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Boss and This is a breakdown of the first episode of House of the Dragon, A game of Thrones prequel series adapted from George rr. Martin’s Fire and Blood. I actually started on this channel writing all of and eventually hosting the game of Thrones Analyses and look how young and innocent that little boy walked. He had no idea what laid before him and how a career in Youtube would plague him with social disorders, but hey I’m still excited to return to Westeros not just to list a random number of Easter eggs, but really to dig into the deeper thematic subtext analyze the interesting cinematic details and make that HBo flavored violence even sexier and that HBo flavored sex even more violent. This episode opens with narration from adult Rainier, a Targaryen who will be played by Emma Darcy in.

Future Episodes Shes Recounting The Great Council

of 101. the dynasty of Aegon, the Conqueror went Aegon, then Aenese, then Maegor and now Jaehaerus. Jiharis’s first son Eamonn had died nine years prior, leaving behind Eamon’s daughter Rhaenys, but she was the queen who never was passed over for his second son Balon, who had just died of a burst appendix warring factions begin to rally so. Jaharis gathered this council to decide his heir and prevent civil war, but a difference from the book here it did not come down to Viserys and Rhaenys. Rhaenys made a claim, but was immediately discounted due to her being a woman.

It Really Came Down To Viserys

and Rhaenys’s son Leonor Velaryon, whom we will meet later in this series, but here they emphasize Rhaenys getting slighted to connect this history to the similar succession drama that goes down with Rhaenyra. This setting is Harrenhal you remember that from Season 2 of Game of Thrones. It’s the largest structure in Westeros that was chosen to house These 1000 lords notice how the Targaryen’s hair blows in the wind as this castle is in a ruined state exposed to the elements why because a century earlier Aegon’s Dragon Balerion torched this place to the ground really the fact that Viserys was the final Targaryen prince to ride Valerion, who had died seven years before. This was a major factor that led to him being chosen as Jiharis’s heir and now with his hair blowing in his wind. He really does fit the bill of a dragon rider who torched places just like this also a prince who uses conditioner maybe he’s born with it or maybe he’s got dragon dreams.

Rainers Voice Over Says In Those Days

House Targaryen stood at the height of its strength with ten adult dragons under its yoke under its yoke Ah Yeah! Right! Viserys reveals that the Targaryen’s actual control of the Dragons is an illusion also Yolk Yolk as in that of an egg an egg does become a key symbol. Later this episode, the scroll that Jaharis reads is stamped with the sigil of the order of Maesters, a ring of chains. Notice how the masters of this series wear chains that are more varied than the chains worn by the Maesters in the game of Thrones series really because each link is meant to represent mastery of a completely different field kind of like merit badges, though I don’t know if these majors really deserve one for ob gyning. The opening title shows the Targaryen Sigil of the three Dragon heads. and music from returning Game of Thrones composer Ramin Jawadi Yeah You’ll notice The end has that same bass string trimmer that Jawadi would use in the house Targaryen theme in Game of Thrones right before a dragon would dracarys and you’ll notice We don’t really get a classic game of Thrones style animated game board opening however, I do think we get a nod to that game of Thrones game board hidden interestingly in this episode later on Then we jump ahead about a decade later as Ronira rides her gold-colored Dragon Cyrax through the clouds Yes.

It Took Multiple Seasons In Game

of Thrones to get to Dragons, but this one starts right off with him a way bigger budget’s always a beautiful thing notice on the red keep some construction scaffolding is visible. This castle was completed decades earlier, finished by Maegor the cruel who also ordered. construction of the great Dragon Pit, which you can see in the background here still beautiful and intact. The ruins of this dragon pit were seen in Game of Thrones where in season seven, Daenerys talked about how mocking the dragons in this pit destroyed the Targaryens. This place was the beginning of the end for my family.

We Werent Extraordinary Without Them.

We were just like everyone else a reality that Rhaenyra admits using the same words at the end of this episode without them it’s like everyone else as Cyrex lands. The elder Dragon keeper uses his staff to halt the younger one and they speak in high Valyrian commands Ohiris meaning I think to serve as in Valar Dojaris, but I think in this context maybe it means obey. Then bas not really sure about that one maybe it means inline Rybas, which means listen or hear. and then later Nayot, which means forward Ronira’s friend is Alison Hightower, who says Cyrax is growing quickly should soon be as large as correct sees that’s almost large enough to settle too crazy’s is demon’s Dragon nicknamed the bloodworm for its extra long neck.

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Youll Notice These Dragons Wear Saddles Which

makes sense for animals. One would ride. Daenerys never used a saddle to ride Drogon in game of Thrones and when they asked how Daenerys could stay on this dragon. Some people who worked on the show told my colleague Joanna Robinson over on the ringerverse podcast that apparently it had to do with Drogon spikes in the way a hat sits on a hook. I know by the way it’s important to be on top of your mental health, which is why it’s so frustrating when you can’t find a therapist if you think you might be.

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if you ever want to request a new therapist, you can at any time with no additional charge. Over 3 million people have taken charge of their mental health. with an experienced better health therapist If you’re interested in proving your mental health with better help you can get 10 off your first month at betterhelp. com New Rockstars or click the link in the description that’s B-e-t-t-e-r-h-elp. com New Rockstars for 10 off your first month, but Yes Ronero does mention a saddle for two in this episode does end with a two-seated saddle just on a different dragon Karaxis as Damon and Missouri elite but notice how we cut back to Cyrax here and realized that only then did this Dragon turn back into the pit.

Cyrax Was Watching These Two Girls

for their whole conversation as if not trusting Allison the carriage rolls past the statue of Valerian the Black Dread remember that was Aegon‘s Dragon last written by Viserys several years prior. These girls stroll through the red keep courtyard. This looks like the same location Cersei. In the later seasons of the game of Thrones over all of this Joanie‘s main game of Thrones Melody plays because you know HBo really needs us to remember the good times and Queen Emma’s chamber instance Burns and a Maester writes a desk. This guy’s likely working on those moon charts that mellows will later update the king about a septa lights candles in front of wall art that depicts several characters apparently in an orgy.

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This Chamber Is Covered In Porny Imagery

maybe to encourage fertility. Some nurseries have like plush toys This one has hand job art. Emma says this discomfort is how we serve the realm. I’d rather serve as a knight and ride to bustling glory. While Rhaenyra is presented as a daedris figure here, she echoes Arya you will marry a high lord and rule.

This Castle No Thats Not Me.

Emma then says. The child bed is our battlefield an important foreshadowing line because later director Miguel Sapochnick will intercut between the bloody fight and attorney and the even bloodier scenes of the childbirth because whereas tourneys are pretend wars that often end in the night yielding Emma didn’t have that option her child bed was a literal battlefield where they tried to decide kings and ultimately like many battlefields no one really walked away from it on to the king’s small council well I believe you might be looking up the wrong end. NK] yes viserys finishes a dirty joke maybe even the punchline to tyrion’s never ended joke from game of thrones. I once brought a Jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel silence what happened next.

But If You Look Online There Are Actually

quite a few really great possible answers to that one notice how vasaris eats a boiled. Boiled egg Now a dragon egg will become a major plot point with Damon later on this season, but this episode also draws a parallel to Viserys’s unborn child and an egg. After this miserable pregnancy, I wouldn’t be surprised if I hatched an actual dragon. Now. This is a cruel parallel, but Viserys eats a boiled egg here while his baby egg does not survive and ends up getting cooked buzzer.

Targaryen” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Viserys, A Small Council Includes His Hand

Otto hightower, Master of laws, Lionel, Strong Grand Maester Melos, master of Coin Lyman, Breesbury and master of Ships Coreless Velaryon, Lord of Driftmark, his Sigil the seahorse. He’s husband Rhaenys. He and all the Valerions have silver hair because Valerians are really kissing cousins to the Targaryens. Both Emma and Vizera smelled Dragon on their daughter.

I Love This Detail Because It Gives

a new sensory weight to creatures that. Otherwise would just come off as Vfx nothings, but like any riding animal dragons would have a scent to them. I’m gonna guess it’s smoky. Otto brushes off Corliss’s warnings about Craig as the craft beater and the Step Stones and Otto tries to redirect to a lighter subject of the tourney, but since this tourney is in honor of Viserys’s unborn son, the subject is actually even more serious because notice how Cordless refuses wine from Rhaenyra so that he can listen closely to the melos’s updates about the health and sex of that child.

Later In The Episode Youll Notice After

Emma’s death, Corliss pours wine, but is in surprise when Otto brings up the succession matter. He’s like bleep. I want to be sober for this stuff. Sir Harold Westerling takes raniera to the throne room He passed through the red keeps gates at Frostlight Does my.

Father Know His Head No Good

We just learned quite a bit about Prince demon his reputation preceding him. Damon is a massive celebrity, yet somehow he managed to sneak into the red keep with very few noticing master of sneaks. This tells us that Damon has some pretty tight connection with.


This is a breakdown of the first episode of House of the Dragon, A game of Thrones prequel series adapted from George rr.& Martin’s Fire and Blood . This episode opens with narration from adult Rainier, a Targaryen who will be played by Emma Darcy in.& Future episodes . Rhaenys made a claim, but was immediately discounted due to her being a woman . The setting is Harrenhal, the largest structure in Westeros that was chosen to house These 1000 lords . It’s the largest . structure in . Westeros . The largest structure . in . the castle is in a ruined state exposed to the elements why becauau . this castle is . in a ruinous state . The House of . Harrenal was chosen for Season 2 of Game of Thrones . The Targaryens are in the ruins of Harren . The Lannister is the largest castle in Westeras that was chose to house these 1000 lords. The Lannisters ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video