Gun Sales BOOM as Polls Show MAJORITY Fear PostElection CIVIL WAR


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Gun Sales Absolutely Boom As Polls Show

a majority of Americans fear a post–election civil war. In this video, we’ll take a look at the surge in gun buying that’s been going on now for the last few months, how concerns about mass post–election violence or at least in part fueling brand new gun purchases and what scholars are saying are indeed the chances that we may see a civil war erupt. In view of the election’s results. You are not going to want to miss this one greetings everyone patriots all across the globe Dr steve here with you great to be with you as always if this is your first time here with us and you’re looking for some daily encouragement and optimism as well as analysis to help you make sense of these crazy times we’re in we’ve found your oasis in this channel we post two. current events live some super awesome conservative trends, so we can all live in the present in line of even better things to come so if you haven’t done so you know to do make sure to smack that bone subscribe button it’ll be an absolute privilege to have you as a regular part of this channel.

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According To The Fbis National Instant Background Check

system September had the highest number of background checks conducted in the system’s 22 years of existence. When compared to September of last year 2019, gun sales soared from 2. 2 million purchases to nearly 3 million. This September 2. 9 million to be exact again.

This Past September Marked The Busiest September In

the 22 year history of instant background checks. Federal background checks were up by over 400 percent in Delaware and Washington,_D.C.” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Washington DC when compared with September of last year and Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Utah also also a hundred percent increase in September continued the unprecedented surge in gun purchases throughout the whole pandemic period, which has made all the worse of course by the race riots. Gun sales increased nearly 60 percent in August, which is followed by a 135 percent increase in July and even more astonishing. 145 increase in June all told already as of this year, nearly 20 million firearms have been purchased, which is several million more than the total sales in 2019 and we still have three months to go yet in the year. Here’s something that’s absolutely fascinating.

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I Dont Know If You Know This.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, an estimated get this 40 percent of firearm sales in 2020 have been first-time gun buyers that would mean that from January to August over five million Americans purchase firearms for the very first time. Now I wonder how many of them plan on voting for Joe biden and has promised to appoint beto hell yeah we’ll take your ar-15s o’rourke to oversee his gun policy. Now we’re beginning to see what’s appearing to be a major impetus. A major reason for this massive surge in gun sales a recent.

Of Over 1500 Registered Voters Found That 56

percent of respondents said that they expect to see quote an increase in violence as a result of the election. Now they responded by saying that they expected to see riots looting burning and trashing a cities as a response to the outcome of the election, which means at least i’m assuming that a majority believe that president trump is going to win right when trump wins. I mean we really do have the potential seeing some pretty massive violence in our cities. The yougov poll was corroborated by another poll conducted by the engages group that found that 61 of Americans agree with the concern that the United States is on the verge of another Civil war. Interestingly, 52 percent of consumers have stockpiled food or essential goods in anticipation of mass social unrest tied to the outcome of the election.

Now The Notion That The Election

could indeed spark a widespread violence and possibly even civil war is increasingly being seen as a very real possibility. The Washington Post has published several articles of concern that widespread violence isn’t just possible, but is indeed the most likely scenario now what’s so interesting when you read through these assessments they’re all centered around the completely unsubstantiated notion that President Trump will simply refuse to leave office. If he loses the election that’s what’s making these left-wing activists disguised as journalists over at the nation so nervous nation. com I came across this article in the nation entitled Is trump planning a coup d’etat and what they’re so worried about at the nation is that they saw Trump’s actions in Portland where he sent in federal agents to arrest and disband the rioters and looters and antifa linked unrest. There They saw that as basically a dress rehearsal for Trump preparing something similar if he loses the election in November that’s what these far left activists disguise as journalists are so utterly freaked out over it’s actually very very fascinating they are openly recognizing that if Trump wins big on November 3rd.

On Election Day.

He can in turn exploit all the confusion and certainty surrounding the mail-in ballots that have yet to be counted to his own political advantage. In other words, this whole mail-in ballot fiasco that the Democrats thought they could use to basically steal the election. They are now openly fearing that it can be effectively co-opted by Trump and exploited for his own political advantage. He’s going to sow So much doubt and skepticism on the electoral fairness and integrity of the mail-in ballot I’m Indeed he already has he’s going to employ thousands of lawyers to contest every single district and county that he wins on November 3rd to turn around and stop the mail in fraud and they’re very concerned that he’s going to deploy federal agents and in effect militarize the election process.

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This Is This Is How Leftist

liberals are thinking today look at this one. This is a piece by trudy Rubin. The Philadelphia inquirer We’ve talked about this trump’s promotion of armed militias risks stoking civil war. It’s a very interesting piece. She’s clearly a left-wing activist disguised as a journalist, but her concern in the article is that President Trump, however, inadvertently is indeed actively mobilizing armed militias by virtue of his endorsement of them and her point in all of this.

Trump When All Said And Done Is

openly promoting vigilantism like what? According to her like we saw with Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, and that vigilantism is going to inevitably spark a civil war. So there’s no question that when we see polls like these that show a vast majority of Americans fearing post–election, violence and civil war. They are indeed amplifying what the mainstream Marxist media is openly considering and predicting so this obviously raises the question. What are indeed the prospects for a civil war or mass violence post election The good news is that we have some studies on this very question But first I want to make sure you know that we are offering for a limited time my nationalist populist book bundle for a limited time. You can get my five best books on the rise of nationalist populism all over the world, so we’re.

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One Article I Ran Across Drew From Research

surrounding Kenya’s 2007 presidential election where the incumbent president won a win, which sparked ways of protests, riots and ethnic violence where fifteen hundred people were ultimately killed. Another six hundred thousand forcibly displaced and from post-election violence. Scenarios like this social science researchers have identified the social conditions necessary for post-election violence to break out so, for example, one constant for post–election violence seems to be weak political institutions and this is where you know electoral fraud is the norm. There’s mass distrust among the population for the integrity of political institutions and the process and politicians now ironically the author This article actually thinks that somehow the United States is rather immune from this I’ve gotta wonder about that when you have Democrats openly promising to stack the Supreme court and grant citizenship to 15 million illegals and incorporate Washington D.

C And Puerto Ricos State.

effort to guarantee that nationalist populist republicans never come to power again. I I don’t think I don’t see why half the country is going to want to go along with a political system that’s so blatantly and obviously and deliberately stacked against them. A second characteristic of post–election violence is the inability for governments to stop it in Kenya.

Much Of The Violence Was Sparked And

perpetrated by unofficial militias that the government was either unable or unwilling to stop again. We saw this with our race riots in our nation’s cities while they weren’t militia inspired they were allowed to take place as Democrat mayors and city councils deliberately abdicated their law enforcement responsibilities and finally a huge predictor for post-election violence is that it’s happened a number of times before which was the case in Kenya and is certainly not the case in the United States demonstrations. But we have very few of any actual full-blown post–election mass violence in our history, So while scholars tend to see America as relatively immune from widespread post–election violence. I’ve got to admit that I’m not that convinced by their rather unfounded optimism.


I think we are in the midst of a massive clash between the forces of globalism and the forces of nationalism and that clash already has resulted some very significant violence and can most certainly continue to escalate in that violence. We’ll of course have to see how.


Gun sales absolutely boom as polls show a majority of Americans fear a post–election civil war . In this video, we’ll take a look at the surge in gun buying that’s been going on now for the last few months . We’ll look at how concerns about mass post-election violence or at least in part fueling brand new gun purchases and what scholars are saying are indeed the chances that we may see a civil war erupt . In view of the election’s results, we can all live in the present in line of even better things to come . We celebrate the inevitable collapse of left-wing globalism and the unstoppable rise of a new conservative age . Today you can get 51 percent off your order of collagen available at my special website.& Health with now if you click on that link below today you can also get 51 per cent off their order, so do not wait click on the link below to read this article. You are not going to want to miss this…. Click here to read more and watch the full video