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Well Hello Welcome To Another Fantastic Episode Of Conversations

with Glenn. I just say something different every time, so it was a crazy week in the news, but also a bit of a historical week for you Glenn 15th anniversary, Oh yeah all right yeah so 15 years. My wife and I were lame but last night we were talking about and I thought I said remember when we we met and and when we got married she literally I said move to Florida. I have this job opportunity and let’s just try it for two years and if it doesn’t work out. I’ll go be a chef or something I’ll go back.

Ill Go To Culinary School And Ill Become

a chef and I said can you believe the last 15 years. We were just recalling the things that we’ve been allowed to do and see and I mean. were the most blessed people in the world that’s good let’s go back a little bit though to the actual meeting of Tonics. I think this probably fascinates a lot of people and I know you’ve talked to some about it. But I haven’t really talked about that I mean tell about that first time like the very first time we had in a parking lot how did that happen.

I Was Working At The Radio

station and I was talking to my then on-air partner about some crazy idea. I’m sure I had and we were on the parking lot and she walked by and she hears my voice and she stops and she said Are you glenn Beck and I said yes and she said I just want to thank you for all the laughs. I think how much life has changed now Last thing UK at me. That’s that’s something that people forget about you but they don’t I mean you always go like I was just a you know lost in my career at that time well. I grew up in Connecticut and like you were the guy in Connecticut and and so everybody in Connecticut grew up with you know Glenn Beck and you know Pat Casey 101 in the mornings so she so she said you know I grew up listening and I was like okay thank you and and she just walked in and and I didn’t give it a second thought and then I think a week later.

I Was Someplace And I Was Doing A

grand prize. You know drawing or something and I met her a second time. I didn’t remember that I met her in the parking lot and I met her a second time and she actually thanked. me for losing and she lost and she came by and she said thank you very much. It was a very nice time and I’ve like and and I actually said hang on what’s your name.

She Just Looked At Me Like Youre Such

a loser. I met you just a few days ago and she said Tanya and I said hang on just a second and I introduced her to everybody and I said she just thanked me for losing that’s the kind of people that we all should be like well. She was humiliated and and so she laughed and and unbeknownst to her. I had been praying for the last couple of weeks because I was really struggling with my alcoholism and I was about to fall off the wagon and I think I’d been sober for about four years and I just couldn’t hold it and. And I had been praying for You know put a roadblock put a roadblock in my path and I’m actually driving in my car to the bar.

Its Thursday And I Said I Prayed

for a week put a roadblock in my path because Thursday. I’m going to this bar I’m walking in on the more to marry a Jack and Coke. You put a roadblock up and I’m driving my car and I actually was talking to God in my car driving and pissed at him. I told you your fault roadblock.

Its All I Asked For Roadblock

can’t do it anymore got to the bar ordered the jack and Coke literally standing at the bar had the jack and coke in my hand before I’ve lifted it to my mouth. I turned around and looked across the bar and as I turn around there on the other. side of the bar was Tanya and I put the jack and coke down without taking a drink and I walked over and I said was so I’m such a so social freak. You know me. I don’t do this and I didn’t go and ask her if she wanted to leave.

She Was With A Group Full Of

friends. I said Hey Tanya isn’t it. She said yes and and she was with a bunch of people and so I felt so awkward in when I asked her leaf and I saw I said are you with your friends. She’s like yeah Freak boy and I said Hey why don’t you guys do you want to leave it’s kind of loud here why don’t we all go out for like something to eat at the that the you know Denny’s or whatever and so they’re all like okay that’s. weird and then I laughed and a friend was with me and I said and everybody was leaving and I said, Oh crap I don’t have any money on me.

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I Got To Go To A Uk Machine

and I said if you get there save the seat next to her and so I went to the UK machine and they had been there for a while and all ordered. They all thought that I stood him up and so I went and sat next to her and we have not been apart since it’s amazing that is I’d never actually heard that part of about you being literally on the way no I was in drink. She’s my roadblock wow that’s cheap irobot unbelievable um speaking of roadblocks um over vacation. We know you as like the most impatient instant gratification. You’re always running like you.

Dont Sit Still.

Your life is scheduled to the point of every six seconds, so you decided to sit on a bus for lying me out of it four thousand hours with me out two dogs, two little children and Tanya wet dogs yeah Yeah. I I initially when I first saw because you know as I was watching this so far from my Facebook feed and I said someone has either abducted Glenn’s facebook account or someone has a gun to Glenn’s head in there something you’re going to do this let’s be the Griswold here’s what she said I said Cuz I had altitude sickness yes ok and I couldn’t breathe if you know anybody who’s ever had altitude sickness. I’ve had it but not to that it was blue key. I mean I was up all night.

I Was Afraid To Go Sleep.

Cuz I thought I was gonna die. Because you can’t you just can’t breathe. You feel like you’re being suffocated and and so I just can’t take it anymore and I don’t know what’s happening and all of my other symptoms are all because of the ott lack of oxygen is just all that everything’s triggering is miserable and and I said We go yeah go home so finally I get a hold of a doctor up there and I go in and sunday night. I go in to see the doctor and and he’s like Oh You gotta have to do the sickness.

You Got To Get Out Of Here And

we gotta give you some medicine so I could go home and I said Tanya We have to I have to be on excision have takes medicine. We have to get out of here and she said if we go home you will go back. to work and I’m like whoa yeah yeah yeah! And she said We’re not going home and I said well where do you want to go? What do you what’d he want to do and the kids immediate were like Anaheim and and no didn’t want to do that and so I think I suggested how about we get into a car and we drive out to California. I wanted to go see sense and sense Indian. She was not into that I said let’s just go let’s just go and we’ll just spend a few days out there and then somehow another turned into this long griswold bus trip that was and here’s the problem it would have been fun.

We Decided It Would Have Been Fun.

We do that again just not the way We did it. I really want to do it with listeners. I think it. Would be so no no and subject strangers to this it would be fun I’m telling you would be fun if you did it.

If You Did It In A

way to where you either drive at night or you’re only driving like four hours a day guys. We were driving like 14 hours a day and so it was just you and then you get in it. You know midnight and then you’d only see you know you’d see a town in the middle of the night and then you do it all over again at eight O’clock and you’re just in a bus looking out of the window. They did the same thing when I was in Scotland like I was just driving. I saw us all of Scotland but from a bus just looking at no way to the right.

Were In A Video Oh Yeah

watching. movies of the you know it was ridiculous. It’s ridiculous and the dog traveling with the dogs was unlike you made a couple comments out there on during the trip about you know you know California’s obviously beautiful statement You were saying I think it was California somewhere in California or like this is where I would live if California wasn’t. You know how progressive queer yes oh well yeah, what’s your idea play yeah stop Cuz You did have some no no no stop let me go let me first start here what you come across on highway 10 right on. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest so I’m used to the Pacific Ocean and there is something and I don’t know if anybody I mean you might feel this way about Long Island or something the minute I land in California.

I Cant Say This About Oregon.

But I feel this way about Washington State the minute I’ll and I immediately have a totally different feeling I just feel like home it’s this weird thing. I’d not. I never grew up in California, but it’s the Pacific.

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You Know What I Mean And So

if I could live. I mean I when I was a kid. I wanted to live in California. I always wanted to live in California and I came across We were in the wine country and these beautiful green mountains and you come across and you turn this one corner and the mountains just part and there’s the Pacific ocean and i was just I mean I honestly would have stopped the bus and just put stakes in the ground and said we’re moving here Yeah it’s like the perfect storm of climbing first of all it’s just aesthetically beautiful, but then it’s.

The Perfect Storm Of Climate Too Because Youve

got the hills, but what’s so traps the air that keeps it nice On one side. You know what they’re doing now to California the farmers out there it is an abomination. The UK is destroying and people don’t understand.


Glenn Beck talks about the first time he met his wife in a parking lot . She thanks Beck for all the laughs she heard him on the radio station . Beck says he was just a lost in his career at that time . Beck: “I think how much life has changed now.& I was just the most blessed people in the world that’s good let’s go back a little bit though to the actual meeting of Tonics. I think this probably fascinates a lot of people and I know you’ve talked to some about it.& But I haven’t really talked about that I mean tell about that first time like the very first time we had in the parking lot how did that happen? Beck says it was a crazy week in the news, but also a bit of a historical week for you to be a historian . He says he is looking forward to his 15th anniversary with the help of his wife and his wife. He says it’s a great thing that people forget about you….. Click here to read more and watch the full video