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Oh That Cant Be Good Oh Is

it the beast from beneath the boards, Oh beautiful so red Oh yeah, Oh, she’s like just do it just yeah She’s like here. It goes yeah just kidding. I just wanted I bet that smells awful Oh that would probably knock me out I’d be like I can smell She knows she knows she knows she knows she’s like you have to live with this now bye she’s like and you know exactly where I’m going. How dare you lock me in my room how dare you lock me in my room exactly where I’m going fly I went. Oh I love this okay you guys we’re gonna get into it because welcome back to New rockstars we’ve got a new King in King’s Landing and his coronation went rather well as long as you didn’t have general admission stand in only.

Floor Seats Oh My God You Guys This

that’s why I never sit on the floor because the dragon event because you know what’s beneath the boards you never know you never know what’s beneath the boards are you a dreamer. You guys how is Renea going to respond to all of this action. I mean I’m guessing not well. I think she should show up with maybe three dragons maybe four at least hey crack open the other eggs open let’s bring all the dragon. This is the big question presents talking dragons are weakly fantasy after show you guys I’m Jessica Clemens and with me today is Brandon Barrick Hello Jessica what an episode H some crazy stuff.

Im Gonna Kill Sir Christian Cole Yeah

he’s gonna kill him he’s on my Hit List yeah we’re gonna talk the most recent episode of House of the Dragon episode. Nine today we’re not gonna spoil anything that might be coming from the future. In the books. We could talk about Game of Thrones that’s fine that’s way in the future. We’ll talk about stuff that maybe happened in the books leading up to this point but no spoilers if you haven’t read the book Don’t worry about that we’re just gonna talk about the episode today is this the is next week The finale yeah.

This Was The Penultimate Episode The

episode before the last episode. So next week will be the finale so we’re so excited for that but let’s dive into this episode Episode nine of House of the Dragon the Green Council. It’s morning in King’s Landing and Viserys stop stop doing this you always start with like it’s a funeral. I mean it it’s morning time people are finding out news is slowly spreading around. The red keep, but before this news gets too far.

Otto And Allison Call The Small Council

together to discuss the plan and Allison is somewhat shocked to learn that most of the council, including her father. Otto, have been secretly planning for this day and how they should get aegon onto the throne. This is when I was like I texted you and I was like I can’t be on Tomorrow’s Episode I was like from the jump you were like this scene. I wanted to fast forward through so bad I was like you guys I can’t stand yeah I was kind of surprised how shocked she was by all this Yeah. There was that I yeah She doesn’t deserve to be shocked by any of the right people conspiracy with her dad who’s been conspiracy with her so it’s like you’re you don’t deserve to be shook.

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But She Was Genuinely Sad To Learn

that Viserys had died, which was interesting Yeah! I think you know however, they got together and however, their relationship was I think over time she did have a spot in her heart for him. She could still be mad about this situation and still be unhappy about you know being forced to have sex with him and all that stuff but I think at some point she found some sort of solace in him. Yeah I mean as a actual father figure and a father she he was much better than Otto Yeah maybe so that’s gonna be like it’s good to his daughter. I don’t know about his other kids not good to the other kids, but now that Allison says it was Viserys’s dying wish to see Aegon Ascend to the throne. It seems like the plan is to go.

My Favorite Thing About This Episode

is every time. She tells someone like Yes Viserys said that Aegon should Ascend to the throne. Everyone’s response is like-h sure okay yeah No One Believes No One Believes the first one that didn’t believe her yeah. This is the one I got really upset because you heard me last week. You heard me what I said about this man I like this man Yeah so everyone’s discussing like okay let’s get the plan going.

Allisons Like Whats Going On And Someone

else is not keen to this plan. Our good old friend Lord Beesberry, the old man himself. He won’t hear of this treason. He also won’t hear of Sir Kristen Cole coming up behind him. NK] Lord Beesberry I I like how they made him a stand-up dude He was like this is treason.

I Wont Have This I Knew.

Viserys longer than any of you. This is UK he’s like the King was fine when he went to bed last night. Does anyone actually believe he just died. I love that he even brought up that he was like I mean yeah.

He Was A Walking Corpse, But

also like weird that he would die last night after the family has already gone back home and he tells one person like Oh just kidding. I want aegon to be on the throne Yeah our trusty psycho Kristen Cole bashes his head in on this marble table. I also love if you’ll notice when they pull this Council together before they get to the official business and Otto’s kind of checking in to see if like everyone’s still cool with this plan. Once it seems like it’s gonna happen. Then he puts his marble in Otto is so interesting about.

Like How He Plays This Game Where Its

like unofficially are we all cool with Aegon taking the throne Yes Okay Boom now okay let’s talk about it. Okay someone else doesn’t like this plan and it’s also Sir Harold Westerling, head of the Kingsguard and when he’s told to go round up Ramirez and the family and give them a chance to give up the crown or die. He tears off his white cloak and heads out another man joining team. Black he’s not having this UK and he’s been hating Kristen Cole for years and once like this happens and no one does anything he’s like I’m out of here. I’m surprised he was able to walk freely Yeah, like I’m surprised I know it wasn’t like Christian Yeah I wasn’t sure if he was gonna make it out of the castle, but we saw in the teaser.

For Next Week, Hes At Dragonstone

so he got out of the castle. He got out. I love him Yeah Yeah I love him I love him. I hate Sir Chris. He’s a good man.

You Guys The Race Is On

to find Aegon. This is Rat Race Yeah This becomes a show. This becomes the entire episode and it’s so funny who appears to have snuck out of the keep so both Otto and Allison want to be the first to talk to Aegon rightfully. So Allison isn’t keen on killing Rhemara and her family so she wants to draw Aegon to her side. She sends her Kristen Cole and aim on after her firstborn son.

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The Way She Kind Of Uses Chris

to go here. She pulls them in close like for your Queen I don’t know yeah yeah I don’t know we’ll get into what happened at. the very end of the episode, but that was a little too. She really gets in close and really uses her paw as your trusted Yeah. I was like trust in what trust in who yeah she only she she really chooses her moments to be close to this psychopath that was an eye-opener for me.

I Was Like Okay All Right Bleep Is

power that’s what they saying that’s what they’re saying so Otto sends Eric and Eric I’ll try to emphasize the A versus the E. The two twins after Aegon, but little does he know that Eric with an e is not so hot on Aegon anymore. He’s been Aegon’s Chief guard and has seen the bad things he gets up to all the time. Some bad things Oh well okay let’s get going as both teams search the pillow houses and child fighting rings the flea. For Aegon, the White Worm sends a message to Otto through the cargile twins pay up and I’ll tell you where he’s had eight where I hit Aegon also be nicer to the little kids of King’s Landing and I love this this is what I was like go at it Yeah Yeah I said go at it girl Otto’s like sure yeah I’ll get right on yeah I was like okay Yeah tell me where it goes so the babies, the aegon babies well we’ll definitely get into all that but this child fighting ring was wild.

I Got Sharpen Their Teeth And Their

their fingernails. I was watching it and I was like sharpened teeth and fingernails. I was like put me in well if if you’ve read the books when they were searching for Aegon. I was a little worried about where they would find him he’s. up to some allegedly again The books are kind of like unreliable.

The Narrator Youre Hearing Different Stories.

One of them coming from Mushroom who’s like a fool, a Jester in the court, who tells a lot of body Tales, but they find aegon in the book in a very compromising position with someone who is underage just kind of whether it’s the book of the show. Aegon gets up to something Yeah and the fact that he’s coming to this child fighting ring he’s betting on it. He’s putting his own bastards into it messed up it’s just so messed up insane Yeah No wonder Eric with any is like this Guy is Bad News Bears and his brother’s like but we took an oath and it’s like let’s bring that out well. It was also like clear that he just saw it and was like because he was.

Like Over There Hes There For The First

time, and he’s like Whoa, whoa what what and Eric was he is like I’m here too much literally insane yeah, so both teams are now searching for Aegon pretty much agree that he shouldn’t be king yeah. Even his brother Aemon makes the case that he should be king which no but also yes I understand second Sons am I right. I mean second son’s always be like they feel like they need as a second born as a second born. I have an older brother. I’m the best and I should get all of the claims as a firstborn Oh.

I Think That I Should Get

all the claim and should definitely. I double down on my duties a second board and I don’t think you do but but this part is kind of not. I don’t feel any sadness, but I love that Aegon was like please dude. I will dip out right now and you can take this just let.


Jessica Clemens and Brandon Barrick talk House of the Dragon episode . The episode was the penultimate episode the episode befor Game of Thrones finale . They’ll talk about stuff that maybe happened in the books leading up to this point but no spoilers if you haven’t read the book don’t worry about that we’re just gonna talk about the episode today is this the is next week The finale yeah.& I think she should show up with maybe three dragons maybe four at least hey crack open the other eggs open let’s bring all the dragon.& You guys how is Renea going to respond to all of this action.& How dare you lock me in my room. I’m gonna kill Sir Christian Cole. He’s gonna kill him he’s on my Hit List.& This is the big question presents talking dragons are weakly fantasy after show you guys I don’t want to talk about Game Of Thrones.& We could talk about Thrones that’s fine that’s way in the future…. Click here to read more and watch the full video