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Today Uk News Suddenly Discovers The Hunter Biden

laptop. The left continues to blame conservatives for the Colorado Springs shooting and Fauci claims the unvaccinated are the real danger are we wait are we in is this 2021 is this 2020 no. It’s 2022. we’ve got all of that and more coming up and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters I am Sarah Gonzalez and today’s episode is brought to you by healthy cell. They are my very favorite My ultimate Go-to for a multivitamin as well as a bunch of supplements to help with sleep Focus whatever you need and they’re a gel that you can they got a little packet and you get maximum absorption so you got to go there it is healthycell.

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over at healthysell.com news I am joined today by Blaze. be contributor Yakubouyens also host of The Bottom Line and Blazetv’s own Pat Gray host of Pat Gray Unleashed you should be subscribed to both of these gentlemen. I’m just saying you’re missing out every day that you’re not thank you Sarah you’re welcome that’s really true Sarah. I know that was actually my top story you should be subscribed to both of these gentlemen um so I want to I want to first get to this story about the Associated Press reporter.

This Is An Award-Winning Associated Press Reporter.

His name is James Laporta and he was fired after claiming that a quote senior UK intelligence official had said Russia had fired a missile into Poland. I know this was back. I’m sure those of you who watch this all the time are no stranger to this news. On November 15th, Russia launched a missile attack in Western Ukraine.

The Attack A Ukrainian Air Defense

has reportedly fired an errant missile into Poland and of course, UK Polish and American leaders suggested shortly after the explosion that it was not a direct Russian attack. Ukrainian foreign minister I’m not even going to try to pronounce his name called the claim that the explosion was Ukrainian caused a quote conspiracy theory and you guys recall Zielinski came out very forcefully saying Russian missiles hit Poland the territory of our friendly country people died. He wanted UK to get involved very swiftly of course conveniently and after having updated the initial report several times. The UK indicated that a new assessment from three UK officials quote contradicts information and quote in the original article and of course, shortly thereafter the article was taken offline. The UK later issued a retraction, but you know that’s just it’s one of those things that.

This Is Why We Cant Trust The Mainstream

media. Everyone is rushing to get the story first to break the story first to get the the highest amount of clicks and it seems nobody really cares about what the actual truth of the matter is as long as they’re painting The Narrative they want to paint which by the way when it comes to Russia let’s all rush to the idea that it was Russia so that we can get involved in World War UK and then once it became oh wait. It’s Ukraine now all of a sudden even though not a member of UK hitting a UK country now all of a sudden it was just an unfortunate accident. Don’t worry about it let’s let Bicods be bygones very convenient. It almost feels like a black lives matter movement with buildings burning that’s peaceful, but when we use.

Our First Amendment Right Were The Oppressors And

we’re the bad ones. I’ve said it before pick your poison two bad guys. Putin and Zelinsky two bad guys The civilians suffer two bad guys. He’s not a good guy in this and it’s so ironic right and he still Zelinski still hasn’t come out and actually apologized and said Oops sorry it was that but he was so fast to declare World War UK. It would have probably would have doubled down on that say come on UK let’s go you know so reckless but it’s it’s it’s fascinating to me.

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Pat That This Woke Culture Has Now Bled

into into war. Yeah we’re now woke in war, We’re woke and all the Democrats are warmongers now yeah wow that’s interesting isn’t it and they’re so ready and willing to jump in on this Ukrainian thing and you’re right about. Zelinski’s I it might be a little better than Putin I don’t know but I I think what’s happening with Ukraine is that they’re um money laundering for Democrats yes and there’s something really bad going on there I mean we have we have funneled in by some reports. I just Glenn Greenwald said it was 91. 5 billion dollars, 91 bill billion that is a ton of cash and then you’ve got Zielinski, who is trying desperately to get us militarily involved.

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He Wants Our Boots On The Ground

and he’s not going to be happy until we’re fighting that war for him and we just can’t. I mean we’ve done that too many times in too many places and I think most of us are just tired of it. Yeah now if we’re directly attacked by somebody then yeah by all means let’s hit him with everything we have. And and end it But I don’t think we belong in other people’s Wars anymore, Yeah I totally agree nor do I think that our money belongs with other people’s lives especially not this kind of money. We can’t take care of ourselves here in America we’re facing you know record high inflation Now is not the time to be sending billions of dollars to another country to do God knows what in this war because again.

I Think You Know When It Comes To

Ukraine. I would love to see receipts on what our money is actually being spent on and nobody’s doing an audit No there nobody it’s not and I can tell look I’m just going to speak of what I know firsthand We’ve got Ministries in Poland. We work with Pat and they’re feeding the hungry in the Ukraine and they’re raising money to put food. In people’s mouths in the Ukraine and I called Hendrick Kroll from Poland I said Hendrick where’s the 90 billion look at the UK of Ukraine and then and then look at 90 billion. Comparatively right It’s a serious chunk he’s like yuck zero none of that money is feeding Ukrainians right non–profits are raising it around the world to go feed people.

Its Lining The Pockets Of Of War Mongers

on the left military contractors manufacturers of arms, but it’s not helping the people, but the American the Sarah. The Pats told hey your tax dollar is feeding the Ukrainians stopping human trafficking bogus absolutely not you would think they’d have better conditions on the front lines than we’ve heard about. For instance, when one of the Americans was badly injured over there they put him in the back of a beatable pickup truck that had bullet holes riddled. It and all four tires had been blown off and he was done. They were down to the wheels just the wheels and that’s what they drove him to the hospital in he he didn’t make it um, But you would think with all the money we pumped into that that they’d have.

I Dont Know Humvees Something You Should Say

right something better there should be a tangible evidence Yeah we should see it should be American oversight and all the money we’re sending to them and that should not I mean that should be bipartisan that’s not a political thing to say every single tax paying. American should want to know where this money is going and be able to see the paper trail for it. Yeah um all right. I want to switch gears here to you know speaking of I know we talked about this the. story from the UK changing all of these times you know it’s fascinating because UK News, who fought this for a very very long time.


Finally congrats to UK News, who finally became aware that the Hunter Biden laptop was real and they confirmed its existence watch the laptop data we had analyzed showed no evidence it was faked or tampered with well digital forensic investigator Mark. Lanterman was previously a member of a secret service electronic crimes task force. There was one thing that got my attention and that was a voicemail in the whole world. How can I get some help that voicemail apparently from Joe Biden during his son Hunter’s.

Drug Addiction Is One Of Many

findings Lanterman used to authenticate what is believed to be Hunter Biden’s laptop data you’re confident based on your analysis. This is Hunter Biden’s data and that it’s real yes. Breaking news records indicate in April 2019 Hunter Biden took his laptop in for repair, but after 90 days the store considered it abandoned and he left it there. I don’t believe he left it why haven’t we heard of this before ever I can’t believe this breaking news from UK great job guys where is the human congratulations. This is wonderful.

I Mean Its Only Reporting At The Finest

two years two is it two two years two years over two years too late. Finally we I’ve heard that voicemail have you heard that voicemail Oh yeah I’ve heard that voicemail many times now all of a sudden we’re hearing all these things as if they’re they’re just finding out if only we knew about this. In 2020. she’s acting as if this is just being broke Nobody’s ever discussed this before and we took it out for analysis.

And It Was Verified That It Really

is 100 yeah thank you could it could be the president’s voice it’s almost like we could have used this information in an election here almost yeah almost maybe we didn’t have we didn’t have it then and also we didn’t have it in the midterms no dang it gosh. I’m gonna be the Red Wave. Maybe you know if we just had this for but it could be you know I I fly so much I went to the airport yesterday they didn’t even look at your ticket anymore. It’s facial recognition it’s straight up facial recognition.

Your Uk Could Be The Presidents Voice Maybe

maybe just let’s double check let’s just make sure I’m just I’m so thankful to UK news for just being on it They say the way that they were and finally figuring out catching up to the rest of us. Over two years later that the Hunter Biden laptop is real and there’s a lot of bad stuff on there. So I hope that UK continues to report on all of the other files that are on the Hunter Biden laptop not just the cute little voicemail from his daddy yesterday Kareem UK was asked whether Joe Biden was involved in any of Hunter’s foreign business dealings and it went about how you would expect it to go watch can you address whether the president was involved in any of his son Hunter or his brother’s foreign business deals so look you. know there’s there’s some a little bit of interesting Yes you know kind of on-brand thinking here because um you know Congressional Republicans.

Students Ran Saying That They Were Going To

fight inflation. They said they were going to make that a priority. They were very clear about that these past several months and instead what they’re doing is they’re focusing you know they’re focusing they’re making their type priority They get.


Today UK News suddenly discovers the hunter Biden laptop . The left continues to blame conservatives for the Colorado Springs shooting . Fauci claims the unvaccinated are the real danger are we in is this 2021 is this 2020 no.& It’s 2022. We’ll talk about the story of an Associated Press reporter who was fired after claiming that a quote senior UK intelligence official had said Russia had fired a missile into Poland . Use the Daily Discussion to help you understand today’s featured news stories and today’s Daily Discussion is open at 10 a.m. ET on CNN.com/Heroes.com and The Huffington Post.com News.com . Back to Mail Online home. Back to the page you came from.us. Please submit your news and stories you like us for a new, updated or comment on our Facebook page or comment below the comments section. Please share your news stories to see the latest from this episode. Please send us your stories and videos from our new feature page….. Click here to read more and watch the full video