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Bosse I’m Marina Mess that’s right hey happy holidays everyone. This is a big question. Phillips not here because Cooper spent from going around the world and stuffing the stockings with millions of children with muscle supplements. We all deserve a good rest and tiny t-shirts here now we’re gonna answer your big question because you know the rise of Skywalker‘s behind us and now all we’re left with Is a Mandalorian final episode which might be out now by the time you’re watching it we haven’t seen it yet so now we’re just gonna decide to spend our Star Wars efforts on answering the bleep out of every question. You have about baby Odin yep starting with the most important question of all Erik how does baby Yoda age that’s a great question Marina and you know it actually is.

Lot Of Biological Science Behind It People Have

researched it I’ve compiled it all into my stack of cards Here’s the thing. George Lucas has never defined the baby Otis species. It may be defined in the final episode of The Mandalorian People. We don’t know but he never intended to define the speak. He always wanted it to be a mystery.

The One Character In Star Wars Who

doesn’t have a training card that tells you everything about him. Yeah is Yoda so we don’t know if Yoda is a mammal or a reptile. He’s green as many reptiles are, but he does have hair Oh so we don’t know if he was just dating in an egg or placental sac like the mammals are or in a marsupial pouch and just his ears are sticking yeah just the ears and that’s how you know but he’s sleeping Don’t. Wake him you know when you get back to how the Yoda species was designed yeah in the Empire Strikes Back is he was based off of Albert Einstein’s face and the Puppeteers face to kind of Merchant together, but the species seems to be based on the tortoise right. He’s old tortoises aged very slowly yeah They are green or just like they were green in the Fez brown but like when we draw them with Crayola colors.

We Use The Green One.

They surprise that science that science so here’s we know about baby Yoda he or she at whatever is 50 years old behaves like a toddler. Though you’ve gotta waddles around watts toys what’s toys not a toy he coos. He cries he sleeps a lot. He does not talk.

He Puts Frogs In His Mouth A Lot

and scientists say that human babies explore the. worlds orally for a period they put everything in their mouth Yeah right and those are usually from the ages of 6 months to 18 months. We’re kind of clocking baby Yoda at around a one-year-old Yeah, but he walks to. He walks and you know Babies can walk around ages 12 months. I didn’t walk till I was five Yeah.

Some Of Us Still Cant The

active speech actually doesn’t necessarily tell us much because it could just be a result of lack of exposure. We learn language from right parents and from other adult figures talking around us from television. So we don’t know what kind of contact baby Yoda has had with other species. The other Yoda that we know speaks in that inverted sentence structure that could have been the result of how his brain functions differently or from people who read things okay Yeah in. That baby Yoda actually has the profound levels of empathy Of course you know like maybe I oughta consents when people are hurt or need is help normal babies don’t do that they’re selfish little jerks and they never use the force hole your earrings punch your boobs ya know cause more pain.

If Anything Baby Baby Is A

little demon human life expectancy as we know is around 72 to 90 years. Some people say it’s around 80 to 120 years hundred twenty so mapping that to Yoda Yoda died when he was nine hundred years old. Yes his 900th birthday and Return of the Jedi so assuming exact correlation mapping one on to the other baby Otis should be at the developmental stage of the human equivalent of five years old at 50 years would equal five years. Here’s more things we know about baby Otis age and the mandalorian pilotNK] 11. The assassin droid says that species age differently which is something to keep in mind and that’s not just in the Star Wars universe that’s an UK or universe-and doesn’t mean we just yeah subspecies age more slowly or live longer lifespans and others.

It Means We Hit Sexual Maturity At

different stages of our lifetimes. Some of us still aren’t interested it’s totally fine just to give some examples. The cicada the cicada stays into cocoon or a larval stage underground for 17 years crazy and then blossoms out and. out and then stays an adult for a very short period of time that’s its whole lifecycle. They say dogs right age seven times faster that’s not exact right so like a two-year-old dog, It’s not a fourteen–year-old humorous more like a 20-year-old human and then you know dogs at very old ages, what would normally be like an 80-year-old human can still be very spry and active and and have lots and lots of sex.

I Was Looking Up Some Crazy Numbers

on animals around the world tortoises as we mentioned before can live over a hundred years old up to 250 years old. Oh is right Oh my God. They reached their sexual maturity at 30 years old, so that’s about somewhere between 12 and 30% of their lifespan. The Greenland Shark listen to this one can live for roughly 270 to 400 years. is that what it is you just put anything in cold water? Live 200 years old.

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The Greenland Shark Doesnt Reach Its Sexual

maturity until 150 years old, so it lives 150 years old. Doing nothing never getting a boner yeah and then one day 150 its birthday, so at a hundred years that’s about 28 to 55 percent about halfway through their life. A lot of them there’s only when they reach sexual maturity humans. Of course we live somewhere around 100 years. Maybe we reach our sexual maturity at age 13, so about 13% of our life span lobsters fun fact are often considered biologically immortal because their cells do not replicate the ways ours do they molt and then they basically revert back to that pre adult stage and they continue that so my God Wow forever and ever and ever they can live up to 100.

Years If Undisturbed Usually What Theyll

do is they’ll either die out from exhaustion while they try to molt the last time or because they’re so delicious something eats them. They can outlive all of us if we don’t eat them, Which is why it’s important that we eat these what is this all about well. This is all to say the baby Yoda aging is not directly proportional to human aging right. He is a baby now at age 50, but like at age 75. He could rapidly go through his species version of puberty and then get really a no lien for a couple years and then hit what’s interesting.

I Looked This Up.

According to Yoda’s canonical the real Yoda’s canonical history, he became a Jedi Master at age 100, so wait what yes at one point he said I had been training Jedi for 800 years. He’s nine hundred years old when he dies so he must have been wise enough verbal enough and literate enough to be a JEdi Master at age 100. So what happens between fifty and a hundred in the other species that must be around the time They hit their puberty and then rapidly age up to them adults, which would be around eight or nine percent of their lifetime. So basically, the Yoda species age is slowly slowly slowly slowly aged 100 and then lives a hundred years as an as a grandpa yeah that’s all of the species think of it we’re human and we age that way it would be like a young boy acting like a baby until he’s five years old and then between ages of five and ten transforms into a grandpa ten year-old grandpa and then stays with grandpa for 80 years and.

Then Dies What A Life Yeah

and it’s interesting how like you’ve seen in the prequels. They went back and tried to make a younger version of Yoda to show what like a younger version would look like and that would only be like 30 years before we saw him in Return of the Jedi Yeah George Lucas thought it looked weird which it did because the lights they used in made his skin look a darker shade of green than it really is they tried to add more hair to him. His eyes weren’t the right size what they didn’t attack of the clones is. They made a UK version that was more closely based on the Empire Strikes Back version and that’s a version that they used from there forward and they even went back to Phantom Menace and UK that Yoda on top of the puppet Yoda. that they use for Phantom Menace Oh wow so any last Jedi it’s the puppet it’s like the actual puppet and last Jedi.

Its The Puppet, But Its Like

a puppet based on the Empire Strikes Back I mean it’s not literal like it is a puppet so that that should be a good explanation. It’s that yeah that’s so interesting good a great answer to a big question old question well we’re gonna get to some more bite-sized questions after a special message from a sponsor that probably is just me talking about hey guys Eric here just a reminder that new rock stars is offering exclusive rewards to our patrons in the form of bonus videos. Each month you can get exclusive access along with lots of other behind-the-scenes content and just a general good feeling of helping this channel grow have becoming an official patron of new. Studios just go to Patreon. com/scishow Ours again that’s Patreon.

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Com/Lenguin Welcome Back To The Big Question

We’re now going to move on to some bite-sized questions that Marinas gonna be ready. Marina Yeah baby questions okay first baby question comes from add Bacon ate him what is Thanos his sword made out of good question Okay so if we think back to endgame Thanos actually breaks Captain. America is vibranium Shield yes with his sword and vibranium is supposed to be the most powerful or strongest metal on Earth Yeah but but but Thanassis Sword is not from Earth Oh that’s right okay. There’s no earthly nor a big and purple except Philip it has been he’s really cold Yeah Thanassis Sword is actually made from Aroo.

He Went To Native Lear Right To Have

each we make it for him Yeah. It’s what Thor’s Hammer’s are made out of Yeah. It’s kind of this like otherworldly metal that they have we don’t have access yeah so that’s how we kind of get our work around and we see you know his his expression when it breaks he’s like Oh, Oh yeah so if you were to sharpen like theoretically Stormbreaker could wedge into cap shield, but why would they ever fight their best Buds Yeah okay moving on to our next bite-sized Lucas manga Lon asks if there are humans and star wars, then is there an earth it’s possible.


The one character in Star Wars who doesn’t have a training card that tells you everything about him is Yoda so we don’t know if Yoda is a mammal or a reptile . Yoda was based off of Albert Einstein’s face and the Puppeteers face to kind of blend together, but the species seems to be based on the tortoise right . The final episode of The Mandalorian People may be out now by the time you’re watching it we haven’t seen it yet so now we’re just gonna decide to spend our Star Wars efforts on answering the bleep out of every question about baby Odin . Don’t. Wake him you know when you get back to how the Yoda species was designed yeah in the Empire Strikes Back is he was based on Albert Einstein’s face . Don’t Wake him when you got back to where the Star Wars is out now, but like when we draw the final episode will be out on December 25th, 2015 ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video