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Alright There Everyone Gillette Razor Company Goes Full-Blown Social

justice Warrior is their latest we believe commercial virtue signals against so-called toxic masculinity that’s would be talking about on today’s video but first is always a huge shout out to all of our first-time viewers a very warm welcome to you. I post two videos a day analyzing current events and a lot of some really awesome conservative trends, so if you would please smack that Bell and subscribe button maybe an absolute privilege to have you as a regular part of this channel Also for everyone here. I’ll be live streaming onNK] Tomorrow Night Thursday the 17th at UK P. m. Eastern UK time and I’ll be talking about the great Oxford scholarNK] Lewis’s diagnosis and cure for globalism so you won’t want to miss that alright so for 30 years.

Gillette Razors Tag Line Has Been Gillette.

Best a man can get right? It’s one of the most famous slogans in market. In fact, it’s so famous at the marketing team and corporate exacts over at Gillette obviously thought it was getting well way too familiar and ignored, so it needed a new twist needs something that would get people talking about Gillette again and boy did they accomplish that seemingly taking their cue from the Nike,_Inc.” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Nikes Colin Kaepernick campaign. Gillette has attempted to rebrand their tagline for a new era one characterized by the redefine politically correct tolerance and feminized man. They released a two-minute commercial that accused men of what’s fashionably being being called today toxic masculinity men have thus far been sexist.

Theyve Been Theyre Sexually Harassing Women.

They’ve demeaned women is this a best a man can get the narrator asks of the commercial we can’t hide from it. It’s been going on. Far too long, we can’t laugh it off making the same old excuses. It goes on to show men chasing women around bullying and acting in virtually every completely sexist stereotype imaginable can you imagine this commercial did something comparable to minority groups if they devoted an entire commercial to the utterly prejudiced stereotypes of blacks or Latinos or gay now mean–less to say the commercial has become the object of utter scorn and ridicule.

I Think The Video Onnk] Is Like

what 600,000 dislikes-its 260,000 like something like that even otherwise sympathetic marketing types, you know the ones who actually liked the Nike Colin Kaepernick ad campaign even they’re coming out and saying well. This was nothing more than a really preachy overly politically correct commercial that’s going to alienate their market base market week. com came out and declared just the other day that Gillette’s. Gillette’s new ad was nothing short of a complete and total disaster. It’s utterly going to trash at sales by and by the years, and it will easily easily be the single worst marketing move made by any major national International Corporation and of course we’re only just a couple of weeks into the new year As a piece points out the ad wasn’t just a waste of money.

It Was Certainly That But More So

it was a very expensive exercise and how to destroy Gillette’s market share now I think it’s pretty clear why this commercial is so despised and rightly so first and foremost it’s a pathetic example of virtue signaling on the part of its creators and here’s the problem with virtue signaling I got this from Jordan_Peterson” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Jordan Peterson. I think it was his interview with Joe Rogan. Jordan was recalling a time when a feminist. Confronted him and excoriate him for being part of the so-called 1% right You know the Boogieman of you know Sanders and other socialists. She basically said you only think the way you do because you’re part of this privileged and exploitive 1% of income earners and Peterson didn’t miss a beat.

He Responded By Informing Her That

as she made more than $32,000 a year was she dead. She made a salary of more than $32,000 a year. Then she was in fact part of the global 1% you see for her the 1% is only relevant within one’s own borders within one’s own little experience of life the moment you open those borders and show the lip that there now the problem in the world they don’t like it they don’t know what to do with it the victim victimized a paradigm only works when you’re the victim. And isn’t it interesting that Gillette did you hear about this? They decided they wouldn’t run this commercial in Saudi Arabia so as not to offend Muslim sensibilities. You see now aren’t they the oppressor when they self–consciously allow an objectively patriarchal system to flourish well of course not see liberals.

Dont Look Past Their Own Myopic Experience.

Jordan develops this further in terms of what’s called the intersectional claim and this is the notion that each person has more than one group identity right. So I’m a man, I’m a husband, I’m a father, I’m White, I’m blonde. I’m, a teacher I’m American. Whatever everyone has more than one group identity and so what the intersectional claim does is? You have to calculate the potential victim status in all the different groups that a person might be divided up into and eventually you’re going to find one where you the victim are actually the victimizer You’re actually the oppressor right you’re actually part of the 1% or you’re the one wearing clothes that exploit the workers in sweatshops in Indonesia right or you’re the one that took that raise at the expense of those two entry-level jobs and on and on and on you see what I think makes these commercials So damn pathetic is the total lack of empathy that social justice warriors have there’s absolutely no sense at all that they could be just as guilty as anyone else instead they present themselves as pure and Noble, who stand completely untainted by the.

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They Ascribe To Others, And It

comes across really a sickeningly, perverse and pathological in their part. Now I think the problem here gets deeper because we have to ask of course why on earth would you let do this? Why would they insult their marketing base why would they excoriate their customers and I think this is an important lesson here that this is one of the consequences of globalism. This virtue signaling this this propensity is a social justice warrior Sensibility globalist societies differ from traditional societies in a number of ways, but one of them is that globalist societies tend to think of the human person as a sovereign consumer sovereign individual. Now, By contrast, traditional societies, they tend to see the human person within more basic structures, such as family church community custom tradition and this is why many of the key identity markers for the human person are fixed in traditional societies right, such as their gender or sexual orientation and religious affiliation. It’s because these fixed identity markers are derivative of more basic.

More Foundational Institutions Like Family Church And

community in which the individual flourishes but globalized societies which situate the individual at the center of society, globalized societies Obviously see this fixedness is restrictive and this restricting us is reinterpreted interrogatory terms and concepts such as sexism and racism and xenophobia and intolerance and bigotry and homophobia. In the light and so corporatist globalism recreates the world with the sovereign individual at the center and in so doing it disparages anything and everything that stands in the way of the sovereign individual By reimagining. The sovereign individual is a victim and the oppressive culture custom and tradition as the victimizer. In this case the invented notion of toxic masculinity, but with the UK and marketing gurus at Gillette Didn’t seem to count on was that a number of scholars have noticed of late patriarchy is making a massive comeback. Many are recognizing that the rise of the new right and nationalist populism and particularly its leaders are revitalizing a sense of strong and confident insertive and most especially unintimidating intimidated masculinity from the rise of leaders like Donald Trump and Jr.

Bull Cynara Victor Orbin Mateos Savini

Vladimir Putin. The whole notion of being a real man is back and back really with a vengeance. We did a video some months back on the return of Patriarchy, where we featured an article by Philip Longman. Foreign-policy calm and he made the very persuasive argument that the latest boon in fertility that’s going on throughout Europe in the United States. Among very conservative demographics directly correlates to the renewal of the values of patriarchy within conservative circles now by patriarchy.

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Long Men Doesnt Mean Simply That Men Rule

right that men are the bosses in every area of life and women need to remain content bunkering up in their kitchen instead patriarchy. When all the said and done is simply put a value system that requires men to be men they need to marry they need to have children. They need to provide for their household and in turn maximize their investment and the lives of their children. Their family. Patriarchy is a value system that requires men to be men, which most often not always but most often involves marrying providing for and maximizing their involvement in the life of their family and as Laurent’s out well patriarchy may have its modern-day contemporary critics you know it’s feminist postmodern cultural Marxist Yeah now Gillette inspired critics.

I Think Hes Right When He

points out that whatever you want to say. it the simple fact of the matter is that no advanced civilization has yet learned how to endure without it in short, regardless of its detractors. Patriarchy is historically speaking and I would even add logically speaking a necessary precondition for social and cultural flourishing, and so this is what Gillette just didn’t count on. They didn’t factor in the possibility that patriarchy is making it come back and making comeback bake time you and I have often heard We probably said it many times go woke go broke right or liberalism destroys literally everything it touches.

I Can Think Of No Better

example from this point forward than the most recent Gillette ad campaign. The moral of the story here is rather simple if you want your business or your family or your very soul to flourish stay the hell away from left-wing social justice Liberalism as always please. Comment and subscribe click on either our patron or UK links below and become a supporter of this channel and help us to continue to analyze current events in light of Awesome conservative trends so that you can personally and professionally flourish.


Gillette Razor company goes full-blown social justice Warrior is their latest we believe commercial virtue signals against so-called toxic masculinity that’s would be talking about on today’s video . I’ll be live streaming onNK] tomorrow night at UK P.&m.& Eastern UK time to talk about the great Oxford scholarNK] Lewis’s diagnosis and cure for globalism so you won’t want to miss that alright . I post two videos a day analyzing current events and a lot of some really awesome conservative trends, so if you would please smack that Bell and subscribe button maybe an absolute privilege to have you as a regular part of this channel Also for everyone here. I’ll also be live-streaming on NK] Tomorrow Night Thursday the 17th at UKP.& m.& eastern UK time and I’ll talk about Oxford scholar NK] Lewis’s diagnosis and cures for globalist globalism . I’ll be talking to the great OxOxford scholar Lewis’s…. Click here to read more and watch the full video