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Folks Im Going To Be Honest With You This

game consumed me. I consumed my life you noticed last week. There were less videos right just because ghost of Tsushima but now it’s over and I’ll be honest with you for something that consumed my life so much. I’m actually I’m really sad it’s over it’s like like over over platinum done over. I guess I have more to sniff around you.

Dont Need To Find Everything To

get the platinum well. Maybe that’s why I’m sad because it was so life consuming anyhow let’s talk about it so ghost of Tsushima is it’s the talk of the town right in terms of the video game world or at least in the circles. I run in or at least my friends. Offline in real life point is think Assassin’s creed but feudal Japan and that is the plot. It’s the Mongol invasion of Japan starting out on this little island called Sushima, which is a real island actually you know enough video games out there are like well the world’s not big enough.

I Gotta Make Blumin Up And

make up a piece of land but no Sushi is real you play as a young samurai named Tsushima” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Jin Sakai. His entire army is wiped out and he’s thought to be dead, but he’s not dead and so now you come back and you’re building up your legend and you’re helping people out and you become the ghost of Sushima with the quest to liberate Tsushima from the Mongol invaders. Invaders, I feel like I really undercut it by calling it assassin’s creed but here not that assassin’s creed’s bad but this was really fun to play first of all before I get into the gameplay. The story. The story is an epic one the villain’s a dick.

The Stakes Are High And Its Not Just

the main story. The main story itself. If you just stick to it’s not that long, but I never once thought I could go to the end of the game without liberating the rest of Tsushima like that’s built into the game as part of the point so the island’s broken up into three acts three areas and as i’m going to the end of each area. I’m just going around and liberating the camps and the towns. One of the funnest things ever you stroll up to this little town or camp it’s.

Like Mongol Territory And Youre Like Oh

boy leftovers just take them out. However, you want but whether you’re building the story on your own role play your own actions of liberating people, Whether you’re playing the main story or the side character stories. Like these side characters become a close member of your adopted family in this quest and you play their stories. To the end they’re compelling they’re emotional they’re heart-wrenching so as there may be side quests. They’re important for the entire feeling and vibe of the game.

You Cant Skip These Things So Whether

you’re doing the main quest. The side-character stories or you’re just going around doing side quests not linked to the side characters, but they’re just people who need help you know you’re being a one man seven samurai army all of it just feels epic when it says you’re building your. You really do feel it You feel like you’re building the legend of the Batman but samurai you so I mean Batman Amurai do not hide behind masks. He is quite literally the hero Sushima needs and you really feel that I’m going to wrap back around to that in a second because that is tied to the gameplay, which is tied to the story and it’s all part of the experience but as for the gameplay. The gameplay is epic as well.

You Get Four Different Stances Not All At

once There’d be a lot of rude to throw at you but one stance. I mean I’m I’m blumin with names. I think it’s actually called the wind Stance. I’ll call it the triangle Button that’s best for enemies with Spears Circle Buttons best with enemies with Shields. The X Button is best for enemies with swords.

Swords And The Square Buttons Best Against Brutes,

You know really big dudes All important to know and remember because yes you go up against multiple enemies of multiple weapon types and you have to switch your stances on the fly as you’re fighting multiple enemies at once, which is multi-task City and I am a blumin multi-tasker but the way the game massages you into it and slowly breaks you into it. You know you have one stance then you have two then you have three but i’m telling you. By the end of this game you are pulling it off you’re doing the perfect counter parries slicing enemies down all while switching between different stances fighting multiple types of enemies. Very few games have made me feel this badass by the end and as you do missions and take down Mongols you get points and those. points you can put with your stances or otherwise different moves not just stances.

You Have Weapons You Can Throw You Have

a bow and arrow. This I’m baffled at how many abilities and tactics and offensive weaponry and otherwise ways to dispatch enemies. This game gives one character but wait there’s more you don’t just have to be offensive you know the samurai ways you know take someone on head on so you can do that. You can do a standoff you hold the triangle button down and you got to wait for them to come at you and when they do you just release it, you slice them down. Then you can slice a couple other enemies you build it up so you can kind of choose to be the ghost you want to be do you want a samurai take people on head-on great you want to.

A Ronin An Assassin Where Youre Like

Oh! This isn’t my first metal gear solid game Are you kidding me hide in the shadows Stealth kill enemies. You can do that too. You can do a bow and arrow, which is still in line with samurai, but still technically a stealth kill. I guess if you really think about it point is the game lets you build the ghost how you want to build the ghost and that’s what I’m talking about when I say the gameplay kind of wraps into the story because the story being a thick one it really deals with choice consequence. Every action has a reaction when you’re an honorable person among an honorable army going up against an enemy that has no honor.

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You Got To Adopt New Tactics.

Not all the samurai agree with that you got to adapt to survive maybe people. Will hate you for it in Sushima, but they will be alive and free people free to be alive and hate you for it. That’s the point you play as a character who is giving his soul for his country and its people that’s a beautiful thing. It’s it’s epic and for my own personal role play my own personal RP I had a kick with the armor In this game.

At First You Know I Was

dressing like a samurai. I was going the samurai way then I was dressing like a ronin. You know I was really embracing the shadows. I was the ghost then, by the end, I was something different. I was this hybrid.

I Was This Ghost Of Tsushima

not a samurai not a ronin something else, which is where the story leads you, but you feel like the story went there because you did. It it’s not true the story goes there regardless, but that’s the point of storytelling. In a video game, you’re supposed to make the player feel like they did this and goes to Sushima gave me that feeling a lot more than a lot of other games have but what I liked about ghost of Sushima is I never felt like armor pieces negated a previous armor piece. Your Samurai armor wasn’t negated by your Ronin armor. I guess you’re not going to use your Samurai armor if you’re going mostly shadow kills stealth kills and whatnot but that’s the point of the armor is it’s tailored for different gameplay types.

Theres Alright Well.

There is one armor piece later on in the game that is a lot like the Ronin armor piece so once I got that I kind of ceased to use the Ronin armor, but that’s really. The only one like there are other armor pieces. I didn’t use as much because it didn’t play that way the archery armor never really used it. At first, I was all just melee.

I Just My Tactic On A Lot

of things is the best defense is a good offense until among these relics, I got a certain relic that was like. If you do a head shot with the bow and arrow. It has like a 40 chance of giving you an arrow back. Then I got another relic piece that was like if something has a percentage of odds. There’s now a 50 more chance that it’ll do that then I got two of those and point is if I shot someone in the head.

Im Probably Getting My Arrow Back,

but if it all fell to blumin and they spotted me I needed some. Some good melee damage or at least some good defense to keep the fight going by that time that was pretty good at hand-to-hand combat so but that’s my point you don’t have to play the game through multiple times to experience the game multiple ways and sometimes you get armor sets that come with helmets you’re like well. I like that helmet but I like the stats of that armor and among the shaders that you can do. You’ll probably find a shader that will help this helmet from this armor set go with that armor and you can just mix and match along with the masks that really give you the flavor. You want you know to personalize it and make it yours.

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Some Of Them Look Pretty Badass

like if I saw that dude coming after me. I’d blumin myself tell me it doesn’t kind. Look like the guards from the Wizard of Oz, Oh, you know it’s true but as I like some good RP. By the end, I got the full armor piece that was just the head, the mask, the outfit and that was me and it felt like mine. I felt like I earned that and I wore that to the end of the game.

The Game Is Really Generous Too Whether

it be when you’re just picking up crafting goods you don’t have to get off your horse you can just run by it and blank pick it up on the go. I appreciate that also really generous with fast travel. Once you go to a place and you clear out all the Mongols and now it’s. It’s a town where people are in or it’s liberated in some way shape or form or you find a shrine you can. Fast travel to that location at any time.

I Appreciate The Fact That It Doesnt Have

three fast travel locations and that’s that I understand some games in the mindset of well. It helps you feel like you’re in the world more it helps it feel more real, but no it just feels overwhelming and cumbersome thank you for the generous fast travel also finding secrets on the map you get your travelers gear on you can just be like all right. I want to look for that thing and the wind will blow you there. Oh that’s another thing to talk about the wind. There’s no heads up display.

You Have To Follow The Wind To

your location that’s not a heads up display it’s it’s just the wind. It just adds to the mysticism and nature of it all you know the spiritual energy among the lord I. Just love it the one thing that was ever an annoyance in this game and I’m talking there’s one thing When some of these battles are going down and the camera swings around and puts the camera behind bushes or trees or other bits of debris. You’re like all right. I’m fighting blind right now I’m just holding L1 praying to dear life as if you don’t have enough multitasking to worry about in any given fight Now I gotta swing the camera around you’re getting hit now, but that was really the only real annoyance in this game.

Every Other Element In This Game

absolutely positively worked for me like I said before a great hero. The villain’s a dick. The stakes are high. The characters are compelling and when it deals with family honor choice and consequence everything just feels heavy it has the explorative feeling of legend. of Zelda breath of the wild along with complex and satisfying combat that makes you feel as Badass as the ghost of Tsushima should be, and when a game this compelling that’s this much fun makes you feel this Badass.

By The End, The Only Way

to say it is ghost of Tsushima is awesome tacular and I cannot leave this video without talking about Kurosawa mode. This one of the reasons I could really go for a new game plus in this game because there’s a mode called Kurosawa mode, in which the game completely looks and feels like a game from legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. You can pop it on at any point in the game and I always turned it on for a little bit and then turned it off because I was like I want to play the game all the way through all with Japanese. voices with English subtitles and I’m not just this isn’t a shader.

Its Not A Filter To Make The

game look kind of different. It makes the game fundamentally feel completely different. I have no doubt. This game was inspired by Kurosawa.

So They Didnt Have To Have This

mode in here. But the fact that they did and it’s a mode that so completely changes the vibe of the game. It’s not just fan service it’s above and beyond I gotta give them props for including this mode alright so ghost of Sushima have you played it what did you think about it whatever you thought comment below let me know and as always if you like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more click right here to see more you.


Ghost of Tsushima is the talk of the town right in terms of the video game world or at least in the circles . The story is an epic one the villain’s a dick. The stakes are high and it’s not just the main story itself . The main story is the Mongol invasion of Japan starting out on this little island called Sushima, which is a real island . The island’s broken up into three acts three areas and as i’m going to the end of each area. I’m just going around and l going around, just going . I never once thought I could go to the . end of the game without liberating the rest of the . rest of . Tsushima like that’s built into the game as part of the point so the island is broken up to the game . The game was really fun to play first of all before I get into the gameplay. It’s not that long, but I feel like I really undercut it by calling it assassin’s creed but here…. Click here to read more and watch the full video