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with a face for radio and a voice for print What happens when Hollywood goes Whoa broke every time the movies. Don’t do well and it’s not the thing that they don’t seem to understand is it’s not the fact that they’ve got certain women or certain guys or certain representations in the movies that doesn’t matter if you look at the Wonder Woman movie series they did a great job, but the story wasn’t around her being a superhero. It was about a superhero if that was a her and that’s the big thing that I think all of these movies coming out now are getting wrong is that they keep pushing the story towards look look at all. This representation that we have look how just different everyone is look how wonderful this is and the story fails to meet. standards on top of that when the movie reviews come out or when they’re writing about the up-and-coming movies, it’s not about well.

Heres The Story We Plan And Its

going to be this guy. You know our hero here taking on this bad guy and it’s gonna be set in a really cool location and and we’ve got special effects team X doing something really cool no it’s always about Hmm. So this is a story about this person This woman doing this that’s amazing and this person is is they have this belief about say it all becomes politics let me let me jump into this story and then you’ll see what I’m talking about because otherwise I’m gonna confuse the heck out of you so UK we talked about hey you know Captain Marvel didn’t do I mean. Captain Marvel did very well in the box office. score wasn’t so great and it really wasn’t that good movie but because it was a set up for the final end game for Avengers.

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I Think Thats Why It Did

better than it did and it still brought in. I think like close to a billion dollars, but here we have phase four of the UK is practicing diversity behind the scenes in a big way. So already the story is not about the movies. It’s about the people in the movies and their personal lives and here’s the thing it starts becoming like a soap opera rather than a superhero movie. It’s kind of like well here’s a soap opera story, Oh Yeah and there’s also this superhero movie that goes on behind it.

Its One Of The Reasons Why I

stopped wrestling watching wrestling when I was a kid. I used to love watching wrestling, but the problem is after a while it started becoming more like a soap opera, Oh! And they also threw in some wrestling. I don’t dig that stuff so let’s read outside of Marvel’s always talking about practicing diversity in their movies. They still have a long way to go. Some of those ideas are just talking the boardroom tables at the moment while others are already underway.

Phase Four Is Going To Show

the next level of that commitment. Even if some of the inclusion will be behind the camera hiring more women at Marvel has been a top priority for a while if some idea is being put on a watch waiting list case in point would be Brie Larson‘s recent plea to do an all-women. Movie maybe fans won’t see that for a while at least at the very least more women are in the direction Director chairs for Phase 4 movies as a point of diversity off-screen again not who’s the best superhero director for this Who kind of tells the story that the way we like or whose cinematography is the way we like it is it more UK Abrams no it’s just are you are you woman hired come on board. Oh you used to do soap operas methods okay I don’t I don’t really mean that literally but many sites have been celebrating the fact that Phase four is really wrapped around women being the dominant force from the get-go. All fans know this is gonna kick off with Black Widow next year with the primary female cast even if Scarlett Johansson is sometimes a controversial figure.

Her Natasha Romanoff Character.

lot of kick buck qualities to help push forward the trope of women as lead to superheroes I would watch her in her own spin-off I like the character I like Scarlett Johansson as an actress, but what’s the story about is it about her being this really kind of spy character doing her thing or is it about a woman My diversity Let’s also not forget dental Natalie Portman will be taking the lead role in for Love and Thunder next year. Her role is going to be pivotal because it’ll bring more human humanistic edges to the superhero angle. Considering her Jane Foster character maybe dealing with cancer and have to take on the mantle of a male thor’s job. The all-powerful superhero idea will take a bit of a rest so this was in the comic book series, but it was a very small part of the.

I Think She Needed To Take

the mantle of Thor to save herself from dying that being said. However, once again they’re taking a male character erasing it and bringing in a female in its place. So there’s another guy gone so We’ve got Robert Downey Jr. who left and now I think Brie Larson as Captain Marvel will be taking over his role as the lead. Now We’ve got Thor leaving and we’ve got Jane Foster coming in in his place so there’s two down plus there’s gonna be an Asian woman in Shang UK and legend of the ten rings named Aquafina.

The Eternals Will Additionally Have Three Strong

woman leads and one of which is Angelina Jolie. This is already good news for the big screen upcoming Disney Plus shows have more women representation going on behind the curtain for one key Marvel series again it’s not. So look I think everybody liked. I think everybody liked Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow. You know that the fact that she was hanging out with superheroes, but she was a mortal human being is awesome.

I Think Everybody Liked Wonder Woman For The

most part great movie. One of my favorite all-time movies of all time is the original alien and aliens. Those two movies are awesome Sigourney. Weaver did a great job a great job as Ripley was the story about her being a woman. Do it know it was just a story and she was happened to be a woman that’s it’s not like when there’s a guy super here he’s like did you notice I’m a guy and I I can grow a beard no it’s just tell the story, but because this is already coming out you already know it’s gonna be wrapped around.

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Type Of Thing Its Going To

ruin the story A female director Wilhelm all episodes of Falcon in the Winter Soldier. Many Captain America fans are excited about the upcoming Disney series Falcon in the Winter Soldier continuing the adventures of Adventures of Sam Wilson I’m, Bucky Barnes and the titles respective roles Yeah that’s a great series, but is again how is the director going to direct. This is it gonna be just she directs the movie as a normal it’s just a movie superhero movie fun or is it gonna have a message. It’s the message. We mind not who the characters are not who’s directing it’s the message they beat you over the head with the message.

While This May Be Centered On Two

male leads again A woman is going to direct all six episodes. Note Screen Rant. This is Carey Skoglund, the only woman hired. to direct one of the upcoming Disney originals Hey if the story is a good story Don’t care it’s always interesting to see a woman direct to show centered on male leads. The direction in sites are often insightful if we still respect towards the opposite gender.

How Is This Going To Play

out on Fnw s will be worth watching watching considering it’s going to be an emotional series dealing with the aftermath of the events in endgame. Skoglund will be sharing the director chair with two other women’s Scopes selected to direct a double of big screen UK films. Kate Shortland will direct Black Widow, then Chloe Zhao will direct Eternals with latter reporting Lee bringing a unique perspective to the ancient characters. What is that unique perspective you may ask mo diversity more women will be doing things with marble but what about further for future inclusion. All the UK Marvel’s confirm from now and they give a list of it.

The The Women Are Gonna Become A

major part of theNK]. Over the next few years and beyond. Don’t forget about a sequel to Captain Marvel likely arriving at the end of Phase 4. Brie Larson more or less shattered all the glass when it comes to putting women up front any superhero costume wrong wrong wrong you can go back to the the see if I can remember her name she was the the Wonder Woman back in the 70s Gosh I now I have to look this up nuts it’ll come to me probably right after the moment I turn off this Linda Linda Linda something anyway. Anyway, she’s what she was beautiful and she was super here on the 70s woman okay again how about how about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman she did a great great movie Great movie I.

Dont Have A List Of Them Right In

front of my head, but women have been stars in lots of these movies. The point is though that they can’t. They’re just they’re breaking everything apart and they’re just saying all right now We have to have inclusion for inclusions Sake I Don’t think that’s also the best representation for women. It doesn’t put women in this wonderful shining light where they say Oh instead of giving you a unique original cool character like Wonder Woman that was written as a woman we’re gonna take this and we’re gonna change it just for you because let’s see afterward though it’s worth noting again, Marvel has a long road ahead to include everyone they’ve promised those talks are ongoing and may take some time to evolve in a way to convince some internal executives a major inclusion won’t affect the Tiki demographics or Us regions, but it will though and here’s why because young men are usually the ones that read comics young men are usually the ones that like superhero. Stuff young men like that when we are young my father at 85 years old, he remembers Superman and Batman comics and he was the Batman comics when they came around.

He Was.

He was a little bit older I think, but he remembers those comics he remembers the original Iron Man, the original Hulk when he was gray. You know he remembers that stuff my mother’s never even heard of it so it’s always been kind of a guy thing. Just like baseball cards were but to take it and kind of switch swing it over to where now it’s yeah girl power again. If it’s the message you’re trying to send if it’s just females in a role that’s fine, but this shouldn’t be a story.

Then In That Case The Movie Should

just come out. We will watch and enjoy end of story, but no it has. to be about the story of diversity Kevin Feige confirms there will be out Lima Golf Bravo Tango Quebec characters in the UK Marvel Studios had had Kevin Feige.


The Joker says the movies coming out now are getting wrong . He says they keep pushing the story towards look look at all . The movie reviews come out or when they’re writing about the up-and-coming movies, it’s not about well. It’s about the people in the movi.& It’s not the fact that they’ve got certain women or certain guys or certain representations in the movies that doesn’t matter if you look at the Wonder Woman movie series they did a great job, but the story wasn’t around her being a superhero. It was about a superhero if that was a her and that’s the big thing that Hollywood goes Whoa broke every time the movies.& Don’t do well and doesn’t seem to understand is the thing that they don’t understand is that they’re getting wrong. The story fails to meet the standards on top of that when the movie reviews are not about the movies, he says . The Joker is here to talk about what he says….. Click here to read more and watch the full video