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The General Services Administration Has Said They Will

formally begin the transition of power from Donald Trump to Joe Biden and even more details are coming out about California Governor Newsom” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Gavin Newsom‘s dinner party and it is not looking good for Newsom and Pope Francis met with NBa players to praise them for their racial justice protests. We’ve got that and much much more coming up and it starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters I’m Hilary Kennedy still keeping this seat warm for Miss Sarah Gonzalez while she’s out on maternity leave. She is doing a lot on her social media. Though answering all of your questions, so you can keep up with her there we’re gonna have a fire show for you today because we have Mr. Jason Whitlock here you filled in for Glenn Beck this morning which was awesome you were just.

Crushing It And Youre The Host Of

fearless with Jason Whitlock, if people want to find you thanks for being here thanks for having me again. I appreciate it and yeah if anybody missed Glenn’s show this morning when you were filling in they need to find it listen to it watch it it was really good and then also our favorite person. Mr. Eric July the host of for canon’s sake and a blaze Tv contributor thanks for being here tired because you were kickboxing before you guys yes. I was so i’m gonna be struggling through this show, but we’re gonna get through it that’s right if anybody can do it you can all right so we’re gonna start with the big story that’s been all over the news today.

So The General Services Administration Said They

would formally begin that transition of power to former vice president. Joe biden from President Donald Trump immediately now Trump did respond to that within minutes of GSa administrator Emily Murphy, releasing that information saying that they are going to begin the transition process. Trump tweeted saying I want to thank Emily Murphy at GSa for her steadfast dedication and loyalty to our country. She’s been harassed, threatened and abused and I do not want to see this happen to her her family or employees of GSa then he clarified our case strongly continues. We will keep up the good fight and I believe that we will prevail.

Nevertheless In The Best Interest Of Our Country.

I’m recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to additional protocols and have told my team to do the same now Murphy. She went on to claim she had actually gotten a lot of threats by people demanding. that she make the transition process prematurely, but she said she wasn’t in any way you know coerced by the current administration to make any decisions so what do you make of this news well First. I I think my first gut reaction is I’m not surprised that President Trump has announced that he’s going to play along and go along with that because you know as as much as people have tried to rail against President Trump and talk about how I know what Talaxie is and he’s you know this terrible person.

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I I Just I Dont See

him tearing down the country the way his opponents seem to be determined to tear down the country even if his fight to hold on to the presidency. Even if he loses that fight. I think there will be a smooth transition in him stepping out of the white house. Because I tend to think the guy clearly puts America first more than the other side does yeah Eric, what do you think well? I mean it? I think this is obviously going to derail a lot of the we can call them non-arguments of this coupe sort of idea that they were throwing out there because they wanted to try to present it as if there was absolutely no way they would write all their articles. You know coming from more of the leftist media and that there’s no way that he wants to transition.

Hell Hell Remain In That White

house like what happens if they if he stays there well, they need to kick him out all those sorts of things and what he is showing is that okay. We’ll go through the protocol than like any other president would, but of course they still have that. going on in the courts, which was to be as expected so it really shoots a hole in a lot of those nonsensical arguments which I don’t understand where they were even coming from. I think it’s just a mere idea that he was fighting it was like okay well. He’s not going to leave in the event that it does seem as if he lost, but Trump himself never really presented that as if that was the case.

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He Just Thought That There Was

some odd things going on and he believes that if the odd things go his way he would be the the the winner so we’ll see what happens but I don’t understand why that that side was so adamant about trying to present it as if it was this coup. I guess it’s just how they always saw when they have to dramatize events well. So Jason I like dude, What do you think America is going to look like if Biden does become president and then the left wins the majority of both the house and the Senate. What that’s a huge question. What is America going to look like I I’m not that’s a huge question.

I I Dont I Dont Have A

great answer. I don’t see the racial disharmony going away. I think a lot of people think that once trump’s out we’re all just going to get along. I don’t think that’s the case because I I think the people that the Democratic Party have cut a deal with antifa black lives matter. They’re not going to be satisfied until the country is completely remade.

I Dont Think Joe Biden Is An

agent for the remaking of America. This is a 47–year politician. He wanted power. He cut a deal. groups that have a different agenda anarchy and the destruction of America and so in that regard do I see Joe Biden bringing in peace and harmony No.

I I I Dont See Him Standing Up

to the groups that are promoting the anarchy and so I you know I guess I would just expect more of what we’ve been seeing more mass more stay-at-home orders and more rioting and looting when the antifa and black lives matter decide it’s time to ride in luke yeah with me. I’m not as doom and gloom as I know a lot of people are out of this. I do think that we’re going to start to see a more cultural shift of dead serious because look it was a perfect storm. More so what happened primarily with the covet thing and then you had the post-George Floyd thing and then everybody. up and that seemed to work in the as the bitter factor.

I Guess As For For The

Democrats, but I know a lot of people are like well. Democrats are going to you know do what Democrats have been presenting themselves to to be and I’m not as doom and gloom as everybody else because I believe that when they are in power, particularly when it comes to the fed. You start to see a lot more opposition from Republicans and they start taking a more liberty op liberty position. You know we saw the tea party movement before um you’re starting to see this kind of tea party 2. 0 kind of kind of go on now and I and I hate that it has to get like that I wish they would hold trump’s feet to the fire like they did when Obama” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Barack Obama, but that’s neither here.

Nor There, But I Do Think

particularly at the state and state level, and you’re starting to see that right now with some of these lockdowns. Some of these restrictions, certain sheriffs are like no We’re not enforcing this. You know certain certain governors are like no no no and I think we’re going to see a lot more of that and which is how it was. I guess was supposed to be more decentralization of power and the more that we can get the better for me, but I think that’s more so what’s going to happen and they’ll be a lot more aggressive in being really in opposition to the statism because you know that the democrats are going to try to gain as much power as they possibly can pass. Whatever it is that they can pass is that stuff going to be enforced are there is there going to be sort of this compliance.

I Dont Know But Like When

it comes to the mask and it comes to the cover thing. I’ve long said on the show that civil disobedience may be our only way out of this and we’re starting to see a lot of that right now yeah yeah we saw a lot of it this past weekend absolutely well. So Biden has been you know putting together his cabinet and he he’s got a reported pick for Secretary of State. It’s Tony Blinken. It’s a longtime advisor of his and he’s the guy who totally slammed President Trump’s America first foreign policy saying it was xenophobic um isolationist and he actually previously advised Biden to vote for the Iraq war.

So Hes Reportedly Going To Lead Some Efforts

to reverse course on several things. President Trump put in place the Paris climate agreement, the Iran nuclear deal. He said that in an op-ed he said that what President Trump has done has only been making the world worse. I don’t know it what do you first of all tell me what you think about his pick well. He you want to take that first like this is one that’s near and dear to me just because his opposition to.

First America First Is Pretty Much

the only political strategy that’s ever caught my attention and hit my heart and soul and I say that because my mother was a 30-year factory worker. My father started out as a factory worker and then went and became an independent businessman that opened a restaurant. A bar for factory workers basically in inner city in Indianapolis and so manufacturing jobs factory jobs is what lifted me out of the Ghetto and lifted and put me and my brother on a path towards college education middle class America and for me you know I’ve gone beyond being a middle-class American and i’m thankful for the manufacturing jobs that allow my parents and that generation to lift up black and white kids that like myself and send us on a path further along than what my parents accomplished and so America first is something. In there are people here in America that want to live out the American dream that Don’t want to be go to college. Don’t want to be college-educated and I think Trump understands that and understood it and was making some moves to try to bring manufacturing jobs back to America.

They Cant All Be In China

or in Asian countries where the labor is much cheaper and so this guy to not you know he sounds like a typical globalist. I’m not a globalist most of the people that I know and particularly black people. They’re not globalists they may like and see Obama. Although Obama’s the global citizen that’s great he’s.


The General Services Administration has said they will formally begin the transition of power from Donald Trump to Joe Biden . Even more details are coming out about California Governor Gavin Newsom’s dinner party and it is not looking good for Newsom and Pope Francis met with NBa players to praise them for their racial justice protests . Jason Whitlock, Eric July and Hilary Kennedy are the hosts of For canon’s sake and a blaze Tv contributor to this morning’s show . We’re gonna have a fire show for you today because we have Mr. Whitlock here you filled in for Glenn Beck this morning which was awesome you were just. Crushing it and you’re the host of fearless with Jason Whitock, if people want to find you thanks for being here thanks for having me again. Eric July is also our favorite person. We’re going to have that and much much much more coming up and it starts right now welcome to the news and why it starts at 8 p.m. ET ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video