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Gun Sales Are Skyrocketing As A Mass Exodus From

Democrat ruined cities is forging a new conservative alliance that may dominate politics like Never before. In this video we’re going to look at the implosion of left-wing cities throughout our nation as more and more residents flee, and how the surge in gun sales. Especially among first-time buyers suggest that a new conservative coalition is forming that may dominate politics as far as the eye can see you’re not gonna want to miss this greetings. Everyone patriots all across the globe Dr steve here with you great to be with you as always. If you’re new to our channel.

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awesome conservative trends. So we Can all live in the present in light of even better things to come so if you haven’t already done so make sure to smack that bell and subscribe Button it’d be an absolute privilege to have you is a regular part of this channel where each and every day we together celebrate the inevitable collapse of left-wing globalism and the unstoppable rise of a new conservative age now before we dive in here let’s give a huge shout out to the sponsor of this video and that’s virtual shield now Gang if you’re not using a VPN or virtual private network on your desktop tablet or mobile device while browsing the internet. Then you really are exposing yourself to a lot of potential danger but protecting yourself online has simply never been easier. Let me show you here’s how all you have to do you get go to virtualshield. com.

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This Mass Exodus Of Residents Leaving Our

nation cities and relocating the safe conservative exurban neighborhoods and this of course began when the pandemic hit but increased dramatically with all the carnage and looting that came as a result of the race riots and that was made even worse than with the democrats political response, which was to largely cut the budgets of police officers, which is just exacerbating the damage So let me give you an example of why people are leaving. I don’t know how many of you saw this. This was a headline that this morning coming out of New York City five wounded including a six-year-old boy and his mom in shooting at Brooklyn Juve. Celebration now the shooting took place around three a. m in the early morning, a hell of gunfire severely.

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People Police Are Still Investigating The Incident And

then right next to that story that article you have this headline man 62 fatally shot walking his dogs outside his Brooklyn home and the article details a tragic well the outrageous murder of a man for no apparent reason. He was shot twice once in the head while he was simply walking his dogs in Brooklyn. But this of course has become par for the course in our Democratic run or we like to say democratic ruined cities like New York, New York being the worst since the race riots broke out a few months back New York City’s murder rate has skyrocketed 50 percent in just the month of July alone. Shootings have surged by more than 358 percent in mid-june when compared to the same time last year that’s an almost 400 percent increase in shootings in New York. And how is the mayor there the ultra-left Bill de blasio responded, He cut a billion dollars for the New York City Police department.

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I Mean The Breed.

He cut a billion dollars and that’s all while the murder rate in New York City and the shooting rate is literally skyrocketing. The murder rate is skyrocketing. The shooting rate is skyrocketing and they have a mayor who actually believes that the appropriate response to all this is to cut a billion dollars from the police department budget and by the way throw law enforcement on the bus. While he’s doing it now needless to say same people people have not been infected with trump derangement syndrome or cultural marxism whatever sane people are leaving New York City in droves and as a result, we’re beginning to see this once great city implode things are so bad that it’s almost.

Becoming Commonplace Now To Read Articles Declaring

the death of New York City. It’s estimated that between March and May of this year okay so that’s. Between the months of March and May three months, New York lost almost a half a million residents. An estimated 420 000 residents left the city. In July.

There Was A Record Thirteen Thousand

apartment vacancies across Manhattan. New lease signings have fallen by nearly 25 percent. New York has seen its average real estate sale price fall by an astonishing 17. 7 percent. Since February CnBc reported a couple of months back the coronavirus epidemic was causing New York’s wealthy to leave the city.

Theyre Taking Their Families And Yes

their money their tax base and they’re moving to the surrounding suburbs and excerpts to escape the crowded lifestyle that became such a hot spot for the coronavirus on the one hand and also. made them so vulnerable to the violence that swept the city during the race riots on the other and as I’m sure you know what’s happening to New York City is happening in the cities all across the nation let’s take. For example, San Francisco rent prices for a one bedroom apartment have dropped there by an astounding 11. 8 percent in the last year and it’s continuing to fall. We’ve also seen residential vacancy rates nearly double they’ve jumped from 3.

9 Percent To 6.

2 percent and commercial rental vacancies have jumped from 5. 4 to nearly 10 in downtown Los Angeles. Condo sales have dropped 42 we could go on and on all right. I think we’re seeing nothing less than the detroit detroitification of our cities Detroit used to be a vibrant city.

Today Its A Thoroughly Depressed And Dilapidated

city right, which as it turns out is becoming the model for what’s happening to every single Democratic-run city in our nation now the ten thousand dollar question all this is whether these largely cosmopolitan liberals who are fleeing the cities are bringing their liberal politics with them to conservative ex-urban neighborhoods right. It appears that that answer is an emphatic no but before we get into that we cannot thank you all enough for those of you who have signed up for our brand new Turley Talks Podcast We are number 23 in the nation of political commentary and with your support. We are fast making our way to number one and so if you own a business and are looking to advertise directly to huge conservative audiences. We have a number of exclusive launch packages for you that will put your. and center before a huge audience of dedicated and loyal conservatives, All you got to do is click on that link below in the pin comment section below and sign up to get more information how your business can flourish as a sponsor of our Turley talks podcast will be an honor and privilege to work together with you to advance conservative businesses throughout our nation all right so as to the question of whether those fleeing the cities are bringing their liberal politics with them.

The Studies Have Yet To Come

in to answer that question definitively, but we do have some anecdotal evidence here that suggests the answer is an emphatic no these refugees from the cities These inn migrants right as they’re called I don’t know that these inn migrants fleeing the cities and resettling in America.’s exams are adopting a highly defensive posture in their politics. In other words, their politics are now all about defending themselves from the urban rot that they fled here’s. Some anecdotal evidence for that gun sales increased nearly 60 in August that followed a 135 increase in the month of July and even more astonishing 145 percent surge in June. All told already as of this year, nearly 15 million firearms have been purchased, which is a million more than the total sales in 2019 and we still have four months to go right including September.

Now Here At Least Is A

potential key to understanding whether those who are fleeing the cities are bringing their politics with them here. It is there are now nearly 5 million first-time gun buyers thus far. In 2020. the national incident criminal background check system database from January of this year through to July has found that get this over 12 million background. were conducted 40 of those 12 million were first-time background checks right making up nearly 5 million brand new first-time gun owners Now Can I ask you a simple question how many of them do you think plan on voting for the democrats who are the ones promising to take away their guns.

One Commentator Put It This Way.

Quote. This is a tectonic shift in the firearm and ammunition industry marketplace and complete transformation today’s gun owning community. These first-time buyers represent a group of people who until now we’re agnostic regarding firearm ownership what we appear to be seeing here.

The Research Seems Its Still Out On This,

but what we seem to be seeing is that more and more de-urbanized populations are taking defensive postures in terms of their politics. In other words, it Appears we’re seeing the emergence of another form of border security right where those who have left their previous urban environments want to build what amounts to be a politically enforced wall to keep the urban rot and decay out of their new exurban lives, so they’re voting defensively you’re not seeing anyone leaving the cities only to vote to defund their police departments in their exuberant neighborhoods. There’s no sign that they’re bringing their once leftist politics with them, which means that this massive restructuring of American life may indeed usher in a more conservative age faster than any of us dreamed so obviously be keeping our eyes on how things develop here but there seems to be little question that as our cities increasingly implode and gun ownership and exurban population skyrocket. We may be seeing a conservative coalition that will dominate politics for the foreseeable future now.

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In this video we’re going to look at the implosion of left-wing cities throughout our nation as more and more residents flee, and how the surge in gun sales suggest that a new conservative coalition is forming that may dominate politics as far as the eye can see . Gun sales are skyrocketing as a mass exodus from Democrat ruined cities is forging a . new conservative alliance that may . dominate politics like Never before . If you’re not using a VPN or virtual private network on your desktop tablet or mobile device while browsing the internet, then you need to download this VPN now to make it even better . Virtual shield is offering our audience 50 percent off all VPN plans and all . premium add-ons so do not wait. Virtual Virtual Shield is offering a . 50 percent of all VPN Plans and all premium add–ons so don’t wait. to make an even better use of the VPN now. to . download the free 30–day trial install it and click connect…. Click here to read more and watch the full video