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I Cant Take The Lies Anymore, I Cant

take the spin I can’t take trying to be nice trying to be reasonable. I can’t take it anymore. Let me start with the stupid coronavirus lockdown Now I’m somebody who said we have to slow the curve so we don’t overwhelm the hospitals. I was for that when it was a couple of weeks but then it turned into you’re never going back to work until we have a cure well. Let me ask you this now that I see all the rioters on the streets did you people mean any of this did you just destroy the United States economy and put us into the worst depression that this country may ever have seen for what for what because I don’t believe you believed any of this last night the Los Angeles mayor you know the guy who was telling.

You You Gotta Close All The

gun stores you can’t go out. Los Angeles may never fully be open again that weasel was out in the streets no social distancing walking with protesters what the hell you mean to tell me. You told me I couldn’t go visit someone in my own family because it was too dangerous, but you’re out with the protesters Nancy Pelosi did the same thing. She said Oh, I I see that they’re trying to social They’re trying to I am not going to deny what my own eyes. See the governor of North Carolina that just told Donald Trump in the in the RNc that they can’t have a convention.

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They Cant Have A Convention Because Its

too dangerous to have their convention. They’re just gonna have to they can’t bring all those people together if you can’t do it with 150 people you. Shouldn’t do it here really because you were out marching with protesters last night and since on some occasions you were caught with your mask down and then Mattis man I respect I don’t mind having a different opinion than the president of the United States. I don’t mind but when you say that Donald Trump is the first president in your lifetime that has divided this nation that works to divide the nation and you forget Nixon you forget you. You forget Bill Clinton okay maybe I understand that but you forget Barack Obama Donald Trump was not hatched in a vacuum you know what I got to tell you something Donald Trump is not the problem.

I Mean Look What Donald Trump

is he is. He’s hated by the establishment The bush people are pushing for Biden right now Biden who will bring this country to socialism. The establishment hates him on the right and the establishment hates him on the left. Oh really maybe that’s a point in his favor the elites academia they hate his guts good another point in his favor. The media has tried to destroy him relentlessly Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, then impeachment impeachment impeachment Now that we know what happened with Russia and the impeachment.

They Dont Care About It Anymore And By

God those people better go to jail now then it was then it was coronavirus Coronavirus Coronavirus you’re evil if you decide to go out to work. If you say hey our economy is important too you’re a madman but now oh the protester here forget about Coronavirus do you guys mean anything because God damn it. I do I work hard to guard my credibility and you work hard to destroy it. I try to say the things that I believe and only the things that I believe because I’ve had the right and the left come after me and my family, But I say these things because I believe them Do you Do you believe a damn word. You say now The media is telling us that black is white and white is black and good is evil and evil is good.

Now The Media Is Having Us Believe

that protests can be violent and still be good. Oh no but when the tea party was not violent not violent. You Did everything in your power to destroy it into the painted violent you painted us as revolutionaries as anti-government, but you will not report on the people in the streets that are saying throw down the government of the United States of America overthrow capitalism and now you make the the excuse that you know all all protests don’t have to be violent. In fact violence is really a key in America. No it is not no it is not our founders begged for peace begged for peace well.

The Media Hates Donald Trump Too Point

again in his favor all the right righteous charitable activist groups that are just struggling for the little man bull crap Oh man. I wish I was just on internet so I could really express myself today but I play by the rules bullcrap all of you so-called civil rights activists are nothing but. of bull Crap Martin Luther King would be ashamed of you I’m, a bigger fan of Martin Luther King than all these people in the civil rights groups They stand for nothing you’re excused. I no longer care what you have to say they hate Donald trump without any evidence Oh my gosh. He is a racist show me show me the evidence that he hates black people show me the evidence until you and your media cronies all started dog piling on him in the election because of a politics everybody in the black community loved him.

He Was A Hero Of The Black Community

and then what does he do He goes in and does more than the first black president. How insulting is that Bill Clinton and more than the actual first black President Barack Obama, who abandoned his people did nothing for his people Donald Trump. didn’t do it because he likes black people He does it because he understands the system of America. It’s not guild it’s not built to help one group or another. It’s to lift up all groups.

He Had The Lowest Unemployment Of Minorities In

the history of this country and what did you do coronavirus Coronavirus Coronavirus? You talked our economy down you you you led the way and I actually I actually said we shouldn’t overwhelm the hospitals because I didn’t want riots in the streets, but all the time you wanted riots in the streets how dare you they hate him without evidence. The he’s hated by all the sex. My sex is the most important thing in my life groups. He’s hated by all the extremist Islamic groups. He’s hated by blm why why because you’re not getting justice you’re not getting justice in Minnesota when the attorney general is one of the most radical Islamic guys in our in our country.

Today, Hes The Attorney General.

He’s also black he’s not going to make sure that there’s justice for you. You you you think that the system run by him is not going to give you justice especially when everybody in America, Everyone I know says this killing was wrong unbelievable our economy. Our everything is being destroyed by people who are claiming to do it in your name look I know two things. I know Donald Trump loves everything Donald Trump that’s never gonna change but two more importantly.

Donald Trump Understands That If America Should Fall

the rest of the world falls, do you understand that do you understand that right the rights of men. took us 5 000 years to be able to get this close to it and you’re just gonna piss it away you don’t you Don’t rebuild a society You don’t rebuild a a civilization you Don’t rebuild a a safety. A safety guard of a the longest running constitution in the world. You don’t just throw it away and tomorrow it’s happiness we are we are witnessing the robespierre of our day You know there are two americas. There are two Americas There’s one America that still believes that all all men are created equal.

That Also Implies The America That

believes in creation that there is a God. I don’t care how he created through the big bang or just on you know what one day we have dinosaurs and the next day here’s a man I don’t know how he did it but life is a miracle it’s. a miracle and our rights as human beings cannot come from men They must come from something bigger than us or men will decide what you can do there. ‘s still an America that believes in the right to life all life black lives matter white lives matter Asian lives matter redmond lives matter babies lives matter old people’s lives matter. We still believe that life is important and sacred and cannot be taken away.

We Also Believe In Liberty Because

you just can’t scoop me up try me in the press. I have a right. I have a right to be heard. I have a right to face. My accusers look at what is happening to us half of America doesn’t believe in that anymore well.

I Do I Still Do And

the pursuit of happiness. My right to my own business you can’t shut me down. You can’t just. take away my license because of coronavirus when you’re marching in the streets with people who are burning businesses down life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Some of us still believe in that and we also believe that governments are instituted among men for the purpose of protecting those rights do you.

Because The Other Half Of America

doesn’t believe in a creator. Doesn’t believe that rights come from anywhere but a committee and they can decide who can talk and who can’t They can decide oh the first amendment. The second amendment applies to you and not to you. I don’t want to live in a country or a world like that and believe me.

If This Country Becomes That Country You Wont

have a safe space on the entire face of the earth. I have a right to speak out and to be heard the public square. Now is the electronic public square Google Facebook Twitter You either are a platform or you’re an editor and it is damn time that this country recognizes that you are the public square. You cannot arbitrarily edit us out of existence.

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I Just Was Told I Have

a network break blow off the stinking network break. I gotta say I gotta break for 10 seconds. So stations can identify themselves one two three four five six, seven eight nine ten and for those that were sloppy twelve. We are facing a time right now that everything I said would come is here when I see these protesters on the stop calling them protesters when I see these rioters.

These Anti–Capitalist Anti–American Rioters Who Are Stealing

because they believe they have a right to somebody else’s stuff because well that black person doesn’t really own that store that’s really owned by. Bank people who are destroying the life, the liberty and the pursuit of happiness if that doesn’t warrant the use of the insurrection law What does that law was was made to protect those things from the very people who while burning and looting are telling us that America is being destroyed that’s. What that act is for and these governors who told us you can’t go out and protest you’re some radical you’re dangerous or the press again and the left again and the progressives again and the politicians in Washington once again telling you you can’t protest because you your life your livelihood Your life is at stake you are dangerous if you protest.


Donald Trump is the first president in your lifetime that has divided this nation that works to divide the nation and you forget Nixon you forget you.& Let me ask you this now that I see all the rioters on the streets did you people mean any of this did you just destroy the United States economy and put us into the worst depression that this country may ever have seen for what for what . I can’t take the lies anymore, I can’t take the spin I can . take trying to be nice trying to . be reasonable.& I don’t mind having a different opinion than the president of the . United States. Don’t mind but when you say that Donald Trump . is the . first president that has . divided this . lifetime that . worked to divide this nation, you forget . you . forget you . Remember Nixon you . forgotten you. Don’ve never forgotten you’ll never forget you, don’m not forget you and never forget ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video