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still try to recover from Game of Thrones Season seven One big theory A lot of you guys are asking about is Bran the knight came basically Willebrand Stark uses abilities to see through time and influence past events to work into the body of the first man who became the knight gained thousands of years ago get trapped in that body and then become the night king that we know and fear today. I’m gonna quickly explain this theory and all the interesting evidence for it why it’s gaining traction and my personal take on all this and by the way. I’m gonna mention some stuff that happens in the season 7 finale so spoiler warning if you haven’t watched it yet and don’t worry yes the finale breakdown is on its way and if it’s not already out by the time. You’re watching this editors are currently working on it. I can see them please hurry, Okay, Okay, Sorry, sorry, okay here we go okay.

So The Theory Is That Bran Stark

will and has already used his powers to try to prepare Westeros is past for the war with the others. The White Walkers remember Bran did use his abilities to warg into Hodor’s body in the past to save himself in the future and according to the previous three-eyed Raven Game of Thrones. ‘ explanation for this type of time-travel is that it’s predestined that it was always meant to be this way so when you look at it that way. Bran technically didn’t change anything when he effected Hodor’s mind in the past, but rather Hodel was always going to have that particular seizure and wake up mumbling the words hold the door in to Hodor and Bran merely. step in both of their destinies so this theory is that Bran in the future will do a similar thing with the Knight King after multiple failed attempts at using his abilities to influence the past in other ways.

So Heres Where This Theory Merges

previous brand time-travel theories that we brought up before first Bran projected himself to King Aerys, the second to the Mad King speaking to him as a whisper in the wind kind of like how he did with his father at the Tower of Joy. Now in this case, Bran will have tried to convince Aerys to produce and store quantities of wildfire to defend the realm against the White Walkers, urging him to quotes burned them all but then these whispers would have driven the mad mad, causing him to instead use the wildfire to burn up his political enemies and plunge the realm. rebellion so after that first attempt fails ran. According to the theory, We’ll go back a second time 8000 years earlier, right after the long night, the last time the White Walkers descended from the far north. At this point, Bran could influence his ancestor and his namesake Brandon Stark Bran the Builder, the founder of House Stark, that Brandon famously oversaw the construction of the wall using the help of giants and the magic of the children of the forest with the whole goal of keeping the White Walkers out now it’s even possible that our brand could actually be that Brandon legend says that Bran the Builder began constructing even as a young boy and as we’ve seen before when Bran projects himself into the past.

He Can Walk, But As We Just Saw

in this past season finale that major defense measure eventually epically failed to stop. The night King from advancing so that will lead to Brands third attempt to influence the past by War gained into one of the first men during the war between the children of the Forest and the first men. The thing that led to the White Walkers and trying to convince them to never create the White Walkers to begin with and according to the theory, the children of the Forest won’t recognize this first man will view him as a threat and instead taken captive and go through with their plans anyway to convert him into this supernatural weapon. It’s at this point when Bran will get trapped inside this body and lose himself member that’s a possibility that Bran has been warned about before In season four, Jojen Reed cautioned Bran against war gained into Summers mind for too long it’s tempting if you’ll trap to someone particularly. You’ll forget what it was to be human then In season six the previous three-eyed Raven repeated this wisdom we need to see, but if you stay too long, you drown and then in the episode after that the three-eyed Raven said this I told you many times stay too long where you don’t belong Now There are a few key parallels between Bran and the night King for one both characters appeared to be green seers.

They Know When Future Events Will Happen Remember

the night King knew where Bran was going to be when he marked him. Some people have even said the characters do look similar when brand projects into the past his doublet does kind of match the night Kings at least it would probably feel awkward both showing up to the same party wearing that and ever since they’ve cast a new actor to play. King and are using more makeup and prosthetics on his face instead of UK An actor’s nose does have a similar shape to brands nose, but I would say perhaps most interestingly. There was the specific direction of the night Kings Creation scene notice how when Leif approached the man with the dagger the camera cuts back to Bran as he clings to the roots of the Weirwood tree almost as if he himself is bracing for some kind of pain, and then later in that scene when Leif explains to Brand what he just witnessed notice how Bran is posed against the Weirwood roots just like the night King was with Leif bearing down on him okay. This theory has some very interesting implications.

One If It Were True It Would Give

new meaning to the three-eyed Ravens promise to Bran at the end of season 4. You’ll Never walk again, but you will live now at the time. The assumption was that that meant brand would be the next three-eyed Raven or that he could warg into a dragon or maybe fly through time, but now if this theory is true, it could refer to the night King flying on the back of his resurrected Bazarian also this could explain why brands Rapid-fire visions in season 6 included this particular shot of a Dragon’s shadow over King’s Landing of all of those images. This is the only one that remains kind of unexplained. So this could be from midnight Kings perspective as he eventually flies Bazarian over the capital, but really now that it seems like the final battle of Game of Thrones will be this one-on-one combat between champions Jon Snow is the champion of men and may be champion to the Lord of Light and.

The Champion Of The Army Of The

Dead this would pit John again brand giving this battle even more emotional stakes. Oh now hold on your butts cuz We got a big but coming let’s back in the but here’s a but Oh that’s a that’s a massive but now let’s wake up from this vision come back to reality for a second animates. While this is a very interesting theory. All logic in my brain says that this is probably not the case I mean let’s face it. This theory is pretty loosely based on conjecture in coincidence like lots of people wear doublet sand Game of Thrones skies and there are probably lots of green seers and wargs in this world A lot of people I that knows but mostly I have two bigger Hang Ups with this the one this still wouldn’t explain any more about what.

The Night King Wants Why Hes Evil

to begin with like I think that mystery is a big reason why this theory is so popular. We still don’t know blumin about the night King and what the White Walkers goals are by the way I actually went into a different theory about that a few months ago it involves the children the forest and the Isle of faces on the gods. I I still think that could be true but brand getting trapped inside the night King for thousands of years. Doesn’t Doesn’t tell us what caused a night King to originally want to kill humans and use their body parts to make gang symbols and raise an army of the Dead whoever that is that’s not brand that’s somebody else and who is that we still wouldn’t know my second hang-up is I just don’t think Game of Thrones is gonna spend its final seven episodes dealing with complicated time travel mythology. Game of Thrones is not a show about time travel.

Its A Show About Violent Medieval War Games

with supernatural elements that’s designed to make us to okay with incest and I think if the writers wanted to go down that time.-travel Rabbit hole more there probably would have been some other moment since they hold the door episode that showed brand projecting himself through time more actively trying to meddle with things and influence events all to better. Exactly time travel works in this universe instead notice how they’ve kind of moved on from Hold the door now making brand more of a witness to these events. Now I know there is a neatness to believing that Brand Stark is responsible for all these major historical events, but bear in mind that would also take away responsibility from all these characters which would contradict GeorgeNK] Martin‘s main agenda with the ax Song of Ice and Fire series what would a medieval fantasy look like if it truly reflect rulers from history, Many of whom were yes ad paranoid cruel, impulsive traitorous foolish superstitious noble to a fault and yeah super incestuous. However, I don’t think hold the door was just gonna be a one-off moment either.

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I Still Think That That Moment Was Symbolically

opening the door for brands powers to play a more active role in. This endgame and Yes I do think that includes revealing that Brand will and perhaps already has influenced past events in some other way, but I predict like hold the door. It’s gonna be a more emotionally cathartic event that ties into the characters and the themes of the show rather than just some mind that leaves everyone confused. For example, I’ve said this before, but I still think it’s possible that Brand grows old to become the same three-eyed Raven, whom he met under the tree projecting back to himself in the past constantly and his younger broken self and to unlocking his inner strength and playing a role in the wars to come me personally. That would close the loop of Brand’s character arc and keep his story self–contained other than that I think the real function of Brand’s time travel abilities will continue to be the primary.

Has Already Used It So Far

to revisit these key moments from Westeros is history that characters need to see to motivate their present goals. A tower of joy, Liana and Rhaegar secret wedding Bran repeating the Littlefinger that quote Chaos is a ladder. I think that approach is far more dramatically resonant and much truer to the kind of show. Game of Thrones is which constantly features characters echoing past conversations following the footsteps of leaders from the past and trying to escape their shadows.

Do You Think Brand Could Be The

night king or do you think it’s more likely that he could be some other character like the three-eyed Raven also what other past events do you want to see Bran revisit. In Season 8. The backstory of Westeros is filled with amazing events that I’d love to see Battle the Trident the tourney at Harrenhal, the burning of Summerhall Aegon’s Conquest go on let your imagination fly down in the comments below or tweet me Eddie a Vos or at new Rockstars at new rockstars and Yeah keep an eye out for my even more in-depth breakdown of the finale episodes and if you like you can help us make more of these Theory videos by contributing to us on patreon big thanks to all of our donors, especially Kelly Hopper Alright thanks for watching Bye.


Eric Voss explains Game of Thrones Season 7 finale spoiler warning . Theory is that Bran Stark uses abilities to see through time and influence past events to work into the body of the first man who became the knight gained thousands of years ago get trapped in that body and then become the night king that we know and fear today . The White Walkers remember Bran did use his abilities to warg into Hodor’s body in the past to save himself in the future and according to the previous three-eyed Raven game of Thrones, Bran will do a similar thing with the Knight King after multiple failed attempts at using his powers to influence the past in other ways . Voss: Theory merges previous brand time-travel theories that we brought up before first Bran projected himself to King Aerys, the second to the Mad King speaking to the mad king . The finale breakdown is on its way and if you haven’t watched it yet and if it’s not already out by the time.& You’re watching this…. Click here to read more and watch the full video