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Almost As Important As Fighting For The

lives of the most vulnerable is trying to answer the everlasting question, Why do people like Andrew Cuomo Cuomo Kinda reminds me of the fake UK talk guy coming back to the center and slowing my speech lowering the volume of my voice by looking at you directly and by making a list on my fingers. I’ve made you believe there is a point he’s not doing a good job. He’s just implementing these sort of UK talk tricks and he’s press conferences and making everybody think he’s in control well. He is not obviously. One of the keys of doing this is to not say anything of substance overwhelmingly the people were at home where there’s been a lot of speculation about this a lot of people again had opinions a lot of people have been arguing where they come from and.

Where We Should Be Focusing But If You

notice 18% of the people came from nursing homes less than 1% came from jail or prison. 2% came from the homeless population 2% from other congregate facilities. But 66% of the people were at home, which is shocking to us. What does that even mean I don’t even understand that sounds as if he’s saying that most of the cases since they came from home maybe. The lockdown wasn’t a good idea which that’s kind of how it’s been reported, but that’s definitely not what he’s saying as witnessed by this incoherent ramble on Colbert and in a survey of 1,300 new Kovat patients, 66% of them had been staying at home.

Do We Know Why These People Who Are

staying at home we’re still getting sick yeah it’s actually interesting Stephen. The closed-down has worked so well and what we fear didn’t come true. The infection rate is now down to an increase among those people who stay home. Meaning the closed-down is working H I don’t even know what he’s talking about this whole thing is really confusing at this point but as America‘s number one. Cuomo-English translator I think I can help first it’s important to meet every claim from Andrew Cuomo with two pieces of knowledge.

We Know Him As The Cuomo

rules here number one he’s probably lying number two. He probably doesn’t know what he’s talking about which one is it this time let’s start with the actual percentage itself. The media has reported this as 66 percent of hospitalized patients are people who were staying home or maybe 66 percent of transmissions leading to hospitalizations are coming from people staying at home does this. That the lockdown just doesn’t work well first of all how did they get this information They asked people who were hospitalized you know and they came in They said hey you know what how did this happened to you. There has to be some skepticism.

I Suppose On A Poll.

Like this. I mean you’re really gonna tell the government that you were breaking their little quarantine probably not and mobility data seems to show this as well. While 84 percent of people fall into these stay at home category Mobility only shows about a 65 percent drop, so people are clearly still moving around a little bit, even if they’re not supposed to secondly, even if it were true it might not be all that shocking if you’re telling almost everyone to stay home it wouldn’t be all that surprising that most of the cases came from people. Who stayed home that’s where most of the people are obviously if you avoid all human contact you’re less likely to get a virus just like if we set the speed limit to four.

Youre Less Likely To Die In

an accident that does not make it a good policy and just knowing a percentage is meaningless percentage of what when we weren’t in a lockdown we were getting 3,200 new people in the hospital per day in New York now it’s 600 it’s an over 80 and 82 percent drop so even if it was true. It’s not all that notable but here’s the thing Cuomo likes to sit there in front of all of his UK slides and act like. He understands them because it makes him look smart just like the fake UK talk guy well now walk over to my laptop by doing so. I’m demonstrating. to you that as a thought leader I understand technology and that there will be slides because everybody knows that a presentation seems more legitimate than it actually is.

If There Are Slides.

It’s very true let’s take a look at Cuomo’s graphic horse slide one more time. This is where he gets the idea that 66 percent of hospitalizations are coming from people staying at home and it does say 66 percent and home on the same line. I will give him that but look at the other categories 18 percent nursing home 4 percent assisted living facility 2 percent congregate what is a congregate. It’s basically another type of nursing home which I totally knew and did not have to look up so if you were an essential employee who went to work on the subway and caught it there, where would you fall on that chart I.

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Mean The Only Possibility In The Entire Chart

would be other but then why would they go to the lengths to be so specific to break down multiple types of nursing homes, but not even give a category for work. It’s possible He’s just not describing these charts well. I Don’t put it past him, but it does not appear that he actually understands what his own chart is saying to prove this look at the Cuomo flail later on, as he tries to explain another number remember he said already 66 percent of people are at home listen transportation method. We thought maybe they were taking public transportation and we’ve taken special precautions on public transportation, but actually no because these people were literally at home 2% of car services 9% were driving their own vehicle. Only 4% were taking public transportation 2% were walking 84% were at home.

Literally Were They Working No They

were retired or they were unemployed only 17% working h so now it’s not 66% at home. It’s 84% at home and 17% working. I’ll give him the break on the rounding error, even though that does add up to 101 percent. So what the hell is that original chart that he made such a big deal about I’d even understand it the title might give us some hint source of admission in medical lingo that usually means the place that they came to the hospital from but again. This would give no category for anyone who came in from work did zero people come into the hospital from work because that would be I guess a little shocking.

Also You Know Lets Say You Picked

up the virus at work and you got sick and then stayed home like you’re supposed to and. Then it got bad and you went to the hospital, how would you be categorized home that makes no sense and it certainly doesn’t support what he’s talking about I Don’t think that’s what this chart is at all. Despite the title at this point, I will say we’re in speculation mode a little bit because it doesn’t seem like anyone, including Cuomo actually knows what he’s talking about but as hard as it is to believe I think this highly publicized chart is simply referring to the living arrangements of those who are hospitalized like does the person who came into the hospital reside in a private revit residence or a nursing home or in jail or in prison, etc. If so, this is a truly meaningless number. The only way to reason you’d included is to talk about the nursing home thing and it wouldn’t shock anyone at.

All 66% Is Not That High,

so why is Cuomo making a big deal about it let’s consult the Cuomo rules Maybe he just doesn’t understand what he’s talking about that is at least part of it. I think here, but it also made me partially an attempt to redirect us from the real scandal in New York. What is remarkable about his own chart is not that 16% of the population are essential workers and they’re causing 17% of hospitalizations. Considering all the factors you know that many of the most at risk essential workers are not reporting to work anyway and the possibility of a more human contact if they do go to work. This seems like it maybe evens out and it’s about where you expect it to be and you know look it’s nothing to be shocked by the fact that 83% of the population who are non-essential workers or unemployed or retired with staying at home will be causing about maybe a third of all hospitalizations that’s probably lower than you think it would be.

Its The Fact That About 1% Of

the population who live in nursing homes are causing as much as half of the state’s hospitalizations we’ll get into the specific numbers on this coming up but as we discovered and covered in death last week. Andrew Cuomo is a guy who gave the health department an edict which required nursing homes to import Kovat patients and to prevent nursing homes from testing them to stop discrimination against Kovac positive patients. The only rescinded part of that yesterday. took all the way to Yesterday, Yet this guy remains popular somehow among regular New Yorkers and he’s manipulated his own nursing-home scandal into a way to blame the problems on those same regular New Yorkers.

The Infection Rate Is Now Down

to an increase among those people who stay home meaning the closed-down is working we’re down to a level now where it’s pure personal behavior and whether or not you’re wearing a mask and you’re using sanitizer because this is now people who are at home who are not working not taking public transportation that’s the only area that we still see growth and that’s actually good news Hmm. It’s all about your personal behavior and I mean that is true if your name is Andrew Cuomo, but it’s not true for everyone else. It wasn’t the personal behavior of the 80-year-old in a nursing home. of Kovat 19, but somehow the UK talk Magic tricks continued to work on the media if you just look confident and show your fancy powerpoint and of course be a Democrat.

Very Important Part Of This Then You Too

can use these fabulous tips to make your UK talk or press conference truly successful The Andrew Cuomo way one stage walked onstage walk on stage walk on stage. I am a thought leader. You know that I’m a thought leader because I’m wearing a blazer and I’ve just done this with my hands. I’m now going to come back to the center of the stage and give you some unremarkable context about how I became a thought leader let’s look at a picture nice isn’t it that’s where we live what happens if I put some words over it Hmm how about a number I’m going to tell you.

An Unremarkable Story That Seemingly Unrelated And

it’s funny. You’ll know it’s funny because I’m laughing and you were laughing and you’ll ask yourself. What does this have to do with his talk. What is the point well coming back to the center and slowing my speech lowering the volume of my voice graph graph graph graph pie chart statistic how about we end with a question a very big question, What if everybody in this room decided to come together and agree with what I’m saying coming?


Stephen Colbert: Why do people like Andrew Cuomo Cuomo talk tricks? Colbert: “He’s just implementing these sort of UK talk tricks and he’s press conferences and making everybody think he’s in control well.& He is not obviously,” Colbert says . Colbert: Cuomo-English translator: “I don’t even know what he’s talking about this whole thing is really confusing at this point but as America’s number one.& Do we know why these people who are staying at home we’re still getting sick yeah it’s actually interesting Stephen” Stephen: “The closed-down has worked so well and what we fear didn’t come true. The infection rate is now down to an increase among those people who stay home.& Meaning the closed-Down is working H I don’t Even know what I don’t even knowWhat he’s talking about” Colbert: Colbert asks . Stephen: It’s important to meet every claim from Andrew Cuomo with his translator. I think I…. Click here to read more and watch the full video