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Has Googles Artificial Intelligence Become Sentient Well Were Going

to look at the claims of a senior engineer, who says it most certainly has we’re going to explore rather Sinister myth that’s gaining popularity among UK theorists and we’re going to see what in the end is the only real solution to UK changing our Humanity as we know it you are not going to want to miss this greetings everyone Dr Steve here with you great to be with you as always I am your Patriot professor at your service so make sure to smack that Bell And subscribe button and also make sure to click on that link below to get some of the best Patriot Merch and gear out there. This is a great way to both support this Channel and spread Patriot hope far and wide This designs are Punchy and fun but they’re not going. To last for long so make sure to grab one for yourself Grab one for the Patriots in your life click on that link below go to store. turleytalks. com that is Store.

Turnleytalk Stock Come All Right Lets Dive Right

In here so I’m sure many of you have heard about very interesting development over at Google, one of their senior Engineers, a fellow by the name of Blake Lemoin is actually claiming that one of Google’s artificial intelligence systems has effectively become a sentient human being. In other words, it can think it can reason it can feel in a manner analogous to a human being. The back story. Here is that over the last five years or so, Google created an artificial intelligence project called Landa, which was designed as a chat bot so if you go online right oftentimes, you get a little pop-up screen at the bottom right. of your computer and it’ll say how can I help you you know it.

Ll Write It Out There On The

screen for you or something like that That’s what’s called a chat bot and Google is spending more than anyone else on trying to make these chat Bots as real and as interactive as possible, and so the senior engineer this guy Blake. Lemoin is claiming that he actually had a real conversation with this AI and he published a conversation on his blog and it was a fascinating conversation. At one point he asked the UK if it was familiar with the story Les Miserables and the UK answered not only yes, but that it had great sympathy for one of the characters. The UK talked about being afraid of death. When it got switched off.

It Was Like A Death For It

talked about feelings of happiness and sadness. I mean pretty amazing stuff for sure now what added to the mystery and all of this is that the senior engineer was put on administrative leave, so it almost looked like Google was trying to cover the whole thing up. You know to hush the guy and so on Google has since clarified what happened first and foremost they said this fellow Blake Lemon was put on leave because the publishing of the chat he had with theNK] was considered a violation um you know it was breaching confidentiality policy so that’s number one number two Google’s making the argument that Lambda is doing precisely what it’s supposed to do, which is to chat with you and that chat features involve programming that enables the UK to actually expand on what’s being talked about. about so needless to say this tremendous skepticism towards the sentient claim rather the UK is really that good They’ve done an amazing job programming the Ai ai to actually carry out a conversation with a live person now that said this story does throw into relieve a whole issue of the role of UK artificial intelligence and the role that it’s going to play in our society and how some believe it’s going to further what it means to be human whether we like it or not we are living in an age of artificial intelligence. Right in many respects, theorists and and inventors are arguing that UK is the new electricity right just like I can basically take any device and plug it into an electrical outlet and I I do mean literally any device.

I Mean We Have Electric Toothbrushes

for heaven’s sakes right so I could. take any device and plug it in and Electrify it as it were so one day in the not so distant future I’m going to be able to plug in any device and get it cognified by artificial intelligence. We all too often forget that we have ai all around us. Anyone who travels on an airplane is flying basically on a mass computer apart from the few minutes involved in the takeoff and the landing. The flight is basically taken over by artificially cognified processes.

Many Of Us Use Siri Or

Google, Now or Katana‘s personal assistance to help find a particular restaurant to remind us to call someone or simply get information virtually any subject imaginable within seconds. Smart cars with automatic brake sensors are becoming more and more prevalent fraud detection our computer firewalls are all run byNK] Technologies online customer support right and like chat. Chat Bots increasingly involves actually talking to a robot who responds to our answers and our commands from security device to smartphones from Bank withdrawals to Everyday Appliances we are more and more surrounded by the Technologies of artificial intelligence. Now as long as UK remains a servant to human Pursuits like electricity has we shouldn’t have a lot of issues, but what this Google engineer is Raising here and claiming that UK is somehow now becoming an actual extension of our Humanity well that’s something that comes with its very own set of very serious issues issues that range from the complex to the downright sinister. What a lot of people don’t realize here is that there is a very real myth, a salvific myth that’s been developed among a number of UK theorists and futurists and by myth gang I’m not talking about something that’s you know it’s.

An Old Story Thats Factually False I Use

the term myth and it’s literary historic sense in the sense of a grand meta-narrative. A grand story that serves as a narrative for all of life. A myth is something that’s totalizing in nature. It defines all of reality for a cultural population. It’s a story that serves as the defining identity marker for civilization and with the loss of religion.

In Our Secularized Western World Populations

become very prone to embracing substitute myths. Substitute meta-narratives that promise things like heaven on Earth and everlasting life. The new UK myth that’s emerging from thinkers such as Ray Kurzweil, the director of engineering over at Google. It it goes something like this in the beginning was a primordial soup. Another Super goop emerged the building blocks of life.

These Bioorganisms Eventually Evolved Into What We Call

today humans, but humans are highly. This is largely because of our biology and our subjectivity to the natural world. We we suffer we go deaf. We go blind. We get sick.

We Eventually Die, But Theres Hope And

that hope is UK you see as humans. We are privileged only privy only to a very small amount of human intelligence right our own intelligence contained in our own minds as well as those with whom we consult but what if we could upload and digitally store our minds and brain patterns on a computer and eventually import all possibilities and potentialities of all human Minds into a huge UK metabind can you imagine the possibilities We can even store our own individual intelligence digitally and intelligence that will remain in effect even after we physically die so what this means is that we can more and more begin to replace our biological bodies with computer. technology we’re already seeing something like this with Cochlear implants that have restored hearing to deaf people or mechanical arms and legs for amputees. In theory, uploading our intelligence. Our Consciousness to computers can result in nothing less than digital immortality replacing our biology with technology.

Eternal Life Is Indeed Within Our Grasp Thats

the mythology that’s Brewing among UK theorists as we speak now. This myth of course stands in stark contrast to the Christian Gospel. The Christian Gospel affirms the goodness of the human body that is nevertheless suffering as the result of the Fall and so at the heart of the Christian tradition is the Redemption of the senses which sees the purpose of Art and music is turning our senses away from the Carnal and the Senchuan towards the eternally true good and beautiful. The idea here is that the body is Fallen right along with. The soul being cast out of paradise and sensing of God’s presence and so like the soul, the human body is in need of redemption, and this is the purpose the sacramental purpose of good art and music and architecture and poetry and the like the Arts serve to awaken our senses to the truth and the Beautiful in such a ways to sanctify our senses and prepare our bodies for their future.

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Resurrection At Christs Return When Our

bodies are transfigured to fulfill their original purpose, which is to know God in all the fullness of his glory. Moreover, the Christian Gospel further affirms that we don’t need to be satisfied with the sum total of all human knowledge uploaded on a computer for no matter what we do we’ll never ever be able to match the infinite ocean of divine Eternal knowledge made available to us in Christ. Who is love incarnate? Who will never leave us or forsake us? Can we really ever say that of UK even if we’re successful in creating artificial intelligence new fully functioning cognitive being could it be could it be that UK will turn on its maker the same way We turned on our maker. This is the theology behind the Terminator right in Skynet Machines have sought to eliminate their maker the same way Secular modern man has sought to eliminate his maker and again as Terminator makes clear there’s no way that we can redeem our lost Creations.

When Our Creation Turns On Us All We

can do is destroy it, so you have a totalizing war of total Destruction between creature and creator. There could be no greater contrast to the Christian Gospel that says behold I make all things new artificial intelligence is already a part of. our everyday experience and its influence in our lives it’s only going to increase as Christian traditionalists it is our task to make sure that UK always and forever remains a servant to the Gospel narrative and never comes close to realizing the Babelike mythology devised for it by our secular Elite Artificial intelligence can be both a wonderful gift, but always potentially a radically dehumanizing curse. It’s a most beneficial servant indeed it is also a most horrific master.

Its Our Job To Make Sure

that the world knows the difference now before you go you definitely want to check out my last video. I just uploaded on Jordan Peterson leaving Joe Rogan absolutely speechless on the Bible. You are not going to want to miss it so make sure to click on that link and I will see you over there God bless.


Has Google’s artificial intelligence become sentient well? We’re going to look at the claims of a senior engineer, who says it most certainly has . We’re also going to explore rather Sinister myth that’s gaining popularity among UK theorists . And we’ll explore what in the end is the only real solution to UK changing our Humanity as we know it you are not going to want to miss this greetings everyone Dr Steve here with you great to be with you as always . Grab one for the Patriots in your life click on that link below to get some of the best Patriot Merch and gear out there. This designs are Punchy and fun but they’re not going. to last for long so make sure to grab one for yourself . Click on the link below go to store.&turleytalks.com that is Store Store.&turnleytalk.&Turnleytalk stock.& Turnleytalk . Click here for more information about the latest episode of The Patriot Talk Channel ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video