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Westerosi refer to a period when a terrible darkness fell across the known world. It occurred during the Age of Heroes, approximately eight thousand years before Aegon‘s conquest in the midst of a great winter that lasted for years. The long night lasted a generation and laid waste through famine and terror welcome back everybody Gary here from Nerd Radek and we need to talk about Game of Thrones is it pointless from here on out well. The last long night lasted generations, but it’s obvious what they did wrong. They didn’t have an aria or it would have been over Lickety-split with respect to Ed Jorah, Melisandre and Theon and what we are left with After the long night of disappointment is yet another franchises split fandom now I’ve talked a lot about the Long night in a lot of.

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be linked in the description, but we need to ask the question where do we go from here? What are the stakes is Cersei truly the big bad the fan backlash certainly has not died down Now. There are still many people who are just in denial and think the knight king is going to come back or we’re gonna get some new Big Bad at some point, but we only have three episodes left and it clearly looks like we’re back into the politicking of Game of Thrones and I yes. I’ve heard all of you out there who told me it’s cold the Game of Thrones well. It’s based on a Song of Ice and Fire and I’ve gone over that as well and yes I do understand the show. I do understand what I’ve read in a Song of ICe and Fire I do understand George R Martin, but even George is hedging a bit on if the show is gonna end like the books.

I Will Get To That Later,

but even the people who enjoyed last Sunday’s episode probably still have a little sinking feeling in their stomach that they’re gonna get something anticlimactic it feels like you just watched the Super Bowl and we’re getting ready to watch the PRo Bowl. It’s about steaks. We just battled for the world and now we care who sits on the Iron Throne. It’s just not as exciting so We’re led to believe that Cersei is the big bad now and we’re supposed to be afraid of her one zombie and her one crazy old man with a big bow and arrow and her crazy pirate well that’s not. Going to be the case they are going to subvert our expectations again? Now are your expectations averted if you expect it no but before we think that they’ll come up with something that will bring the fandom back together we need to be reminded.

Dan And Dave Are Writing This

the ones who left out Lady Stoneheart who left out Victorian Greyjoy who made you’re on an idiot who made Littlefinger an idiot who put var ease with Daenerys Even though he hates magic. They sent Gendry sprinting to the wall who sent a raven to the bottom of Westeros at Dragonstone. Then Danny gets the Raven gets on her dragon flies back up the entire length of Westeros in time to save John and the rest of them from the whites to give you some perspective. Westeros is roughly the size of South America so that’s like sending. A raven from Venezuela to Cape Horn.

The Distance Is Almost 7,000 Miles.

A raven flies 50 miles an hour at top speed if it’s flying constantly. It would have gotten down there in five days that’s not even counting Danny’s Dragon flying time so we’re gonna guess a week and we can’t forget the worst defense of all. Dave Benioff is the man who sewed Deadpool’s mouth shut my favorite part about the split fandom is it’s the fans fault it’s our fault for having too many expectations. I’ve heard some say that some of us are upset because our theories didn’t come true like we’re that attached to our theories nobody cares about our theories.

We Are Expected To Be Surprised.

We are expected to be told a good story and you got me there I shouldn’t have expected a good story with the evidence I’ve just laid. out I’ve got to relate this to Avengers Endgame, and there will be spoilers so you might want to dip out for this one. But imagine Avengers Endgame ending with Captain Marvel swooping down and killing Thanos before all of our heroes get together in that big melee imagine how the audience would have felt and imagine how they would have felt if the Russo brothers said subverted expectations, they would have completely revolted just like they’re doing now again. I don’t have a problem with Arya taking out the night King it just needed well.

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A Lot Of Setup And Dan And

Dave have said the only reason they chose her was because it wasn’t expected not because it felt right for the story. They said it felt wrong for John to do the deed well. What was behind that decision. I think it was girl power. It has been creeping into Game of Thrones since season six and the worst part about it is This isn’t a show you needed to do that With there were plenty of strong female characters, but now I can’t differentiate the personality between Cersei, Sansa Arya and Daenerys and it’s not just the women.

I Dont Recognize Anymore Its The Men.

I feel like I have been watching a different show for at least the past two or three seasons, and now we have the culmination of John’s journey what exactly is it for him to sit on the throne again. We have three episodes left to build up the politicking that’s not enough time we’re gonna get a big build-up to another battle. There’ll be some betrayals and then somebody will be sitting on the throne and the realm will be right back. It used to be they should have just left Robert They’re actually the realm was better off with Robert so John so what exactly is John’s journey.

At This Point He Gets Ghosts Joins

the Nights Watch loses Benjin saves Commander Mormont from some whites. Then he goes beyond the wall has to kill the half hand. Joins the wildlings gets laid by a gret, then betrays Ygritte returns avenges Commander Mormont becomes the Lord. Commander execute Ollie goes to Hardhome to face the others and the dead and faces off against the night King to return to face off with Ramsay. He unites the north becomes king meets Dany goes beyond the wall faces off the night King and the others in the undead one more time to have some boat sex.

Then He Bends The Knee To

scream at a dragon and then sit his ass on the throne that was it Oh I get it. It was a subversion of the expectation of the heteronormative hero’s journey that really Hollywood is not interested in telling anymore again. I have read the books I know George is all about this. This is supposed to be the postmodern Lord of the Rings, but I expected it to be a little more sad fine John being involved in the battle instead of cowering behind a wall would have been a little bit better but that is done so what is left that brings us to the showdown with Cersei. The pregnant soccer mom with a pirate and a big golden army.

I Really Really Dont Think Itll

end up like that but it could with the evidence I’ve laid out it could definitely. happen but I think they’re going to subvert our expectations and there will be a betrayal between John and Danny, something that certainly would work in the books, but won’t work with three episodes left and over the last few days. I have heard a lot of theories of course there’s the brand is the night King one out there and Daenerys as the Ice Queen none of those will happen. Although Dan and Dave were recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live and they were asked have we seen the last of the White Walkers yeah we’re not going to answer that well of course they’re not gonna answer that because the answer is no and they want people to watch the rest of the show. Although people are gonna watch it anyway.

I Dont Know What They Were Worried

about they certainly weren’t worried about it when they were writing. The long night or wrapping up anybody else’s story line that they rushed through an UK wasn’t worried about it because they cut these season’s short. Everybody was obviously in a rush to get out the door without thinking about the show’s legacy I’m not gonna watch it again. Are you this brings us to George, who seems to be distancing himself from this show a bit and it appears. It is confirmed that he has been distance from this show and it might not have been his decision.

Game Of Thrones Georgenk] Martin Reveals Traumatic

truth about how the UK show will end. While that’s a misleading headline. Game of Thrones. Author GeorgeNK] Martin has revealed a traumatic truth about the way the UK show is finishing his books. Fans are still reeling from episode 3 of season 8, while some are yeah many are while others.

While Others Are Protesting That It Pulled

a shocking switch by removing the night King so early and in a rather rushed manner. Praise for Arya aside. There is an ongoing suspicion among many fans that theNK] show is weaker now that it is flying ahead without Martin’s direct source material. The author has always known how the saga will end and just admitted the traumatic reason. Martin has given a series of outspoken interviews over the past week, speaking to fast company.

In A New Video Interview, He Said When

you’re writing short stories and novels Yes you may have editors and all that but essentially the writer is king. The writer decides how everything is going to be. People can give suggestions and you could say yes or no to them now. When you are involved in a television and film, you’re working with a large. large team, but it can also be traumatic because sometimes their creative vision and your creative vision Don’t match and you get the famous creative differences thing that leads to a lot of conflict.

He Also Told Rolling Stone Of Course

you have an emotional reaction. I mean what I prefer they do it exactly the way I did sure the author confirmed the suspicion that he has been much less involved with the show as the years past asked if he had seen any of season eight. He replied No I haven’t. I haven’t I mean I know some of the things going on, but I haven’t actually seen any footage so I’ll be seeing that for the first time with everybody else. I haven’t read scripts.

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Although Ive Had Meetings With Dan

and Dave where We’ve discussed stuff but what about the ending it has always been expected. That Martin’s ending for the books will also be the fixed final point for the show. However, it diverges along the way. Martin added. I mean I think the major points of the ending will be things that I told them.

You Know Five Or Six Years

ago, but there may also be changes and there will be a lot added. I know it’s hard to come to terms with something you’ve spent so much time with just completely turning on you in narrative and with political themes being snuck in agenda being snuck in and a lot of people are in denial about that and that’s fine. I cover a lot of that here. In this channel.

Ive Watched It Happen In A Star Trek.

I’ve watched it happen in a doctor who have watched it happen to Star Wars Marvel Comics and now the UK and if you. Want to equate it to something on UK? This certainly happened to Westworld Season two. I will be doing a video on the collapse of a great UK show where that had a perfect first season and a God-awful second season The same thing happened to Game of Thrones.

Now It Wasnt All The Gen

being snuck in it was mostly really really poor storytelling and postmodern storytelling. So you mean to tell me that this was a battle for the throne All along and we’re gonna see John or Daenerys or Tyrion or Bran or torment or Bran okay If bronze on the throne. I’m cool with that but we got some postmodern slice alive storytelling and nothing really mattered great thanks for wasting my time It looks like whoever survives in Westeros will be making a lot of I miss Robert Tunics if you like what you heard. Like share and subscribe if you didn’t like what you heard Hey, What are you listening for this long thanks for all the new subscribers welcome there will be more Game of Thrones videos coming and of course I cover it live 15 minutes after the episode airs.

I Will Also Be Live With Pre

Game of Thrones on my other channel Nerd Radek live so join us for the conversation. Everybody have a great day and made the small folk sing songs of your greatness. Durga Rana calm please subscribe.


The Long night is how the Westerosi refer to a period when a terrible darkness fell across the known world . The last long night lasted generations, but it’s obvious what they did wrong. They didn’t have an aria or it would have been over Lickety-split with respect to Ed Jorah, Melisandre and Theon and what we are left with After the long night of disappointment is yet another franchises split fandom now I’ve talked a lot about the Long night in a lot of of.& streams in a video they will be linked in the description of the video below . Even the people who enjoyed last Sunday’s episode probably still have a little sinking feeling in their stomach that they’re gonna get something anticlimactic. It feels like you just watched the Super Bowl and we’re getting ready to watch the PRo Bowl.& It’s about steaks.& I will get to that later, but even the people still have to be prepared for the show….. Click here to read more and watch the full video