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the show that answers your biggest questions about every episode of Game of Thrones I’m Phillip Melina and back with me this week. Hi I’m Erik Voss I missed him a lot last week. It was very very hard to do this alone and I got a lot of comments about what I’m like as a drunk reminder by the way all of our Game of Thrones coverage is available in our Westeros weekly podcast feed so get our season 8 content in audio form earlier than you do. In the video version, you can look without what’s gross weekly feed on UK wherever you get your podcast. Also though remember to check out our new UK podcasts.

Its Called Inside Marvel.

It has all of our adventures content. It insanely that podcast is like number six and UK and film and we. Just launched it’s like wow things we’ve ever had let’s see this Marvel thing must be popular with people. I hope it keeps going yes please so anyway this week, though we’ve got a really just a ton of great questions from you guys so we’ll be answering those and we’re gonna do our weekly Power Rankings.

Were Also Going To Update Where We Are

and guess the throne that pool. We finally have data back from that and then we just normally start. I think as we should with the big question that’s on all our minds okay Wow off screen Raven where’s even the Raven that was just the sound of the Raven and a man’s hand so always just come from this comes from at stopped clock 17 on Twitter asking what is Jamie’s plan Yeah yeah okay so this was the question that immediately I think. Like just from watching was kind of wait A second Cuz I paused in this moment and I was like okay. He’s going to realize he can’t leave the fight or something like that he has to get back in There he’s on the side of the good guys now and then his whole monologue.

There Is No Im Not The Man That

you think I am I am the bad guy yeah it was it was a bit maddening. You know like we we saw him make the choice. So we were all kind of waiting for him to make with Brienne and then I guess he just had a change of heart. You know after they after he bedded her he have to reclaim the Mountain Inn Darienne’s terms. You saw him kind of laying awake in bed.

Thinking Like Is This Really Who

I want and there. was a moment in season 4 when he had sex with Cersei at the grave of their child. He says why not Gods make me love a woman. You know it seems like he feels cursed and he’s kind of in this self–defeating narrative in his own mind, where he has to cast himself as a villain Yeah. You know what why would you just reminded me Is it’s just the timing of this what a worse like there’s no one has a worst story about your first times results right she’s like oh I finally had had my first time having sex and it made the man leave like the the safety of the cities and to go to a certain death go back to his girlfriend.

Like This Is This Is What Sex

is like Yeah it’s especially tragic for Brienne because yeah we know her history of. Teased and right distrusting men thinking being strung along thinking that men are really interested in her, but it’s actually some kind of cruel joke and that’s always been kind of her story, so it’s back to the Wendel and Christie’s performance in that moment where she I mean we just saw previously that smile that she finally like lets herself have but then this crushing like it’s almost like she let emotion in by letting Jamie in and then we actually saw like the most vulnerable we’ve ever seen Bryan and it was heartbreaking yeah, but she would think about what changed Jamie’s mind. He did hear that news that Sansa received that you’re on Greyjoy is now in cahoots maybe develop that name Yes right so we’re wondering why now well it could be as simple as oh right you’re on still in the picture and maybe he’s. Gonna bed Cersei that was so obviously what his goal was, and maybe it’s just a little bit of jealousy, but also in the previous leads. They made sure to remind us that Jaime’s fully aware that Sir she’s pregnant.

He Knows Hes The Dad.

She says to him that she’s gonna say he’s the father and he has this incredulous look on his face like really because we’ve never done that before I don’t know if you will he might be savvy enough to realize you’re on is gonna claim it’s his baby. Maybe that would be good for sir She’s plan so he might actually not only it’s that he hates your on your on is going to pretend to be the father of history, which in one way alone is enough to motivate him. But I think the real question is is can we take him at. face value for what he’s saying is motivating him is he really going down there to join Cersei and fight for her and defend her her well.

Theres Theres Two Ways.

This goes so let’s make the case for why he might join her see well He he does in this kind of It’s Not You It’s ME speech debris and by saying that Cersei is hateful and so is he and maybe as I said before this is just kind of his ownself villainy narrative and he sees himself as the villain. He’s done all kinds of awful things and he’s been reminded of it. During this return to Winterfell. He pushed Bran stark out the window.

He Said He Would Have Would Have

killed everyone in Riverrun that was back in season six right when he reunited with Brienne outside those that place she is his twin they. have the same UK their paths have always been linked and maybe he feels that no amount of good deeds can ever change that and maybe he sees it as his destiny, and maybe you know you were bringing up this idea of you’re on if you’re on was specifically the trigger, what if he feels that urine poses a threat to Cersei that by in neurons eyes impregnating her. He no longer needs the Queen and so by going down south to King’s Landing. He’s going to protect Cersei against Iran because he sees this kind of Pirate King as someone who just wants an heir and once that’s out of the picture. He has no reason to have Cersei right well and also you’re on Greyjoy based on on his character in the books, but also we’ve seen is a reckless warrior so he’s not gonna care about.

Surgery Or Any Of Them Really

surviving this? The Greyjoy’s to have our as a as a people are like pretty suicidal yeah. We do not so we yeah yeah we die but and then we have reborn, but still so there is that that option and one reason why well I’m gonna come back to actually a reason why I think that is I think we gotta take my face value, but we have to acknowledge enough people are tweeting us about this that they think no it can’t be right. He’s on his way to kill Cersei yes and you know we’re just getting a big ol misdirect right now so if we consider this option and take it seriously. We got to remember that Brian labeled him good man. She is potentially the same voice of not reason about the the like almost like it takes someone.

Noble And Good To Be Able To Label

someone else that way the same way that a knight can Knight make another night she by doing that is doing what branded for Theon Hmm right by saying I want you to know that as a good person or for a brand actually I was just an all-knowing person you are definitively good. So if we are to take her words as more valuable than his then it could be he is a good man and that opens up the option of maybe he doesn’t even realize why he’s going down there and last second. He can change his mind yeah and and in the ultimate moment. You know have the moment he had with the Mad King where it was if it’s the people or this person maybe just last moment he will still turn out to be a good. But then also there’s um the all these things that that he did that he said he did wrong.

The Show Spent Years Making Him Atone

for them Mm-hmm so for him to still suffer them and go back to them. I mean that’s kind of like a bit of undoing Yeah a lot of what is it would be odd for Jaime just to go back to the villain that he was in season one and season two. He needs to have changed even if he goes back to you know cyclically return to some of this story beats that he was at the beginning with the the MAd King may be returned to the MAd Queen. We need to show how he changed and by killing his sister not only would that bring him full circle with this whole idea of defending the realm by killing this crazy. It brings them full circle with this idea of the Fallen choir theory from the books, which is not really in the show, but this whole idea of the woods which that Cersei met when she was a young girl kind of brought up.

This Idea Of You Will Die By The

Valen quarter, which is high Valyrian word for a younger brother. Some people were interpreted that to be Tyrion, who has made his fair share of threats my brother smaller brother, but as her twin Jaime was born a couple minutes after her so he could be the one to deliver that death stroke also I just want to put out there Bran said to him the the reason I didn’t want to throw you under the bus and in sentence you to death is because you have a greater role to play in the worst to come. and to be honest in the Battle of Winterfell what really his cool moment with Brienne, where they both do shadowboxing kind of you know right. They they they got backed up against the wall and started killing a bunch of whites that would eventually die when re-establishing and yet they essentially they survived what is this greater role if not to kill Sir right and then finally, I’ll say that the ultimate completion was art so Bran actually forgave him essentially for for pushing him out the window. He said it was essential for everything that that’s happened so that means like the worst of the things that we know that Jamie’s done or arguably.

Maybe The Worst Is Something That

has already been like forgiven. So then if we are actually still continuing his arc, and this is a misdirect. Then the finality of that arc would get. The root of it all which is Cersei? All those things that he did for love He did for Cersei, so killing Cersei would ultimately finally make him fully find it you know immense and potentially be labeled as a good man. It might be the last act he ever does, but you know it might be the deciding factor in his good place number score right it’ll be interesting to see if he actually delivers the blow though like I could see him getting right up to the point where he’s got the sword in his hand.

Hes Ready To Strike Down, But He Just

can’t bring himself to do it. But that moment of weakness isn’t a way a redemptive moment for Jaime Lannister at the end of the series so maybe he doesn’t survive his like mission to go kill Cersei, but he at least gets up. to the the plate for it I mean entering this conversation, I felt more sure than I do now All right. I think we are really supposed to be torn about him, but I want to call out something that I think this episode was about whether or not it was about this thematically overall there certainly was this recurring personal character motif of that’s not me right. We know Ari says that where she is I’m not the lady she’s obviously she’s referencing the first time she said that to Ned Stark but also that moment with my Mariya where you know that’s not you.

Its Acknowledgment Thats Who You Want Me

to be but that isn’t Who I am Jaime is having that moment that’s who you want me to be that’s not who I am Gendry, saying you know I’m not a lord I’ll even Bron right. Where we all want to be remembering that Bran was these guys is best friend number of times he has to love them deep down. He’s like no that’s not me. I’m wearing it for the money. I’ve said it since the beginning and I think that’s what that bolt next to Jamie’s head is saying is no.

You Like The Fandom Are Confused About Who

these characters really are and who we really are and we got one moment of happiness. We all had sex. Every character on Game of Thrones finally had the or gee they were building to all these years. The red orgy and then they all realize that’s the life I wish I could have but it’s probably not the life I will write yeah. This post-battle feast kind of felt like the epilogue that was maybe in people’s fan fictions, but every character.

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Pivoted Away From That Happy Ending Into

the ending that they really have been right directly toward the most telling moment of that’s not me is in that that moment there with with Daenerys trying to like will the epilogue being joyful right right Oh I’m gonna label Gendry as the Lord of storms End people are gonna talk to me because of it I mean still strategic but you know there’s the cheers moment it all feels like isn’t this working and then we get that shot where she realizes no it’s not working right yeah that’s kind of I think maybe telling for everyone it’s not working she was awkwardly sips her to-go cup of coffee well. There see mistake they should never be allowed to be forgiven for that this show should be canceled Yeah before the final I think they should end it in yes yeah. Like a just punishment yeah well real real quick no you you stay right there. Raven I want to point out by the way we’ve got images at the beginning. This is the episode where we are going to announce the winner of our Stardust like contest Whatever the word I’m supposed to use I feel like legally.

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Im Suppose To Use A Specific Word.

The star does have the habit a Sheree the person who and and a friend who are going to get flown out to hang out with us and watch special UK screening of Game of Thrones. The finale episode and hang out with us while we do an episode of Westeros Weekly that person is going to be announced. Later this episode, which I’m really excited to share with you guys yes me too yeah all right there you go Raven yeah, Oh we just. Hovered there like a drone is impressive.

Also I Want To See The

Raven again by the way I’m the Raven looking like a man’s hand is creeping me out like a furry mammal. His normal at happy Lygia happily. Hsieh wants to know what is varus’s plan that’s a real interesting question right was because everyone’s partying and Varys clearly is doing the same thing that danny is doing where he’s doing the math of everyone in the room and he’s reading everyone’s facial expression it’s what I do when I go to parties. Yeah I don’t say a word and I shave my head completely bald and I just wear weird tunic, possibly hiding a mermaid tail and just stare around and see where the where the shadow on the cave wall lies well. Barry says told us multiple times that he serves a realm and he just.

Wants A Leader Thats Best For All

of its people. His allegiances have changed so many times over the course, but it’s all coming from this same motivation of he wants what’s best for everyone for the kids of the realm for the people Don’t go starving remember. In season 5 episode 1 he said he wanted a ruler stronger than Tommen, but gentler than Stannis, a monarch who can intimidate the High Lords and inspire the people a ruler loved by millions with a powerful army and the right family name George Clooney’s teeth a little bit of Monica, a little bit and the Sun and this episode he said that John is a man which makes him more appealing to the Lords of Westeros who support we’re going to need and you got imagine as a Eunuch. Varys must feel like a sting of guilt about that for. saying that someone needs the right genitalia to be the ruler of Westeros, but I think he’s just looking at this pragmatically like he said we want to win over as many rulers as we need.

Were Not In The Military Strength Position That

we were a couple seasons back now we really need to play the political game a lot more. Yeah I mean he’s the one that is still absolutely playing the game of Thrones Yes. Yeah Varys is back to what like Varys was in seasons two and three like he’s been kind of wandering since he left Westeros and now he’s back to the conspire that he was at the beginning and isn’t that another example of all the characters that we’ve come to love who they became and then they’re reminding us with their choices were like please Don’t do that but actually there like. This is who I always was yes you’re the one that thought better of me absolutely. Now.

Tyrion Asks Various What Will Happen To

Daenerys and Varys says I’ve spoken as honestly as I can, and then he tells Tyrion each of us has a choice to make I pray. We choose wisely. It actually echoes that moment remember in the Godswood when brand told John. It’s your choice who water me or let me die, but this whole idea of like it’s leaving the choice up to someone else, but really clearly there’s an obvious choice to make like this illusion of choice like the cell sword and the riddle that he told Tyrion back in season 3 Season 2 when he said you know it’s it’s all an illusion powers an illusion like it’s just the choice lies with the self-sword in the middle based off where. He believes power resides He’s asking Tyrion to pick between Daenerys and John right that’s the choice that he’s asking.

I Think Varys Has Already Made

up his mind to sell it Daenerys for John right. I mean some people are wondering did he already yes Oh have there already been I mean how did your on know where they were headed to Dragonstone right and yeah yeah it’s like are there little birds that are carrying my real opinion is that you know Qyburn has his own little birds and he’s. He’s got spies out in the field as well. But you know people have a decent argument that there’s a decent chance that this guy’s playing the game so well that he’s trying to make it seem like He’s figuring this out with Tyrion, but of course he’s already made his moves and made up his mind yeah. to spy networks of children two teams of Newsies if you will were out spying each other and like a kids version of the Americans that’s where Game of Thrones is headed that’s.

One Of Those Spin-Off Series That

were most excited about marriage. We’re Americans here to kill so here’s the theory that we’re thinking about right now that maybe Varys was told I’m Melisandre last season well. We know that she told him that when they were when they they would both die in this strange land and maybe her half of that was right. Like Varys has a history with the old Lord of Light. He was cut by a wizard who’s still in a box somewhere and that wizard threw his parts into the brazier and he heard a voice and he believes that he has kind of historical connection with the Red God and maybe.

Part Of His Destiny Now There Was

also that red priestess in Essos Can Vara, who knew all about Varus has passed somehow. Even though there’s never told her they had never met and that creeped him out so maybe various will be the answer to Davos. This question from earlier this episode about what the Lord of Lights true plans or what he wants now that the night King is dead does Varus have a role to play and bring it about the Lord of lights true agenda. Then maybe the Lord of Light. Hasn’t abandoned them and that he has like a specific person.

He Wants On The Iron Throne And Its

Varys his role to Shepherd that person to the throne Yeah right I mean it would it would be you know for trusting our show my show runners Here it would be that the thread of the Lord of the light of Lord light is not done right, and it also might mean that if Varys is still manipulating things for a lord of light purpose, especially the person is questioning the most often seems the most linked just in like religious texts I. It would also mean that Jon Snow might still be playing a role yes hopefully because there’s just been so much for shadowing with him in Daenerys that they must have some kind of role to play in this endgame otherwise all that foreshadowing would just feel for naught and they’ll feel kind of empty if if that’s. The way the show just decides to forget it, but even if the Lord of Light its presence isn’t literal on the show. Varys is perception that the Lord of Light It’s kind of this coming back again to this whole idea of the self-sword between the King the priest and the rich man. Its power resides where Varys believes it resides and if he believes himself as a tool of the Lord of Light, then that enough is enough of a motivation for him to make the next move.

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This Is Why Were Both Wearing Black

yeah yeah yeah so if. 150 pounds of jon snow was too much for him to carry. Maybe he shouldn’t have been flying off to war Oh come on Don’t just say he’s a mythological beast that was the equivalent of Nukes in this world and I’m happy that were decorated yes Oh boy It’s it’s it was God even it’s still it’s just yeah, but it was sad to see Daenerys lose yet another child She’s losing so much this episode of really as a descent into Madness and seeing this one was was even harder for me than seeing Vaziri on I mean does it feel like Danny is somewhat to blame for her. I mean she she if I’ll say if Drogon had gone down, then she absolutely would have been to blame because she is absolutely letting her rage well. Sansa did say maybe we should give the troops some time.

To Recuperate And Recover And We

saw how Ragel had holes in his wings. I don’t know how long he’s dragging, but it would have been nice to see him adjust his flying a bit yeah. He was pretty wobbly the last thing. I said before that which was a super shocking moment was he looks like he’s getting better how long you were man well. Maybe he’s now he has gills through those neck coals and he’s swimming around the water.

He Became A Fish Thats Unnecessary Or

as like UK said After the episode nice on D like Yeah we’ve all the characters been saying it wrong to hold on oh come on Miss on day means more to Daenerys because as she told John and Thomas last episode she was not our queen because she’s a daughter. Some King. We never met she’s the queen. We chose she’s the one who broke their chains. She freed her from a stupor.

So They Had This Whole Like

that’s why she she fights for that’s why she serves her and we got a hint of that with her final words. She said the word jerk Horace, which is high Valyrian. It’s the term that Daenerys says to the dragon to say light it up, which also maybe could have some other meaning that we’ll talk about but it’s not a call back. It’s a call back to the moment that Daenerys said your car stood to roast Crassness in a stupor. This is a slave trader that tried to take drug on it was this big fiery moment that freed all of them the unsullied including Miss Andre Yeah, so it kind of brings her back to that moment of like.

That Freedom It Was So It

was a word that freed her and now it’s the word that frees her from this life Yeah so speaking of what what Miss Andre was doing. I think we have a question, Oh I swear if this bird doesn’t start flying soon. This thing started with a contraption with a zip line at the beginning of this and it now literally frisbee it in that question This bird all right well. This bird brought a question from at Brizzy B-24 wondering did Miss Sunday saying Dracarys foreshadowed an e burning down King’s Landing so I mean obviously this is a bigger question, so we should take a moment here because it certainly is trying to do that right. She drew cars is the translation to basically burn it all down right, which is obviously very reminiscent to another Targaryen having burned them all.

His Head And And Him Screaming That So

Yeah I mean it’s definitely doing that especially it’s connecting to Danny’s vision that we saw in the house of the undying of the burned-out throne room when we a lot of people were saying it was covered in snow maybe, but also that just could be ash right right if it’s if it’s burning down the whole time you have the roof was caved in and right Yeah the Iron Throne looked like it was gone or decimated so yeah yes so it would finally pay that off and that’s you know a lot of the prophecies are on in Game of Thrones I’m talking about in the books. Don’t necessarily have counterparts in the show like the Ballot card prophecy, but this one’s one we straight-up saw this earlier in the series I feel like that means that we’re potentially. That again so that also would set us up for a repeat of the Mad King up against Maybe Jaime Lannister having the ability to take down the Mad Queen if that is where Danny was headed and certainly like the fall of Daenerys Targaryen mental health. This episode right She’s lost two of her closest advisors because they Don’t won’t like Jorah is is gone yeah and then also she has advisors betraying her honestly yeah I then she also lost her her son you know show in Mehsana being one of the trust advisors, but but then Varys is his support is gone. She’s lost the the support of the people of the North that she she kind of never had, but she thought she might for a second I.

Shes Definitely Headed Toward What Is

is I was gonna say madam, but there’s a word for it. It’s Madness and she’s headed toward that and then she says that her destiny is to rid the world of tyrants, but no matter the cost so yes we are absolutely headed toward the at least what’s being poor shattered is that Daenerys Targaryen is gonna burn down all of King’s Landing, but the question is do we have actually two Mad Queens right now Yeah, both of whom are showing they’re willing to burn things in order to get what they want. It was interesting that both Daenerys and Cersei are wearing red. This episode you know it’s almost like these battle-ready Mad Queens, who might be willing to not be afraid to bleed into their clothes to get what they did never look more like Yeah. The the two of them are echoing each other in a lot of ways.

Im Looking Forward To You Know

breaking this. down in the breakdown but Yeah! It’s almost like a competition of which Queens willing to be madder and they’re both doing specific things to provoke each other. It’s they aren’t plain smart um chess right now They’re they’re both like trying to knock pieces off the board which we saw Daenerys do when she toppled the lion which she hasn’t toppled the line yet it was just like angry like I don’t want this line to be what and breaking the wheel. I mean it sounded cool at one point, but the wheel is progress rotate like the wheel is actually there for a reason breaking the wheel is what you do. When you know you’re you’re mad at in a game of Monopoly right like that’s how you win or the game of life.

You Just Take That Stupid Wheel, Which Will

never spend correctly and you just. Snap it and then we all have to go to our rooms and my mom takes the board games away. V and I’m there too yes what the it’s it’s totally interesting to see both these characters the episode titles. The last of the starts, but they’re both like the last of their lines and in their own respective houses. Daenerys feels like the last of the Targaryen because she feels isolated from the only other targeting she knows which is John Cersei feels like the last Lannister because Jaylen has an interior yeah so as the last of their lines.

They Feel Desperate They Feel Ready To

lash out because they don’t really have a future in their minds. They’re just operating from pure base. It raw emotion in in this drive to power just to prove that they want to wince that the other side doesn’t win yeah. Zero-sum game one of the most believable things. I think okay so here’s here’s the thing I feel like I actually haven’t been looking to see how people are feeling about this episode.

I Have A Feeling Theyre Gonna Be Torn

or they are torn already because there’s a lot of these turns for these characters and I said why I thought that was I think they’re all having their that’s not me moment but I gotta say this episode was really long and I think they devoted as much time as they could essentially a movies worth amount of time to drive Dany mad to really actually justify her being there and I kind of wanna what whether or not they’re like totally nailing it. I want to applaud the effort of we need to mess. This person’s mind up in as many different ways as possible to get. to just where she’s been already in this whole time, but I gotta say I mean I don’t think anyone at the end was watching and thinking to themselves. I don’t know she’s probably all right.

I Think We All Bought It, But

I like yeah she’s gonna make some real bad noises real soon yeah and I mean you buy it you see it on her face it’s all yeah you saw it At the beginning the episode at the feast when she’s looking around from table to table I’m the only one who doesn’t have a family to grieve with and to celebrate with this sucks and Varys sees that in her eyes too he’s the first one to notice who there’s something not right here I might have backed the wrong, so will it burn. I think yes right it’s destined to burn down who sets the fire. I think that’s kind of the one of the last fun mysteries was it always burning since the world’s been turning yeah, we didn’t start it for sure yeah, Oh, oh look at this little fella, what are you doing who was the person throwing it If not you would that person go interested okay well at I Kaito wants to know will the destiny of the direwolves reflect on their remaining owners, which is something we’ve we’ve actually theorized before multiple times that the direwolves are connected like metaphysically to their owners. Yeah definitely there’s a stronger connection between the stark children and their direwolves. In the books.

The Show Out Of Maybe This

stays for how much UK budget or how difficult it is to look in production with dogs it’s not easy it requires. A lot of like things yeah, Yeah in the books real quick, though it is they’re essentially if you’re a stark you potentially can warg into into any animal guess, and there is more that warg style connection with every star child and and their dire what they can kind of feel each other. So if the show decides in these last two episodes they do actually want to follow in this connection. How was Santa‘s dire Wolf Lady killed she was put down by Ned in episode two of the series. At the demand of Cersei could this foreshadow Sansa being held captive or and in foreshadowed Sansa as like a scapegoat being held captive by the Lannisters so that we saw a connection there right but also the Lady version of Sansa is gone right that character did die and died away and she became as the princess.

Of Her, But Shes Become A

lady in the child sure but the conceptual like the way they described being a lady and just like right the dainty One who likes to do embroidery, but and then there’s Robin Grayland, which is one of the more painful ones. Both are amazing in battle. They talk about how they actually worked seamlessly energy in the books they talk about how it’s almost like they have this mental connection where you know they they weave and Bob together like a great basketball player. Somebody they that’s very bad boxers if they’re working together Yeah, but I mean they literally switch heads at death Yeah They have equal the interchangeable deaths In the same way they died Yeah Rickon and Shaggy-dog both died by the you know Shaggy dog died by the umbers and he was like brought in and then that foreshadowed. Rickon would die when Ramsay Bolton fired Arrows because you know.

Unfortunately, Rickon Didnt Know The Serpentine

movement but Yeah, But also these are the houses like turning against the north you know and you know surprising us. I guess with her. I mean the Bolton’s at one point were supposedly on the same side. Yeah so and then connecting back to characters of Stole I Bran still lie but summer died forward Bran along with Hodor north of the wall or the great Weirwood tree in a way summer died when Brand died and then became the three-eyed Raven so summer representing like the boy Brandon Stark is now both are gone and now it’s been replaced by this like vacant psychic tree boy Yeah and so we saw in in this episode that very direct callback to Arya and I mean I’m areas relations Oh Yeah where Arya. That’s not me and that’s a you know basically what she says with my merit that’s not you but they’re also these these figures that are these female like beasts Homos that are that are so capable but they’re out there running in the wild alone doing their their own thing and not actually there’s no.

Its Not About Allegiance And I Mean Like

just for a second aside from from from the direwolf, saying Arya doing her own thing and not really caring about what she’s supposed to do is also what’s going on with Gendry but also feels like a maybe a connection to what happened who to start this whole thing with Robert Baratheon another Baratheon being rejected by another stark Leon Sir Okay didn’t didn’t love him. I don’t know the Aria doesn’t love Kendry I think she did yeah he doesn’t love another but it’s. Just yeah Yeah! But it but just that again like Brody is Gendry gonna start a new a new war and then of course there’s John and Ghost like when John sends ghost off with tormund It kind of breaks our hearts. He’s like a direwolf is no place in the south and it’s very similar to what’s not to said to Tyrion about John and King’s Landing the men and my family Don’t do well in the capital. It’s things that belong in the north Don’t and should not go to King’s Landing and John is saying that ghosts will be happier North of Wolterman says so do you know so it’s it’s kind of like there’s a connection between John and Ghost here goes wounded after the battle, but like he it just it feels wrong that they’re being separated and going in opposite directions, which so if.

All This Stay Is True Maybe Thats Foreshadowing

John is not gonna end up on the Iron Throne right or the Y and Iron Throne Yeah like John’s place does feel north of the wall. He felt truths while he was with Ygritte and torment imagining him. I mean I know it’s not as far south, but imagine him in Dorne right it’s just so out of place like he’s just like it’s like putting him in Miami Beach Yeah look at this weird awkward tan yeah Yeah he’s like the guy in the hotel elevator. It’s like okay yeah just go back up attest Cincinnati. It’s like when we saw a kid Harrington shave his beard so many After this war.

John Will End Up North Of The Wall

if he does survive maybe could reform the Nights Watch remember he did quote the vows of the Nights Watch. And it’s funeral speech maybe that could be implying his destiny but yeah I’m not feeling too good about his survival if this is what torment is saying I’m like there was some prophetic to say you bring up the funeral speech. I think I got tweeted some people asking me why was his voice so different why while he was delivering using his outside voice yeah, but he’s used it before, but it didn’t quite sound regal and I feel like that was one thing that we were actually supposed to be taking away from that is this guy sounds like a king he kind of sounds like Martin Luther King Jr. specifically but also he sounds like a king and that’s happening in front of Daenerys. Daenerys is not the one that’s shouting out there to everyone the funeral speech unless she was like an earlier act or.

Something Yeah, But Its Him And I

think that’s just trying to to add to the whole stress to her yeah Damn. This guy is good and that’s also what Tyrion is responding to a barrister responded to him Yeah absolutely Oh okay from at Dorothy met 24 did Santa tell Tyrion about Jon’s parents because she knew he’d tell other people Yes yes so much so gasps who’s like Oh Don’t tell anyone else this Yeah Jeff’s getting fired. He kept that secret for his entire life basically for Jon’s entire life. Sansa kept it for 12 minutes. Yes there’s no way that that was an accident.

She Is The Student Of Littlefinger.

She knows that it’s a ripple effect. She knows a couple of chest moves ahead. She was already established. She does not support Daenerys Mhm.

It This Gives Her The Way

to stay aside and let. chaos happen and then I don’t want to say that she wants to climb the ladder like a little finger did, but it led John to climb the ladder in a very clean way that she can stay at up. She doesn’t put the north at risk. I ideally she doesn’t at least absolutely she was doing that on purpose, but also I mean actually apply just a real bad secret keeper yeah I mean she probably isn’t one of spreading the word about Arya Cuz. You know they had a sisterly moment about like hey me and gain free and then so everyone knows a bunch of guys are going by Kendry be like nice okay at nerd Soda 281 Snow will your on wonder how tear in our dnews Circe was pregnant that’s a great question so there’s this moment this episode where Cersei reveals to Euron that.

Shes Pregnant And Then Tyrion, Who Has Not

been in King’s Landing and since Circe’s started having sex with Iran. He he signals in front of your on that he already knows that Cersei has a baby and Euron must be wondering well wait. I thought I gave her the baby He sees thinking about timeline it’s basically like wait nine months. He’s doing math in his head and he’s you know he was really excited about being the one to put the prints inside Cersei so he might be upset that Cersei lied to him. Was this something that Tyrion knew would cause some disturbance in the ranks among Circe’s forces a way to this is might be why he stepped away from Qyburn He’s like I’m gonna dress Cersei directly because I’m gonna drop a bomb on them right now hopefully cause some disagreement between them Yeah or.

Hes Dumb Right And Doesnt Know

cuz you’re on has not been portrayed as brilliant right. Maybe maybe a tactician of sorts definitely like a crazy warrior, but honestly I mean you think he’s like super aware of how this all works. He probably thinks that like you know it would whenever she she has a baby honestly. I if Sir she’s really slick about it. She’s going to have him not around when she actually has the baby and she’s gonna lie about the exact birth date I should be like I’d like to go off to Casterly Rock or something I would to go have the baby you go find me the greatest gift you can give your news new son and then she’s gonna like make it off by a month or something and then I don’t know the Euron knows what a newborn baby looks like.

Oh Theyre Covered In Jelly Whatever

he have to do? I don’t know that he’s that savvy and worst case. He probably would just think they have spies too right the UK has a big mouth. I think he’s. I think he’s definitely savvy enough. He’s become this Pirate King by being by thinking a couple steps ahead I just don’t know if in the heat of that moment he’s actually thinking the way that like pieces of things fly over our heads all the time Yeah, but but that’s that if he it’d be good if he did realize Cuz that’s some good juicy drama Yeah we want drama Yeah who do we got next okay all right Ooh at Lissy fawn okay so what did Danny whisper to draw us So this is at the very beginning of the episode.

Some People Thought That She Was Just

giving. him a very long kiss on his dead ear. She’s whispering in there the show actually made a point to not tell us what she whispers. The closed captions. Even just say whispering and the they’ve been a couple interviews about this now it actually turns out the lines were not scripted.

This Was Something That Just Was

between Emilia Clarke and what’s the name again Ian England yeah they had just this moment of you know this is the end of our relationship as actors together too. She expressed that she was bawling at his death scene because she knew it meant that she’s not gonna get to be with the guy who’s been by her side since the beginning of the series. Literally like I mean we know me that Clarke had some serious health troubles throughout the show, so she’s saying this is like one of her. best friends but I in England won’t say what it is that she said in his ear, but he also said that it was appropriate for the two of us as actors and as people. It was appropriate for the character and it was appropriate for the moment, so it wasn’t like penis or something it was some stupid joke which a lot of people like a bit.

It Was A Joke.

It’s like not yeah. It kind of evokes that moment at the end of Lost in Translation where Bill Murray says something to Scarlett Johansson. It’s like a secret and you’re never meant to know it it’s probably like the actor said something like I’m too old for you you’re basically a teenager and I’m like 50, but also there is that moment and the office like Michael Scott’s Final episode we’re like both him and and they. take off their microphones and then they say something to each other.

We Dont Know What It Was.

We find out years later that it’s basically PAm said something to seek Grail like Oh you you meant so much to me. I’m gonna miss you so much on the show it just kind of sound like you can hear or say miss you somewhere in there like you’re the S sound which can only mean miss you. I am missing you at all yeah all right so let’s get into some more video questions we get those sent in via Stardust. It’s a social media app where you just do if you’re a film and UK lover.

You Can Post Your Reactions On There In

video or text, but we use them as nice videoNK] s but remember We also are hosting a contest through Stardust of the people. people that tag at New Rockstars and submit a question and they I follow a game of Thrones on Stardust. They are submitted to win the chance or to win the flight to join us wherever we have Our Westeros weekly live episode in our UK viewing of the finale and all you have to do to enter is submit these questions basically and follow us. We’re gonna announce a winner shortly but also we still got another winner to pick and one ounce of that one next week. So make sure you keep submitting those questions through signatories let’s go ahead and take a look and listen Yo yo Yo Westeros weekly with some new rock stars.

You The Best Hey So My Question Is

with all the time that brands been spending in the Godswood at Winterfell. Do you think he’s gonna morph into the Weirwood tree kind. of like the old three-eyed Raven I mean it makes sense he’s always sitting there doing nothing not blinking might as well be in a tree right Yeah We might as well be a tree. I’ve never seen a tree blink. They probably do behind my back yeah that would be an interesting place for brand to go because I don’t know what other role he can play he’s not going with them.

I Feel Like Hes Given All The Information

he can possibly give. There was an interesting line where you say I live in the past, which some people are saying is everything we’re seeing in Game of Thrones in the past a vision of like an older version of Brand experiencing this this past vision that he’s now like telling to someone else so or does it mean that Bran is living in the past and he’s. affecting past events currently as we speak or has already done it based off this version of time travel that we’ve seen on the show Yeah, but I don’t see literally transforming into tree no. I think growing old maybe and not see passing and but also you know who knows in a thousand years or so Yeah? I mean sure over time you know a human after a thousand years looks a lot like a tree mm-hmm yeah so I’ve heard Yeah another question here hey so what is Sam going to do now. Gilly are they just going to stay at Winterfell B say I’m going to be new maester there that’s a good question.

Yeah Is Whats Gonna Happen With Sam

and Gilly did they just get written up the show is he is the he’s to have a greater role. Is he the one that’s actually. the events of Game of Thrones and that’s what we’re hearing but also I think we should actually take a moment to expand this blow. This question out a little bit because there were a lot of characters that we said theoretically said goodbye to this episode right tormund says that Winterfell is far to south for him and so obviously King’s Landing be way too far south for him. Gendry might be on his way to storms end now and he’d you know figuring out how to how to be Lord he could show up to help Arya right could suddenly happen and Brienne is probably you know right now.


She’s in this interesting place where she’s sworn to stay and protect Sansa and then prevent Jaime’s headed south so that theoretically is a character we might not see any more as the show head south what do. You think could you who’s who’s gonna show up again basically at all. I think injuries gonna show up again. I think it’s interesting and I’ll bring this up more in my breakdown, but the fact that Gentry was legitimized.

This Episode Is A Really Big

deal because depending on how you’d look at the the power lineage. The succession of monarchs Daenerys and John’s claim to the throne is Pru is presuming pre Robert Baratheon usurping rules that they’re saying that that was illegitimate but really it’s Circe’s holding of the iron throne is through her connection to the Baratheon in the fact that Gendry is now legitimized Baratheon. He is a true heir successor to Baratheon” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Robert Baratheon and if Cersei and Daenerys and John all cancel they’re out in the coming events injury. Now is the direct claim to the Iron Throne, so I think Gendry is now. being set up to play a bigger role? Obviously Brienne story isn’t done it needs to not be done right I think we’ve got a really interesting thing.

Shes Shes Never Broken An Oath

right, but what does that mean if right now Also you have the other stark girl that she’s supposed to protect is headed south-she could kind of like be like Oh I’m not really breaking my oath. I’m headed there for Ferrari or something but I do you think it’s gonna be that that she would leave Sansa like I mean obviously you know there’s not as much a threat right now right but to go to King’s. Landing is is kind of against the character that at least she was you know maybe a month ago we’ll see there’s a lot of tin foil out there that the knight King might not be. Be dead or the knight King might come back? We haven’t seen the last of the White Walkers. I don’t really buy most of it but there was just some interesting Telegraph in when torments like I’m going back to Castle like why tell us where he’s going at all.

You Know Why Not A Storyteller

as a screenwriter of this episode just leave him hanging out at Winterfell the fact that it’s going back to Castle Black there was some of this like we you’ll see kind of language like you maybe another threat from the north that could be facing Winterfell. I’ll say that the show did induce what I what I would call cinematic goodbyes where it’s kind of give someone a hero shot really like give them play some of a theme maybe that is appropriate to them and give them just like the kind of. goodbye honestly that ghost deserved yes ghost didn’t even get their proper goodbye either yeah on my Twitter. You can see what a proper goodbye to a wolf looks like, But I think that that may be pretty telling too that we might see these characters again, especially Sam and Gilly right that doesn’t feel over either so what I’ll say when I said boo earlier about the night King coming back. I don’t want them to bring my King back, but I’d be pretty into something like there’s a new night King now or something or some other version of a threat that shows that that is going to be a continuing battle maybe even beyond the events of this show.

Right Maybe One Of The Spin-Off Series

of the three that GeorgeNK] Martin said right now we’re going forward yeah yeah, so I mean they could all. come back, but if they don’t it’s a little bit of a bummer, but we have one more starters question that we want to look give it a play Yes open to rock stars We’ve got are you headed down We’ve got the Hound headed down what do you think they’re doing I love that we have this Arya Hound reunion. I think that’s great but how on Stacy’s got some unfinished business I’m definitely feeling it Clegane Bull although I wouldn’t mind seeing grey worm take the mountain down and then also with Arya. I think we all kind of are guessing that she’s about to take downstairsNK] would love to see the UK and do that but do we actually think Arya is gonna take her down or she might have her sights on someone else who knows that’s a really good question smashing Ivory I think. Think that well first of all Yeah we’re headed toward clicking bull right everything that he was the unfinished business is not chickens or something he ate the sweet sweet kings and enjoyment, but the the so yes that but the question about is Arya you know is that what her unfinished business is it.

Cersei Lannister Is Still On Her

list is she cocky right now and she’s like I took down the night King I can take down the you know blonde queen but I got a feel like storytelling wise doesn’t also feel like it can’t be are you now Yeah She’s already played her role. She’s a it’s gonna be a crucial role but to kill both the villains from one character it seems kind of overkill. I’m I’d be interested to see if she takes on Qyburn like if Qyburn is such as weird dastardly. Awful media character take off his cloak and he has like otherwise It’s gonna be very easy or at least very satisfying to see Cuz. He’s the guy who designed the scorpion.

Hes The Guy Who Knows Where Wildfire

is kept like he needs to be taken down at some interesting satisfying way and the fact that he has his little birds His army of Newsies that are helping him influence Westerosi events and be interesting to see if one of those kids takes off the masks. I’m just going to throw a will wild guess here we have Danny is going to be killed by John Okay and that’ll be like the big painful thing. Then I think that Cersei will be killed by Jaime somehow still even though we’re like he’s gonna support her. I don’t know maybe it has to do that and this is all made. up random but Yeah it’s all confirmed and then Arya I’m just throwing out there right now that she’s actually gonna kill the mountain, but as part of the mountain killing Sand or Sandor Clegane like they are having Clegane Bull and like it previously went back in season four.

The Mountain Is Unbeatable, Especially Since

he’s already dead. Maybe he’s done some real damage or something, but maybe he delivers a death blow basically to the Hound and then Aria comes in and she takes the mountain down who is someone that she wanted to kill absolutely yep and then saying there’s like wait that’s your own fish that was my unfinished business my finished business and then he dies. Yeah I mean one of those moments. Yeah I could see that happening or Aria decides to spare someone you know because she’s such a badass killer because she’s. Like invincible almost it seems like maybe she drops a sword and then she’s like I’ve already beaten you know and she just you know she sails Westeros like Frodo.

Im Super Excited To Just Point Out

that this person has sent us a bunch of questions every week and that’s why she is our winner. Our first winner smashing Ivory. We are going to reach out to you very soon and you are going to get flown out from your hometown as long as it’s real cheap No no I’m kidding, but you are going to join us at our UK screening and our live taping of this show. I’m super excited your questions have been really good every week. We haven’t featured you every time but you’ve been getting entry points every single time.

You Have And We Were Really

looking forward to meeting you but also you. get to bring a friend, which is really exciting because Game of Thrones is super sad to do alone Yeah hope you’ll be with us too so you can be our friend. But also if there’s another one of you that wants to join us and join the party you can still submit Yeah next week next week. We’re gonna announce who the final winner and you know they’ll have a plus-one that they can bring that’s gonna be it could be you could be used to keep sending us your questions and we’ll pick one of you guys next week to also join us Yeah Let’s move on Yeah to our kill count so every episode we keep track of how many people died and who killed him and who had the most kills and a lot of people had beef with us last week for not giving Aria. thousands of kills and it’s like Yeah You kind of could most of those were shatters so I would say Yeah and that’s my cool so I’ll say I’m still stand by her her Everyone counted the most certainly but I’m like Americans so for our kill count you’re on Greyjoy definitely had one big kill with with ragle It wouldn’t if you kill another major character that gives you major points but also probably many more off-screen humans.

Those Ballistas Were Shattering Ships Said

we can’t I mean I don’t want to give him credit for all of it right like the eighth ship had one of those so shouldn’t Qyburn get some credit for designing he’s the Oppenheimer of that weapon so yeah Yeah but also Gregor Clegane got another huge kill by beheading Miss Sunday Yeah Man I I was just like hoping for something at that. Second of course, it wasn’t gonna happen but like some sort of you know swing move which were miss on day like wraps around Cersei and takes her down with no one’s gonna stop her her life’s over anyway. She just grabbed her and jumped. You know yeah get that win but yeah but sad she died but that’s that’s it actually so our counting person who’s been helping us was like well. You know what there wasn’t much kills to count, but there were a lot of other poking to count so he kept a sex count this week and I feel like we should have like music for this like six counts yeah but who boned well.

Of Course Jaime And Brienne Hooked

up. Brienne punched a UK good for her, but if you caught this background. Podrick was we knew he’s hooking up with one girl she. smiled at him, but then the girl with the Hound scared away ran over to him and he whispered something and she got this big smile. This guy’s walking away with both ladies.

Hes Potty Sex God We Still

don’t know for sure what he did with those with those ladies down in King’s Landing to keep them so happy afterward it seemed like maybe he might have done a song He did sip during the drinking game. When the idea of Virginity came up. I may be just sipping awkwardly some beaver thinkin maybe he’s just gonna go sing to these ladies and that’s you know that’s it yeah and let’s say who else is left their brand and the tree here so there was a lot of hooking up going on the way that way any scenes Yeah Yeah torment hooked up with one of those those girls. Yeah, Maybe you should be yeah, So everyone’s everyone’s getting some okay, but now let’s it’s time to move on to our ranking Yeah, So this is a part of the show where you guys decide who you thought won the episode. We sent out our Twitter poll last night.

You Guys Voted In Third Place Seven

point eight percent of who won the episode. You’re on Greyjoy It’s fair I just can’t like but I got abstain. Sometimes you don’t have to vote just because somebody is the you know best candidate I wish people wouldn’t both if you think like he had a big win. It seemed that we were satisfied or happy about but yeah there’s a big power moment for him by taking down a dragon. You get some votes on that one in second place with 11.

2% Sansa Stark.

Yeah definitely is the gossip queen. Power moves Yeah is what she’s doing and that’s why Littlefinger previously I had I think there was an episode where he won the power ranking last season until he very much lost it right but Yeah Those moves I mean she just by spreading that secret it shattered everything Yeah by dropping on some drama with the crew right before they go on their road trip and because she was invited on the road trip that’s that’s definitely a Power Move Yeah and then first place 64. 7% of the vote. So everybody was feeling it this week and I guess it’s undeniable Cersei Lannister Yeah I mean she she decimated the the remaining already decimated force right right well.

I Mean Thats Why I Deserve Some

of the votes there because he was the one who won that naval victory but her calculation to to partner up with Iran. definitely paid off big time this episode and her unwillingness to back down when Tyrion came up and tried to negotiate with her. It’s definitely very powerful moment for her. She didn’t need to kill Masson day that was like she had a captive that she could have used to sue for peace server. You know to get them to back down her to exchange something but she just said no she I should just even need this so she killed our move and a lot of people are probably thinking Oh.

Theres No Way That Theyre Gonna Convince Her

to just give up the Kapton why not they could put her over a Casterly Rock. They could set her up real nice like Olenna Tyrell was just like growing old happy at Highgarden. So there there are negotiations that could have happened that was very much saying We you. Know we will not negotiate There is no peace Yeah as an option and and definitely a powerful move to bring in the townspeople of King’s Landing inside the walls of the the red keep Yeah because that just it’s something that I’ll point out in the breakdown. It’s a big dictator move and even though it’s a pretty disgusting thing to use people as human shields.

Its Definitely A Powerful Thing Also Often Used

in propaganda where do you know you claiming that your enemy is really they’re just hurting the the common people. Sometimes it’s even your disguising soldiers as as just commoners who are the ones that are you know being slaughtered by you by your enemy Yeah, but also again that’s one of the biggest reasons why we want to say we were headed toward tomb at Queen’s because this move is very similar to the. Mad King Aerys, who was going to burn all of King’s Landing just so that he could technically in a way not lose, but it’s like at least it’s all gone, then no one went yeah, and so she’s setting up that move to if I don’t win no one does well in speaking of like who’s winning and who’s who might be losing let’s let’s check in with our guest the throne Yes Yes the first time that we actually have data on this because it takes a couple days for them to calculate so. This is all based on last week’s episode with the long night Yes Yes Yeah Okay I keep calling a battle Winterfell but based on that everybody’s submissions and for their death pool is now assessed and we have some data about our first place people. We have some data about where we are.

So First Of All I Heard

there’s like a tie for first place How many people is that 200 people are tied for first place Wow well I mean we didn’t have a ton of characters died. We had dollar said we had Lyanna Mormont. We had Jorah Mormont does it say how am i there they are they’ve got everything right so far about that makes sense it’s some people I mean it’s like a dine First is not though crazy guess, but still that like characters that are living or dead to get everything right is like week one of the UK tournament you’re gonna have a lot of people are still tied for first place Yeah I’m still impressed UK don’t think I’m in that room that bracket okay so of course, some people that are that are tied in first place there’s give them some shout. Outs circle gets asked where you’re in first place Charlotte sometimes Sasha Stark, the character who is gonna show up and get some sassy trouble going Charlize Theron Charlie hit Charlie T is doing well and one more and Natalie hey great job cool yeah, and then how are we doing and things can really obviously be swayed by who ends up on the iron throne is a big one Yeah There’s a lot of bonus points didn’t say what place were in though page 8 of 20 so yeah we’re probably tied for like I don’t know so that would be like 80th place Yes Yeah Yeah and I know After this episode. I think I Don’t think I had Miss on Day Darian at the end of the season so that would have been a problem.

Oh I Had Her Dead Yeah

so we’ll see whoever wins this. Thing gets a prize that I’m gonna pretend it’s not yet to be determined. I’m pretend we actually haven’t figured out actually Yeah, but we will figure it out very soon. What do you win Yeah, and before we move on. We want to take another moment to recognize.

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us put out Westeros weekly story worth and this is very specific because of where we’re headed next week but Yeah next week. A lot of you guys have pointed out that it’s Mother’s Day and the different holidays at Game of Thrones. Episodes have aired on have actually like pretty relevant to the story Yeah like Jon resurrected on Easter and right exactly Yeah was it was Father’s Day when what’s-his-name died Tywin Tywin Yeah Yeah so Mother’s Day is coming and we’re headed toward you know these two mothers going into battle next. We we purposely got a sponsor that has a great idea for Mother’s Day Yeah story work that’s a really cool way to connect and stay in touch with your family. So with Mother’s Day being May 12th next Sunday or this coming Sunday you probably haven’t gotten your mom anything have you know you probably have it you always have story worse yes story worth is here to help you guys who forgot here’s how it works you subscribe for someone like your mom.

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with a question about their life. They respond with a story and at the end of the year after week after week of answering these questions story with takes all of their stories puts them in a really nice keepsake book. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your loved ones that might not live. near you and preserve precious family memories so for me I set this up for my mom for Mother’s Day Nancy, I’m for Nancy and I’m so excited for her to get this the first question that it looks like it’s gonna ask her is what was something that you’ve won and my mom is like it. ‘s been such like a great matriarch, a person who’s like helped it.

Shes Raised Five Kids Hes The Boss

mom. She’s the boss boss. My dad was in the Navy so was often oversea so my mom had to like raise five kids at times like by herself and so I want to I’m curious to know like she’s super accomplished you know she’s like brilliant but she has like a master’s degree in biology. She almost worked for the UK and like I want to know like and I ruined all of. It me and four others before me.

So Im Curious To Know Like What

her accomplishments are and I want her to brag about her life that’s what this whole This whole book series or this book is gonna be is all kinds of things that you’re curious to know about your mom alright Yeah. I have amazing stories that I’m already finding out about my mom and honestly like about my mom and dad’s relationship but at the very beginning. It’s like a Romeo and Juliet story It’s amazing so you can share all those stories in this book, but this was really great about it. It’s not just passed down as a story that you just now know it turns into a book that can be you know share to your your aunt’s your cousins. You can honestly check off a lot of gifts right yeah and with.

All Of My Family Spread Out All Over

it’s nice to have a way that her stories can be saved and edited on story worth com so for $20 off visit story worth comm Slash rock stars. When you subscribe you still have time to give your mom the most thoughtful. Mother’s Day gift in the world just use the UK story worth com slash rock stars for $20 off a year subscription alright so speaking of Mother’s Day again we’re Network really pumped about next week is going to be Mother’s Day so let’s watch that teaser for next week and we’re gonna try to give some quick reactions and maybe some guesses about how it’s going to serve. The Mamas UK MmM a ticking clock yeah right like the time has come, but also that tension building yeah yeah it was very similar to you know we were. talking about how it’s like Dunkirk, you know that yeah exactly as that simmered Ticking Yeah, but also taking that look up initially in Dunkirk it’s it is also an aerial attack.

Then You Know One Person Witnesses

and then everyone realizes one by one that they’re about to be attacked. A lot of people are asking about what you’re on is looking at that moment. I think you saw to right that you can see the glimpse of a dragon in or the silhouette of one in the Sun right so Iran seems like shocked to see exactly so it’s it’s either that he was doing what an idiot does and he’s staring at the Sun and then he’s like wait a second the sun’s coming at us guys and then he realized oh no-Dragon and then that’s just a shock or when a lot of people. People are wondering. I think is just so funny but also so cool They somehow find a way to pull this off Does Drogon show up wearing like all new threads.

Hes Got Like Battle Armor On

Oh! Yeah go ahead and try to fire at me, But now I’m impervious could Gendry have forged some battle armor for a dragon Yeah like secretly he’s been doing a lot of work. It’s not crazy ancient Targaryen did put armor on their dress so the it’s also a theory that ties a lot with how war elephants were used and these also had to be armored elephants. It also had armored horses. It totally is the thing that people do just the image of him like have you ever put a dog in shoes It’s Hilarious. I can’t wait I just want to see Joke I’m like no I don’t like.

This We Keep It On Yeah!

It could be that and I think that’d be one of the most badass things, but it also could potentially slightly connect to this promo image thatNK] is using all season long of the Iron Throne with the image of Drogon kind of overlaid into it. It kind of gives a little potential foreshadowing of an iron drogon Yeah Yeah Yeah that would be awesome to see please. Let it be a surprise and not just a dragon that you made us seem like it would be something much cooler. Yeah Alright guys that’s it for Westeros weekly this week thanks so much for watching do not forget to subscribe to this podcast and follow our new podcasts.

Its All About The Uk Its

called inside Marvel has all of our vendors and game content coming out there again it all comes out. out before it comes on theNK] channel in audio form because it’s just easier to do that for us and tweet Your Game of Thrones questions at us next week or throughout the week using the hashtag Westeros weekly You can follow me also on Twitter at Fimo or on Instagram at Phillip Malina and you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter at a gave us. We got some really great videos about Game of Thrones coming up, but also obviously we’re gonna hit up that Spiderman new far from home trailer that just came out a lot of great stuff this week so stay tuned we love you.


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