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Hi Im Erik Bosse And This Is An In-Depth

breakdown of Game of Thrones season 7 episode 2 Stormborn so as we do every week on these in-depth breakdowns on New Rockstars I’m going to dig deep into the visuals and the themes all these miserable moments. All these details that you might have missed. I’m going to point out some of these subtle connections to the books and past episodes and maybe some parallels to history Yeah. This wasn’t just an episode about eunuch sex and pirate battles. There’s some stuff for the nerds too if you haven’t already be sure to check out Westeros weekly that’s Phillip in mod show that answers all of your questions and make some predictions about next episode.

Ok So Lets Get Started With The Opening

images. This episode opens on this Thunder storm raging over the cliffs of Dragonstone Tyrion actually points. Daenerys was born in this exact kind of storm, which of course is the origin of her namesake Daenerys Stormborn now some background on this Daenerys is mother Queen Rhaella named her Daenerys. Stormborn because of this famous storm that happened during the birth and this was actually while they were in exile from King’s Landing after Robert’s rebellion. Kayla actually died in childbirth.

Stormborn Is Also The Title Of This

episode, so let’s talk about what this might mean what does it mean to be Stormborn well based off of what the characters are going through this episode. It seems that to be Stormborn means to be tested means that you’ve arrived into this world as the person you are now under tumult and difficulty you’re stronger than the average person Basically. Stormborn is the water version of the term trial-by-fire and it seems that fire has been more. element that Daenerys is embraced not water. She even says in its first scene that she doesn’t remember her birth that she feels no connection to the storm or to this home island really of her endless titles that she’s rattled off every episode.

Stormborn Its Probably The Title That She

mentioned the leaf more often she goes by mother of Dragons or the unburnt the breaker of chains. Therefore I think this opening scene it’s really foreshadowing. Daenerys is defeat in this episode. She does not show the qualities that this episode considers Stormborn although fun background detail dust storm that Daenerys is born then actually destroyed what was left of the Targaryen fleet from that war, so yeah. This episode is showing history repeating itself just like last episode did it showed the victory of Daenerys returning to a guns table preparing for her conquest.

Contrastingly This Episode.

shows the defeat of Daenerys revisiting her families rock bottom Okay. So in this scene in the math room of Dragonstone. We finally see Daenerys and Varys speak to each other and there’s this interesting clash where Daenerys takes the words out of varys’s mouth. This is a callback to season one when Illyria placated her brother Viserys by telling him the same exaggeration now generic shows that she’s smart enough to see through it all so I think she’s using these words specifically to threaten Varys remember Varys had that connection to Illyrio and he used interests in this sneaky master plot against Robert.

We Saw This In That Scene

in season one where Arya overheard the two of them talking about it actually interesting coincidence in that scene. Arya is hiding in the skull of this massive dragon which might be Valyrian. We see this same location in. These same dragon skulls in this episode and it’s kind of a minor detail, but notice how Daenerys wipes her hands as she walks away from the table. Almost like she doesn’t want to get her hands dirty in this coming war and the only reason I mentioned that is last episode when she arrived on the beaches of Dragonstone.

She Specifically Put Her Hand On

the sand, allowing the soil of Dragonstone to get on a prom. Now it seems like she wants nothing to do with it. So in this fire exchange and there it’s accused as Varys of being a conspirator not a loyal servant. She considers disloyal conspirators to be inconsistent and ultimately foolish. We’re at various defends himself, saying he only cares about the realm now.

Its Interesting To Think About Various In Terms

of some historical figures that may have inspired his character in. The past Varys has been compared to a man named Cardinal Richelieu. He was the right-hand man of King Louis XIv of France. Like Varys hopes to do Cardinal Richelieu worked behind the scenes, bringing about major reforms that benefitted most people in France, but really richly only served one King. I think a closer inspiration is someone named Joe Gow.

Now Zhao Gao Was A Close Aide

to three different emperors in the Qin Dynasty of China back before 200 UK Xiao Gao was rumored to be a eunuch just like Varys. There was a theory that he was actually related to the previous dynasties. Shall dynasty that was a family that the Qin destroyed and castrated several of the young men, including some people believe Zhao Gao and his brothers. They believe that Jag out secretly plotted to destroy the Qin from the inside. In fact, he’s credited.

Bringing About Their Downfall Zhao Gao Is Known

for the idiom of calling a deer a horse. He used that to test loyalty when he was about to commit treason. There’s actually counsels Terian to do a similar thing. In season two. Now there’s a third famous behind the scenes powerful figure from history that Varys is often compared to.

But Theres Actually Another Character Who

better fits that mold. They’ll talk about them in a second okay moving on to the throne room where Daenerys needs the red Lady Melisandre. I think Melisandre is greeting to her is wise I’m a lot of different levels. First off. She greets her in High Valyrian remember that Daenerys is native tongue, and she uses her background as a slave to praise.

Daenerys As A Breaker Of Chains Again

kind of stroking her ego, and she’s smart to come to her as. a red priestess because Daenerys credits the Red priests for helping bring peace to Murine. Meanwhile, various sees Melisandre as a threat and I think that’s because Melisandre is a character that I think is drawn from another character from history, specifically Rasputin. So Rasputin was a mysterious figure who was close to the family of Tsar Nicholas Ii of Russia. During the turn of the century.

Rasputin Was A Very Weird Figure.

He was a mystic who convinces our Nicholas that he had magical powers and many believe that that ended up leading to the doom of this dynasty. It was that same kind of suspicion that Sir Davos had for Melisandre when she was counseling Stannis Baratheon, but really the big bombshell. The scene has to do with that theory of the prince that was promised or in this case the princess that was promised big props to. Miss Andi for using grammar and translation to clear up the biggest mystery left on the show so now that we know that it can be a princess that was promised.

This Definitely Makes Daenerys, The Leading

contender let’s quickly run down the different ways she fits this description. She was born beneath a bleeding star. There was that red comet this guy around the time when she emerged added a funeral pyre unburnt, and he can also say at that time she was born amidst salt and smoke smoke of course for the fire and salts were the tears that she was crying. Also if you look at other interpretations of the prince that was promised theory. She does have this connection with Dragons, and she is up Arian lineage.

The Only Thats Missing Is It Doesnt

look like. Daenerys has any kind of flaming sword but Melisandre has. made it clear that Daenerys isn’t necessarily alone the prince that was promised that prophesies are dangerous things, but she does have a part to play. Along with another Jon Snow who does have something that could very likely be Lightbringer so let’s double check that translation maybe it’s not a prince or princess, but a prince and a princess Also I like this little detail here. When Tyrion tells Daenerys that he is an excellent judge of character.

You Look Closely You Can See Very Smiling

in the background. Yes Tyrion did very strongly vouch for him in the previous scenes and the camera cuts to Daenerys, who smiles as well alright moving on to Winterfell. We get the shot of arrows hitting target and the specific framing of the shot is a callback to season one remember Bran was taking aim and then Arya stole his thunder what’s. Interesting about this is that at that time it was still considered unorthodox for a girl to do any kind of archery, but now we see that this world has changed. We actually talked last breakdown about how John is trying to usher.

In This New Era Of Post-Chivalry And

we see what that looks like now. Both boys and girls are learning how to wield these weapons. So then we see John reading this letter from Tyrion and like we like to do with all letters that appear on the show, but zoom in enhance and try to read it and find secret okay so. The most interesting thing about this letter is that Tyrion did not include the phrase bend the knee as Daenerys Bolton-but Tyrion under mine scenarios not because he doesn’t respect her. He does it because he knows that that approach wouldn’t.

Wouldnt Work On John John Is A Stark

so Tyrion is actually smarter to use their mutual hatred of Cersei and their connection as bastards in their father’s eyes as Hanna the Queen. Tyrion is operating more like a secretary of state would to a president as a sort of foreign minister diplomat. It’s almost expected for him to soften the tone from the administration. Also there’s another little change that maybe didn’t catch rather than use the term summons. Tyrion uses the word invites and really just these small choices by Tyrion makes them look far more diplomatic and far more is the nice welcoming person that Jon remembers and while John and Davos and Stance are all considering how useful will be to have allies if the knight King ever makes it out to the wall.

I Like How Theres As Clever

transition we’re certainly kind of jumps. into this conversation so the editing is making it seem like Cersei as part of this debate, but whereas Davos and John are worried about the invaders from the North. Cersei is worried about the invaders from the East. I also, like how there is this overhead shot of Cersei which parallels the overhead shot of Daenerys in the previous scenes now. When you compare them.

Youll Notice That Cersei Is Higher Up And

she’s isolated and protected behind her Kingsguard, whereas Daenerys was lower on the same level, she was closer and more vulnerable open to conversation that shows the contrast between the two Queens ruling styles. Daenerys is more open to advice and counsel, whereas the source of Circe‘s Pow’r is to make decisions by herself also notice how the camera cuts to Jaime’s space for two specific reaction shots first this line from Cersei and butchy old. children without a second suit, and it happens a second time when she brings up the Mad King, so it’s interesting to think about Jaime’s inner monologue throughout all this, How hypocritical is Cersei sounding in the scene. She and Jaime’s children were butchered-and now Cersei gives them no second thought and lately she’s been acting like a Mad King herself a tyrant that Jaime killed to prevent this kind of cruelty so really it seems like Jaime’s wondering who’s the real Butcher in who’s the real mad monarch and while we were comparing Circe’s ruling style to Daenerys is. This scene also compares her to the King in the North notice in her call to arms to all these southern Lords.

She Appeals To Fear Specifically Citing

the High Lords that were crucified back in Mereen and then said to the Dragon. She’s Dragon She’s trying to scare the crap out of all these guys, but it’s an exaggeration The reason Daenerys Hasn’t attacked King’s Landing it’s because she doesn’t want to be the Queen of Ashes. Meanwhile, Cersei is more than happy to rule over a pile of ashes. Meanwhile, comparing this to Jakku in the North John, even though everyone in the north have way more to fear from the White Walkers an existential threat to all of them. John keeps his message more about loyalty how these families have stood by each other for thousands of years.

Theres Actually A Moment Later This Episode That

brings up this difference between a ruler being feared or loved and which one’s more valuable now. It’s actually interesting in the scene that Lords hardly asked how to beat Dragon and quavering teases a solution which we find out later is this giant crossbow. And it’s appropriate that Charlie’s the one asking because if you remember his house Sigil is of the archer and while We’re talking about arrow in there’s another layer of humor with Jamie confusing Dickon’s name as Rick on other than Dick on just being stupid name Rick on you’ll remember is the youngest stark son who died of a battle. The bastards last season from an arrow so when Jamie is talking to Lord Tarly, he appeals to his military reputation some background here Lord Charlie was the only army that was successful in resisting Robert Baratheon in this rebellion so really what Charlie’s saying here is he’s disgusted with the Kingslayer, who of course stabbed his rival in the back and with the whole Lannister family for orchestrating the red wedding where they cut the throats of the start also in case we didn’t catch this back in. that previous game, when you look at all these southern Lords talking to Cersei Tarly and his son and his other guy are the only ones in the room for wearing chainmail underneath their clothes.

Kind Of Like How Roose Bolton Did

at the red wedding. It’s clear that Lord Tarly is such a cautious and smart military mind that when he heard about what happened at the red wedding. He made a rule for himself where he’s never going in the room with Lannisters unless he’s you know dressing in layers, and then when Jaime promises Randyll Tarly to be warden of the South basically appealing to his ambition and trying to give the Tarly family name the meaning with this meaningful transition to old town to see Charlie’s son Sam Boom Randall basically deprived of a birthright by sending them to the Nights Watch so if the sword. makes the man who really is a true Tarly? In this case it seems like the show is saying Sam actually we see a sword speaking for a man. In this scene, Archmaester Ebro’s allows Jorah Mormont to stay in old town for another night because he recognizes that his sword is that of an anointed Knight.

If You Think About It.

This sword is kind of part of what saves Dora’s life okay let’s move on to the red keep basement with Cersei and Clyburn looking at these dragon skulls longing to Aerys Targaryen so a little background here the red keeps throne room when the Mad King Aerys wasn’t charged was filled with these he was crazy. He claimed he could transform into a dragon and burn his enemies, but of course the Dragons were extinct. So he just kept up this illusion boozing their skulls to intimidate. anyone who came to talk to him and then of course torching people with wildfire as he did with Ricard and Brandon Stark.

Its Interesting That She Brings That Up Because

she just did a redecorating herself. She replaced the seven-point star window and the Baratheon sag all over King’s Landing with her Lannister Lions I was interesting in the opening credits the Irathients UK is still over King’s Landing I’m not exactly sure why that’s the case because Cersei seems pretty proud of the fact that she’s a Lannister. It’s not like she’s even pretending to be a Baratheon anymore, but I suppose that from a legal point of view when you think about all the other objective authorities around Westeros and Essos the Maesters of old town the Iron bank many of the other High Lords. They probably see Circe’s legal claim to the throne even though it’s. Shaky through her connection to the Baratheon, the fact that she was Queen regent of Tommen and Joffrey and the widow of Robert Baratheon.

I Know It Still Feels Like It Doesnt

make total sense, but it’s the opening credits Who’s really paying attention to those just kidding. We are there’s so many interesting things in these opening credits actually watch Westeros weekly because filled-in mod go into a lot of new cool changes they made and speaking of game board looking maps. I feel like this scene down in the basement is meant to be the next step of the chess game going on between Cersei and America. Remember the first time we saw Cersei. Last episode she was showing off her Big new war map in the Red Cape and the episode ended with Daenerys one up in her with her own Big War map.

One Designed By Her Great-Great, Great-Great-Great-Great-However, Many Grandfather

Aegon but then now Cersei one-up that by showing that she has something of Aegon’s to the skull of Balerion, the Dread and on top of that a weapon that could possibly beat dragon So do you think this giant crossbow could actually kill dragon Clyburn is right we did see spears in Mereen at the end of season 5 that did Wound Rogen. Now Last episode we kind of touched on a theory based off of stuff in the book where people are saying that arrows made out of wood from the Weirwood tree could have some kind of magical power that could kill a dragon. In the books there was a character named Brandon Snow, who was the bastard brother of Horan Stark, better known as the King who knelt when Aegon conquered Westeros and flew his dragons up to. King in the north who realized that there’s no way They’re going to defeat these dragon so he melts allowing the north to be ruled under the Targaryen, but that really pissed off Brandon, who mentioned that he had some other kind of plan in the works for how to destroy the dragons and then in another point. In the book Bran Stark, The one we know has a vision of a young boy that many believe is branded snow making arrow out of wood from a weirwood tree.

So Well See Maybe Some Combination

of this big crossbow and the ammo that’s in that crossbow being made out of something magical could be the thing that brings down drogon and the others kind of like the way silver bullets can bring down werewolves or Kryptonite smoke grenades can confuse. Superman’s for a second now I want to take a. moment to talk about the music of this episode. In the scene you might have noticed that they’re sampling the light of the seven. That was the music from last season’s finale.

I Think The Shows Going To Use

this from this point forward to show anytime. Cersei is making a Power Move, so Cersei discovering this possible weapon. I think the show wants us to connect to Cersei blowing up the Sept of Baelor and seriously being chlorinated and while I’m talking about music later. This episode will use a different memorable theme to show off a different kind of transfer of power. See how stark theme which happens when Jon hands off Winterfell to Sansa.

We Actually Hear The Stark Music

every time there’s a significant stark moment. For example, recently we heard it was Jon and Sansa when they were United last season and then later in the season when Jon took back Winterfell from the Bolton’s also this moment of fiber and having Cersei pull the trigger on this giant crossbow felt familiar it might be because this is kind of a recreation of a previous scene where Cersei son Joffrey seduces Margaery by having her fire crossbow, which was his favorite weapon in that scene. The arrow goes into the head of a boar. Of course the animal that killed his supposed father’s, whereas missing the arrow goes straight through the head of a dragon. Some interesting symbolism there because dragons were always the animal that Robert felt paranoid about that’s why he forced these heads to be moved down into the basement where as Bors was the animal that he should have feared because.

Thats What Ended Up Killing Him Okay Lets

move on back to this map room on Dragonstone with this big strategy meeting so one thing I noticed about the scene is notice how Alayna brings up howl of Margery was and she concludes that it was more essential for her to be speared. She’s invoking the famous political philosopher Machiavelli. He memorably asked if it’s better for a ruler to be feared or loved and concluded that it’s safer to be feared. Machiavelli actually argued that a ruler should never have firm public convictions that he should play things closer to the test that unpredictability is what makes people theory that boy it’s late that’s what Elena is trying to communicate to Daenerys by telling her to be the dragon telling her to be unpredictable. Don’t be pushed around by these clever schemers use your own inner strength, but if.

You Look Past That Elena Is Totally

using her own Machiavellian strategy she’s plain Daenerys tears ultimately, even though Daenerys says that she doesn’t want to be Queen of the ashes Borrowing periods line that is all Elena Once she has nothing left, she just wants to see all of King’s Landing burn so while it’s not the most staged advice it is what a Lenna ones okay. So Tyrion uses the pieces on this map table to explain the siege of King’s Landing any planning I actually think this siege is modeled off of another famous siege in history, The Siege of Yorktown that ended the American War of Independence against Britain. So the way that work was General Cornwallis, who led the British troops end up isolating themselves at Yorktown, which was situated on a peninsula facing the eastern bay of the Chesapeake. If you compare that to the map of Westeros that’s similar geography to King’s Landing, but then in that war the French fleet Bloch hated the bay cutting off the supply lines and at the same time American forces split up to block the British from the north and the West, and this siege lasted a total of three weeks until the British eventually surrendered. I think this parallels exactly what Tyrion was to do.

He Was To Use The Dornish

on the Greyjoy fleet to block Blackwater Bay while using the armies from Highgarden to block them in from land okay moving on to the hottest scene of this episode one that didn’t involve discussing jump cuts. From Dabs to Pies, Yeah the Sex pots that everyone loves to pause the screen on Grey Worm and Masson Days. I actually think this shot of Grey Worms sharpening the blade, while the fire lights it from behind might be a visual reminder of the moment that he became a eunuch that’s how they had to do it They had to heat a super sharp blade-Yeah, you know no reason I bring it up as I’m sure it is on grey worms mind in this scene. I also want to point out how Grey Worm discusses how the unsullied masters tested all the unsullied by using their fears against them. Specifically.

He Mentioned That If Someone Was Afraid Of

the sea, they would throw them into the sea and if they’d learn to swim great and if they drowned well great-because the unsullied were still. were still stronger that actually sounds a lot like what the born do when they baptize people with the drowned guide. They forced them to drown and if they come back. Then grape you’re harder and stronger, but really I think this connects to this theme of this episode what it means to be Stormborn here Grey worm is being tested with his fear he’s finally becoming a more complete person through this uncomfortable trial okay moving back to Old Town in the library with Sam and Arch make Cerebro‘s. So there’s a few really interesting details about the books in the scene if you’re looking closely first one is when Ebro’s pulls this book the history of the Lannister family.

Ebros Talks About The Writer Archmaester Chavalla Then.

He says he’s a dreadful writer about an excellent researcher and you might remember that this is the same guy who. wrote a different book that we’ve seen on the show before a history of the great Sieges of Westeros remember that’s the book that Tyrion read in season 2 while preparing for the siege of King’s, Landing and Yes. While Tyrion seemed super bored by this read. He did end up being pretty knowledgeable as a leader under Siege Now I’ll get to another awesome detail in a second but while we’re talking about the books of Westeros.

I Want To Say That The

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Library Now You Might Have Noticed

this moment with Sam and Archmaester Ebro’s when he’s talking about the title the book he went to right now In the past, We’ve talked about this theory of all the events and Game of Thrones being revealed as events in a history book that will be written by Sam at the end of the series and maybe this moment is suggesting that that book will have a very poetic name of a song of ice and fire Bill Demott actually went into this in Westeros weekly to check that out really I think this idea is just popular because people might a moment that’s kind of like in Lord of the Rings where Bilbo Baggins wrote the manuscript for there and back again, which is the story of The Hobbit. Even though J. r. r Tolkien was one of George UK Martin’s inspirations I don’t. Know this just seems a little too cheeky for George.

I Think This Moment Could Just Be

a wink at that theory, but let me know what you think about this in the comments and then there’s a third interesting author that’s mentioned Sam mentions reading the study of rare diseases by Archmaester Pylos now. The name Pylos is a reference to the character just regular Maester Pylos and the book. He is a younger Maester who serves Baratheon” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Stannis Baratheon at Dragonstone. He replaced Maester Cressen now that Maester did know Shireen Baratheon, so he might have some expertise on how to treat Greyscale. Even though Maester Cressen was really the one who cured it, but it to me.

It Seems Like The Show Is

just reusing that name and Rhe appropriating it as this older Archmaester from the past now real quick let’s talk about this letter that Jor. Is writing to Daenerys and of course let’s Zoom an Enhanced who the quality so much better magically so basically. This is super sad depressing because they came to the fiddle with the last hopes in the matrix could treat me but I’m beyond their care also check out the bottom there I have loved you since the moment I met you. The Shamy stopped writing because it was just getting good. This is super sad.

Jorah Is Basically Admitting That His

greyscale will cause him to lose his mind before too long, so he’s writing this letter. It’s kind of a video that someone who’s dying makes for their kids to watch after they’re dead. But in this case the kid that they’re right in the-is also someone they’re in love with romantically Okay. I Okay I made it weird, but then when Sam comes back and notice how he brings up George Bother you or Mormont Sam knew him from his days of the wall and then he says this here Encanto him today, so Jon Sam is actually returning a favor from a very specific moment season 2 when George told him to get his ass in line Charlie I forbid you to die Juden Buddy. I think it’s interesting how Game of Thrones keeps bringing up these memories of fallen fathers.

Ned Starks Wisdom And Mistakes Keep Echoing Through

Jon and Sansa Tywin Lannister is clearly inspiring Jaime and search these decisions and for sure the Mad Kings choices are now haunting Daenerys more ever and now in its scene. We see how G or Mormont survivalist mindset is through Sam saving his son despite he and Jorah being estranged ok enough. Emotional father-son stuff let’s move on to Aria at the Inn at the crossroads so yeah Just like last week. Sam insists on Roastiness House with the editing last week it was Koopa soup now it’s I guess Putz to UK actually in this scene if you listen closely the guys at the table behind Aria. The addition has got about how Daenerys plans to lay siege to King’s Landing so these guys are probably criminals because this is a callback to the last time.

Kings Landing With Siege Back In Season 2

In that same scene that I mentioned earlier, Ron described what happened to a city under siege the thieves. Silva Shh soon as the gates are sealed. They steal all the food by the time it’s all over. They’re the richest men in town and now we see the flipside of that how these criminals are planning. exploit the situation actually speaking of season two, It’s nice to see Aria check back in with her old season two Buddy.

Its Hot Pie So Yeah Hot

Pie reminds us that he was the reason that Brienne was able to find Aria and free her from the Hound and him recognizing that she wears armor is itself a subtle callback to Hot Pies past confusion about knights and armors so if they call Marone. It’s a battle how even then moving on to Winterfell. John announces his plans to meet with the narrative Dragonstone and just like there was last week in Winterfell. Here there’s some more interesting subtext in the reaction shot. You’re paying close attention.

So When John First Says Position He Turns

around to look at Sansa square in the eyes basically putting foot down. This time against her openly contradicting him, but then also when John says we need allies the camera cuts to Littlefinger, who Yeah would feel threatened by John saying this because he probably thinks that the Knights of the Vale and Little figure the only allies that John would need, but by getting more allies that would weaken Littlefinger’s position as point man then Sansa does her best Admiral ackbar impression Richard promises reminding everyone in the room that Daenerys, his father, the Mad King also summoned their grandfather Rickard Stark and his son Brandon to King’s Landing and Yeah that was a total trap They got burned to death with wildfire. What is John thinking well even though John is probably right to go meet with Daenerys because it’s a character meeting that we’re all dying to see just like thirsty try to do in the south these northerners. are using these sins of the father to judge the child? Meanwhile, this younger generation is struggling to escape the shadow of their father and we literally see John in his father’s shadow when we move on to the crypts beneath Winterfell in front of the grave of Ned Stark. Though we should say this is technically not John’s father it’s his uncle but whatever provocation and I like how even though John has been trying to be smarter than Ned was he still lets that stark sense of honor get the best of them doing whatever he starte really wants to do.

Grab Littlefinger By The Throat.

Actually the framing of the shot is exactly the same as that seen in season 1, where Ned grabbed Littlefinger by the throat in King’s Landing like father like son or like Uncle like nephew right okay moving on to a huge. Reunion that We’ve been waiting a million season for Arya finding her long-lost Direwolf of Nymeria, who’s the size of a bear now Now Mariya doesn’t want to join her and Arya’s line of that’s not you. It’s force a callback to season one when her father Ned was trying to get her to act more like a southern style lady that’s not me. So Arya is remembering that she never wanted to be lectured about family duty or being a good start.

She Wanted To Go Her Own Path.

So It’s only natural that her direwolf would to Phillip and Maud actually I have two interesting interpretations of the scene Westeros weekly, but the way I see it is the direction of the sea and his super interesting notice how it begins with Arya shivering and she breathes its cold air and a horse is freaking out even though last week I saw that teaser with the wolf. In this moment it kind of felt like Arya was about to be surrounded by White Walkers right either way it’s interesting to see this fear in Arya’s eyes. This is the first time she’s looked scared since she left Bravo. She’s being reminded of her vulnerability out here on her own actually last breakdown.

We Talked About How Aryas Lone Wolf Confidence

was pretty short-sighted remember the line in the season 7 trailer with Sansa quoting Ned Stark from the books. Lone Wolf dies and the pack survives so I think this is significant. This is the first time this Lone Wolf felt scared in the wild and at the same time she’s seen how another Lone Wolf that she knows survived by forming a pack so I think this reinforces her need to return to back at Winterfell okay moving on to the final sequence of this episode. This amazing climactic sea battle Greyjoy vs. Greyjoy and maybe this is just me but I feel like these little scenes leading up to this battle.

Were Kind Of Meant To Remind Us

about the lead-up to the red wedding notice how characters are getting foolishly drunk and they’re getting sensual and they’re making plans for the future. This is just like how Rob and Talisa named their son and planned about teaching little Ned Stark how to ride horses. Meanwhile The sand snakes are bragging about the next step of who they’re going to kill in Ilaria and Yara are talking about becoming queen of the Iron, Islands and getting drunk on Dornish wine Yeah everyone is putting the cart before the horse here. So we know what’s going to happen The arrival of Euron fleet is awesome now I will say it’s a little unlikely that a fleet of a thousand ships would be able to sneak up on them. Even though it’s pretty foggy.

I Mean Its Still A Full Moon

out there. I just attributed to the fact that Yara and the leaders of these ships are drunk and distracted and just too confident now. Last week. We talked about the design of your on boat to silence. How it has this plow shape and this front that’s designed to wedge into ships and now we get.

To See It In Action It Does Exactly

that and now we see how this top piece work actually clamped down onto it, allowing plunderers to board the ship, and we think about this design. This is actually the jaw of UK that’s on the bow of the ship, so they designed it in a way that looks like the Kraken is eating the ship that they’re attacking. So I feel like this scene really shows us Joran Greyjoy coming alive. He is such a great villain actually if you look back at your on last episode. We described his look as this Jack Sparrow rock star type guy but terms of who he is as a character.

I Feel Like He Might Be Closer To

Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker in the Dark Knight. He’s so proudly an agent of chaos like for two episodes characters have been. Making these careful plans and then Euron gleefully smashes them. We even see him laughing like a mad man at the end of the scene. This chaos makes him feel alive and I think like Heath Ledger’s version of that character.

I Think Youre On Energy Seems To

be that of a Mad Dog and I think that’s intentional remember earlier In the episode Varys mentioned how the dogs of King’s Landing wouldn’t stop howling during the last storms and now during this this dog is howling with laughter now you probably noticed that Urine is using a battle-axe in the scene that is a reference to Victarion Greyjoy’s a character in the book he’s Your own brother and he famously used the Max. Now the Carrion isn’t in the show, but it seems like they’ve merged you’re on character in the book with Dick Tyrion’s character bringing in details. both to form this new awesome character Now Another little detail here is notice how you’re on guys are cutting out tongues of the people They’re conquering in the books. It’s actually what you’re on does to every guy that he conquers. He cuts out their tongues specifically to prevent them from mutiny against him.

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So Its Not Just As Barbaric

tactic it’s actually got a practical purpose. Now there’s some great game of Thrones action in the scene. I’ll admit it’s a little hard to follow, but what they do really well. In this is a Leslie actor’s tell the story kind of like they did with Jon Snow in the Battle of the Bastards. They focus on the emotional reaction of one character to let us know what the tide of the battle is.

Specifically Notice Yaras Hopeless Face As She

sees her fleet burning around her basically. She’s telling us in this moment that the battle is already lost and then right after this we see Theon space returning to reek and then when Yara sees that single tear falls from her cheek basically. Now she’s realizing the battles lost and her brothers lost what a question I have here. While you’re on was fighting with the sand snakes their weapons definitely grazed him a couple times remember with Bronn in season five, just simply getting nicked by any of those weapons was enough to poison him so bad that he need in the antidote otherwise he would have died so do we think Iran has been poisoned the promos for next episode Simba show them alive and well so probably not the only explanation that makes sense for me is that maybe because the same stakes weren’t ready for battle that maybe they hadn’t kept their. weapons freshly poison anyway, let me know what you think Also last week.

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We Asked The Question What We Think Youre

on gift would be now. It seems pretty clear that that’s the reason they kept Ilaria and Tyene alive, so that Euron can return to Cersei, the mother and daughter who poisoned her daughter Marcella, so that Cersei can probably return the favor or let the mountain have some fun and that brings us to our closing images so we see see on on driftwood, a broken man watching as a silence leaves and a huge part of Daenerys fleet burning and I think this connects to that idea of what it means to be Stormborn now ready talk about how Daenerys had been kind of moved from her Stormborn roots, but you know who is Stormborn the guy who won this battle. Joran Greyjoy the Ironborn believe in. The drowned God they baptize men by holding them under water and forcing them to inhale sea water drowning them so that when they come to they come back harder and stronger. They embrace their fear of drowning, letting the destructive power of water test them to reveal their true selves.

In This Episode Youre On Greyjoy Embodies

this concept more than anyone in fact remember when he first debuted on the show. He told his brother bail on that he is the drowned God also you’re on in this moment was born out of the chaos that a storm ring he has been officially tested. Now. Other characters in this episode go through storms of their own that test them as well. Grey Worm has to face the only fear he’s ever had losing Masson De and Jorah.

Mormont Suffers This Painful Treatment For His

Greyscale and yeah I. Think he too will come out of this harder and stronger and then that brings us to see on now I know it seemed like the ultimate weak. Cowardly moved to abandon his sister and that because it is I think that’s the point jumping in the water is a baptism of a different sort for Theon. It reveals his true nature and in this case that true nature isn’t beyond a Greyjoy its reek.

The Lesson From This Is That When Were

tested we don’t control the identities that we become that is what it means to be. Stormborn. Let me know your thoughts about this episode and any theories you have on the questions that I brought up in the comments below or you can tweet at us. I’m a UK vos or at new rap stars at new rockstars and specifically if you have any questions make.

Sure To Include The Hashtag Westeros Weekly So

that Philip and Mod can answer it on their show also make sure to check out our breakdown of last week’s episode and stay tuned for a breakdown of next episode title The Queen’s Justice Big thanks to all of our donors, especially Chris Kell thank you for watching it’s not crazy about how I do these breakdowns. Just know I do anything that I can follow the round of subscribers. This is Fred you.


Game of Thrones season 7 episode 2 Stormborn is an in-depth breakdown of the latest episode . Erik Bosse is going to point out some of these subtle connections to the books and past episodes and maybe some parallels to history . This wasn’t just an episode about eunuch sex and pirate battles. There’s some stuff for the nerds too if you haven’t already be sure to check out Westeros weekly that’s Phillip in mod show that answers all of your questions and make some predictions about next episode . He says this is the water version of the term trial-by-fire and it seems that fire has been more of the element that Daenerys is embraced not water. He says to be Stormborn means to be tested means that you’ve arrived into this world as the person you are now under tumult and difficulty you’re stronger than the average person. Basically. It seems that Fire has been the most powerful element that Drogon is not water but it seems to be more….. Click here to read more and watch the full video