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Brad Evans thanks for watching we’re talking about the event in Manchester primarily from the perspective of media and political response, which is sensitive because even to do that I suppose you are extracting what must be inconceivable grief and sadness of the people directly affected which obviously is the victims and their families, but also anybody in Manchester and I suppose what we want to talk about Brad is this from a political and media perspective and the way that violence is used politically in the way that violence is used both by its perpetrators from a perspective of terrorists and state sanctioned violence and the media reporting of these kind of acts of violence. Yeah, I think the first thing to kind of address is that you know it’s a deeply sudden in tragic deeply horrifying event which requires us. To you know on the one hand just kind of step back and say well, you know this event is wrong and whatever type of justification people have try to put forward for it. It’s simply wrong to engage in such of ireland’s and targets such innocent people and I think that has to be the star point for any discussion now once it then, of course goes from beyond that these types of events are always immediately drawn into some kind of political universe, How can it not be I mean otherwise you’re suspended in that moment and maggin Izing unending grief of an act of inconceivable violence and cruelty that no one can ever justify or seek to justify, but all responses to it are political whether that response is armed police on the street, whether that is called for borders to be controlled or more access to.

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Peoples Online Data.

All of these are political responses and I suppose or you of course, Jeremy Corbyn’s suggestion which he was we know I’ve seen speeches of Jeremy Corbyn. In fact, you’d be good to look at that like a speaking round the first or second Gulf war, saying this event will lead to more terrorism more violence more than thousand or death. In Iraq will not make things right. It will set off a spiral of conflicts of hate of misery of desperation that will fuel the wars the conflicts the terrorism the depression and the misery of duty generation.

Theres Something Important There In Terms

of on the one hand, differentiating between trying to make sense of these deeply tragic events and without trying to give any sense of justification to them and there’s a marked difference between trying to explain without justifying because we can say. that all forms of violence should be condemned for whatever they are, and I think that that’s an important separation, but you’re right you know what a big central in the debates are on this In the ministers this person acting alone or was he a member of a terrorist organization to me that’s less important. What’s more important is the way in which this event is what we might call functions politically. How certain people will now almost appropriate the victims and take this event in order to put forward ready-made solutions which they already kind of had on a shelf and kind of soon you know see we told you so or and in the way then the event itself serves a very clear political function and the political function which I get equally enraged about UK as I get enraged and angry and saddled by these events. who would use these kinds of events to push forward more division more hatred, more suspicion there’s enough suspicion and division amongst people of the world today, Certainly our solutions are not going to be found in doing that further that appropriation is very real when families of victims have already talked about being bothered by journalists so that like you said there are off-the-shelf solutions immediately offered we’re recording this on Friday and curved web Giants that give terror voices the Daily MAil front page.

Then There Are Images Of The

murderer put in bins now in a robe I often think it’s peculiar the sort of salacious subsequent coverage. Because I don’t know what purpose it serves functionally one thing I can that I get from this image is here’s a person we’re at a particular type of clothing performing a domestic function. Also it starts as that. dress unusual while putting their bins out I remember years ago I did sir like It was a story in the Daily Mail that said refugees re in her majesty swans and in the picture and it said refugees like these ones pictured or eaten Yzma. Her majesty sorts wasn’t specifically those refugees, which is a group of sort of I think.

In This Case Eastern European Looking

males so there’s a group that what I have noticed is the continuing correlation between Islam more broadly and Islam extremism and Islam violence. So these feds being concert. Enid I sent us a kind of bubbling narrative for a commendation level of social control yeah what we need to be mindful. The first thing that we need to do actually is listen to what the voices people are saying from Manchester. We see this very clearly coming out stories of compassion.

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Stories Of Community Stories That This Is

actually not defeatist and you know it’s not for me to speak on behalf of the victims, but what I do think we can do publicly is try to dignify the memory of these devastating loss of lives surely to me The best way to do that would be to try to attest the cycle of violence to have a much more broader conversation that doesn’t simply lead to the demonization of an entire people. An entire community an entire religion. We have to hold the person who is engaging the vance’s responsible there’s a responsibility and we have to condemn the person who is engaged or her. If there’s a wider network of people condemned them with a full force of our condemnation. But surely the more fundamental question is how do we move beyond us, How do we stop these events.

Happening In The Future And In That

sense, put violence itself on trial? What does it mean to as Gandhi says to wage war upon war in a way in which we have a much broader open conversation that’s going to be very painful. Very difficult for us as a society, but that’s the only way we can move forward from these types of events. You’re right in a way bread. The only supremacy that we can claim is one of a commitment to non–violence. Rather than this type of violence.

We Condemn That Type Of Violence Is Necessary

violence is abominable murder. It always causes so much pain so much said This is a cycle that has to be broken. I’m very interested in what you say Brad about not trying to piece together narratives from the past but looking towards the future in a different way. Even the sometimes people seem to feel that that you can’t do that you can’t look at the future, so you know people always want to suspend oh like as in a moment of pain and and in fact to mobilize myelin yeah and violence against children is an attack of the future. Let’s not forget that children are our future and if we you know if we hold children precious in this society which every society should we always are the charge children about making sure that their future is not catastrophic ly faded, but we can steer their future in a different direction and encourage you know create the type of society.

We Want Our Children To Grow Up

in with security with freedom and with love that’s very very beautiful, so be supportive and loving wherever possible to people directly effective be supporting and loving to one another and try to look for actual solutions rather than repetition and perpetuation of the cycles that seems to keep creating this absolutely we’re in that moment where you know we can stare history in a different direction. If we choose to non-violence is not simply objection it’s not doing nothing. It’s a conscious political choice and that’s about time we actually give it a serious attempt thanks ex from tree news thanks very much for watching.


Russell Brand and Dr. Brad Evans talk from a political and media perspective of the Manchester bombing . They discuss the way that violence is used politically in the way it is used by the perpetrators and the media reporting of these kind of acts of violence . Russell Brand says it’s simply wrong to engage in such of ireland’s and targets such innocent people . Dr. Evans: All responses to it are political whether that response is armed police on the street, whether that is called for borders to be controlled or more access to.& people’s online data. All of these are political responses. In fact, you’d be good to look at that like a speaking round the first or . second Gulf war, saying this event will lead to more terroris. It would be like a speech round the . first or second Gulf War, says Dr. Chris O’Brien . He says. He hopes to talk about the first and third Gulf War. It’s just a matter of years to come ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video