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Hey Guys Im Philip Alena And This Is A

breakdown of Game of Thrones Season 6. Episode 8. No one and so we’re wrapping up the season. There’s only two episodes left We’re about to head into episode 9, which is always epic Ned’s beheading battle the Blackwater, the Red Wedding, the Wildling attack on the Wall Shireen getting burned Drogon Save Daenerys all happen Episode 9 and next week. It’s the epic battle of the Bastards.

Finally Snowbowl That Episode Is So Big Actually

that I’ve already started my analysis of it and I cannot wait to share that with you. But this week / tradition The show gave us in episode 8 that stretches out that tension as much as possible before the explosive climax that we’re gonna get next week. I like that game where you keep adding rubber bands to a watermelon until it explodes which is exactly what happened in episode 8 two seasons ago, we have so many things to point out. This episode I just got to get into it. Let’s start with the opening images and we technically opened on an image of darkness followed by the aftermath of the murder of someone.

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Arya Hates, Which Perfectly Mirrors What Happens

later with the darkness and the aftermath of the death of the wave, but as for the opening scene itself. You probably noticed that Lady Crane took Arya’s advice and she rewrote this monologue she hated before you. My friend Oh Cruel gods take my life instead break and I’ll face another day when my sweet boys dead but now I seek vengeance on sunset of bleep and my brother the UK now here’s what’s. fun about that in our breakdown of episode 6, we talked about how the advice that Arya gave Lady Crane to ignore her orders and rewrite her own story, changing her character’s journey that was actually Arya advising herself to do the same but rather than the show, leaving it there by having Lady Crane actually taking the advice to the two characters continue to run parallel. There’s a bit more to these parallels, but I’ll mention them a little bit later.

Theres Another Interesting Tidbit Here.

The new monologue that Flo Cersei gives is actually foreshadowing the real Circe’s inner monologue. Later in the episode My Son My Child King fight Nomu You can see real Circe’s grief over losing her son, her child King and then you also see the same turn when she too decides to seek vengeance over those who took her from him, but now. I-Vengeance, Sansa and Tyrion in the play, but the Tourelles in the high Sparrow in real life. As that part of the scene comes to an end.

You Film Buffs Might Have Recognized

this tracking shot following Lady Crane backstage. It’s a very specific choice made by the director. Most likely a reference to Darren Aronofsky’s signature move used in the movies Black Swan and the wrestler. These movies and this scene are about performers who put on a false identity when they’re onstage, but that’s what defines them. Once they leave the stage, they remained turned away from us to illustrate that when not performing they become faceless people they are no one obviously it’s a title this episode, so it does come into play actually pretty often up next we see Lady Crane discover aria and it’s here that we realize pretty much all of those.

Those Theories That Everybody Was Wondering

about regarding Arias Stabbing were not true and I’m gonna point out that before we even told you about them. I was like yeah. This probably is not gonna be true, but I wouldn’t have been cool if it was. I will say if you’re still looking for some hope that there was more going on in that attack. The director of this episode did stay well he doesn’t think there was he made sure to also point out he doesn’t technically know for sure it’s only what he thinks the writers and the show creators could have intended something else, so it’s a tiniest sliver of hope if you need some later when Lady Crane tells Aria that she should be an actress.

This Is When The Parallels In These Two

characters begin to diverge. Aria says I do you think it could. remember with the lines which makes sense since Aria recently suggested Lady Crane changed the lines to a play clearly not really respecting a script, but it’s actually referring to Arias inability to follow orders. She just can’t instead. She always just improvises her own path and so despite the fact that book Aria actually does take up this offer and goes on to play the role of Sansa in the play show.

Aria Declined Being An Actress Here And

remember that acting is just a fill in for the idea of being a faceless man, which is the main job that Aria has now decided not to do, but it’s not until the end of the episode that she chooses who she wants to actually be instead. A girl is always talk of Winterfell side note this line was super meta because obviously Maisie Williams, The actress has no problem remembering lines except ironically, according to the actress, when somebody recommended to her that she should try out acting, she said the exact same thing are you dead that she wouldn’t be able to remember the lines Also did he catch the Sansa actress. His name its Bianca one of the few times in Game of Thrones that they’ve picked a pretty normal name from our world and that’s because it’s probably a reference to the Bianca’s in the plays of William Shakespeare in Slo Bianca’s a super jealous girl and later she’s accused of murdering the object of her jealousy and in the other it’s. Bianca in Taming of the Shrew and she’s ready to step out into the spotlight, but she’s specifically being blocked by her older Sassy but brilliant sister, so they both feel pretty familiar own Did you catch the other parallel between Lady Crane and Aria. How did Lady Crane deal with the girl that wanted her dead she robbed her of her pretty face great minds think alike now before we move on.

I Just Want To Point Out This Kind

of interesting thing that Aria said about what she might do now. She wants to go west of Westeros because no one knows what’s out there. Apparently people think it’s the edge of the world and that’s a reference to our own history. When we were getting close to the end of the Middle, Ages people decided to try to prove there was more to the world you just. had to go further west and just as Westeros and Essos represented Europe and Asia.

Its Possible That Artists Journey Potentially One

that would maybe take place after the show’s over could have her discovering the Westeros equivalent of America. It would be a good connection to her direwolf’s namesake Nymeria, which by the way if you’re new here. I think that all direwolf names predict the owners story and Nymeria was actually famous for establishing a new colony that is what Dorne turned out to be so yeah maybe Ari’s gonna establish a new American-style colony let’s move on We’ve got this scene with this poor bastard, who twice in a row does not see what is about to hit him once it’s a finger in his butt and then pizza Freakin Axe and both are so embarrassing for him. The out-of-focus killer In the background feels a lot like a shot from a horror movie like that’s Jason or something weird in that recent movie actually it follows and the director uses it because he knows that it builds tension like crazy and he actually uses it again with the wave later Oh and that guy that got his butt penetrated that’s fellow Youtubers Steve love he’s famous for doing Game of Thrones impressions. I felt for sure that I was dead so it’s pretty cool that now he can technically start doing an impression of his own character, though they probably wouldn’t let him post it on when you jam it right up a bunghole boy Jus.

Later We Get This Scene With

Varys and Tyrion and we find out Varys is leaving town on some secret mission and first of all. If you’re wondering where he’s going well. In the books he’s got one thing really interesting left to do in King’s Landing which I’m not gonna spoil, but also I have a feeling he’s actually not going back there. He said he needs to gain more support for Daenerys. We need friends in Westeros and so who and Westeros could possibly support putting a Targaryen in command over a Lannister Boom Dorne that is my guess at least.

We Havent Seen A Lawyer Or The Sand

Snakes since the first episode of the season, but I definitely think we’re gonna see them before the season’s over it could be in a scene where various tries to recruit them Oh and the second thing I wanted. to say about Beerus leaving? Is it just a coincidence that he leaves moments before Daenerys gets back, but he also previously arrived. Moments after Daenerys left is he avoiding her because he’s scared of her or something again. It could be a coincidence. But he also narrowly avoids the attack from the slavers.

I Dont Know If I Believe This

idea that bears could be the harpy trying to use the sons of Harpy to make Daenerys leave Marine earlier and take Westeros already, but I definitely got to put this into the suspicious column moving on. We get this scene with Cersei and qui burn and there was this really big moment when Cersei asked who told the faith militant that they could come into her area. The Red Keep and Cry Burn just stays quiet. A bunch of people interpreted this moment pretty differently, but my guess.

Is That Its Some Version Of

the high Sparrow having authority these days that he never had before. Because of this Union he has two atomic it’s either he gave the permission himself or he just really easily like manipulated the crown into permitting them in, but actually whatever who cares because they’re there and these idiots do not realize what is waiting there for them Remember that Mountain viper fight from episode 8 two years ago, so it’s fitting that episode eight This year has the mountain ripping off a guy’s head but like for like from the front okay. It’s very terrifying, but it’s also kind of impressive to do it in that direction. This image definitely leaves Cersei feeling content, but she doesn’t realize actually that this moment her choosing violence here.

Its Actually Yet Another Example Of

her bringing about her own downfall because it’s actually. Not very well known just what exactly is going on with the mountain people. No sir has this guy, but as far as they know he’s a mentally-challenged rotting corpse. He hasn’t attacked anyone out in the open yet just secretly but this show of force here the fact that Cersei has an unstoppable Franken Mountain that’s what Lance L can go report back to the high Sparrow probably while washing poop out of his tunic because he looked terrified.

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He Is Lucky That It Was

already brown, but had she shown some restraint and just had the conversation with his pharaoh. They may not have known that he’s this freakin monster and maybe this barrel would have had Tommen banned trials by combat. Also quick thing to point out before we move on the shot of the blood going down the drain into the sewers of.


Philip Alena gives a breakdown of Game of Thrones Season 6 . Episode 8 is a wrap-up of the season . There’s only two episodes left . Episode 9 is always epic Ned’s beheading battle the Blackwater, the Red Wedding, the Wildling attack on the Wall Shireen getting burned Drogon Save Daenerys all happen Episode 9 and next week is the epic battle of the Bastards. Snowbowl that episode is so big actually that I’ve already started my analysis of it and I cannot wait to share that with you. The show gave us in episode 8 that stretches out that tension as much as possible before the explosive climax that we’re gonna get next week. There’s a bit more to these parallels, but I’ll mention them a little bit of it, but there’s a lot more to it, he’ll mention a bit of the parallels, he says. It’s a little fun about that in our breakdown of episode 6, we talked about how the…. Click here to read more and watch the full video