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Tonight We’ve got several doctors so this is great that’s right Carol Swain is here um Professor Swain is an award-winning political scientist and former tenured professor at Princeton and Vanderbilt Universities Professor Sway. How how has Crt changed our conception of civil rights. It seems to me in the 60s. You know injustice was defined by an unequal application of the law. Whereas today it seems Crt proponents are saying that the law itself is unjust am I tracking with the the difference of how how civil rights has changed over the last few decades well.

Derek Bale You Know One Of The Founders

of Crt argued that white people only do what’s in their interests and that the civil rights laws that we passed in the 1960s that opened up opportunities for people like me we had the civil rights. of 1964 that desegregated you know um various institutions and opened up opportunities and attacked discrimination and employment The Voting Rights Act, the Open Housing Act, all of those things aimed at eradicating discrimination in the law. He argued that you know white people did it to serve their own goals. What is happening today is that the civil I mean civil rights is getting lost in the debate because clearly white people are being targeted because of the color of their skin and they’re being discriminated against openly in certain situations, and many white people are not aware that they’re covered by civil rights laws, but they are covered by civil rights laws and and the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment so they have equal protection rights as well and I think it’s important for for racial and ethnic minorities like me to stand for civil. rights in its traditional sense and to speak up when whites are being discriminated against the same as we spoke during our time of real oppression.

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But There Were Many White People That Always

stood with blacks. Even during the time of slavery. There were the abolitionists. There were the people that set up the underground railroad. There were the white philanthropists.

There Were Always White People That Walked Alongside

racial and ethnic minorities. The true story of America is a story of us working together to be a better people, and I think a lot of that had to do with that closeness to our Judeo–christian values and principles that that guided our interactions with one another and now that secularism has risen to the point that it has I think that we don’t have values and principles guiding our interactions and I would argue that Dr Martin Luther. cancelled because he wanted people judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. The progressives and the CRt people want people to be privileged because of the color of their skin and they have no qualms about discriminating against white people or saying it’s a time for white people to be discriminated against and what’s really bothering me is that there are black leaders who have been very successful and they are making the case for equity in the form of lowered standards for their children and grandchildren and so they would rather have a dumb and dan of education to achieve some political goals that white progressives won’t and white Progressives never considered minorities equals Yeah that’s true right, especially when you get into the eugenics and that whole that whole Cd realm horrific how far has Christopher how far has Crt infiltrated. our cultural institutions obviously, we’re seeing the whole the white fragility nonsense.

Its Actually Making Her A Lot Of

money as we speak um making its way into our corporate boardrooms and human resource departments. We’re seeing it in our universities professional sports. Of course Olympic competitions and increasingly our our military who I guess we’re too busy studying Crt and not enough about Taliban military tactics so yeah Crt is as ubiquitous as it as it seems is it really penetrated virtually everything it is and and the the penetration of the military is the one that makes me absolutely insane because as a marine I just I I i’m like apoplectic right because what what you do in the what the Marine Corps does to make it’s to make a general population fighting force, which is to say they draw from the general population. It’s not like the. Special forces where you’re washing 70 of people out right the marine corps takes just about everyone and it’s produced in mice.

You Know You Know Every Marine Will Tell

you this. I think they’re the greatest fighting force in the world the way they the way they manage that is essentially by managing identity right so everybody comes in with their own background and it’s just overlaid and crushed with this marine identity. Right you are this is who we are we’re all we’re all in the same boat. We all have the same you know we have the same ugly haircut we have the same ridiculous. You know you go through the list even to the point where there aren’t even white and black Marines.

They We Talk About Dark And Light Green

right meaning we’re like the shade of the same color of course, you know I mean it’s it’s it is true identity building by by sort of creating a subordinate or super ordinate identity that everybody comes into and therefore you know the the little divisive things where where I’m in this tribe you’re in that tribe all those things are suppressed right. So it is our unity that it creates the strength and what crt at its core does is the complete opposite of that it turns people against it turns marines and soldiers against their fellow soldiers Marines. It also turns them against the whole idea of a common unity right of of of the nation itself, and then we look at for example, the military today bringing Crt into the armed forces along with a bunch. of other things that are just insane? Whether it’s it’s you know the the pain for sex transition surgeries for for troops that actually involve injecting estrogen and literally making a man less combat able like this is. This is supposedly going to improve our ability to fight and win wars right like um but but so it’s not a coincidence that a military that is systematically demoralizing and dividing its troops has these disgraceful losses like what we’re seeing in Afghanistan.

Like We Have To Start Thinking The Way

the Israelis think like we’re on a time table right if we have a war. We have we have years a short period of time before a democrat comes to office and then does everything that we accomplish right. I mean we have to basically assume that the Opposition party has some substantial number of people and this will grow. As as the next more woke generation fills out the party. There are some substantial number of people who would view American defeat as a good thing because America is evil and racist and white supremacist and that’s their world view and so so empire is impossible.

Its Its Done Yeah Its Done Yeah That

ship has said that’s a that’s a brilliant analysis well. So I like to I like the military metaphor, What do we do to fight back against this what’s our bombs? What’s our strategy help us Carol tell us what do we do to fight back against Crt. I believe that if judges follow the law the civil rights laws, the you know the statutory law as well as the constitution that they have to strike it down when there are legal challenges and I think that white people need to learn how to think. and act like racial minorities because they are racial minorities in many parts of the country, You know in 10-15 years they will be a minority nationwide and right now. We do have a constitution.

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We Do Have Laws, So They

need to know their rights, document discrimination and file cases and I believe that racial and ethnic minorities who care about justice and and who know how it feels to be discriminated against that we need to stand you know with their white brothers and sisters. Our fellow Americans and fight for our values and principles about how you treat people and one of the things that is un-american is that we don’t shame and bully people because of immutable characteristics because of the color of their skin. It just seems ludicrous that people that would argue that it’s wrong to do it to racial and ethnic minorities. think it’s okay to do it to whites and they don’t have empathy for white children who are being taught and told to hate themselves and their ancestors and I find that very disturbing and it’s unacceptable and we all should push back against it.

But Thats Crt Thats One Issue

and I do believe I mean I’m not gonna say I believe as of today. The book that Chris and I wrote. It’s the best book out there for equipping Americans because it’s understandable it’s something that people can get through it has the strategies and with the glossary it will help people when they are challenging Crt and then the school board or some official says we’re not doing Crt, we’re doing dei or we’re doing cultural competency or we’re doing culturally sensitive learning and we’re doing social justice how they keep changing it and in our book. We have resources where you can recognize what’s taking place and you do have to organize that most people we’re not able to fight this alone and so we have to organize and if you’re a parent, you parent and something wrong is happening to your child.

Its Also Happening To Other Children In

the classroom and teachers they have rights too and we just have to stand together. I think we will get through this moment. America has been through dark periods before and so we will get past This but knowledge is power and people need to get as much knowledge as possible wow and we’ve been graced for such a time as this through through some of us are willing to fight to the death. I mean we really are not um and I don’t think that they realize that if you have strong values and principles.

That You Stand On Those And

you don’t have to wonder about what am I supposed to do in a particular situation. You draw on what’s inside of you can I add something to what Carol just said because I mean absolutely I really appreciate that there’s something. I think also that that everyone needs to understand about the about framing these issues in a Marxist lens and that’s um I think pointing out the way that white children in particular are being bullied and harassed by their teachers in classrooms like you have to have a truly hard heart to to to hear some of these stories and think oh it’s fine because their great-great-grandfather might might have been one of the one percent of the country who owned slaves right four percent the south one percent nationwide okay um but what what it’s I and I think it’s.


Carol Swain is an award-winning political scientist and former tenured professor at Princeton and Vanderbilt Universities Professor Sway. Swain: How how has Crt changed our conception of civil rights. In the 60s injustice was defined by an unequal application of the law.& Whereas today it seems Crt proponents are saying that the law itself is unjust. How how how civil rights has changed over the last few decades well. I think it’s important for for for racial and ethnic minorities like me to stand for civil.& rights in its traditional sense and to speak up when whites are being discriminated against the same as we spoke during our time of real oppression. But there were many white people that always stood with blacks.& Even during the time of slavery.& There were the abolitionis. Even during slavery. The abolitionis of the abolitionist.& But there are the abolitionists. I’m not the only doctor in the house tonight. I’m not afraid of the…. Click here to read more and watch the full video