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Bosse in Guardians of the Galaxy proved that comic book movies can look like comics and not apologize for characters who just happen to be green or purple or blue or trees or raccoons. I’m Sorry Trash, Pandas James Gunn’s World-building his humorous soundtrack ranked Guardians near the top of our Infinity Saga Rewatch series because each repeat viewing reveals overlooked secrets including one maddening mystery Easter Egg that still remains hidden and We’ll talk about that bastard. The film opens with young Peter Quill with a mixtape given to him by his dying mother. The awesome mix Volume one and its sequel Vol. 2 are the beating heart of these films.

Gun Actually Writes In The Tracklist Into The

scripts a rare move since music licensee and isn’t always guaranteed and he recently tweeted how he selected all the songs from Meredith’s. of view Gun makes each song diegetic playing from an audio source in the scene really we are listening in on an ongoing conversation between a mother and her son. This first track is I’m not in love by 10cc about a guy reluctant to tell a woman. I love you reflecting Peters reluctance to take his mother’s hand. Meredith is played by Laura Haddock, who also played a cap fangirl.

Dawn Says Theres No Connection Between

the characters. Meredith does give a hint to volume to hear thank you and he was Meredith’s description of the ego is pretty accurate sadly her brain tumor was given to her by ego. Peter gets abducted and screams his core desire. In this film plenty of discussion about Peters lineage on his father. ‘s side, but not enough talk about his mom, but I believe Meredith Quill is the secret to this whole.

Film On To Morag Peter Dances To

read bones come and get your love and ride heard this being his mom’s playlist the love he’s after is hers with a power stone, bringing him even closer to her something more machine could never understand. So he’s an idiot yeah Peter dances Pat’s a skeleton with a horse face similar to the Korbinites Beta Ray Bill becomes Thor in the comics actually made another video recently about who this Skelton could have been and how he could tie into Thor war Check it out Peter’s history scanner shows a girl with a dog. This is James Gunn‘s dog Dr. Wesley von Spears R. i.

P Hooch Also Cameos In Volume To

Peter’s face mask admits from Tech behind his ear. It’s actually the same Krei tech that Carol Danvers uses in Captain Marvel Ashley later in this movie, Peter mentions a tussle with a Kree girl right here at Kree girl tried to rip out my thorax. She caught me with this skinny little ass cam earring but I’m pretty sure it’s been confirmed that this was not Carol Danvers now this Morag temple. The close-up on the orb way and me show up to steal it and all evokes. The opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark a parallel that Brody actually alludes to an end game with over woman.

This Is The Part Where You

know spikes come out with skeletons on the end of them and everything what are you talking When you break into a place called the Temple of the Power Stone. There’s gonna be a bunch of booby traps okay okay go ahead. Later in this movie, Peter compares the orb to famous movieNK] like the Lost Ark So this orb has a real shiny blue suitcase. Ark of the Covenant Maltese Falcon sort of vibe Korath arrives and his soldiers are sick Oren’s, meaning they are from the trash planet that later shows at the door Ragnarok. Peter escapes in a ship called the Milano after Peters childhood crash Alyssa Milano in his hookup Beruete is wearing these same summer camps shirt that Peter was abducted in Peter’s tape deck includes a troll doll the same one he trolls Yondu with at the end.

There Are Also Some Alf Stickers In This

cat eating alien life.-form actually appears in the Infinity, Gauntlet comics and then rate before Yondu calls in you can see Peter swiping through photos of other females on what I seem to be a galaxy’s version of tinder. Yondu, Crag Lin and the other Ravagers where this patch now that’s actually the logo of the Guardians in the comics of all these characters actually only Gandu was an UK Guardian in the comics Taller Fin, which was more accurate in volume-and his Yak I Arrow in these movies is adapted from his archery. In the comics he controls a via whistling and his fin which lights up when he uses it onto Ronan ship called the dark Aster. Now you may have noticed these coordinates under each location as I mention before James Gunn announced that he hid an elaborate Easter egg throughout this film.

Over The Years, Clever Youtubers Like

Mt Great Guy have gotten close by focusing on these coordinates and now there is this amazing a discord community All the Guardians egg basket where Folks waste smarter than I am have been able. able to decode the phrase this is mom’s cancer. This isn’t real in the name Meredith Quill, which when these geniuses have tweeted this at James Gunn. He has responded with grades of 50 to 70% correct They are so close and I highly encourage you to help him crack it. They are definitely on to something with Peter’s mother, her cancer and maybe her connection to reality being the secret to this film maybe the Easter egg or maybe This will end up being just a hot take from a man-child seeking life lessons from Marvel movies we meet thanasis adopted daughters.

Gamora And Nebula Was To Meet

Ronan, a war hungry Zealot of the Kree Empire, an empire whose S Hillary has explored more in Captain Marvel. The ship was designed to resemble a mausoleum when he crushes a head the blood trickles down into a place where. Sleeps, meaning Ronan literally sleeps in the blood of his enemies that’s why fantasies later threat to him feels so personal return to me again empty-handed Babe the Starways on Tues and our home at the NOva. Corps hooded by Nova Prime Rocket and Groot scan the locals for bounty including Stanley. The alien letters on a screen translate to Stan’s catchphrase of Excelsior but perhaps more interesting there in the scroll language was this really not they try to capture Peter doesn’t distinguish between genders guess his race reproduces Asexually.

They Get Arrested And On All Their Booking

screens are hidden. Some fun Easter eggs let’s bring him down with the screen down. Mora is listed as the last survivor. The Z Ho Brave people a massacre that we actually see in infinity Ward’s, suggesting that Thanos’s crusade to save populations by killing half of them. Doesn’t really work.

Too Well.

It also lists a bunch of cybernetic enhancements and ocular and respiratory implants. Rocket screen is very interesting. It lists his origin as Half World Rockets Origin in the comics world where animal-like test subjects live. It also lists the name Lilah, who is Rockets significant other in the comics now of course, there’s definitely more to Rockets backstory Gunn has stated that volume 3 will explore the mystery of which scientists engineered him many over the years have speculated that could be the High Evolutionary Herbert Wyndham Group Screen identifies his species the Flora Colossi from Planet X.

Now I Actually Go Real Deep Into Groups

of biological secrets and the next episode of the big question be sure to check that out Peter screen lists his aliases Spacelord since Roman day refuses to call him Star-lord Oh Sorry his middle name its Jason as a nod. His father in the comics, It also lists one count of illegal manipulation of Agar motion. Duchess Promotions are an obscure alien race in Marvel Comics. Peter also has a universal translator implant, which is a really clever piece of world-building by James Gunn for them to you so now whenever cosmic base characters speak what we are hearing is their translator implants at work just kind of solves a lot of problems they’re taken to the kill in prison and their prison. Garb is marked with these barcodes for the number and type of crimes that committed black for murder other colors for arson Burglary serious bodily harm the thicker the bar, the more serious the crime saga Juarez’s asleep Black UK is a killer.

Some Can Miios In This Prison The Monstrous

alien it’s Nathan fillion and the older inmate who shouts is a cameo by Lloyd Kaufman. Filmmaker and mentor to Gun Peter stops tracks from killing Gamora by showing him his scars you caught me with this skinny little Oscar Marion, who worked in NOva Records. I was trying to get information and we’re seeing Oscar Berrien tentacles needles for teeth. I think I’m seriously interested in that you don’t carry this gross mental image is so scoring for Drax. You can’t help but use it to identify Peter later and we get our introduction of Josh Brolin as Thanos and UK This take on Thanos as well as the origin story of the Infinity Stones was a task left to James Gunn by Marvel Studios.

So Really The Biggest Step Forward On

the march to the Infinity War was all thanks to this film. We had our first team of shot of the Guardians in the midst of their Prison Break now my breakdown of. The Avengers talked about how it’s really redemption story but Guardians of the Galaxy is a redemption story that’s really true er to the ragtag spirit of the Marvel Comics. Gunn described The Avengers as the Beatles with the Guardians of the Galaxy like the Rolling Stones, whereas the Avengers always have one foot set in reality Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t have feet in his tentacles and all 12 of them are in different dimensions. Peter can’t escape with them until he returns for his mixtape again.

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His Connection To Meredith Is The Key Here

the song here is Rupert Holmes escape reflecting the Guardians escape, but also a song about a missed connection and surprise homecoming. Just like how Peter is trying to make up for his missed connection. They plot their next move on the Milano or if you want to blow up lose no one’s blowing. up wounds later in Infinity War, Thanos does end up using the Power Stone to smash a moon into pieces. They arrive at Nowhere, which is inside the severed head of a celestial.

In The Comics, The Celestials Actually Killed By

the Symbiote deity no using all Black the Necker Sword. Many of theorized that this giant skull once contained the brain that later became Peter’s celestial Father Ego Groot sprouts a flower gives it to a young girl I know Maj do these seen in the classic film Frankenstein. Luckily Groot doesn’t drown this girl in that yellow Spinal Goop is where I thought that was going Peter shares his mom’s mixtape with Gamora explained to her the plot of Footloose and how Kevin Bacon save the day by dancing a joke that comes back and infinity War told not to dance off to sue viewers what dance-off it’s. A it’s not a tie it’s not I can suppose to move exactly photos is it still the greatest movie in history. It never was I think about it.

Peters Dancing As A Passion Inherited From

his mother. Her music attracted ego and led to Peters creation Meredith legacies for her son to teach the galaxy how to dance and notice the setting here. Peter and Gamora look like they’re in the eye of that celestial skull. If that theory is right and this is ego skull kind of interesting to think that it’s like Peter’s father watching Meredith’s legacy dance on tracks and rocket drunkenly fight stupid. He does why did it have to get made I didn’t have to be torn apart and put back together all over to some monster.

Another Clue Pointing To Rockets Mysterious Surgical Origin,

but also a reflection of all the guardians here. Each of them are broken toys packed with implants their bodies considered disposable until the Power Stone tears their flesh apart. It also brings it back together even poor splintered groups. The collector Taylor Devon returns to the Dark world Post-credit scene his vault is filled with Easter eggs, most of which by now you’ve probably seen cosmo the telepathic Russian dog from the Guardians comics. There’s also a dark elf from the Dark World and a Chitauri from the Avengers.

Theres A Bunch Of Alien Slugs From

James Gunn’s horror film Slither The organic looking Cocoon that was supposed to be the cocoon of Adam Warlock, but Gunn later retcon that with Ayisha’s Golden Cocoon in the volume to post-credit scene if you look closely you can also see Howard the Duck already in the scene of course we get a better look at him in the post–credits scene. Seth Green, What do you let him Lick you like that for gross Howard returns in Volume two and an Avengers in game. The Power Stone inside the orb was actually originally gonna be read as the Power Gem is in the comics, but Marvel Studios made them change it halfway through production to purple after they decided to make the red Ether in the dark world, which is shooting around the same time to be the reality Stone. The collector alludes to Pat Stone Wielders who disintegrated so those losers must not have been as good of friends as the guardians of improbably. I’d like a side of UK group that he cared about more.

We Also See The Celestial Isan The Searcher

whom I’ve theorized could have been Peters grandfather Egos father. It sounds like we will learn a lot more about these ancient Marvel gods in the Eternals film behind Peter is the close-up of this wall art that was from the Morag Temple earlier. It depicts ancient figures forging these six Infinity stones and the production designers identified these as Death Entropy. Eternity and Infinity Death is of course based on Lady Death in the Marvel Comics the entity that represents all of death and decay in the universe ruin her is Thanos his motive in the Infinity Gauntlet comics opposing death. According to this art is Eternity and his sister Infinity.

In The Comics.

Eternity is another cosmic entity who represents the full embodiment of the multiverse itself to pay for there’s a giant silhouette filled with stars and planets entropy is Eternity Sun locked in another dualistic balanced Eternity creates entropy pulls apart now and volume two. When Ego opens Peters eyes. Peter says in that moment his eyes reflect eternity starscape appearance the more on this possible secret connection. Later Corina Snatches Stone destroys the vault.

The Exterior Wide Shot Appears To Show

the emblems of the six Avengers doors Hammer Mjolnir at the entrance a ring of light that looks like Toni’s Arc reactor, a set of concentric discs that kind of look like cap shield, a radiation symbol for Hulk a red glow beneath the spider-web pattern maybe for Black Widow and an arrow shape amidst the purple glow for Hawkeye. Seeing all these wipe down the blast could suggest the Avengers coming failure against Thanos with the stones. Ronan’s forces arrived with the Ravagers leading to a scramble you are just sister I hated you least nebula is hinted at the other children of Thanos, including the Black Order whom we meet in. Infinity War, Peter rescues Gamora and Gun said he shot these scenes underwater to make the hair float, but it sucked because all the bubbles kept getting in the way. Peter later explained colorful nebulas cloud that surrounds nowhere is just super interesting to me.

Ive Always Wondered If It Could Be

the faults mentioned on that dark world Blackboard the fault is a portal to the cancerverse from the Guardians comics. This imagery shows up later in Peters vision of his mother who was dying of cancer and these colors were the backdrop to Peter and Gomorrah’s moment earlier that Youtuber UK talked about once theorized that this backdrop could actually be eternity sound alike. Gunn denied it, but I do think there’s something here with the connection to Meredith Quill. I think that’s something that came over. Peter was the thought of Gamora as the woman he shared.

His Moms Music With The Woman

whom Meredith wanted him to take her hand after Ronan takes the power stone for himself. Peter forms a plan I have a plan what percentage I don’t know 12% 12% Some saw that’s 12% of the nod to Tony and Peppers 12% exchange and Avengers give yourself 12 percent its credit 12%. An argument could be made for 15. But Gunn has explained that the number 12 is often just using comedy writing for Pacing Rocket is the last to stand doing this little tuck that someone suggested it’s a nod to the Picard Maneuver maybe just Trekkies cleaning all tuxes in homage to their Daddy. In addition to playing Crag Lin James’s brother Sean Gunn did the mocap and onset dialogue for Rocket in all these movies and Rockets, Button here was actually improvised by Sean Gunn We’re all standing up now.

But Should Jackasses Standing In A Circle.

It also shows Rockets Dread that their fates will be the same as the ancient Jackasses standing in a circle. In the battle. The Nova Corps fleet forms a net originally in the Nova fleet was actually just gonna fold immediately as they typically do in the comics and as they did off-screen and Infinity War. The Sisters fight and I like how as Nebula straightens out her parts for hateful eyes always remain locked on Gamora.

It Ends With Nebula Severing Her Own

hand to get away along with Groots severed arm earlier in the leg rocket tricked Peter into getting this continues Pfeif. He’s Weird fades to Ode to Star Wars amputations Row that Cliff who protects them from the crash. This sacrifice inspires all of them to lay down their lives. Like Adam Warlock Groot forms the cocoon that evolves. These misfits into a team a team officially named by Ronan Here Your guardians of the galaxy Eaters things along the broken tape deck, Whoo-chow things are gonna get easier you Champ things are get brighter.

Five Stairsteps Oh Geoff Is Merediths

latest message to her child of strength through times of turmoil. Peter grabs the stone and in this cosmic chaos. Gamora who moments earlier refused. Peters beckon now reaches out. We refused his dying mother’s hand and his whole life since has been listening to his mother to connect with others in a dance to save the universe and again.

Merediths Surroundings Reflect The Colours Around Nowhere.

If you think about it it was nowhere. It’s coordinates that those clever discord decoders translated to the name and Meredith. Now. Peter presumably could hold the power stone because his father ego was a celestial, but again what about his.

Nova Prime Uk Are As A Terran

and earthling, but what if that was just one form that she took. I believe Marvel_Comics_characters:_Q” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Meredith Quill herself could have been one of the cosmic entities from that Morag art watching down upon her son Eternity Infinity maybe even lady Death. Peter and Gamora fooled around fell in love in the eye of Ego as it gazed out upon the surrounding Eternity enshrining how Peters parents fooled around and fell in love to the same playlist in volume to Ego helps Peter see his mother. Peters dance with death. In this moment may be a literal one perhaps that this isn’t real translation that gun graded correct could mean that Peters reality is one set inside the confines of his mother, which is why her music continues to guide him.

Why Egos Brain Tumor Was An Eternity Whyd

cancer and why Peters Saviour. Mentality spans all of existence What does the galaxy ever done for you? Why would you want to save it? Because I’m one of the idiots who lives in it look whether or not this meredith equals space Goddess take is legit. Her secret message is the one that guards the galaxy that misfits can redeem us all if they can learn to dance together Kragle inand Yondu even echo this down plain of egos importance yeah that guy was a jackass. It ain’t always easy to keep these daily doses of distraction coming at you from the blue dungeon time. It’s imaginary here and sometimes I see shapes and the shapes become like friends the best way to wake up from this delirium.

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He Now Lets Drax Pet Him, Which

is crazy normally. He hates us and he does 10 stop briefly, but we see how he eases into relaxation Zere’s and the way his tail drops down. Peter opens Meredith’s awesome mix Vol. 2 and her letter you are the light of my life my precious son, My little Star-lord. Another example of Meredith’s eternal influence Peter stubbornness over Star-lord is because it was his mom’s nickname for him.

A New Baby.

Groot sprouts and continues the dance. Drax disapproves of old dancing Groot stances actually performed by James Gunn himself in Mocap and if you watch all the way to the end credits in the post credits scene. The credits also include that’s disclaimer no raccoons or tree creatures were harmed in the making of this picture.

Closing Image Of This Film Shows The Guardians

of the galaxy in the repaired Milano All this set-Ain’t no Mountain high enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. The second Marvel movie in a road to close out with Marvin Gaye’s vocals, which of course transitions into the Jackson 5’s I want you back. Peter blasts off toward the three sons of Xander. The three stars that actually inspired the Nova course chest logo, but also notice how that distant star has a pinkish hue to it maybe these stars reflect Peter and his family the distant one being Meredith alongside Ego and Star-lord and that distant star is the star that these five guardians led by their star-lord want to get back to what do you think is James Gunn’s deeper secret of this movie.

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James Gunn’s world-building his humorous soundtrack ranked Guardians near the top of our Infinity Saga Rewatch series . Each repeat viewing reveals overlooked secrets including one maddening mystery Easter Egg that still remains hidden and We’ll talk about that bastard . The awesome mix Volume one and its sequel Vol.& 2 are the beating heart of these films. Gun actually writes in the tracklist into the scripts a rare move since music licensee and isn’t always guaranteed and he recently tweeted how he selected all the songs from Meredith’s.& of view Gun makes each song diegetic playing from an audio source in the scene really we are listening in on an ongoing conversation between a mother and her son . Meredith is played by Laura Haddock, who also played a cap fangirl.& Meredith does give a hint to volume to hear thank you and he was Meredith’s description of the ego is pretty accurate . Peter dances to read bones come and get your love and ride heard this being his mom’s playlist ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video