Hope Solo Rips Megan Rapinoe Alex Morgan over USWNT Equal Pay Settlement


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lawyer and it seems like this equal pay settlement isn’t going down well my name is Nate the Lord. If you are new here. We talk about the law and the facts if you are about that life Don’t forget to like this video share this video and subscribe to the channel. I hope solo is attacking the Us women national team over equal pay settlement and claiming it’s not a win. Now we all know the story right.

We Had A Court That Looked At All

the evidence and said there is no paid discrimination going on here. Matter of fact the women are being paid more than the men right as a factual matter. Everyone admits it the women’s national team U. s soccer and the court so paid discrimination wasn’t really here so anyway U. s soccer essentially settled and said hey.

There Is Paid Discrimination Were Going

to give you money anyway even though we’ve won the lawsuit. Even though we got a federal judge said there’s no facts that said we discriminated against you. You know what we’re gonna pay out anyway. So let’s find out why Soap polo is unhappy about this settlement. Former Usa goalkeeper Hope Solo is infuriated infuriated that the U.

S Womens National Team Players Agree To

a 24 million deal with the U.s Soccer Federation to settle their class action lawsuit over equal pay. Solo took aim at former teammates Megan Rapino and Alex Morgan in a fiery instagram post accusing the pair of taking an easy way out of a fight they were never really in oh. She seemed salty. In 2016 Solo Repino and Morgan filed a complaint with the equal employment opportunity Commission claiming the women’s team should receive pay equal to.

That Of The Mens Team They Were

later joined by Carly Lloyd and Rebecca Sherburne quote. Six years ago we started the fight for equal pay something I’m very proud to say I led when I pushed to bring on a new players Association executive director Rich Nichols. Someone I knew would truly fight for us and give us the tools to challenge a federation that marginalized us for decades solo wrote his strategy to file the Eeoc complaint was the boldest action any team had ever taken it wasn’t an easy ass for anyone and at the time the decision went against the wishes of other players on the team now being called the leaders of the fight. She seems a little salty about the way things went down through the entire process. Mega Rapino and Alex Morgan were the two most agreeable with the Federation and to this.

Day Continue Two Two Ah! There Had

a guy missed one except terms that were nowhere near what we set out to do. They both know this is not a win. They know it’s an easy out of a fight. They were never really in so this is what hope solo is saying so this is her we’re almost a million followers. She says we are pleased to announce that and she has this all highlighted contingent on negotiations of a new collective bargaining agreement yeah that that’s that’s true.

This Is Its Kind Of The

settlements really a little bit fugazi, but you know what you got to watch my other video click there and it’ll tell you why here’s hope solo so go. The article goes on after a six-year battle with the American sports governing body. The US Women’s national team settled for a third of the amount it originally saw in damages Yeah, so they had sought 66 million. They got 22 million and what they did is. They were asking for 66 million in back pay that would have paid out hope solo and some of the older players, but at the end of the day they said well we don’t want to really pay out everybody we just gotta pay out the people who sued here’s a clip from NBc where Alex Morgan is saying that how will it affect you know the back play the back pay for the other players will there be backstage for other players okay well.

You Know The Back Pay Is Actually

going to be within the statue of limitation and for the players that um that played during that time period, so um it might not it. might not be for the players who have only joined recently but that will be in legal terms, but I think the biggest win that we can look at today is equalizing is equal pay moving forward and so yeah the back pay is going to help some of Us players who have been on the team for a lot more years, but at the same time. This is going to benefit those younger players much bigger so you see they they kind of kind of split the baby and said okay. We don’t care about the players previously and the new players for them they’re going to be okay moving forward. We just want to kind of take care of those within that statue of limitations.

Within That Particular Time Frame Of The

lawsuit Hope Solo you’re kind of out of Luck Repino called the settlement a huge win on NBc’s Today Show Solo. However, disagreed this settlement is not a huge one. It’s heartbreaking and infuriating. Solo wrote on her lengthy instagram Post, which also featured a photo of a quote from a joint statement released by the U. s Women’s national team and the U.

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S Soccer Federation.

A promise of equal pay from the Federation and back pay for a select group of players. Isn’t equal pay and it’s not what this fight was about so yeah so so hope is not getting paid. Hope is not getting paid and she is upset about not getting paid read the fine print contingent. Upon negotiations of a new collective bargaining agreement, so she’s not fooled she’s like yo this is all Bs and here it is.

And I See Why Read The Fine Print

which is right it doesn’t exist yet and is not guaranteed 100 true. If the players had ever been successful in negotiating an equal CBa, there would have been no reason to sue the Federation in the first place facts, the U. s Women’s national team will split 22 million according to press releases and the United States Soccer Federation also is adding an additional 2 million into an account to benefit players in their post-soccer career and charitable efforts aimed at growing the sport for women. Each woman may receive up to 50 000 from the latter fund. In the agreement.

The U.

s Soccer Federation committed to equal pay for the men’s and women’s national teams, including World Cup bonuses pending a new collective bargaining agreement in Wednesday’s Post solo also paid tribute to former U. s Women’s national team captain Christine. Rampone and a Hall of Famer, Abby Wumbach, both of whom were part of the team that won the 2015 World Cup. So solo goes on to write the players who got us to where we are today are people like Christine Rampone, who stepped up to interview with the Eeoc Solo wrote, She and I were the only two players to do so players like Christine, Abbey, Weimbach and in box Heather O’reilly, Amy Rodriguez, Sydney, Laroux, Lauren, Cheney, Lauren, Chapani and everyone else on the 2015 team who set the fight in motion will not benefit from the self-ishness and inequality of this settlement and that’s true those older players get nothing.

It Also Guarantees Nothing For The

next generation of players. The equal pay case against U. s soccer I filed on behalf of the team long before the team sued still stand and i remain committed to. for all players past president future This wasn’t the first time Seoul spoke out against the women’s national team. Last January, she claimed the team was not doing enough for equal pay now.

She Also Went Off On Twitter.

Here’s her twitter account and she essentially said the same thing here so she she went at them all over the place so um. This was two days ago she went crazy on twitter you know essentially saying the same thing you know read the fine print it’s you know six years ago so if you if viewer on twitter. She has this long tweet streak that says yeah you know it’s crazy. I like this man.

Why Do You Hate Alex And Make It

so much UK so you know it’s it’s interesting to see that hope solo kind of sort through all the Bs and and sees that you. Know this was what it was right? It was the newer members saying that hey we can get something from U. s soccer, but we’re not going to get everything and let’s just get what we can and we got 22 million versus for 20 what eight women who sued so that’s a lot more than 66 million and I think hope solo is more upset because she didn’t get anything. She’s not getting anything from this. She’s not getting a dime zero zero.

Even Though Shes The First One To

start it and it’s sad but you know she she knows that now so what are you gonna do what is she going to do. Let me know do you think she has a right to be mad she does it to be honest with you. None of them should be mad because they were already getting paid more. I.

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Dont You Know Its Still Crazy To

me that they even that Usaka even settled when they were already getting paid more just like Ah, What you know judge it’s weird when the judge comes out and says there is no discrimination here case dismissed and then you know they’re like well we’re going to pay it anyway right why get the judgment why not just pay it. This makes no sense but hey you know this world makes no sense. Now let me know what you think in the comments section My name is Nathan lawyer and I’m gonna see you next time peace.


Former goalkeeper Hope Solo is infuriated that the U.&s Women’s national team players agree to a 24 million deal to settle their class action lawsuit over equal pay . Solo took aim at former teammates Megan Rapino and Alex Morgan in a fiery instagram post accusing the pair of taking an easy way out of a fight they were never really in . Soap polo Nate the Lord talks about the equal pay settlement and finds out why the women’s team is unhappy about this settlement . Do you know what we’re gonna pay out anyway? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @Nate the Lord and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @nathan the Lord . We talk about the law and the facts if you are about that life. Don’t forget to like this video share this video and subscribe to the channel. Do you have a new iReport to the Daily Mail Online . Back to http://www.dailymailonline.com/news/newsnews/dailymail/sportport…. Click here to read more and watch the full video