Globalist Elites Show Contempt for Voters on Both Sides of the Atlantic


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seeing the last remnants of a globalist dictatorship as elite show contempt for voters on both sides of the Atlantic that’s what we’re talking about on today’s video We’ll also be looking at why the latest power grabs in Westminster and Beyond are nothing more than the last gasp of an old political order that’s ready to once and for all collapse but first I’m sure we’ve all seen the devastation from Hurricane Dorian and the tragic conditions that’s been left in its wake and as disturbing as those scenes are they do indeed remind all of us that the last thing we want to do is wait for a disaster before we respond to one. The way we protect our loved ones is by preparing for emergencies and no one makes that easier or more affordable than a good friend of. This channel and that’s my Patriot supply I know you know them well. Now September is National Preparedness month and an honor that My Patriot supply is offering you $100 off a four-week emergency food supply. If you click on the link down below to my special website.

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off and they’ll even include free shipping with your order, but don’t wait until it’s too late get prepared by clicking on the link below and get your four-week emergency food supply today All right. Michael Barone over at the Washington Examiner as a great piece out on how elites abandon norms and show content for voters on both sides of the Atlantic. The piece is very very interesting because it sees so clearly what’s really going on here more and more pundits like Barone are recognizing that the fundamental divide in our respective. is no longer divided between liberal versus conservative or left versus right. The divide really is now between globalists versus nationalists, Elitists versus populist Remember the pollsters.

Scott Rasmussen Wrote About This Back

in a book in 2010 called Mad as Hell and he found substantial data there that showed that there was in fact a major paradigm shift taking place among the American electorate and of course I would argue among the world electorate right were the old political divides between left and right and Liberal versus conservative We’re dying away and a new political divide between the people versus the ruling class or the populace versus the political, economic and media elite that was the new political divide that was opening up and here in the states of course, Donald Trump more than any other political candidate recognized that divided back in Oh-16 and became it’s emblematic. Champion and across the Pond Brexit represented the apex of the political earthquake that began the process of toppling globalist governments in Poland and Hungary and Austria and Italy and Georgia and Brazil and put all others on notice that the days of this globalist dictatorship are numbered a new nationalist populist traditionalist age is in fact rising and so Barone has this piece in The Washington Examiner that sees precisely these dynamics operative here on both sides of the Atlantic where globalist elites recognize that the people have indeed revolted and now the elites are doing everything they possibly can to some to survive the revolt to quell the revolution here’s a little bit of what he wrote here. He writes Wars by the elites on the people were flaring in English-speaking nations on both sides of the Atlantic it’s being waged fiercely in Westminster’s Palaces, House of Commons. Also in the House of Lords and in the news rooms in green rooms of American journalism as well. You could argue it’s the subject open or veiled of almost all recent British and American opinion journalism, but what I find most interesting is that the same elites who proclaim themselves.

The Guardians Of Accepted Mores And

norms of civility have been freely and self-righteously abandoning those very mores and norms without a hint of embarrassment, and so he goes on to give the example of the 21 Tories Those supposed members of the Conservative Party right this conserve versus liberals no longer the case they defy Prime Minister Boris Johnson defected from there party and voted in solidarity with the political left, which in turn effectively handed the government over to the leftist anti–semitic Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the reason they were able to do that was because. abandoned the long-standing precedent to allow such a vote in order to undermine Boris Johnson‘s policy on brexit the British speaker. Supposedly he’s supposed to be politically neutral kind of like an umpire overseeing a Wimbledon tennis match right, but he violated that neutrality and allowed a vote to take place knowing full well of the unprecedented defections Not only that but when Boris Johnson then called for snap elections Jeremy Corbyn became the first minority leader to actually reject the call for elections. I mean think about it what possible rationale would a Minority Leader have in rejecting snap elections. I mean let that hit you he’s a minority leader he’s a loser by definition, so we can’t lose right.

He Has The Opportunity To Take

over the majority if you fail you just assume the same position you’ve been in the flight, so what’s the problem well. The problem is that Jeremy Corbyn knows he’ll lose even more seats Labour will lose even more seats and they won’t be able to stop Brexit and that’s what’s going on here right. They’ll scream and cry that Boris is circumventing democracy by suspending Parliament before the Queen’s speech and then when Boris says fine you’re worried about democracy let’s have elections you want it you got it here it is let’s have fresh elections. One of these crybabies do Korban hit Corbyn hits hides behind his desk. He’s a disgustingly corrupt and violent individual don’t ever forget back in June of Oh 16 Burn points this out in his piece.

In June Of 2016 More British Voters

voted to leave the European. Union that had ever voted for any party in the nation’s history seventeen point four million votes, a larger number than have voted for any party in Britain‘s history and that was after months of discussion months of discussion dominated by PRo remain leaders in both Pardis and Labor and and then David Cameron’s Conservative Party as well as in the Ultra program may remain UK. Despite 24/7 Pro remain coverage 52% of British voters voted to leave period. They voted to leave theNK] and his borough notes here we are more than three years later and Britain Hasn’t left you had the feckless leadership of Theresa May, who was herself a remainer, making unilateral concessions to the UK negotiator guided by PRo remained career civil servants, which resulted in a deal that got rejected on three separate occasions by the House of Commons by a margin nearly two. Two to one did they have an alternative absolutely not the UK offered no coherent alternative to Mays feeble attempts at agreements with Brussels, which of course were unacceptable and then Boris steps in and says one way or another we’re out of here we’re out of here By October 31st come Hell or high water and the elites in Westminster in both parties and UK flip out and the unmitigated got they had the unmitigated gall of claiming that Boris Johnson’s attempt to fulfill the express wishes of the British people was undemocratic and as Barone notes as all of this is going on you have the elite media on both sides of the Atlantic expressing their contempt their hatred for these Verdes ignorant and bigoted voters that have unleashed this blatant attack on the moral superiority of globalist structures and arrangements and leaders so then you go across.

The Pond Over To The States Right You

find Times” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>the New York Times actually deliberately skewing their coverage of President Trump in order to court far left activists. It had to do with a headline that followed the deadly mass shootings in Texas” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>El Paso Texas and Ohio” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Dayton Ohio. The New York Times led with their first edition. Since Trump’s comments on the shootings. They led with the headline Trump urges unity versus racism.

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Do You Remember That Trump Urge Unity Versus

racism that was the headline and of course the whole notion here was that Trump had denounced racism as by the way he always does so Trump denounced racism and the New York Times ran inappropriate headline. Trump urges unity versus racism, but then left us freaked out on Twitter over this headline because they believed it made President Trump, who to them as the most horrible racist. Since Hitler actually look relatively respectable, so left us flipped out and they threatened to boycott the New York Times so the second edition that ran that very same day actually changed the headline. They changed the headline to Trump assailing hate but not guns. Trump assails hate, but not guns, which is more compatible with the sentiments of the Ultra-left and then we know from remarks at a business meeting by the executive.

At The New York Times That

after the collapse of the whole Russian collusion fee asked the fabrication The Times decided that they were going to make racism an issue for their coverage over Trump and what bro notices here is that there’s no question from all this that there is a growing divide characterizing both sides of the Atlantic and that’s a divide between the globalists, elites and nationalist populist and the hatred that the globalist elites have for the Nationals Pappas could not be more ranked and explicit they don’t even they don’t even hide it anymore and that hatred has blinded them. It’s blinded them to the fact that they are becoming more and more totalitarian, dictatorial and anti-democratic by the day remember a number of scholars recognize that the nationalist populist movements throughout Europe throughout the United States throughout Latin America are not about squashing democracy. Actually all about celebrating and wanting more democracy. They want more referendums, they want more elections They want more of a say in what actually goes on in their national governments.

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Theyre Tired Of This Globalist Elite Putting

their interests a bunch of the interests of Asian culture custom and tradition and that’s why I believe we’re seeing the beginning of the end here. This is global isms last-gasp. This is where we see them begin to slip from power and they will mark my words When they slip from power they’re done. It’s over the globalist interlocking structures will have been dislodged beyond repair and they know it.

This Is What They They Know

they’re fighting for their very lives here, but it’s all too little too late. A nationalist populist uprising has dawned on both sides of the Atlantic and there is nothing nothing whatsoever The globalists can. to ultimately stop it as always please like comment and subscribe check out some of our awesome nationalist populist and traditionalist merch at the links below and please click on either our patron subscribes or a bait bow links below and consider becoming a monthly support of this channel and help us to continue analyze current events a lot of super awesome conservative trends, so you can live in the present in light of even better things to come.


September is National Preparedness month and an honor that My Patriot supply is offering you $100 off a four-week emergency food supply . The way we protect our loved ones is by preparing for emergencies and no one makes that easier or more affordable than a good friend of this channel and that’s my Patriot supply I know you know them well . We’ll also be looking at why the latest power grabs in Westminster and Beyond are nothing more than the last gasp of an old political order that’s ready to once and for all collapse . Remember the pollsters. Are there everyone we do appear to be seeing the last remnants of a globalist dictatorship as elite show contempt for voters on both sides of the Atlantic that’s what’s what we’re talking about on today’s video We’ll look at why we’ll also look at the latest political power grabs are nothing less than the recent power grab in Westminster . We’re also looking at what we believe to be the final gasp of the old political orders ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video