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Hello And Welcome To Westeros Weekly For

season 7 episode 4 De Spoils of war, What’s up my name is Maude Garrett Melina and we kick the episode off with the big question. This is the one you’ve all been asking at the end of this episode. What’s the deal with the cast for Dagger The Cat’s Paw Dagger which real quick I need to clarify it’s not like the cat’s Paw Dagger Cat’s Paw in Game of Thrones is a another word for assassin Yeah and then it just confuses people a lot so now They just say like the gas flow Dagger, but I think they’re going to try to rename it. The Valyrian Steel Dagger just so we don’t have to hear Cat’s Paw anymore Yeah, but real quick refresher. It was the one that was used by an assassin to try to kill Bran way back.

In Season One Thats One Where Catelyn

and Summer stopped this guy, but it’s actually summer The direwolf who like tears is freaking the road out having a mounting pain and it’s when Catelyn finally realizes like Ok Direwolves not so bad yeah by the way he was so similar to puppy still violent you’re vicious why why did I want to kill Brand because bran had a secret He saw Jamie and Feci brother I did stop winking yes Mm-hmm and the reason that the dagger stayed relevant is that was a piece of evidence about who tried to kill brand. Now. Catelyn and Ned found supposedly that the dagger had not only belonged to Littlefinger, but according to Littlefinger that he had lost it in a bet to Tyrion, which means without evidence. Catelyn went a little bit him and she decided to take Tyrion at the end. The crossroads basically doing an arrest on behalf of the the stock and it escalated in a wall.

It Was A Deeper Study Said Mum

or she’s like if you guys are loyal to me and you know how to Ollie take this imp and then hop I wasn’t there yet at the same place. So in the book there’s a little bit more going on with the dagger that we do know about a lot of people get very confused about the things that we know about the dagger regarding the books and the show guilty in the books. Jaime says that Littlefinger did not lose in a bet to Tyrion he lost to Robert Baratheon now it was hinted at I was hinted that Joffrey had hired the assassin kind of to impress is that or something, but it was never explicitly confirmed in the books. Both Tyrion. And Jaime, though do think that this was Joffrey’s doing but again in the show that Joffrey suspicions never came up.

We Did See The Jagged Area Or A

very similar one in the books that stamped Harley was flipping through the beginning of this season. Now The book text suggests that this particular dagger could be a Targaryen dagger or like birth from the Targaryen family way back when a long time ago what I’m thinking here, though is that how did it end up in Peters possession I mean there were lies about how he got there in the first place. Jaime himself saying why would Tyrion bet against me ladies on family in a jealous right and then but specifically the daggers made of Valyrian steel and a you were point now we were talking before the show. Valyrian steel doesn’t doesn’t just appear in someone no. I so I’m obsessed with where every one of those Valyrian steel swords are and often they’re passed down through family and through generations.

So Youve Got The Talley Sword, Which

was supposed to be passed down to having Dickon but Sam stole it and then you’ve got Longclaw. It’s all you’ve got Longclaw, which was always in the moment family, but now John has it because you know John saved his life and all that yeah so usually whoever has whatever house has the Dagger or the sword. It has remained in that house forever a unique thing about Littlefinger, though Petyr Baelish you don’t have no house he made up his house yes. So it’s very unlikely that that Valyrian Steel Dagger was handed down to him. He got to some special way and that’s because we know the way that he works Chaos is a ladder Yeah.

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That Came Up This Episode.

I know that you guys asked us a lot of questions about it. Why did Bran say that you know that Eric went so into that in the breakdown that’s coming out soon by the way some of you guys are asking like Oh am I in the breakdown. Sometimes sometimes Derrick what’s what’s the deal with that. Eric and I write the breakdowns together every single time and then if we’re both available we’ll both do it as much we’re both very busy, so I do maybe this and some other stuff and he does that but don’t worry you’re getting every nugget from both of our brains in the breakdown, but that one you know I think is going to throw off Peter Big-time because Peter knows it so something that he said in private to Varys in season 3 yeah brand now.

About It Yeah So What Did

he try to do? He trusts kids Pechanga give it to Bran is like a peace offering yeah, I think I want more than peace all right Question though right now is that we were that’s being brought up by everyone. This is the lodge whodunit the big mystery here right because the thing with this dagger is that everyone is vaguely familiar with it, but think about the show from the perspective of a writer right you bring up the dagger you keep mentioning that this daggers around and then the concept of who it belonged to brand asked him do you know who this belonged to and then later he specifically mentioned someone very wealthy wanted me dead and in both of those instances, you had a talking little finger or about little finger but kind of went a next to that. idea when he talked about the person who this dagger belong to so that definitely made me feel like Oh no no no they’re opening up a big mystery right now who actually sent this bag. Bran does not sorry that we can both agree on Brand knows who most likely he knows the the Internet he knows who try to get you know she tried to kill him as well, but why isn’t He telling anyone why isn’t he saying hey the importance of this dagger is huge because this is you know who owns that Missus who tried to kill me regarding my guesses Oh I’m still thinking it’s going to be Littlefinger. You don’t think so because he’s not wealthy per se he wasn’t.

He Was I Think Master Of

coin at the time, but he wasn’t necessarily wealthy. He had a brothel but to say a. very wealthy person like that feels like you know what’s already businessman and wealth is not just coin wealth can be information as well knowledge is power yeah and he doesn’t become freakin riddles okay if you had a thing. I Didn’t get so if it wasn’t betting Cersei, so she had a secret to hide from the very beginning that Ock Hasn’t really changed. She’s still so prevalent and who could bring down South east through revenge only UK He’s now got the dagger brand-new heart the information there you go yeah and I prefer that to the books answer of probably Joffrey just because part of it anymore right but Cersei it would create another reason why well here’s actually the nice part of the question because people are wondering now the dagger ends up in Arias hand is does that mean she’s going to use it.

If It Serves Who Is Still On Her

list. Yeah then that would be one great motivation to be like you know what I’m gonna go back to King’s Landing go back again across or pick up a hot pie and then. Searcy in the throat, but it also would kind of make it you know how there’s always like these like poetic kills that she does Yeah, you know especially with the phrase. For instance, there isn’t necessarily a perfect one for Cersei right now, but using the dagger Ooh that would finally make it just wrap up real nicely from season one to Stephen sit down season seven you betcha ah I mean though I think she’s going to use that Dagger for sure but I think she’s going to add Petyr Baelish to the list when her and Sansa have a good old chat where you been the last six seasons well. Peter sold me to this awful guy called Ramsay Bolton, who was around Peter at the time.

Im Trying To Add Namespaces Yeah And

you know Peter has seen I used this Dagger very effectively against Bri. Who is supposed to be a huge fighter? He bested the Hound how again symbolic would it be if he sees her with the with the dagger, knowing that he gave it to brand trying to win him over and she just harmed. It’s right off to Eyre and then she kills him with it yeah be good speaking of symbolism by the way. There is some symbolism with the dagger itself that we go into in the breakdown and I’m just gonna put a little cherry on our predictions there about this dagger. I also think that of course when I was done with it, she got to go fight White Walkers.

When It Will Kill Him.

She’s gonna do a little like flips off the top of like John’s shoulders or something like my gosh well looking laughing is Needle Valyrian steel and it’s not sorry remembers I. got but she can kill really well but to kill a white Walker You need fire or you need Dragonglass Valyrian steel which she now has so Yeah I’m excited about that as well the next thing that we do every single week here on West Allis or West Irresolute where’s the Nosa is the map check-in So we figure out where everyone was and where they now are and we’ve had a few movements happen and incredibly yeah well up north. The only thing that really report is that now we got Brand Arya and Sansa all those starts having the most Awkward reunion yes back in Winterfell I suppose Mira Oh my God that was emotionally devastating. She’s gone.

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Shes Out Little Sweetie.

I’m hoping that she’s going back to Frog town and hang out with her dad. Howland Reed and we meet him because Howland Reed was. The tower of joy and he also knows the truth just saying but we don’t know how and Reed moving down past the net compassed the twins where things get really crazy. Interesting obviously, so this is to me one of the most confusing locations we have to identify so you can see that the Tarly forces who have joined up with Jamie and the Lannister forces who were at Casterly Rock.

They Abandon It And They They Went

down and they took Highgarden instead and then they’ve. Since robbed Highgarden of its gold and grains so they’re and they’re making their way along here’s my guess and this is going to be a lot of guessing here. This is the Rose Road the Rose Road essentially leads from Highgarden up toward King’s Landing now they talk a lot about crossing the Blackwater Rush. So we know Blackwater Bay where Tyrion fought a long.


The Valyrian Steel Dagger was the one that was used by an assassin to try to kill Bran way back . Catelyn and Ned found supposedly that the dagger had not only belonged to Littlefinger, but . Littlefinger that he had lost it in a bet to Tyrion, which means without evidence . The crossroads basically doing an arrest on behalf of the the stock and it escalated in a wall. It was a deeper study said Mum or she’s like if you guys are loyal to me and you know how to Ollie take this imp and then hop I wasn’t there yet at the same place. The dagger stayed relevant because it was a piece of evidence about who tried to kill brand. The reason that . tried to . kill Brand was because bran had a secret. He saw Jamie and Feci brother I did stop winking yes Mm-hmm.& The dagger is a little bit more going on with the dagger, but in the book there…. Click here to read more and watch the full video