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com! It has been 4074 days since the release of the last book in the Song of Ice and Fire series A dance with Dragons and No I’m not gonna let that go now. We have two fantasy series running at the same time. The Rings of Power, which is absolutely abysmal. You can check out my review right here and House of the Dragon coincidentally.

The Premiere Episode Received 25 Million Views According

to HBo over the course of a week here in the United States which matches exactly the number of people who watch the premiere episode of the Rings of Power worldwide in one single day Curious the big difference is Amazon didn’t use the term views. They didn’t say 25 million people watched it they said sampled which is very interesting considering the Samba Tv data we got today. According to them 4. 8 million people watched. House of the Dragon through Roku and streaming on a television and 1.

8 Million Watched The Rings Of Power Over The

same amount of time four days. Don’t you think it’s the least bit strange and I can say without a doubt that the show that is a prequel to the biggest television disaster in history. House of the Dragon is much better than the show that might Dethrone Game of Thrones Season 8 as the worst television disaster in history. After all you have endured. It is only natural to feel conflicted conflicted, frightfully dumb did I mention it’s really bad sure I did and knowing what I know it doesn’t get much better, but when it comes to the House of the Dragon At this point is it good enough to bring back the most spurned game of Thrones viewer and the answer is no there’s a lot.

Of You Out There Who Are Not Gonna

take a flyer on this series ever or are gonna wait until it’s completely done and I don’t blame you at all that being said. The third episode was the best of the series so far and second of his name is the first episode that doesn’t need to lean heavily on Matt Smith. From the beginning. We start out with one of cordless Valerian’s men being nailed to a post so he can be eaten by crabs by the Crab feeder. Then Matt Damon Targaryen flies in to save the day on his dragon.

Karaxis And Promptly Lands On The Poor

dude. Now we find out the Crab feeder is actually a prince from here named Kragus, or at least he is in the books and maybe we’ll find out more about him. Later. No matt Damon Targaryen gets shot by one of the archers and has to fly away on his dragon showing that the war isn’t really going that well on the stepstones. We follow that up with Aegon.

Targaryens Second Name Day Whos Aegon

Targaryen well it’s King Visery’s two-year-old son with allison Hightower showing that they got married he got busy and some time has passed in this short scene. We also learn from Thailand. Lannister that the war in the stepstones is not going well. If we didn’t get that from the very first scene and yes we meet our first lannister and it will be interesting to see how people react to houses They recognize with. With different personalities, we also learned through a conversation between Otto Hightower and his brother, the Lord of the Hightower Orman that people already see Aegon as the legitimate heir because he is the firstborn son.

Once Again.

We see Princess Renera at the Weirwood tree. Now there never was a Weirwood tree in King’s landing in Game of Thrones or the book so this thing either gets cut down or it’s a big change and it will be prominent later or it’s just fan service. This is just a quick scene to show that things are a little bit icy still apologies for the really on the nose description between Ronera, Targaryen and Allison Hightower and once again to compare this to Rings of Power and I’ll probably end up doing that a lot. In this few short minutes.

We Got More Story Progression And Character Progression

than we. did in two hours with Amazon’s billion dollar show in celebration of Aegon’s second name Day King Viserys decides to take the whole family on a trip to the Kingswood for a hunt and Renera Targaryen looks like the typical teenager on a road trip. Princess Rinera doesn’t really want to go because she doesn’t think anyone is there for her and that’s where she’s wrong When King Viserys rolls up to the camp in the Kingswood, we get to see the Strongs. Lionel Strong, who is a member of the small council. His son Harwin, Strong or break Bones and Larry Strong Clubfoot.

Both Characters Will Be Kind Of

a big deal. Later in the camp Princess Rinera walks in on the Lady Lannister and the Lady Red wine complaining about Coreless Velaryon and Damon dragging them into a war in the stepstones that the Princess says they’re not. Officially in then Princess Ronero reminds Lady Red Wine that she is just sitting around eating cake while men are dying. Lara’s Clubfoot works his way into the Lady’s gossip pit and I’m wondering if this is foreshadowing a master of whisperers in the future Princess. Rinera also mentions that she hasn’t talked to Damon in quote-unquote years and once again.

Im Gonna Bring Up The Rings Of Power

at no time. In this show do they stop everything to have another character describe another character’s traits or describe to us what we can clearly see on screen. Later on. Ronera gets a marriage proposal from Jason Lannister, and then she finds out the reason she’s actually there. Jason Lannister has an excellent match.

Shes Arrogant And So Serious Well.

I thought you might have that in common King Viserys and Rinera have an argument in front of everyone in. tent that they are not above tradition and she needs to get married to propagate the line to shore up her claim Rinera takes off on her horse. Kristen cole goes after her. I wonder if they’re setting up something there and King Viserys has the look on his face that every father understands second of his name belongs to Patty Constantine King.

Viserys Has Gotten A Little Bit Older Hes

gotten a little bit fatter. His hairline is crawling back a little bit. He’s missing two fingers. He’s drinking too much and there’s something else wrong and we learn all this through the lost art in Hollywood. These days of showing not telling now that Rhaenyra is of age.

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Shes Not The Only One Getting Assaulted With

marriage proposals, so is he what I offer you the crown and your daughter strength. Otto Hightower probably shows his hand a. Little bit too much by suggesting that Rinera marries his two-year-old grandson Aegon Nami UK, then Lord Lionel strong once again. Years later suggests the best proposal having Renera marry Lord Corliss Velaryon’s son Lenore, which once again would ally the houses and solve a lot of problems. The only minor detail Lenore is gay man.

Everyones Gay Once In A While

I’m not gay meanwhile, in the Kingswood Princess Renee Targaryens have a little small talk and flirting with Sir Christine Cole then they’re attacked by a boar. He kills it, but she was able to hold it off for a good long time No way that thing would have killed her. Renera finishes off the boar and gets blood all over her face and her hair and that’s what you call foreshadowing now The reason they’re in the kingswood aside from Aegon’s Second name day is to hunt. Are looking for what’s called the White heart a giant white buck. My name is Buck and I’m here to didn’t find it, but they end up getting this one and the king has a hard time, killing it if they had found the white heart.

Then Maybe King Viserys Would Have Named

Aegon his heir instead of Renera because that’s what this entire episode is about Ronera thinking she’s going to get replaced by her brother and a lot of the realm wanting that to happen. King. Viserys wasn’t just hungover during the hunt. He is clearly in physical pain and that’s why he’s been drinking to dull that this whole episode talking to Allison. He wonders if he made the right decision.

He Shows Regret He Actually Thinks He

killed his wife due to a dream. My obsession killed Ronira’s mother Viserys, I thought of foreign and regret. He had a dream that he had a son wearing Aegon, the Conqueror’s Crown and it turns out that dream is probably gonna come true just not in the way he thought everyone returns to King’s landing and Otto Hightower starts plodding and he really is turning into the Tywin Lannister Littlefinger of this story. He tries to convince his very pregnant daughter Allison that it’s her son Aegon, who was the one who’s being robbed of the throne and not Renera. Renera is a woman just as Ormond Hightower told his brother Otto earlier on in the episode it’s now Otto, who tells his daughter Allison that it’s up to her to convince King Viserys to make the right decision.

Alison Tries To Approach The Subject Of

succession with King Viserys, but not very hard. I was hoping we might discuss something. After a brief discussion about Ronera that We’ll get to in just a moment. There is the letter from Vaymon Valerian, brother of Corliss, obviously written behind his back that is a plea for help in the stepstones. So in this conversation between Allison and King Viserys.

She Suggests Both To Help Damon

in the stepstones and to guide Renera into marriage by making her believe she is the one choosing again for the entirety of second of his name. Renera has thought that she was gonna get shipped off to some lord and replaced by her brothers and a lot of the lords believed that too turns out she was wrong. After a brief argument, King Viserys tells Renera that she is indeed his heir, and he has no intention of replacing her. Although he did wave her and he tells her she can choose her husband find one. That pleases you as I did Rinera seems happy and everything’s gonna turn out okay facing down high probability of civil war, and I know it sounds crazy.

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We Are In A Cold Civil

war to a potential civil war people might say I’m I’m a little alarmist when I mention potential civil something civil war we’re in a civil war. We are in a civil war Civil war welp as they’ve been telling us this entire episode things are not going well in the step stones. The Dragons are useless because the Crab feeder and his men keep running in the caves like little Poreless, Valerian and his son Lenore are fighting with his brother vehement sell swords and mercenaries are abandoning them and they’re running really low on ships. Laenor suggests sending Damon out on a suicide mission, so they can draw out the men to ambush them. When Damon returns, he receives a letter from his brother King Viserys, telling him that he doesn’t want him to fail in his mission and he’s going to be sending some help.

Then Damon Beats The Crap Out Of

the messenger as King Visery said earlier in the episode, Damon would rather die than ask for help, and he would also rather die than get help Matt Damon Targaryen then Gendry Baratheons his way over to the Crab Feeders island throws up a false peace flag and nobody’s gonna believe him ever again and draws out the crab Feeder and his men Matt Damon Targaryen gets on his knees offers up his valerian steel sword Dark sister Oh Don’t do that and once the men get close. He commences to hacking his way through him and I have to agree with Razorfist. Matt Smith makes a great l rick of. Melnima Day and I loved this scene and sure there was a lot of arrows that conveniently missed Matt Damon Targaryen, but he does eventually get hit. In the end.

It Ends Up Drawing Out More Men And

that’s when Corliss and lenore with his dragon come in. It’s a brutal battle limbs getting hacked off decapitations a flying dragon burning people to a crisp and this is one of the reasons. I like fantasy and I’m not gonna apologize for it. Usually. I despise when things happen off screen like in pirates of the Caribbean when they killed the Kraken in between films.

But This Really Worked For Me.

Matt Damon Targaryen chases the crab feeder into a tunnel and the next time we see him he’s dragging out what’s left of the crab Feeder holding dark sister with a dragon flying in the background. It was cool and when properly motivated Damon gets done. I also think it’s important to mention that towards the end of the episode, Matt Smith did not speak a line of dialogue while that was horrible in the final episode of Game of Thrones season 8. When we had people staring at stuff for almost a half an hour.

This Completely Worked And It Turns

out We didn’t learn very much about the crab feeder and we didn’t need to because this battle wasn’t just for battle’s sake, unlike that useless troll battle in the beginning of the rings of power. This one serviced the character of Damon Targaryen. When Damon was rowing out to the Crab Feeders Island. We got a voiceover of King Viserys reading the letter and it sounded kindly, but we know that’s not the way Damon heard it in his head it is instead. My hope that this aid will deliver the victory that has thus far evaded us and that’s the end of the episode, and I thought this was the first one that was really good from beginning to end well paced, well-acted and it belonged again to Patty Constantine playing the tortured King Viserys and rehiss.

I Fans Reese Defends Otto Hightower Is

turning into a proper bastard which every show needs still this isn’t the greatest television ever made. I would say it’s a six or seven out of ten and quite frankly. We have to factor in that there has been so much out there that this just might be a small oasis not to say there isn’t problems. One of the showrunners just left Miguel Sapochnick.

Of Course.

This Is a prequel to Game of Thrones, which ends in the disastrous seasons seven and eight and two of the main characters will be changing actors in the next couple of episodes, but it is nice to have something to mildly look forward to so far and yes. It is a thousand times better than the giant dumpster fire known as the rings of Power, Don’t forget to catch Mauler chad brooks from shadowversity Yours truly and some other guests as we discuss the house of the Dragon After every episode 9-10 p. m central every Sunday if you like what you heard Please like share and subscribe if you didn’t like what you heard.

I Thank You For Listening This Long

I will see you in the next video. Nerderotic. com please subscribe you.


It has been 4074 days since the release of the last book in the Song of Ice and Fire series A dance with Dragons . House of the Dragon is much better than the show that might Dethrone Game of Thrones Season 8 as the worst television disaster in history . The premiere episode received 25 million views according to HBo over the course of a week here in the United States . The third episode was the best of the series so far and the second of his name is the first episode that doesn’t need to lean heavily on Matt Smith . The Rings of Power, which is absolutely abysmal.& The rings of power, is a fantasy series running at the same time. It is only natural to feel conflicted conflicted conflicted, frightfully dumb did I mention it’s really bad sure I did. I did and knowing what I know it doesn’t get much better, but when it comes to the series. It doesn’t gets much better. The show that is a prequel to the…. Click here to read more and watch the full video