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Donald Trump Might Get Charged With The Espionage

act is that because Donald Trump is secretly a spy or is that because the Democrats secretly don’t want him running in 2024. Hello, There you 5. 8 million awakening wonders thanks for joining me on this journey of discernment. We’re awakening an inner light that’s already within you. We’re trying to understand truth and all of its complexity come with me on this voyage subscribe now If you don’t subscribe yet and turn on that notification bell we need you on this journey with us now as you know if you’re a regular viewer of this channel.

I Am Not A Pro Trump

maga person. I believe we need decentralized systems and no demagogic figure is going to emerge on the political scene to rescue us from centralized financial and state interests. However, I do think that the Democrat party all be. evolving their policies to be more representative of ordinary Americans of all hues, identities, persuasions and colors rather than simply trying to destroy the opposition by smearing them as spies. Although if Donald Trump isn’t spy God I’d really like to see him as a spikes.

I Cant Imagine Being Subtle Under Literally Eddies

I’m a spy. I’m the world’s best spy nobody spies like me I spied on him. I spied on them. I’m the best spy you’ll ever see nobody cares more about espionage than me. I’m better than Bond.

Im Better Than Born And Better

than all of them like I don’t think that he’s cut out for it so show off Honey you can’t have show offs as a spy. I had a wonderful conversation with Kim Iverson about this espionage Ferrargo. What are the objectives of the FBi Can we trust the FBi? What’s the history of the espionage act is it just the I don’t like you you’re, Julian Assange or Edward Snowden, Don’t tell people stuff We don’t want ordinary people to know it’ll stop them believing in the government, big tech, big pharma, big media, big food, big Agra start making people want to break out and form their own independent communities where we have actual meaningful real power. I asked Kim Iverson about those matters and so much more here’s a part of our fantastic conversation stay to the end because you’re going to be even smarter and I know you’re smart already By the end of this conversation hit me up in the comments below, let me know what you think about it remember to give this video a thumbs up and pass it around what. Do you think given that you know what given what’s happening with the FBi and the current the current investigation and the potential that trump will be charged under the Espionage act, which we colloquially at this channel refer to the we don’t like what you’re saying act the Julian Assange you’re going to jail wherever you are in the world we’re putting you in prison act what do you think about this these current trump charges do you think there is legitimate concern or do you think this is ultimately an attempt to stop him running in 2024, So the Democrat probably Don’t have to evolve to you know to represent people in a more obvious way right to actually represent the the people right um yeah.

I Mean I I Dont Think That Theyre

going to well. It’s hard to say because they’ve just gone after the guy. For six years straight maybe even longer trying to get them trying to somehow ensure that well they’re trying to pin them right they’re trying to say well you are for sure a Russian asset of some kind of putin puppet of some sort a manchurian candidate and they’ve been trying to tie him to Russia for the longest time to no avail. I mean there’s people that dispute that and say no no we found that there was these meetings and we found this and we found that and we found but they really have not been able to prove that Donald Trump is against the United States that he is a traitor to the country operating on behalf of Russia to help Russia for whatever reason his own financial gain or because I don’t know he’s somehow um loyal to to Russia in some way shape or form. I don’t exactly know where they’re thinking you know what line of reasoning? They think Donald Trump would have to be such a person, but that is certainly where they’ve been headed for the last six years and so with the Espionage Act and investigating him under the Espionage act.

You Know The Espionage Act As You

mentioned is is an act that has been used since the beginning of the time that it was formed it was formed around World War one. It’s been around for a little over 100 years now, and when it was formed it was because back then during right before World War one They didn’t really have any way They didn’t have a law really on the books that prevented people, particularly foreign nationals living the United States from sharing state secrets or or any sort of information um with foreign what would be. enemy governments they didn’t really have anything on the books like that they had treason and being a traitor to the country you needed to be an American. The Espionage Act was designed to be a bit broader to to say if you’re against the war effort or if you’re against the national defense of the country, you could be charged under the Espionage Act and because they wrote it so broad um in the beginning there was all of this debate actually around the Espionage Act about the first amendment and the first and first amendment rights of people. They wanted to be able to go against people go after people who were just anti–war activists and even though there was plenty of debate around that unfortunately, the Espionage Act has been used quite successfully in many occasions against people who were just outspoken against the war.

I Mean.

Peop they would go after anarchists They would go after socialists. They went after anyone who was just an anti–war activist. There wasn’t a lot of a lot of support for World War one and a lot of these people you know a lot of people just weren’t really cool with the draft they didn’t they didn’t um you know they. They questioned the motivations of the government and anyone who did that was at risk of being charged with the espionage act.

In Fact, There Was One Gentleman

who made a movie. His movie was about the revolutionary War okay it wasn’t even about world War one. It’s about the revolutionary War. In fact, it was a silent film. There were no words, but because it depicted the Revolutionary War, which was the British against the United against Americans and there was fighting and and shots fired by British.

Americans In This Silent Film And At

that time in World War one, the Brits were allies. They they deemed this like speech against the war and they actually threw the guy in jail. A filmmaker who made a silent film. They threw him in jail for that movie that had nothing to do with world War one. So the Espionage act has been used um over time just against political dissidents and then of course it morphed and they went really after people that they thought were communists and in bed with Russia, and they and then it really didn’t get much use for a while it kind of remained silent for a while and then it sort of picked up.

During The Bush And Obama Years Where

you know previously prior to the Obama administration. There were like three journalists who were ever three people ever that were in media journalism that were that were targeted with the Espionage act and then under the Obama administration. I think that rose up to like 19. Some of them started under the Bush administration to be fair, but yeah it’s an act that is not used now now they do use it so it’s not just targeting whistleblowers and journalists and political dissidents and anti–war activists and socialists and you know interestingly enough mostly targeting people coming from the left and now the left is championing it now that it’s going to be used against potentially Donald Trump, but it’s also been used against CiA and and federal agents who have possessed or leaked classified information to the press or used it for their books or something along those lines so they’ve they have now in. Those cases don’t get much press, but it is used against people who mishandle classified information but not typically now typically if a person miscla mishandles classified information which happens all the time in the government.

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They Just Get A Slap On The Wrist.

They get maybe their privileges their classified You know top secret privileges revoked or something but they don’t go to jail. They don’t get charged with the espionage act and the fact that democrats and not just democrats. It’s actually the establishment. I would say coming from both sides because he has hated trump is hated by the establishment the anti–populist establishment.

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On Both Sides Theyre Coming After

him and they’re using now the the to go after him in Mar-a-lago to search his home to raid the home of a former U.s president. They’re using the espionage act, knowing that the average person doesn’t really. used historically in this very nefarious way to go after just political dissidents and people criticizing the government um and so they just you know the average person sees a headline and sees espionage act that’s spying oh my gosh. This is terrible.

This Must Be Very Bad.

Donald Trump. They finally got him for being the putin puppet. We always knew he was. I mean that’s how the how people think and how they’re busy.

They Dont Have Time To Dig Deeper

to understand these these um. What what’s really going on and so you know trump being investigated under the Espionage act. Hillary Clinton was investigated for the same sort of thing with the emails when it came down to her emails that would have been that would have fallen under the same act and yet you know with trump. I think there’s a much higher chance that. He actually does get charged under the espionage act It’s pretty flimsy and the thing is the government doesn’t have to disclose to us what it is because it’s classified so these suddenly you know we just he we can hear about it in the news we can read about it.

But We Cant Really Know Exactly What

the documents were was it just a handwritten note on a napkin that he shared with the French president at dinner. You know was it we don’t know the level of what this document is that they declared to be top secret or secret or confidential. We don’t know and we can’t know because it is secret, confidential or top secret. So it’s um so that but the chances of trump being actually charged. I mean I would think they would have charged them by now if they really truly had something.

I Think Theres A Lot Of

questions though around this they knew he had these doctors. He hasn’t been president for a year and a half they’ve known he’s been in possession of these documents. We have to remember the guy is surrounded by secret service still um so they would have known that he would have had these in fact they.


Donald Trump might get charged with the espionage act is that because Donald Trump is secretly a spy or because the Democrats secretly don’t want him running in 2024 . Ferrargo: “I am not a pro trump maga person.& I believe we need decentralized systems and no demagogic figure is going to emerge on the political scene to rescue us from centralized financial and state interests. I’m the world’s best spy nobody spies like me I spied on him. I can’t imagine being subtle under literally Eddie’s Eddie’s I’m a spy.& Although if Donald Trump isn’t spy God I’d really like to see him as a spikes. I don’t think that he’s cut out for it so show off Honey you can’t have show offs as a spy.” Ferrargo. If you don’t subscribe yet and turn on that notification bell we need you on this journey with us now as you know if you’re a regular viewer of this channel. Back to Mail Online home ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video