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So Its No Secret That Game Of Thrones Didnt

exactly stick The Landing when it came to its final season. In fact it’s basically gone down as one of the most disastrous fuck-ups in entertainment history, taking one of the most wildly popular shows of all time and turning it into an absolute laughing stock. This failure combined with the cancellation of the blood Moon spin-off and GeorgeNK] Martin‘s petulant refusal to finish his Song Of Ice And Fire series pretty much killed off most people’s enthusiasm for the world of Westeros needless to say excitement wasn’t exactly a fever pitch when the announcement came in for House of the Dragon, A prequel series set hundreds of years before the events of Game of Thrones to most of us it looked like just another vanity project to keep George from doing the one thing that everyone actually wanted him. do while squeezing a bit more money out of the jaded Game of Thrones fan base and when that first trailer came out with some not so subtle hints about the show’s political overtones. A woman would not inherit the own throat because that is the order of things Most of us confidently predicted it would come and go like a fart in the winds including yours truly as it happens Oh Holy blumin I’m pleased to say that I was a hundred percent wrong on this one house of the Dragon is a fantastic show that recaptures the spirit of peak.

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Peak Game Of Thrones With Strong

writing competent World building and a fantastic cast of characters played by Talent Aid and capable actors. In short, it’s basically everything I didn’t think it would be, and it’s a neat little warning not to judge a show by its trailer. The story picks up about two centuries before the events of Game of Thrones. It’s a time of relative peace and prosperity in Westeros with the Targaryens presiding over a mostly United Kingdom. The only problem is that the current King Viserys hasn’t managed to produce any male ears and when his wife dies in childbirth.

He Goes Against The Advice Of His

core and names his daughter Renera as his Heir. This is a bit of a controversial move because no woman has ever sat on the iron throne and in fact the only reason Viserys himself became king was because. They passed over his older relative who had a stronger claim but happened to be a woman Anyway. There’s a sizable contingent of Lords who don’t support his choice not to mention his own brother Damon, who sees himself as a stronger successor, but Viserys is like Nah it’ll be fine. He’s basically a good man who tries to do the right thing, but unfortunately the same qualities that make him a good man also make him a pretty bad King.

Hes Short-Sighted Easily Swayed By Others

and blinded by his love for his family. His failure to take decisive action allows grudgies and rivalries to Fester. Minor problems to grow into larger ones that have to be dealt with later and fosters animosities that will eventually tear the kingdom apart in Civil War complicating things even further are his strained relationship with Rhaenyra, who grows increasingly rebellious and difficult. manage as she gets older his new wife, who finally Bears him male heirs calling his earlier choice of successor into doubts his estranged brother Damon, who go Rogan, starts a war that he can’t win, setting himself up as a dangerous rival. Other Noble houses plotting and scheming to get themselves into positions of power and influence his own advisors and subordinates who may or may not have his best interests at heart and ultimately his unfailing health as a mysterious disease slowly eats away at his body.

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Needless To Say Theres A Blumin Ton

of stuff going on in House of the Dragon and honestly it would probably take me hours to properly recap everything that happens in this show, but for the sake of this video’s length and my own sanity. It’s probably enough to say that house of the Dragon does a really effective. effective job of establishing and building up its world and the various characters and factions that live in it and it’s interesting because this show goes about things in a very different way to its predecessor, Game of Thrones grabbed you with the very first episode quickly setting up ominous Mysteries external threats shocking events and internal strife in the world of Westeros. This was a world still reeling from Decades of brutal dictatorship, violent Civil War and enter the swallowed up entire Generations in the cold and dark but House of the Dragon. On the other hand, takes a slower, more cautious approach showing us a Westeros that’s more or less stable and prosperous presided over by a Targaryen Dynasty.

At The Height Of Its Power And

influence we get to see the first tiny cracks appear that will eventually open up into gaping chasms in a story that. unfolds over decades with characters and relationships growing and maturing along with it the way friends and family can slowly be turned into enemies by bad advice, bad choices and in some cases, sheer bad luck and if I had to compare it to something I’d Say it’s more like the British drama series The Crown rather than Game of Thrones. I mean Don’t get me wrong. It’s still got moments of brutal violence, explicit sex and more swearing than a live stream with me and Count Dankula, but it’s less of a narrative Focus now than it was in the Game of Thrones days. House of the Dragons, a more restrained kind of show, at least so far, concentrating more on character development, political maneuvering, plotting and scheming, which could left it feeling boring and still if it wasn’t so well handled the characters are superb and really benefit.

From All That Extra Screen Time Each

new episode revealing more layers to their personalities and motivations. As the years pass Runeera gradually changes from a bratty and rebellious teenager into a mature and intelligent woman, a mother and princess who takes both responsibilities seriously and does her best to show restraint and compassion even as circumstances push her closer to war. Her childhood friend Alison develops from a wide–eyed innocent child into a more jaded and cynical Queen worn down by her husband’s declining health and the manipulations of others. She’s not an outright antagonist, but you can totally see why she’s being pushed in that direction. Damon meanwhile,’s the classic Loose Cannon, ruthless Cocky and impulsive acting on his own initiative and usually causing problems that other people have to solve for him.

It Would Be Easy To Label

him as an outright villain who manipulates everyone else. own benefit, but again the script takes the more interesting Road and actually shows a more mature caring side of them as time passes. All of these characters are helped Along by excellent performances across the board, especially the old directors who portray them in their adult years. Matt Smith absolutely owns the role as Damon dominating every scene. He’s in but Emma Darcy is more than a match for him as adult Rhaenyra given the character a compelling combination of strength, dignity, compassion and flashes of Ruthless determination but God Damn it’s Paddy Constantine, who absolutely steals the show as Viserys, a flawed but good man trying his best to hold his family and Kingdom together while wrestling with his own failing Health each time.

Jump Season Get Progressively Weaker And More

ravaged by the disease that slowly consuming him, but even as his physical strength feels his force. of character only grows stronger and the scene where he takes to the iron throne for the last time Barely even able to walk by himself was one of the most poignant and moving moments I’ve seen in a very long time. It’s proof positive that character rather than spectacle is what keeps people invested in shows like this. The world of House of the Dragon is not a forgiving one for any of its characters and to its credit, it’s equally honest about the harsh reality of being a woman in a place. Like this girls are frequently married often men they’ve never met while they’re still children.

Marriages Are Political Bargaining Tools Rather Than

acts of Love. They’re not expected to inhabit positions of power and influence because stuff like that’s never been done before and when it comes to having children in a world with only the most rudimentary Medical Technology. Each new pregnancy is basically a gamble that could just as easily end in death. The very first episode delivers an unflinching insight into what can happen when given birth goes wrong and it’s definitely not a one-off circumstance. I always respected this girl with a breached burst and no hope of survival who just nops right out of the situation.

Sometimes You Just Need To Know

when to call it quits. I guess the point I’m making here is that rather than trying to push some weak, superficial image of female empowerment by simply turning them into men who can fight and punch just as hard as guys twice their size. It takes a much more honest, believable and ultimately effective approach. The women of House of the Dragon are no physical match for their male counterparts, but blumin me you absolutely respect them when you realize what they have to go through being mothers enhances their strength of character in this show instead of holding them back like most of Hollywood seems to believe these days compare these genuinely strong and interesting characters to the flaccid ridiculous manufactured girl bosses of rings of power and you begin to realize why one show gradually blossomed into a massive win, while the other was mocked and derided as a trashy insult to the source material. People have got a pretty strong sense for fakery and insincerity, and they don’t blumin like it.

Overall, House Of The Dragon Turned

out to be one of the most pleasant surprises of 2022. of 2022 for Me a show that succeeded despite seemingly having everything set against it that sold itself on its own merits rather than Lazily coasting on name recognition, and ultimately turned out to be a really well-constructed piece of Storytelling. It doesn’t undo the disaster percent of Game of Thrones, but maybe it doesn’t really need to. Maybe it’s enough to tell its own new story with new characters and well it’s more than enough to get me excited for season two Oh yeah and just before I go. I wanted to say a massive thanks to all the people who contributed to the kickstarter for rogue elements.

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launched a campaign last week and we’ve already reached 10 times. Our Our initial funding goal allowing us to hire way more strippers than we’d originally projected seriously, though I’m incredibly grateful for all the support and me and the rest of the production team are working hard to deliver the very best product that we can and if you’re new to this Channel and none of this makes the slightest bit of sense to you or you’re still thinking about getting involved. Then the good news is there’s still a few weeks left to become a backer either way. I’ll leave a link to the kickstarter in the description, so you can take a look anyway that’s all I’ve got for today go away now.


House of the Dragon is a prequel series set hundreds of years before the events of Game of Thrones . The series is set in a time of relative peace and prosperity in Westeros with the Targaryens presiding over a mostly United Kingdom . It’s basically everything I didn’t think it would be, and it’s a neat little warning not to judge a show by its trailer . The story picks up about two centuries before the . events of . Game of . Thrones with strong writing competent World building and a . fantastic cast of characters played by Talent Aid and capable actors. The show is a fantastic show that recaptures the . spirit of peak. I’m pleased to say that I was a hundred percent wrong on this one house of the dragon is a great show. I was pleased to have been wrong on the show’s debut. I’m pleased to be able to say I was not disappointed with the series. The series will be a great series of episodes. It’s a fantastic…. Click here to read more and watch the full video