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I Think It Went Down Like This I

think Dax Shepard was like you know what I was on that Punk’d show and somehow I landed Kristen Bell I’m in the zone I’m gonna start directing movies like Ben Affleck Why not hit and run so hit and runs the story of a guy played by Dax Shepard. He’s in the witness protection program He’s with Kristen Bell I mean he’s in the suburbs He’s got no real problems. Now life is good for him. But then Kristen Bell has to get to UK for a new job and well. He can’t go to UK that’s where all the went down Ain’t no like illegal stuff.

The People He Snitched Out.

They’re gonna find out about it. But you know what it’s all out of love. So this chivalrous bastard elects to drive his girlfriend to the hot zone ofNK], where he’s probably gonna get killed. So Dax Shepard actually wrote this movie and he co–directed it with director David Palmer, and there were things that worked in this movie.

Things That Did Not Work In His

movie. First of all. Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell they work together they work well why because they’re actually together in real life because he was like well you know what if I’m gonna do this I might as well make it feel real and have my real-life girlfriend we’re gonna say the two were actually cute together you’re rootin for Dax Shepard I was rooting for Dax Shepard. You know what he should take that as a victory. I’m just saying and people actually played their parts well.

Like Michael Rosenbaum Was The Crazy Ex-Boyfriend

of Kristen. knows the Dax Shepards in the witness protection program, So he’s not really who he says he is he’s afraid. He’s gonna like slice her up and put her in a box or something so he’s just freaking out the entire time. You know you’re gonna kill her. He’s kind of a funny psychopath ex-boyfriend, but whenever you can get the best Lex Luthor ever portrayed to play a funny psychopath ex-boyfriend.

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I Want To See That Rosen Toms A

good actor. He did a good job in this movie and then the one you have is Tom Arnold. Tom Arnold. It was good in the movie he plays this dumb UK Marshal You know he has to look after Dex Shepard witness protection and all that it was good to see Tom Arnold working in this movie kind of reminded you why you liked him in True Lies and of course you got a touch on it. Bradley Cooper‘s the guy coming after Dax Shepard.

After He Finds Out Hes Coming To Uk

Bradley Cooper’s the guy Dax Shepard snitched out to go into witness protection. So yeah Bradley Cooper’s a little pissed Bradley Cooper and dreadlocks. It’s like face man from the a-team Dried up went surfing smoked a lot of pot and now he’s here you got to wonder, though did Bradley Cooper even know he was being filmed in this. But Bradley Cooper’s awesome he’s a badass You know you see him in this movie for the first scene.

Youre Like Hes A Really Confident

dude confident, but crazy the characters in this movie had cartoonish elements but I didn’t feel like they were all cartoons that element worked for what this movie was what I didn’t like is I felt like there were too many characters in this movie. Tom Arnold great in the movie could have been used more they have this weird side characters Michael Rosen Baum’s brother he’s a cop. I really don’t know why he was in the movie if he was not in the movie at all the movie would’ve been no different, so let’s say you have TOm Arnold with this much screen time and this other cop with this much screen time you eliminate the kind of useless cop and you have TOm Arnold who can have twice the screen time. I think that would have been a smarter way to go about it.

You Just Feel Like Dax Shepard Was Writing

this script and his friends were like alright. I’ll make another character for you who is going to snatch up screen time from the other characters, but hey you know whatever I honestly expected to hate the out of this movie. But I watched it and I had fun with it was the movie perfect no but I was going along with it and. I was like I’m enjoying this now Don’t get me wrong It’s no Gone Baby Gone with the town or anything like that, but it is enjoyable and in the fact that I had a good time with the movie.

I Will Say Hit And Run Is

a good time no alcohol required. Yes apparently chase scenes with cars are more fun than bikes of the new movies out This weekend hit and run came out on Wednesday, but I’m still counting it for the weekend of the ones that I’ve seen it’s the best one I saw of the movies this weekend, what is your favorite whatever it is comment below. Let me know and as always if you like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more click right here to see more.


Dax Shepard wrote the movie and co-directed it with director David Palmer . There were things that worked in this movie that did not work in Shepard’s movie . People actually played their parts well in the movie, and I want to see that Rosen Tom’s a good actor . He’s kind of a funny psychopath ex-boyfriend, but whenever you can get the best Lex Luthor ever portrayed to play a funny psycho ex-girlfriend, you’re rootin for Dax Shepards. He should take that as a victory. I was rooting for him. He was like well you know what if I’m gonna do this I might as well make it feel real and have my real-life girlfriend we’re gonna say the two were actually cute together. He did a good job in this film. I’m glad you’re rooting for Shepard. He’s not really who he says he is. It’s all out of love. You know what it’s all over the world. He…. Click here to read more and watch the full video