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Guys Welcome To Better Bachelor My Name Is

joker and tonight We’re going to be talking about only fans and they’re making some big changes and maybe the end of the spicy content, which means millions of women are either out of their part-time or full-time jobs. I don’t remember where I first came across this story. I think it was twitter we’re going to get into that we’ve got some losses for the day. We’ve got some dating profiles for the day. This one’s going to be kind of a normal episode which which is very exciting for me um thank you for those of you that keep showing up.

You Know My My Numbers Are Way Off

um last year around this time. I had like 30 000 a month subbing now It’s like 3 000 and my views are down in half, but you know something and I think that’s kind of to be expected because you know you know there’s only so many topics. I can cover on this channel until you repeat a little bit and also you know right now my video and my audio quality and I can’t always edit things the way I like to. But this is going to be a pretty normal episode other than the video and the audio and the fact that I’m in a very small camper so so let’s get started so is this the end of only fans right now there’s a story coming out that not only are they taking away the the ability for people to film themselves outdoors doing spicy activities, but right behind that they came. out and they said you know something we’re gonna be ending the content that’s currently very popular on there because we want to get investment and I think they want to kind of become like a tick-tock thing or maybe get other more influential people to join there and and kind of do like I’m doing over on locals.

If You Havent Been To Mybetterbachelor.

locals. com channel over there you can you can follow me over there and there’s the forums and if you support me. You get unique content of not me doing spicy things for you. Don’t have to worry about that um, but you get unique content and they’re starting live streaming over there.

Dave Rubin, Whos The Creator Of

locals just said that they’re gonna start doing live streaming over there that’s where I’m gonna be doing my live streaming. I’m not going to be. it here on Youtube. It’s not going to start for me right away because of my limited data, but once I find a place to settle in or once. I’m back visiting my family because of my father, I’m going to be doing my live streams over there to subscribers only so that’s the game plan.

Im Slowly Trying To Move More And More

content from here Youtube over to to I almost said only fans over to betterbachelor.locals. com because Susan would just wojisky. I think is how you pronounce um the CeO of of Youtube. She said hey we’re gonna come down on any content that’s that’s very negative and makes fun of people and well that’s kind of what I do is make fun of people doing bad things and stories and things like that so.

I Dont Know If Im Going To

eat it off here but. I got to have a backup plan if I’m going to continue to try to make a little scratch while I’m on the road and to continue to set my message out there. So I’ll still put stuff out on Youtube. You guys aren’t going to be missing much but I’m really trying to put start doing my special events and things over there first the losses um from facts strange factoid. In 2005 a South African man Marius Ells adopted a baby hippo after rescuing it from a river.

Six Years Later, After Years Of

bonding between the two the hippo dragged him into that same river and ate him. The reason why I bring this up is because this hippo is very much like women sometimes you can do all the right things you can rescue them. You can help them you can bond with them and after. six years they’re gonna drown you maybe not in a river, but they’re gonna drown you in debt and maybe drown you in headaches and stress so always remember that that even if you’re good to them you raise you don’t raise them but you help them you get them out of a you rescue them. Hey no guarantees they can always drag you under so always remember that and let’s be honest a lot of women today are about the same weight as as hippos are another loss of the day.


This was a deleted tweet, but someone had captured a screenshot of it. My partner of eight years says he won’t date me anymore if I decide to make and only fans and I think that’s kind of effed up, what do you guys think here’s the thing man eight years she’s gonna start and only fans. She’s gonna show her spicy content to the world and here’s what women don’t I think a lot of times Don’t understand is that guys want a woman that she doesn’t have to be pure as the driven snow because unless you’re unless you’re perhaps in a in a certain country or following a certain religion facts are most women are going to but be with somebody but guys do not want somebody that’s given themselves to everybody because that’s a really special gift that a guy wants for himself and if he starts dating you ladies and all of a sudden. He finds out three of his friends are snickering behind your back because they all had a turn on her guys are not down for that and no one wants to be with a girl being out in public and some dude being like hey.

I Subscribed To.

You on only fans and Oh and nice Bobs or nice vagine or whatever guys are just not into that so that’s an L for her and another one on the same vein. It says onlyfans. com No I don’t want to be your bestie go subscribe though and she leaves a link to only fans and then shortly after that down below the very next post on twitter she makes now that was 52 minutes ago when someone took the screenshot and then one hour ago. So literally eight literally eight minutes after posting that she posts I regret sharing my body with everyone.

Ive Slept With And Thats Just Something I

have to live with yeah once you once you give up that that the flower once you give up that that rose you never get that back and guys when they realize this and find this out They. Want no parts of it and so here’s our main story. Some only fan creators were left scrambling when the platform banned public spicy content without warning um so they basically say here that and this was the first story. I read so I said oh okay maybe they’re not banning it maybe they’re just getting rid of public spiciness. This was the first one I’ll read the follow-up story After this only fans of popular content subscription platform popular among spicy workers quietly changed its terms of service to prohibit any public fun activity.

The New Rule.

According to only fans, terms of service bans any video that was recorded in or is being broadcast from a public place where members of the public are reasonably likely to see the activities being illustrated so a lot of the content you know you got girls in libraries lifting up their. They’re doing upskirt shots, They’re splitting and and having you know their their chesticles fall out . They said look enough of this stuff. This is starting to get crazy we’re tapping out on that so I read that story I’m like okay well.

You Know Thats Really Nothing Here All

they have to do is just film it indoors like they have been but right behind it from the Florida news times go away. I don’t want your pop-up only fan aims to move away from adult content and become more mainstream and is currently working looking for billions of dollars to do so. So they say Roommate’s a popular spicy platform. During the bug only fans it roommates a popular adult platform during the bug only fans. It has become one of the few companies that has continued to make millions as people around the world have.

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Quarantined And Use It As A

way to make money good writing people get paid to write like this stunning and brave bravo. This can change quickly. According to a recent report, only fan aims to move away from spicy content altogether to become more mainstream, but to do so. The company is looking for billions of dollars. According to Bloomberg‘s report only fan only fans name and reputation as a website where celebrities and spicy movie stars charge fans access charge fans access to videos and photos that primarily feature a spicy content.

However, If The Company Succeeds In Its

current business activities everything is changing only fans is looking for investors to move away from spicy content and move to more mainstream media platforms in order to raise funds for new financing with a corporate value of over 1 billion only fans wants to be an online space. Where various celebrities can connect with their fans without the element of spicy content. The company also wants to attract more prominent advertisers admitting that in order to do this the site’s spicy ties need to be removed so as not to limit its economic future. I am period that is that’s a sentence in the middle of this I am period. In 2020 alone only fan sales will exceed 2 billion, which is more than 400 million in revenue.

After The Company Deducts A Standard 20 Commission.

Despite the company’s desire to retain adult spicy content, it is still growing at over 100 percent. According to international sources or internal sources earlier, only fans said that so far more than 3 billion 3 billion has been paid to an estimated 1. 3 million creators on platforms with more than 130 million users, so they’re looking to to possibly lose I. Don’t know I’m sure all 1.

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3 Million Are Not Spicy Workers, But

probably many of them are so probably a million women are going to be out of their part-time or full-time jobs here pretty quick and here’s The interesting thing I think about this is that when a woman relies solely on her looks look. I I’ve met beautiful women. I’ve talked to beautiful women. I’ve dated what I would consider to be beautiful women and the thing that I’ve noticed is usually the more attractive the woman.

The The Less Critical Thinking The Less Shes

able to cope with issues and I’m not saying this in all cases, but a lot of times when you are attractive whether it’s a guy or a girl people kind of trip over themselves to do nice things for you to go out of their way and flirt with you or to be very helpful, especially with women and so they never really have to rely on themselves. So as soon as there’s a problem or a struggle or something they need to go through. They don’t know how to do it so what do they do they try.


Joker says his numbers are way off from last year when he subbed 30,000 videos a month . He says the channel is making some big changes and maybe the end of the spicy content . Joker: “I think that’s kind of to be expected because you know you know there’s only so many topics.& I can cover on this channel until you repeat a little bit and also you know right now my video and my audio quality and I can’t always edit things the way I like to.& This one’s going to be kind of a normal episode which which is very exciting for me um thank you for those of you that keep showing up.& You get unique content of not me doing spicy things for you.& Don’t have to worry about that um, but you get a unique content and if you support me.& If you haven’t been to mybetterbachelor.& channel over there you can you can follow me over there…. Click here to read more and watch the full video