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this is a breakdown of House of the Dragon Episode 3 which shows how you can win over any cookout by serving up pork or crab and thanks for your patience. On this one. I don’t get advanced screeners for the show and we don’t want to force anyone to work on a holiday, but here it is my scene-by-scene analysis of all the visual details and deeper layers of meaning you might have missed in this episode now last week when I went frame by frame through those opening credits. I promised that I would be laser focused on the opening titles in case anything got updated and yep. There was one sneaky change.

Last Week The Bloodline On The Greenhouse Hightower

side of everything flowed from Otto his dial marked with the hand of the King Icon to alicent. The old town Beacon Icon and then stopped there, but now the bloodline flows from Alicent and meets Viserys’s bloodline marking the birth of a new possible air young Aegon as the camera pans down. You can see another dial waiting for Aegon, but for now it is still untouched by the blood because he has not yet been named the heir. The opening image of the episode shows the Sigil of house Valerian, the sea horse on a burning sail as the triarchy Ravages the Valerian fleet. This sea horse is not the seahorse fish that we know it’s a rearing mammalian horse with the lower half of a fish and bins that resemble wings together with the embers.

This Foreshadows The True Savior Of This

episode’s closing the fire of a flying valerian dragon sea smoke even its name parallels what we are currently seeing in its opening. Smoke on the Sea and speaking of Ash and Ruin. Epic hero Merch has a new shirt inspired by House of the Dragon called Ash and Ruin and you can get it at Epicheroshop. com the Valerian Knight screams that Craig is Drehar the Crab theater the Sea Snake will have your foxy again by Poxy Effingham head. He was referring to the fact that gragas has Grayscale which you could see on his face in his shoulders.

Last Episode Hiding Under His Golden

mask, which is also the mask of the sons of the Harpy. Those are the assassins who threatened Daenerys rule over Meereen in Game of Thrones Season 5. now these game of Thrones Winks are new to the character in this series. Presumably, Drehar acquired his harpy mask from Piracy in the free cities and if you remember in game of thrones the men in the ruins. of Valyria had Greyscale, which does make Kragus in a way doubly representative of the rot that infests the Targaryen’s ancestral home and a future threat of the ambitions of their descendant Daenerys.

This Four Valerian Night Hails The Arrival

of Prince Daemon and his Dragon Caraxies. They even Vfx the night spewing up blood and based on the length of its tail as it swipes out the bonfire to the right. It probably also swept away that Guy’s corpse say Damon’s Bravery has nothing to do with the good of the realm. It’s all about his pride. The crab feeder and his men hide in their caves, and this is exactly how the Dornish managed to stave off the Targaryen Dragons during the failed conquest of Dorne.

Also The Fact That They Took

out Aegon’s sister White Rainey Cinder Dragon Miraxis with a scorpion weapon definitely helped as well. Now as we fade in on the King’s feasts The first words we hear are those of young Aegon and what’s for dinner pork we’re shadowing the game-changing game that will be brought in during the hunt now notice how the nobles say he has your hair your grace. He does have my hand. He has your eyes your grace yes he does and you have my nose and baby. Aegon pulls away from Viserys‘s hand because notice how throughout the scene and throughout this episode Viserys has now lost two of his fingers on his left hand.

Its Like With Every Episode.

A new piece of this guy is dropping off and as always the Valerian steel dagger of Egg on the conqueror, which yes again plays a huge role. Throughout game of Thrones continues to jut into frame, which is especially ironic now since his withering left hand. be the one to draw that Dagger pretty soon All that’s gonna be able to grab it is a stump. It’s just a separate year of his rule renders him less and less worthy to carry Aegon’s legacy represented by that Dagger also yes I have to point this out the frame that we cut to Aegon that Kid is totally looking at the camera.

These Child Actors They Always See

us. Otto hightower speaks with his older brother Hobert, Lord of Old Town, who actually saw him swearing fealty to Renera in episode 1, which makes his assumption that Aegon would be named new heir pretty brazen. He’s the king’s firstborn son I don’t know that his grace sees it so clearly then it lies with you to make him see it us. We see how Otto pressuring his daughter allison to influence the king is really a trait. passed down to him from his hightower Elder Thailand.

Lannister Is The New Master Of Ships, Replacing

Corliss, who resigned last episode known as his Lannister. Lion Thailand and his twin brother Jason Lannister are both played by actor Jefferson Hall, who played Sir Hugh with the Vale in season one of Game of Thrones. I love how he plays Thailand as a worrywart and Jason has a proud braggart shots later in this episode actually winklevoss him in twice side by side, but there’s a fun edit out of this scene can someone tell me where in the seven halves Ronera might be under the Dragon’s eye yeah the jump cut to the barred song answers the King’s question with an answer he might not like his daughter Rhaenyra is under the dragon’s eye as if she might be the destin descendant in Aegon’s song of Ice and Fire. Dream Additionally, Rene is in the godswood beneath the red leaves of the Weirwood tree anointing our destiny from the old gods as well the Divine forces in Westeros that pre-date the Targaryens, which plays a key symbolic role. Later now This Bard’s song is about Nymeria and her 10 000 ships.

The Historical Warrior Queen Who Was

referenced in the same location episode one you can actually see the name Nymeria when the page turns at the top of that paragraph, so either Anira had this book mended to replace the page that she tore out or she could be reading a new book about this person. If you think about it would likely be the only woman in her life that she now feels companionship with and by the way HBo is developing a Nymeria 10 000 ship spin-off series, so you know the show is just trying. Nymeria in our brains, Oh you won a 10 000 ship’s show now well we got one for you now. This singer is named Samwell like Samwell Tarly, who in Game of Thrones coins, a title, a song of ice and fire for his history of these recent conflicts, which is ironic that he would pick the same phrase Aegon the Conqueror used to describe the dream of white walkers, but the fact that we focus on this bard so much in the scene like him stretching his sore hand makes me wonder if this could actually be the show’s version of the character Mushroom the Mummer in Bayern Blood, who provided the salacious details of the subjective historical account that George R Martin intended fire and blood to be naming him. Samwell could be a nod to that meta aspect of an in-universe character later playing a role in.

The History Of It Now The

castle walls torches are held by dragon mouths so that the torch’s wind lit would look like a dragon breathing fire. I love that touch or tasteful decor than the literal bestiality porn on every other surface of this castle, whereas before these two young women laid together beneath this tree. Even the actresses admitted that they were doing so with an intentional flirty undertone now rainier will not even look at the queen yet the blocking suggests she’s using the eyes of the face in the weirwood tree trunk as the eyes in the back of her head. In a way Alison is under the dragon’s eye. Viserys and Allison encourage raniere to bear children.

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Its Not So Bad.

The days are long, but Aegon came quickly and without fuss yeah. Those nurses got some tea clearly Aegon’s birth was rough for this. Teenage bride and like many queens in the Middle Ages, especially ones now focused on popping out the next kid. She doesn’t really get to spend much time mothering her toddler.

Young Aegon Looks At Camera Again And

pushes that Dragon figurine on the floor. We’ll screw like children when they’ve been slaughtered. Your Gracie also has your love of dropping dragon toys yes in this episode Ranira goes from hating the sound of a screaming board the editing of her line there sinking with Aegon shouts to at the end of this episode, stabbing a screaming boar I wonder who Ronero was visualizing stabbing there as they arrive at the hunting camp. We see the red keep in the background of the shot compared to the game of Thrones. Season 1 scenes that take place in the Kingswood.

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I Just Love The Visual Context

We get here to anchor. us in the setting and Nice when your Tv show’s got bigger budget Master of Laws. Lionel Strong applauds their arrival flanked by his two sons Larry Strong with a club foot and his brother Sir Harwin Breakbone Strong, who’s going to be an important character throughout the series, Hovert Hightower declares UK. Second of his name is the title of this episode. If her Hobart shouted here in front of everyone is a huge breach of protocol as Aegon would not be called Aegon Ii aka second of his name until the king officially names him an heir, which he has not done yet.

Despite The Patriarchal Customs Of This

society, Rhaenyra remains the proclaimed heir, whom again Hobart swore fealty too so that conflict of whether Aegon should be the second of his name is at the heart of this episode, and while it is his birthday that. They’re celebrating really this episode is the name day for other Targaryens each of them enter this world in a new way. By the episode’s end baptized in fire and blood as Ramirez walks into the red tent. We see her new hair braid at the back of her head, which matches the interlocking circles of the valerian steel necklace that Damon gave her. This one always got eyes on the back of her head.

Ronero Walks In On Kiera Lannister Dropping Some

exposition. When one of Lord Swans ships sailed through the stepstones what will happen to Lady Joan She’s to be sold to a pillow house in the Free cities. If you believe the rumors. Joanna Swann was kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery in lease, but in the text becomes a beloved citizen named the Black Swan and essentially rules the city of Elise so Don’t worry.


The opening image of the episode shows the sea horse on a burning sail as the triarchy Ravages the Valerian fleet . Epic hero Merch has a new shirt inspired by House of the Dragon called Ash and Ruin and you can get it at . The Sea Snake will have your foxy again by Poxy Effingham head by the head of the Sea Snake head . The opening images of this episode’s closing the fire of a flying valerian dragon sea smoke even its name parallels what we are currently seeing in its opening . This foreshadows the true savior of this week’s closing is the flying dragon sea Smoke . The episode ends with the death of the dragon and the end of the battle for House of The Dragon. The episode concludes with the final episode of the final season of The Game of Thrones, which airs on Sunday at 8.30pm on AMC’s “Game of Thrones” at 8/11/….. Click here to read more and watch the full video