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So Let Me Start Here Who Were

you 10 years ago well 10 years ago. I was just recently become the president of the foundation for Individual Rights in education that followed about 6 years of me being the legal director and what I was doing. There was. I was following my lifelong dream of defending freedom of speech. I went to law school to do First Amendment work.

Its My Lifelong Passion.

You know my first generation American and I think one of the most amazing things about the u. s. is freedom of speech. Yeah and I and I ended up depending on campus somewhat to my surprise and from pretty much day one I realized that and day one was 2001 for me that thing it was a lot easier to get in trouble on the modern college campus.

For What You Said Said Even Back

then yeah. But what led me down the path to the book? Frankly is a very you know personal story? I always had issues with depression, um you know I just kind of took it for granted. I mean a Russian. Irish you know it just goes with the territory. I assume but I got into a really bad one in 2007.

When I Was About Two Years And My

presidency of fire and what’s and I was I was hospitalized. I actually talked about like how bad it got and what saved me. I’ll say it flat-out is um cognitive behavioral therapy, so I am recovering from this devastatingly terrifyingly, bad depression and I’m learning about UK and UK is as practiced by which you learn to talk back to your own exaggerated thoughts that everybody has to a degree but depressed and anxious people have them in radicular so you. This vocabulary like catastrophizing you know like don’t catastrophize. It’s like well if you’re going to date and suddenly say I’m gonna die alone right you’re Catastrophize right My wife always makes fun of me because I’m also engaged in a lot of binary thinking not that I think it’s good, but I’m always like either dinner is gonna be great or it’s gonna be terrible it’s like they don’t have to remember this you ever heard this song I go to extremes by Billy Joel Yes I have a lot of labeling.

This Was Particularly Interesting For Campuses Is It

these are all called cognitive distortions. These are things that every people do to distort the world around them labeling over generalizing all of these kind of things and as I’m studying these things that are effectively making me well. You know it takes a while it’s a daily. practice it doesn’t work if you just know it intellectually. You have to practice this every day but I was doing this at the same time while I was working on college campuses and I was looking around going wow.

Its Like Every Administrator Is Telling Two Students

by the way everybody should label overgeneralize Catastrophize engage in binary thinking mind-reading all these things that they tell you not to do because they’ll make you anxious and depressed yeah I was like this is funny so while I was defending freedom of speech. I’m also like we’re teaching really dysfunctional intellectual habits on campus, whether we know it or not but thank goodness. The students weren’t watch what weren’t learning it they would at that point back. In 2008 say 2009 students were believe it or not still the best constituency for freedom of speech. They Generally came to the defense of it better so than usually professors and certainly that administrators and so you know it’s like it was I.

We Were Modeling Distorted Behavior But

the students were buying it and then seemingly overnight. In 2013-2014, suddenly the students started demanding people get disinvited from campus at a much faster rate. They were demanding microaggression policies trigger warning policies they’re even being told at places like Oberlin to avoid anything-they had a list of things that a professor should avoid that included anything that touches on racism sexism Classism. It was about 12. What are you talkin you what good book under those circumstances and this really happened very quickly and at that point I was lucky enough to be friends with Jonathan Hi, who became my co-author on this I talked to him about my UK idea and the reason why.

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Was Really Connected It Wasnt Just Me Arbitrarily

connecting these things the students the thing that really made the students different in 2013-2014 was that they were justifying why this person can’t speak on my campus by appealing to sort of a medicalization. They were saying not I’m offended not this person’s evil. I might say that too but they were instead saying it will medically harm me or actually not so much me. It will medically harmed someone some other undescribed person over there they will be triggered by it it’ll be traumatic and you’ll be damaged forever I was like okay. This isn’t wrong like I know enough because I also became kind of a psychology hobbyist after that I knew enough to it was kind of imagining the psychologist who when you come in you know to his office that he’s kind of and he told me.

Shes Like Oh, You Must Be In

danger. You must be in a great deal of danger and it’s like totally dysfunctional, so I tell this to John John gets excited about writing an article with me which is a dream come true for me because I’m you know already a huge fan of his work. He wrote a book called The Happiness Hypothesis, which I was a huge fan of also the righteous mind of course and so I was thrilled to write this article with him. And so we wrote an article called Coddling the American Mind which came out in the summer of 2015 and it solved everything and that’s how we fix it and we were waiting get our heads chopped off basically because we’re taking on all these sacred cows in higher education and making the point that this these are dysfunctional. These are teaching.

People Bad Habits Of Free Speech, But Theyre

also teaching them teaching the habits of depressed and anxious people and then things got so much worse on campus the fall of 2015. Some absolutely great PRo protests in the fall of 2015, but others of them they were demanding you know that was the famous Halloween costume fight over over at Yale. That was the we talk about a case in the Dean Spellman at Claremont UK College, where she clearly tried to write a letter that was very sympathetic to a student, but talked about this idea that that people had said that she didn’t fit into the Claremont UK mold. They interpreted this as if she was some howling racist and got her kicked off of campus and then things just seemed to get worse and for the first time ever of course. In 2017 we start seeing.

Real Large-Scale Violence And Response To Speakers On

campus and and also Weinstein Yoga, J’s y-yeah. He had that’s terrifying figure is heavily in the book because his story is just so amazing anyway. I always have to remind people. You know what was he saying he was saying I actually don’t think it’s a good idea to divide this campus in terms of race because they literally were telling white professors and white students right to get off campus as some kind of social experiment that was supposed to be healthy if you know basic group group polarisation psychology know you’re actually just going to make it worse. Weinstein was entirely right but he was also an old-fashioned you know old-fashioned as of like you know.

Maybe 2010 Used To Think About Actually

wanting people you know to meet friends and talk across right across very syllabi so let. questions sure one define what liberal means today that’s an excellent question. I’ve wanted to write an article called the crisis and vocabulary you know with a beta animation mark at the end of it. Who knows yeah I don’t know what a conservative means I don’t know what a liberal I’ve always considered myself a classic liberal yeah, but that’s always been murky to say because we were like what is that yeah. It’s somebody who believes in rights right, but people you know you used to be lived in San Francisco you were UK you were a cop if I’m not mistaken more of a classic liberal exactly so classic liberals that doesn’t even seem to play a role in so many people’s lives now yeah it’s it’s very strange because we my father you know.

Hes A Russian Refugee And And He

talks about how some of the shifting in the term came from the fact that socialist was a really bad word in the U.s. so liberal increasingly came into means believes in civil liberties, which is but also saw a big role government, but nobody was willing to say socialism so whereas like in Denmark. You know they still use liberal to mean someone who leave believes in lower regulations, but also civil liberties that the state should play a somewhat limited role which is more you know the tradition I come from.

I Do Think We Were Done A

little bit of a favorite terminology. Why’s that around this time people started calling themselves progressives. I agree because that gets you back and I know you’re a huge fan of Woodrow Wilson. He all love him love helped create the the country.

My Father Grew Up In Which Was Which

didn’t work out all that well Yeah No it didn’t Yugoslavia Not so successful no. He had a lot of really bad ideas, a lot of really bad ideas okay so the next step on that is you did not get the blowback that you expected for the 2015 article Yes Yeah the 2015 article. You know we’re taking on all these sacred cows and we’re waiting you know it’s like I know they’re gonna come kill us and from person after person from comment after comment we got this was thoughtful we and we’re having the most beautiful thing I read was a was a young woman, writing that her brother had committed suicide by jumping off of a building, and she wrote about how she was in a class where they showed a movie that included a scene in which. someone kills himself by doing that and she realized nobody in that room knew that that had happened to her and being able to be normal and nobody paying attention to her at that moment was the first time she felt normal since their death of her brother, and there were many stories like this about our basic point, saying yes no you’re not making people you’re not do doing people who have aversions to things any favors by saying oh by the way now you can avoid them and the rest your life and that’s something that I have to say over and over again.

If You If You Say Oh

you don’t like spiders okay we’re not going to talk about spiders anything right you’re actually giving them more power right and you can turn something that might just be a strong aversion to something into something that’s. more like a phobia and worst of all you can turn it into something called a schema. Some self–definition, something that you define as part of you and one thing that I think is so messed up about one of the things that you see on campus is we’re doing what I would call negative schema training we’re.

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Frankly is a very personal story? I always had issues with depression, um you know I just kind of took it for granted.& I’m also engaged in a lot of binary thinking not that I think it’s good, but I’m always like either dinner is gonna be great or it’s gonna be terrible.& My wife always makes fun of me because I’m a Russian.& Irish you know it just goes with the territory.& When I was about two years and my presidency of fire and what’s and I was I was hospitalized. I actually talked about how bad it got and what saved me. I’m learning about UK and UK is as practiced by which you learn to learn to talk back to your own exaggerated thoughts that everybody has to a degree but depressed and anxious people have them in radicular so you. Don’t catastrophize.& This vocabulary like catastrophizing you know like don’t catastropize. Don’t catastrophizize….. Click here to read more and watch the full video