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I Really Didnt Think I Was Going To Do

a video about Gabby Petito, the missing van life Youtube girl and her fiance Brown Laundry, but I think it’s pretty insane that the entire mainstream media seems to be absolutely captivated by this story because you look at the front page of daily mail and they’re doing the story about the missing fiance and I know daily mail is more on the gossip side of news, but if you look at the front page of Fox news. He’s the front page of their website alongside the live portion of their news site. CnN. She’s on one of the top columns of their news site, Yahoo News her video of the police interactions on there and also just beneath the internet fold. They’re talking about Gabby Potato and Brian Laundry where I get it These things push ratings and people are.

Clicking It, But Its Crazy That Were Having

this many crisis in America and CnN, Yahoo News, Fox News, Daily mail, the only thing they seem to be concerned about is just a missing person Now granted. I think it’s a good thing that someone can get media coverage to help find somebody if they’re missing or bring justice if a criminal act had occurred. But this is crazy in the sense that sometimes the internet has the best of intentions, but they actually can be hurting an investigation by their wild accusations and their treatment of this case. Because sometimes these people they think they’re helping but they’re actually trying to treat this case as if it was some sort of Netflix series where they can have their wild theories and their you know what’s gonna happen next season of her case and it’s like no. This is a real thing and can actually have very negative consequences to them, bringing this case to closure because if you look at her instagram gabspetito on Instagram and she’s getting lots of followers because people are very invested in figuring out what happens next where the 4 000 comments over here are people saying you know I don’t know her but I’m invested.

Now I Cant Stop Thinking About This

until we find her slash Justice is served someone’s saying this post doesn’t add up. They’re traveling the country and they’re talking having all these pictures of their travels. But this one looks like it’s in civilization. So this person is taking a large jump, but they say this was not posted by Gabby, which I mean okay and they also said the boyfriend’s guilty guilty red flags and all this stuff and it’s just people being supportive of her but also making accusations. But if you look at her instagram compared to Brian Laundry’s Instagram where his last post is nothing but people saying, where is Gabby where the f is she Brian, Where is she Brian, where is she This is so sad where is she where is she even verified people on instagram saying where is she Brian’s speak up.

And Its Just Lots Of Accusational Comments And

what I’ll say with this right now is let’s say for the sake of our argument that he’s innocent where something happened between the two of them on their trip and they got an argument and they just broke off and went on to their two different routes and and she’s she’s missing now well. This guy right now is having the entire internet hating him and is being fueled by the entire mainstream media apparatus saying that he is someone to be a person of interest, and we should be suspicious of him and doing their best to toe the line as to what they’re accusing and what they’re just alleging he did. But if he’s innocent and he’s going home and all of a sudden he’s. He’s a public enemy number one and he feels that he’s guilty if something. happens to her and he does something to himself that’s terrible because it’s his fault that’d be terrible because that would just be on the internet’s hands or the inverse of that let’s say that he had something to do with what happened to her and if there had been a crime that occurred well.

If He Just Went Home And Thought

that nobody was gonna find him and nobody was looking for him. He’s just at home kicking his feet up. It’d be very easy for the police to just knock on his door. Interview him a couple times lock him into a story that can be very easily proven wrong and then be able to have him see his day in court and have some closure for his family. But if he goes home and he’s public enemy number one everybody knows he did it everybody’s saying he did it and now the police can’t locate him because there’s protests outside of his house and then he goes into hiding thinking.

Eventually Theyre Gonna Find Her And Then He

does something terrible to himself. They never get their day in court. They never get closure. He never sees justice. It’s this whole thing of yeah.

They Think Theyre Helping By Putting

pressure on him. But this is entirely counterproductive and even over on reddit. Right now there’s an entire subreddit trying to find out what happened to Gabby Potito and it’s an awful lot like what Reddit did with the Boston bombing, where they pretty much tried to point out the wrong Guy and dox him and say that this was a person that did it. Even though it wasn’t and it could have had some very dire consequences and it’s almost like Reddit hasn’t learned their lesson or they know their lesson they know that they’ve done wrong before collectively as a hive mind and they don’t care because it’s such a juicy gossip story and it’s true crime to them and you know the fascination behind something that’s really happening the world is just it almost seems selfish now again. I think it’s it’s in the best interest of Gabby and the the family to find out where she is because of more eyes about it the more people that it can like say in passing Oh! We did see her over at a gas station or we did see this argument or something piecing the the steps together that is a good thing.

But I Mean The Crazy Part About People

watching the this is the van life Youtube channel nomadic static where it just seemed like they had some high production quality and they’re having fun and I mean there’s really nothing to see with what they they chose to edit and chop together and put together on their Youtube channel. I mean they’re saying Oh look into his eyes or something like that and it’s just like it’s false like anybody can make any relationship look like. Something else you’re doing something for Youtube like I don’t like the idea that they’re trying to use this as it’s some sort of fictitious event to talk about like it’s a Tv show. It’s terrible because just for the sake of talking about it. If you’re not aware of what happened with them.

Ill Just Do.

The breakdown of this is from the daily mail saying. On July 2nd they left New York in their van July 5th they stopped in Kansas is monument rocks. Then they went through a road trip tour through Colorado and Utah. August 12th.

The Cops Responded To A Domestic Violence

incident involving the couple where there’s some pretty good body. Cam footage of the local police department talking to her talking to him and the gist of it was they’re fighting in the car. They’re arguing she’s scratching at him um they’re grabbing. It she’s grabbing at the phone and it’s not clear whether or not she grabbed the steering wheel. They also interview the Guy and Brian.

He Has The Same Story Has

some scratches on his face and the police just do their best to try to you know calm down the situation and cut them loose later on they say On August 24th Potato was last seen at Salt Lake City Hotel with the fiance. The final call on August 25th was to the family saying they’re going to Grand Teton National Park and they plan to go to yellowstone, but patino never made it. On August 30th, there was a last text message from Gabby’s phone saying there’s no service in Yosemite and this is where people start to interject their own ideas, saying that it wasn’t Gabby that sent the text message it was actually it was actually. Laundry that sent the text message and he meant to say Yellowstone but send Yosemite to buy himself time because he pretty much cannonballed. It went back to Florida because on September 1st, the fiance drive home to North Port without Gabby.

On September 11Th, Potatos Mom Contacts The Police

to say the daughter is missing and then the couple’s Van was impounded in Florida. After Laundry returned to home without patio. Now this paints a picture over here but I mean it would make sense and no knock on the father to go into twitter and saying hey i’m Gabby Petito‘s Dad please help me find her she’s missing fine Gabby Hashtag where’s Gabby hashtag bring Gabby home. America’s daughter where this is actually like a really good way to almost like crowd source a search party for your daughter and he deserves to find out what happened to. her find her if she’s hopefully alive and and well somewhere just kind of laying low in the meantime or on an adventure or maybe unfortunately, a crime did occur and they’re just going to find the remains now No knock on this but the reaction from the internet is always going to be something that it’s just the internet where you’re having this where someone’s posting a a picture of a young woman where someone says and Lodi crime and police scanner calls they said omg it breaks my heart.

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A Young Girl Walking Around The

truck stop it hasn’t looked looked to be older than 23. keep walked into a diner seems mentally unstable as to where her family is if she missed them and even to me. This image over here where it does seem to be similar where you have the same Caucasian woman about the same age. The nose looks to be about the same the mouth the eyes eyebrows hair. They look very very similar, but the thing is.

I Guess Later On.

They were saying that this person in this image is missing the tattoos that Gabby had very visible so that’s a thing but a lot of people that just kind of lightly graze through the the internet and see things like this. They’ll say oh my gosh. This is true.

This Is Proof That He Did Something Nefarious

and that’s why she got left behind and now they’re gonna go to his instagram account and post negative comments to him and it’s just this whole thing of let the law enforcement do their job whether or not you like what they’re. Doing or not you yelling at a dude that may or may not be guilty based on some instagram post or Facebook post. You saw isn’t how we’re going to find justice if you saw him sure step forward on that because you have the r slash Gabby potato subreddit where it has all the information and lots of wild theories, and they’re trying to moderate it as best as possible, but what I did find is a woman posts a tick tock and you know tick tock can’t be a valid source of information but.

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Gabby Petito, the missing van life Youtube girl and her fiance Brown Laundry, is on the front page of Fox news.& CnN.& Yahoo News, Yahoo News and Daily mail, the only thing they seem to be concerned about is just a missing person. These things push ratings and people are. Clicking it, but it’s crazy that we’re having this many crisis in America and . Cn.N, Yahoo . News, Fox News, Daily . mail, Daily mail . and Cn . News her video of the police interactions on there and also just beneath the internet fold. The case can actually have very negative consequences to them, bringing this case to closure because if you look at her instagram gabspetito on Instagram and she’s getting lots of followers because people are very invested in figuring out what happens next . People are very interested in finding out what happened next. It’s a good thing that someone can get media coverage to help…. Click here to read more and watch the full video