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Here With Glenn Beck, You Guys Hopefully No

know who he is in his reach and his influence, but really I’m here for one primary reason when we were kind of evaluating our portfolio of clients and doing the the analytics that we do to understand gosh what our content and franchise partners are the most influential in actual purchasing and why it’s a big question that we ask ourselves every day of the week right why why did Duck dynasty did four million dollars in revenue last year Right, Why did UK only do you know four hundred thousand dollars in revenue last year? What is this dynamic between the audience and the revenue that’s generated from that audience. So when we did that math and we looked glenn at your audience and looked at how much revenue you’re generating through your ecommerce sales your 10x any other any. Other client that we have to my primary objective and kind of coming here Today to chat with you was digging to your brain to understand kind of mechanically how you you’ve gotten your business to that point and also philosophically why you think that your audience responds as they do so The two areas. I’d love to start with yeah . I think the the first thing that we’ve done is and I think honestly the reason why I wanted to talk to you and I was so excited and I could share Later later on before we leave I want to show you something that proves how long I’ve waited for you to walk through my door Is there’s a lot of garbage and hoops you have to run through and there’s there’s different partners in different contracts and different companies and everything else and so it makes.

It Very Difficult To Do What We

do and what we’re trying to do with our viewers and our listeners and our readers and everything else is never waste their time you come in everybody’s so busy. There’s so many layers of stuff that you have to go through. Do you just want to have the experience that you want and you want to go and so Don’t waste their time respect them we have almost right now. I’m on a Grateful Dead kick with the with the company we got to study the Grateful Dead you might not like their music. I’ve said that to people and they’re like oh I hate their music forget about their music.

Their Genius And One Of The

first things they did was while everybody else was saying hey you you can’t Don’t Don’t Don’t pirate our music Don’t say they trusted their. fans and they said not only can you film our music and record our music we’re making a special place right up here in stage. You can plug in and we’ll give you the feed here’s the deal. We trust you as partners. You can give it to a friend, but you can never sell it So the audience became warriors for them because they treated them with respect.

They Didnt Waste Their Time.

They didn’t treat them like morons and they didn’t treat them like they were just pockets of cash if your company does that and you actually put the customer first and say what who are they what is it they’re trying to do. What is it that we how can we help them do that you’ll change the dynamics and they’ll become your biggest warriors. I tried honestly. I trust the the audience sometimes more than.

I Trust The People Who Have Been Working

with me for a long time because we all get tired and we’re all like start looking things it’s sausage or like okay. Just this get this done the viewer the listener. The reader never does never does so let’s let’s bang into the the the three what it feels to me like the three core ecommerce initiatives that you as an entrepreneur taken on so so so one is the 1791 line yeah which you launched your own line This is crazy. This audience will have no idea problem. You’ve got to line of denim jeans that you sold you know millions of dollar wearing our shirt.

The Last And Elenna Scammers Layer And

the other shirt like it’s the best you’re made, but we help walk us through how how in God’s name you you know design manufactured and are. selling one hundred and fifty dollar Denim Jeans through your own through your digital commerce footprint? Why is the is the first place and that is I have kind of my own sense of you know style where we’re very artistically based most people don’t even notice that but if you look at our sets or anything we’re very artistically based and we’re in the very high quality and we’re intimated in America and I’m watching how certain companies around the world were using the riots in Greece and the riots in Spain and using them in positive ways to show hey look We’re just were rebels like you revolutions always end the same way. It’s very bad so you don’t glorify revolutions and one of them was Levi‘s and I was so taken aback by that here’s an asst great American company saying hey we’re in two revolutions and throwing molotov cocktails and and I started thinking about Levi’s and what it is meant to. The company and I grew up wearing Levi’s and everybody I knew had Button-fly Levi’s and then the fact that they now make them in China and they do some here so. I wondered if we could make jeans that didn’t stand for revolution just dead for good quality and good values and make them here In America.

They Are One Hundred And Fifty Dollars.

I wish they weren’t but we’re making them at Cone Mills, which is the Erisa, the oldest loom in America. It’s the the original loom that made the 501 we call them up and said can you make that denim still they said yeah will you make it for us yeah some curious about that it’s a great segue to one of my other questions which was around storytelling. So when you combine an influential guy like yourself with your media platform in your reach. Important is the storytelling aspect do you think as it relates to selling stuff The reason why I got into radio when I was 13 years old.

Two People Influenced Me Three But Tour Radio.

The first influence at eight was Orson Welles and he did the shadow people over when I say that people always I’ll War of the Worlds No no the shadow this guy was amazing and he could tell the best stories and he would. He would walk into a studio and he was actually taken from Studio to Broadway stage by ambulance. So he could turn the sirens on and get in time. Okay.

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He Was That Busy And That Much In

call and he would walk into the studio without reading the script and he would say okay he’d be thumbing through it what Who am I. They’d say you’re an old German you’re. 70 years old, you’re disgruntled about this He’d be looking through great great great ok let’s go live ok. The people that were around him had to be so good because he was an amazing storyteller and he’d be reading the script as he went along. If he disagreed with it.

Hed Take It Someplace Else And He

was amazing great storyteller. The next one that influenced me was Paul Harvey and I’ll never forget I was working my dad’s Bakery I was young and I think it was Eastern Airlines that crashed at UK and all he said was Eastern Airlines UK National Airport 288 dead and I could smell the smoke and it was so simple but he told the story and he told it through his pauses and his inflection and so those those two things had real influence on me. The third was disney that’s all. He was was a storyteller. He knew how to tell a story all of life is a story.

The Reason Why Our Kids Hate History

is because we have to memorize facts tell the story now in advertising. It’s even more important because this generation has been born on advertising. You know when you’re down to ratings used to be 12 plus when there. When you can say oh six to 11-year olds watch this show and it’s number one. They’re marketed to all the time so they’re smart they know and they don’t buy it anymore.

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Were All Little Jaded.

So you now have to tell me a story that matters you have to tell me a story and if it’s fake they’re not gonna buy it yeah and you have to you have to be real about it. You can’t hide anything if you lead with look. We didn’t go quite get this one right? We didn’t get this part right But man are you going to love that you’re going to love This part. We’re still working on that when we get it right going to love it even more you just tell them the truth and tell it to them.

In A Story Is Real People Home Run

so interesting in kind of taking us into the advertising side. This is the other part of your ecommerce Empire if you will but I’m so fascinated with and I said to you earlier from my perspective. This is kind of Holy Grail type of stuff for a lot a lot of the folks in our audience. There they’re looking for delivery agent to help them kind of bring more accountability to traditional UK advertising and in a perfect world bring a commerce component to a 30-second. I just think about how transformative that is for the for the broad kind of 70 billion dollar UK ad industry when I look at what you guys are doing right a couple of the things that struck me.

One Is.

I think many folks again in the audience. Probably aren’t aware that you have a marketplace platform where you are encouraging entrepreneurs to sell products directly to your audience about to get much better now that you’re here. We’re fascinated by that but what was really exciting to is is as I was talking to some of your guys. I mean you have actually launched brands.

There Are Brands That Have Either Been

born out of your voice or out of your reach and and and and it’s pretty fascinating stuff and I’m curious too as you as you think about that and think about the value proposition for. marketers in this day and age with a platform like yours you know why it’s so why it’s so powerful and how how do you think this industry ultimately plays out first Anybody who looks just at data. I don’t think is going is going to get it. You have to that the world is shifting into experiences lifestyles.

You Know What A Uk Mean.

I don’t know I know you. I know the shows that are on it or used to be on it or whatever but that that doesn’t mean anything anymore. NK] is probably the best UK means something I don’t know it doesn’t necessarily mean genre, but it means quality entertainment okay.

I Know What Kind Of Entertainment.

Entertainment I’m going to get from them that’s that’s a pretty good brand, but these networks that are just collections of shows that’s over you have to look at who are the people what kind of people are we trying to attract Disney used to have it. They got so focused on plush toys and by this by this by this.


Glenn Beck is the CEO of Duck Dynasty . Beck has been in talks with Glenn Beck . Beck says he’s trying to understand the dynamics of his audience . Beck: Don’t waste their time respect them and respect them. Beck: “There’s a lot of garbage and hoops you have to run through and there’s there’s different partners in different contracts and different companies and everything else and so it makes.& It very difficult to do what we do and what we’re trying to do with our viewers and our listeners and our readers.” Beck: I want to show you something that proves how long I’ve waited for you to walk through my door is there’s so many layers of stuff that you can’t go through. Don’t be afraid to go through and I’m so excited to talk to you and I was so excited and I could share later later on before we leave I want you to share it with me. Don’t waste your time. I’m so excited…. Click here to read more and watch the full video