge of where the story would go. Scott Bucky brought Dexter down into the gutter. Jeff lobe evidently did not do sufficient due diligence for he appointed Scott Doc as showrunner if not just iron fist but of the Inhumans as well. It shouldn’t be necessary to point out how well that worked out because it didn’t it really really didn’t now let’s get back to how this relates to Game of Thrones and to Star Wars.

Unlike Scott Buck, Who Was There Before

and then suddenly was put in charge of Dexter. Benioff and Weiss had been in charge of Game of Thrones. the whole time, but when they ran out of finished novels to adapt and were instead left with outlines that they were free to choose what to do with they were in much the same boat that Scott Buck was in when he was elevated from writer to showrunner on Dexter, a severe and a cash-flow fan that should not tell you where Martin’s original directing ends and Benioff and Weiss contributions begin. I still notice that something was amiss well honestly already from season 5, but especially from season 7 onwards or it was as noticeable as it was with Dexter that something had happened behind the scenes and it manifested itself in borderline fanfic appearing on screen. I did not much enjoy Season 7 of Game of Thrones and I did not much look forward to season 8 for the same reason because how were they going to resolve all the open plot lines in just six episodes.

After Seeing The First Two Episodes Of Pure

Filler I was even more worried because now how were they supposed to resolve all these still open plot lines, some of which looked like they needed holes see since all of their own in now just four episodes even so all this time. I was actually excited about the prospect of Benioff and Weiss taking on a Star Wars trilogy all of their own then. I saw the third episode of season 8. Battle of Winterfell that’s when I sold all stock in Benioff and Weiss. Although they are immense I will not go too much into the creative failures of.

This Episode For That I Will

refer you to know Trotted and Doom Kok, both of whom are fans of the series and familiar with the source material and therefore can comment on those creative failures with far more authority and passion deny suffice to say though Daniel Finn vice must have deviated from the outline they were provided by Martin as they chose the person to dispatch of the night. King not based on what had been set up and built towards for the better part of a decade, but in what they thought would come as the biggest surprise to the audience in the moment to borrow a phrase from Rian Johnson. They wanted to subvert expectations well. They sure subverted the expectations of everyone who thought the night. King and his army of the Dead were anything like the threat they were cracked up to be beyond.

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Be Creative Failures That Episode Also Had Technical

failures of epochal proportions, as has been widely published. The episode was so dark and the image so filled with artifacts that one could not see what was going on for most of the extended running time the worldwide backlash to this was such that the episode cinematographer Fabien Buckner actually responded to the complaints via UK and what he said is just too staggering not to comment on first and foremost the articles introduction makes it clear it wasn’t his fault so distancing right off the bat Fabien went on to say they shot the episode right. It only appeared too dark and filled with artifacts due to the compression. Each billed us to get the file size down to manageable levels for streaming as well as poor Internet connections. This point is not without merit the movies and UK series.

You Get By Way Of Streaming May Technically

be high-definition, but they are so bitrate starved that quality suffers if you want actual high-definition entertainment. You are much better off sticking with physical media than any streaming service out there that aside. He also maintained that Game of Thrones should not be seen on a mobile or in a lit room, but on a big-screen UK in an ass darker room as possible that’s fair enough. I guess I distinctly remember watching the epic nighttime battle sequences in Lord of the Rings on UK on a medium-sized cathode ray tube UK in daylight and I still had no trouble making out what was going on there far beyond Magnet then proceeds to recommend adjusting your UK setting now that is staggering when the cinematographer has to tell you the viewer to adjust the settings on your UK in order to.


Star Wars will eventually return to the big screen though and we know of two projects this near considering . Rian Johnson’s the last JEdi that immense damage to Star Wars . The other is a new trilogy by David Benioff andNK] Weiss . Game of Thrones is based on a Song of Ice and Fire, the series of epic fantasy novels by the U.S. writer GeorgeNK] Martin . The UK series adaptation has gone from strength to strength captivating audiences across the world . The most recent episodes at the time of making this video were three and four of the eighth and final season of the . final season . The last few episodes of the series have been the most recent episode of the last season. Game of . the last episode of this season is one of the recent episodes . The final episode is the last of the final season. The last episode was the fourth and final episode of season three. The final and final episodes of season four. Five of the episodes…. Click here to read more and watch the full video