Google PANICS and BACKSDOWN over MASSIVE BACKLASH Against Their BANNING Conservative Sites


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Google Panics As It Faces A Massive

backlash against their latest attempt at banning conservative sites. In this video, we’re gonna take a look at how big tech in the mainstream media got caught actively attempting the censer conservative opinion and how the backlash even among their mainstream colleagues and the woke media is causing both the government to get involved and Google to back down you are not gonna want to miss this greetings everyone dr. Steve here with you great to be with you as always if this is your first year a time here at this channel I post two videos a day analyzing current events and lies some super awesome conserve trends so you can live in the present in light of even better things to come so if you haven’t already done so you know what to do make sure to smack that Bell and subscribe Button be an absolute privilege to have you so a regular part of this channel where each and every day we have the privilege to celebrate the collapse of left-wing globalism and the unstoppable rise of a new conservative age and if you allow me let me tease you a bit here we are excited to let you know we got a major announcement coming next week. Now you’re not gonna want to miss it okay. Not gonna tell you what it is, but we have some huge changes that are coming-Torelli talks I think you’re gonna absolutely love it so stay tuned.

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start with our video chat question of the day. Do you support the government cracking down on big tech Let us know in the comments section below Do you support government coming on in and once we’re all regulating Google and Twitter and Facebook and big text social media in general because really in many ways looks like they’re syncing themselves and asking precisely for that we already have the executive order from President Trump and now we’re fine we’re gonna find that even Attorney General bar looks like he’s getting involved in terms of reining in big tech censorship once and for all but first Father’s Day is here and you can now. Now let Dad put floodlights anywhere he wants around the home or office without spending a fortune the brand-new ultra bright wireless floodlight makes it incredibly easy to light up all the dark spots in your yard. You can stall it anywhere because it’s wireless and you never have to worry about buying batteries because it’s solar-powered with a high-powered battery storage pack. It’s equipped with motion detectors and it becomes an entertainment light for the patio and the barbecue with just the click of a button so best of all if you click on the link below that button down there right now you get over 52% off as well as free shipping so what could be better so Don’t wait click on that link below and get Dad the perfect gift this Father’s Day all right gang let’s dive right here some amazing stuff it looks like Google.

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The Line Now I Know Things Are Incredibly

discouraging out there when it looks like no one in the Republicans is fighting for us. No one’s standing up to the big tech tyrants and they’re silencing and censoring of conservative voices. I know believe me I know, but inevitably inexorably that’s one of my favorite word’s inexorably the left always goes too far it always does just like the UK movement right. They think they’re untouchable. They think they’re politically beyond reproach and then all the Sun and they end up getting caught doing something that everyone around them kind of goes yeah.

They Get Caught And Theyre Looking Around You

know for people waiting for them to bend the knee towards him and all they see are these blank incredulous stares with mouths open, saying you did what and it looks like We’re witnessing precisely that kind of moment. For the leftist radicals overseeing big tech as well as the cultural Marxist over at UK Now if you don’t know what’s going on Both Google and UK are facing an enormous backlash for punishing two conservative news sites or what they claim was supposedly offensive and racist coverage of the George Floyd protests and black lives matter movement. Google announced that they had banned Zero Hedge and the federalists from their advertisement platform. Google ads following a complaint made byNK], which UK then reported on now that’s how it was first reported as you can see. It was originally reported that UK News verification unit Lobby Google to ban the news sites because they carried content they claimed was offensive towards the black lives matter movement.

But Then We Learned That Uk Actually Boasted

about teaming up with a far left-wing organization called the Center for countering digital. Hate and here’s the thing it’s not just a far-left outfit. It’s also a foreign far-left outfit. It’s a British organization so now it’s coming out that a foreign agency is influencing big tech censorship here in the States and UK is celebrating it here’s. The now deleted tweet celebrating the successful banning of these Sciences comes from Adele Moko Frazier of UK who thanks the British Centre for countering digital hate for all their hard work and collaboration and oh by the way Hey what woke tweet would be complete without hashtag black lives matter well needless to say frankly that was it and some now various media outlets are actually coming out and pushing back against this big-time Washington Examiner wrote a scathing piece accusing UK of officially becoming a far left activist organization which of course we knew beforehand but now again you know they went too.

Just Team Up With A Foreign Far

left organization to de monetize and punish and ban these conservative websites. They actually came out and publicly boasted about again. I just want that to hit you our mainstream media. Our Free Press is now in the business of actively silencing free speech, our so-called Free Press. Our Free Press is actively seeking to censor and silence even UK if you could believe it even UK is admitting this UK Editor Kyle Fletcher tweeted out welcome to get websites you don’t like de monetized by Google isn’t journalism its activism right which is why we like to call the mainstream media on this channel left-wing activists disguises journalists have you noticed how we on this channel are always a little ahead of the curve here as Bruce Willis said and Diehard Welcome to the party Pal right Stephen L Miller of The.

Out The Federalist 1/2 Reporting Half Commentary

website you don’t have to agree with the commentary. The fact Google andNK] News are down defunding websites over commentary is going to have disastrous side effects and backlash hope they are ready for it and now to make things even more interesting you ready for this. The Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona has gone to attorney general bar to investigate the tech giant over whether it was complicit with foreign meddling in its decision to ban these sites so what do you know Google is starting to panic as it turns out yes the big tech giant’s can bleed and there’s certainly sweating bullets. Google‘s backtracking on the ban. There have come out and said that UK report got it wrong.

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The Federalists Was Notified That They

could be demonetized, but that hasn’t happened yet we promised in fact in fact. fact Google is emphatically denying that the Federalists was ever demonetised and they’ve in fact stated that they have no plans on de monetizing conservative site since the matter as far as their concern as far as Google is concerned has been resolved so what are we seeing here well first off like what we’re seeing with the backlash against black lives matter you can always count on the left going too far now I don’t know I mean there’s a part of me that thinks maybe maybe we can actually redeem the feckless cowardice of Republicans because when they don’t act, They don’t do anything that just seems to have the effect of embolden Emboldened the left to become even more brazen and more overt in their cultural Marxist activism that neva tably turns off a center-right nation so in one sense. I think we’re just seeing the natural. of the political left being the political left right we’re seeing that the natural consequence of the left going too far but from another vantage point. I think we’re seeing the beginning of the end of the big tech in terms of the government keeping their hands off now we of course have Trump’s Executive order, which has authorized the UK to write up a series of guidelines for American social media companies that will define what content should and should not be removed from their platforms Now.

The Key Here Of Course Is That These

guidelines are specifically for what can or cannot be removed what can or cannot be censored within the confines of the social media’s liability shield, which means the guidelines will make clear where they can overstep their bounds and engage in illegitimate censorship and and hence face the consequences up to this point social. Media Right now is largely treated legally as utilities. Big Tech has been legally recognized as our modern public forum, so we communicate publicly through these platforms and as such, the platform’s are granted immunity by the federal government from being sued as someone uses these platforms in an unethical manner. So just like the phone company can’t be sued as someone was using the phone to arrange a drug deal or a murder and that’s Because of course, the phone company is a legally recognized utility which is no more responsible for how people use their services than is the electric company well. Big UK has been legally granted this immunity and yet they’ve irrigated to themselves.

The The Playing The Part Of

the moral policemen in banning certain voices and opinions while allowing others so imagine UK right one of the our major phone companies imagine UK listens. In on one of your conversations and they don’t like the fact that you like Trump and so they turn around. They terminate your account because they didn’t like what you had to say. I mean that is in effect what big tech is doing that’s what Facebook is doing Twitter and now Google is doing they’re acting like editorial publishers who are responsible for the content that they publish even though they’ve been granted immunity from that content of what they published, so they’re acting like publishers while taking advantage of legally recognized immunity from what they publish and so it’s this contradiction that many have said has to be rectified. It has to be resolved at some point in some way either their utilities, in which case they have to remain neutral and refrain from any interference in the communications of their customers or they do in five.

Have The Right To Censor, But Then They

can indeed be held legally accountable for what gets published on their platform. Since they’re the ones who have the final say on what gets published so I think a combination of the left going too far and President Trump’s executive order is combining to elicit some serious examination that may indeed end big text monopoly over social media now before you go you will definitely want to check out my latest video. I just uploaded on the backlash against the anti-Phyllida Khals. Bikers for Trump are mobilizing to take back Seattle‘s autonomous zone all the while armed citizens are guarding our nation’s monuments could absolutely.


In this video, we’re gonna take a look at how big tech in the mainstream media got caught actively attempting the censer conservative opinion and how the backlash even among their mainstream colleagues and the woke media is causing both the government to get involved and Google to back down . Do you support the government cracking down on big tech? Let us know in the comments section below . Dr. Steve and Dr. Torelli are celebrating the collapse of left-wing globalism and the unstoppable rise of a new conservative age with a major announcement coming next week . Stay tuned to the video chat video chat question of the day. Don’t tell you what it is, but we have some huge changes that are coming-Torelli talks I think you’re gonna absolutely love it so stay tuned to it. Don’t know what it’s going to happen next week. We’re not gonna give you what to do. I’m excited to let you know we got a…. Click here to read more and watch the full video