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this is a breakdown of House of the Dragon episode 5 where the Green wedding ends with a white knight cap and a series of fumbles by losing it on the sidelines. As always this episode was filled with subtle visual details and deeper layers of meaning. So let’s break down everything you might have missed the opening credit sequence continues to evolve slightly Episode by episode. This week the bloodline that branches forth from Allison’s dial compared to the single Branch last week now splits into two branches. Allison does have multiple children currently Aegon and Helena and soon more kids like Eamonn and then Darren next week.

When This Show Jumps Ahead 10 Years,

we will meet some of these. The episode opens at runestone the home of House Royce in the Veil of Aaron, where we finally meet. Ria Royce UK Damon’s wife, whom he has called his bronze, which now we see is for her literal bronze armor. Royce’s Armor is stamped with runes UK runestone to mark their descendancy from the first men to get these specific runes. The customer pulled them directly from the Codex Runicus, an animal skin manuscript from the year 1300.

One Of The Oldest And Best Preserved

texts of Scallion Law Scalian, referring to an old dialect from present-day Swedish. Her cousins Sir Gerald Royce carries a unique sword now depending on Gerald’s. Relationship with the family This may be the Valerian steel sword of House Roy’s Lamentation, which does play an important role in the hands of Sir Willem Royce in the coming Civil war the Royce house words are we remember so what Damon does may come back to haunt him Gerald asks what’s today’s Quarry Rabbit dear fine. So Ria is on a stag hunt. Just like Viserys and Rainier were but instead of a white heart, she finds a white fart blocking her path.

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Demons Hooded Appearance Makes Him Look Like The

stranger who represents death and gets a shout out. At the end of this episode, Ria says we’ll have you at last come to consummate our marriage. The veil shape might be willing even if I’m not our sheep are prettier After all so word travels fast from Damon’s line in a small council meeting. In episode one in the veil. Minister said to sheep instead of women.

I Can Assure You The Sheep

are prettier now thanks to vesi for sponsoring this video House of the Dragon makes it perfectly clear that being a Targaryen ain’t all it’s cracked up to be yeah there’s Dragons, but there’s also a lot of betrayal and Intrigue. and pretty intense battles and like gross sex look if it were me and if I was gonna be sloshing through the battlefield drench or the blood of my enemies. I’d rather be certain that my feet stay dry, so I would rather be wearing my vessies. Bessie is here to keep you looking good while keeping your feet dry besties are the perfect everyday shoe. They’re sustainably made knit sneakers that are 100 waterproof.

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material that’s super easy to clean with just a rinse of water. No I spilled water all over my pizza my Oinky oinkies are bone dry like the densies. Thanks Messi so if the weather is wet or if it’s muddy besties can help you besties are my go-to shoes by my door check them out in the link below for a pair of your own Bessie shoes. Spooks this horse and it’s almost by chance at Rhea’s fall paralyzes her later on. Raines justifies this by saying the gods are cool the gods and the humans who act like they’re Gods Now there’s only one quick mention of Ria‘s death in the text of Fire and Blood.

There Came A Tragic Mishap Of The

sort that shapes the destiny of Kingdoms, the bronze Burr of runestone Lady Ria Royce Thou former horse whilst Hawking and cracked her skull upon a stone showrunner Ryan Condo interpreted that to mean Damon must have murdered her, though we still do not see the actual death on screen, and notice that Damon does not say a single word in this sequence, just as he didn’t say anything in the final sequence of episode three like then it remains a mystery what his true motives are and not saying anything makes him. Even deadlier in a weird way, but Rhea does kind of invite this killing I knew you couldn’t finish a knowing jab at Damon’s impotency the man truly does have a problem finishing now by the way if the shooting location looks familiar. It is the same pass in Derbyshire in England, where they shot The Princess Bride scene where the Princess and Wesley roll down the hill again on Viserys. The ship we follow a close-up of the royal puke bucket, which Viserys waves off but then wretches anyway. Lionel strong we learn has been promoted for a master of laws to hand to the king and like all hands of the king the hand wipes.

Viseryss Body Has Sort Of Become A Harbinger

for the health of the entire realm. Like He has contained all the rod inside of his body up until this point yet when he dies, you know that brought it’s gonna spread to everyone Otto Hightower’s men depart King’s land be marked with the Hightower Sigil of a watchtower. Despite the rain Otto ditches The Carriage to just set out on Horseback I assume to put on a dramatic show after getting sacked fine I’ll leave and I’ll get myself pneumonia You’ll notice Otto’s saddle shows the Watchtower Beacon burning green, which gets explained later this episode, The beacon on the high tower do you know what color it glows When Old Town calls its Banners TO walk green Green fire almost certainly means Wildfire which the maesters of The Citadel in Old Town likely would have helped craft brew the Old Town leaders to give their calls to war a unique verdigree. Now I may be. Wrong but in the text House Hightower sigil description I don’t think ever mentions the flame being green.

Its Just Kind Of A Watchtower With A

flame, but of course Allison’s Green dress is a hugely significant gesture that goes on to Define This whole faction In the coming Civil War. The Hightower is considered the greens because of this moment but this show goes further to retcon the color green as part of her family war cry before that so now. This is really Allison deliberately siding with House Hightower against House Targaryen and it could be that seeing the green flame on her father’s saddle as it left King’s Landing could have inspired that choice. Otto warns his daughter a different era succeeds in war will follow do you understand the realm will not accept her and to secure her claim she’ll have to put your children to. The sword she’ll have no choice Yeah the way Rhys UK growls War hairs with the torch fire behind them so that it looks like he is breathing fire into his daughter.

With This Advice.

This episode’s title is we like the way the words of house Hightower words that do not get explicitly spoken. This episode only implicitly with fashion choices and here. In this moment Otto instilling in his daughter that Beacon-esque leadership on driftmark Viserys’s Carriage approaches the Valarian castle high tide rolling down this paved Causeway. This Causeway win at his high tide is the only way you can reach that castle and notice how the castle roofs are beaten silver in order to shine in the Sun and make this Castle easier to locate from Dragon back up in the air.

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Viserys Arrives To Find Lenor And Joffrey

Lawnmuth sparring in the yard but no. to greet him Lyanna shows up and says Corliss is in the Hall of nine named for the treasures. Corliss is acquired over his nine voyages Inside these helmeted skulls are on display play and it looks like there are exactly nine of them maybe trophy skulls of a pirate that cordless kills on each of those voyages. I would say they could be his ancestors, but no the Valerians bury their dead rulers at Sea now the music underneath all this at least evokes. It’s always summer Under the Sea UK Shireen‘s song the creepy song that Stannis Baratheon’s daughter heard from the patchface boy on Dragonstone back in book two of Clash of Kings.

Many Believe This Songs Cryptic Lyrics Predicted

events to come in A Song of Ice and Fire and the traumatized patch face boy saying these words to creepily talk about when he nearly drowned. This song’s context and its connection with prophecy makes it perfect music for Viserys here a wannabe Prophet feeling like he is being dragged into the depths of the sea. Much like his doomed Kingdom of Valyria was back in the Godswood of the Red Keep Lara strong greets Allison novelist rare bloom indigenous to Bravos Yeah by All Rights It shouldn’t be thriving here nature such mystery a compliment to Allison does an outsider thriving in the red keep Hubert Hightower actually later Echoes this metaphor I worried that given leave of your father’s Shadow you might Wither in King’s Landing son but you stood tall but hot guys Hilarious spilled some tea. The grand Masters delivered a tea to the princesses tea Yes and We Know lyrics loves to goss because in episode 3 he voluntarily joined the women in the tent to be part of that tea. Party now along with that row of Skulls and Corliss’s throne room We see that he has his own dollhouse model the Way Viserys does of Illyria.

His Collections Also Include The Mask Of

Kragus, the Crab Feeder, which one of the directors confirmed to me was inspired by the mask of the sons of the Heartbeat Rainiest arrives and grabs. Viserys’s rotting hand causing him to wince Eve Best does a great job showing some Mental Math of how long Leonor and Raniera would have to Wed in bed before a succession crisis created by Viserys death would kick in. Viserys allows any kids born of Renera and Leonor to Bear the name of Valerion upon birth at first, but he says the firstborn must take the name Targaryen when they ascend to the Iron Throne, which Corliss and Renice agreed to probably because they know Viserys will be. dead at that point, and they’ll have more freedom to sway what name the new monarch takes Rhaenyra and Leonor speaking code about their appetites in Rhemara proses that they marry but with a discreetly open relationship.

After Rainis Returns From Viserys, She Washes

her hands something not commonly done in this whole unsanitary world, but it signals that she totally senses his coming death Rattle loud and clear and Randy’s warns that Bloodshed is inevitable. Knives will come out but her her husband and for their heirs remember Otto Similarly warned Allison that children would be put to the sword, but Rainy says Knives not swords as her concern is that young Princes and Princesses won’t be attacked by Soldiers with swords necessarily, but perhaps a more treacherous more intimate attack as gets into that in the trailer footage for this season, but coreless reasons our house controls the Rams, Navy e and half its dragons so far. The series has shown us the dragons of Cyrax and Caraxis and one scene of Sea smoke also a new drag in this episode, but overall it’s just a reminder that the Valerians control half of the overall Dragon power in Westeros Leonor’s lover is Joffrey UK The Knight of kisses seen at his side.


The episode opens at runestone the home of House Royce in the Veil of Aaron, where we finally meet Ria Royce . Ria is on a stag hunt and finds a white fart blocking her path . Demon’s hooded appearance makes him look like the stranger who represents death and gets a shout out . Demon is hooded and looks like a stranger representing death . The opening credit sequence continues to evolve slightly Episode by episode. This week the bloodline that branches forth from Allison’s dial now splits into two branches. Ria has multiple children currently Aegon and Helena and soon more kids like Eamonn and then Darren next week. When this show jumps ahead 10 years, we will meet some of these. We will met some of the characters when this show leaps forward 10 years later. The opening credits will continue to be updated. We are looking forward to a new generation of characters that we will be able to see some of them in the future. We hope to see them again….. Click here to read more and watch the full video