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to new Rockstars I’m Sam Basher here with yet another UK rewatch Breakdown We’re currently making our way through the 2014 releases of my personal favorite UK movies came out in that you’re specifically Guardians of the Galaxy. You guys know the drill here’s a spoiler warning for Guardians Galaxies 1 2 of theNK] Gardens Galaxy comics. This is spoiler warning yours gonna be spoilers, What do you want that’s one how it works anyways Let’s kick it off with comic book Easter eggs My favorite Cuz I’m a nerd let’s kick it off with guardians of the galaxy as a whole. When did they Day people well yes Silly Gooses.

They Debuted In Marvel Superheroes Number 18

in January 1969. Now originally they were a team from the future specifically the 31st century and they did include one character from. from this movie specifically Yondu, but he’s very different Don’t worry I’ll get into him a little later in this video, so let’s kick it off with Star-lord. He first debuted in Marvel preview number four in January 1979. He ended up kind of being sidelined as this like side character.

They Saw Out In Space Every Once In

a while as a part of Marvel’s cosmic line of characters, but eventually he got revamped in 2004 to the character that we know now they’re moving forward again. We see Morag, a planet that seems to be housing and protecting the orb that’s also housing one of the Infinity Stones and getting ahead of myself. But Morag isn’t actually a planet within the Marvel Comics universe or Multiverse is actually just a random planet created for this movie, but the name Morag is a tribute to one of the first. leaders in the comics how fun I didn’t want to point out the star Lords mask is pretty similar to the more revamped style of his helmet In the comics. I also want to point out that in the movie Peters Guns are more just like Blasters.

I Got Like Two Little Barrels

on the top and bottom of them. But originally in the comics they are actually called element guns, meaning they can control the elements. They can you know control rocks or lightning or you know freeze stuff that kind of thing, and during this opening scene when he’s dancing a lot of people online point out this skeleton right here with the kind of horse face might be a Korbinite which korbinite is the race of Beta ray bill Beta Ray Bill here’s a character from the comics that gets a Thor Hammer. It’s called Storm Breaker. And we always wanted him pop up in the Thor movies, but that never really happened also worth pointing out that we see the Power Stone for the very first time in the UK, which is inside the orbits.

The Uk Of The Movie.

I do want to point out that the Henchmen type aliens that are bang out Ronin and his cronies are Sekar ins orsic Aryans. However, you’d like to say it now we do know what Sekar is now in the UK. It’s actually like one of these set pieces for Thor Ragnarok, but originally in the comics a car is a planet that the Hulk gets sent to in a form of exile. He ends up being the ruler of it.

Also Wanted To Point Out That

we see a troll doll a number of times in this movie. Originally appearing in this opening scene. We see the giant cassette you know display inside of Peters ship The Milano. A lot of people have said that this troll is a nod to Pip the Troll from the comics, who is a character that has a lot of dealings with Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, which is the basis of the Infinity. You know War movie that’s coming out soon but our main villain of the film is part of the Kree Now Who are the Kree Well originally they premiered in Fantastic Four number 65 in August of 1967.

Theyre One Of The Most Popular

alien races in Marvel Comics. Now let’s talk about one of the other villains from the movie Yondu Now in the comics. He originally appeared in Marvel Heroes number 18 in January 1969. Now originally in the comics he’s not Kree, but eventually in volume 2. He’s established as being Kree originally he’s from Centauri for sure I’m saying that right and he is the last of his race now.

In The Comics, He Does Have

blue skin, and he does have a red fin which we actually see a more comic accurate one in Volume 2 where we get a little nod to it with me like shaved down form of the fin. In Volume 1. Also he does have an arrow in the comics, but normally has a bow that goes along with and he just fires it conventionally, but he does have a whistling technique that allows the arrow to change directions. Midair also worth pointing out that the Ravagers Yondu’s team of pirates have the same logo for the Guardians of the Galaxy that they have in the comics if you see that little badge looks like a flame a little bit. That is the audience of the galaxy official symbol also worth pointing out that the dark Aster Ronan ship was an original creation for the movie and it is awesome, but speaking of Ronan.

He Originally Appeared In Fantastic Four Number 65

in August of 1967. Now he is usually a villain, but sometimes he’s more of like a noble warrior who always defends the Kree no matter what and there is some auditor that makes him a far more interesting character than just murder Burger. Everywhere you dub me in the galaxy. Also his costume is very similar to the comic book costume Oh My God I’m already sweaty keeping it going with the villains. We also meet nebula for the first time in the UK Now.

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She First Appeared In Avengers Number 257 In

July of nineteen 85, now originally instead of being the adoptive daughter or whatever. daughter of Thanos in theNK]. She was the granddaughter of Thanos in the comics and she plays a huge role in the INfinity Gauntlet storyline again when I said the basis for the infinity War movie Pretty Cool that also brings us to Gamora, who first appeared in Strange Tales Number 180 in June of 1975. Now her family was killed by religious extremists on her planet and she was kind of rescued and were brought in by Thanos and was raised to be the deadliest woman in the Galaxy I’m doing air quotes Cuz that’s the term they actually use in the comics, and she is cybernetically enhanced in the comics as well now Nebula Gamora aren’t really sisters in the comics, but that is a very interesting take to add to theNK]. I think it adds a lot speaking of alien worlds let’s talk about Xand.

About Xand Are The Home Of

the NOva Corps Now! This planet first appeared in NOva number one in September 1976 and this brings us to Rocket Raccoon Hooray. He first appeared in Marvel preview number seven in June of 1976. Now originally he’s from the planet half world where animals are experimented on and enhanced biologically and with some techne actually see some of the tech implants when Rocket is you know shirtless and after taking a shower in the kiln, The Kilns very important the comics too I’ll come back to that in a second, but let’s talk about Groot our favorite group. He first appeared in tales to Astonish number 13. Originally just a tree based one note villain in the comics it wasn’t really until the 2000s when he was reimagined as a hero.

Also I Wanted To Explain Why

he only says I am Groot. Because in the comics, it’s explained that his language is so difficult to understand because his Larynx is stiff because it’s made out of wood, but that’s why it sounds like I am Groot. He’s actually saying more things. I am Groot is more complex than that but only a few people can understand it all so that brings us to the Nova Corps. They are very different from the comics for the most part.

The Symbol Is Pretty Similar To

the Nova symbol that is in the comics, but they first appeared in Fantastic Four number 205 and April of 1979 and basically their spacecrafts now let’s get to the lineup scene. There are a couple fun Easter eggs here, but let’s focus on the good ones like when Gamora shows up we see that she’s a part of the Z oh. They’re re people, which is a nod. to her race in the comics, I just had to sound it out this in Wales and get through that word Also when it gets to rocket. We see a half world mention the plant where he comes from.

Also The Name Lila, Which Is An Acquaintance

so significant other sometimes in the comics to Rocket let’s move on to the kiln. The prison that the Guardians are sent to. This is a prison in the comics, but it looks significantly different as kind of orbs All put together. It’s also a power plant, but it’s like the prison. You can’t break out up.

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I Guess Who Breaks Out Of

it. I mean characters because they have to do the rest of the movie, but moving forward. Let’s talk about Drax the destroyer, the final Guardian member to join the group Hooray now in the comics Ridge ”’l UK he. is not an alien. He was a human on Earth whose family is killed by Thanos, but then cosmic beings take Arthur Douglas.

His Soul Put It In A

more powerful body and he becomes Drax the destroyer. His main purpose in life is to destroy Thanos. You kids cheering also of course I gotta mention. He first appeared in Iron Man number 55 in February of 1973, then moving forward to the fan of scene with Ronan. This place is called the Sanctuary where Thanos seems to be hiding out, but in the comics Sanctuary is actually the name of Thanos ship.

His Scheme Chin Forward We Meet Tan

Illya-Van-Von. However, you want to say it. He first appeared in the post-credits scene for Thor The Dark World aka the Collector. He first appeared in Avengers number 28 in May of 1966. He is an 1966.

He Is An Elder Of The Universe Someone

who’s been there forever and he collects things but moving forward to the collection for the collector. We meet Cosmo the Space dog and we actually had a fun nod to Rocket Kosmos relationship in the comics Yes. They have a relationship because he’s a telepathic dog. Not just that he’s a telepathic Russian dog.


He was a Russian test subject for spaceflight and eventually ended up in nowhere and he became the head of security for this giant head. But he first appeared in Nova Vol 4 number 8 in January of 2008 Wow He’s a brand-new Lee boy also during the final fights and after we loseNK] we get the name drop for Guardians of the galaxy. Ronan gave him the name that’s amazing yay. We didn’t get a couple post-credit scenes but the one I.

To Focus On Is The Final

one where we see COsmo is now free. Hopefully that means that he’s now going to be in charge of nowhere. Maybe the security force which would be pretty cool but hey can’t wear them all and I want to mention Howard the Duck. He’s free.


Sam Basher is currently making our way through the 2014 releases of my personal favorite UK movies came out in that you’re specifically Guardians of the Galaxy . He says the name Morag is a tribute to one of the first.& leaders in the comics how fun I didn’t want to point out the star Lords mask is pretty similar to the more revamped style of his helmet In the comics. In the movie Peters Guns are more just like Blasters. I got like two little barrels on the top and bottom of them. But in the movie the guns are more like Blaster. I also want to . point out that in the . movie the . guns are just like blasters. But originally in . the comics the guns were just like the ones in the movies. In this movie they were just the guns. The characters are just the weapons. The film is just a fun way to interact with each other. It’s a great way to make fun of each other and it’s fun to…. Click here to read more and watch the full video